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COVER REVEAL: The Art of Loving a Greek Billionaire

I'm so excited and scared and confused with my feelings about this next installment!
The author says we'll have a hard time liking Damen this time.

If you haven't yet, check out the book that started The Art of Greek Billionaire series!

Once upon a time, there was an ordinary girl who grew up listening to bedtime stories where there were no knights in shining armor or Prince Charming. Instead, it had Greek billionaires and this little girl dreamt she'd one day have Her Own Greek Billionaire to live happily ever after with.

When this little girl grew up, she did what she could to make her dream come true.

This is my story.
I mean your story.
I mean, Mairi Tanner's story.

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Highland Shift

Elena MacFarland wonders what everyone else knows about her new farm that she doesn't, and whether she'll live long enough to find out. Betrayed by her fiance and the powerful Worthington family, Elena fights back and negotiates a comfortable settlement with one small caveat: she must live in Scotland for two years. One kidnapping and two attempts on her life later, the darkly arrogant Scot, Faolan MacGailtry declares himself her new protector and moves into her farmhouse.

Major problem? He was present at all three incidents. Elena decides to follow the adage to keep her friends close and enemies closer- but which is he? One by one, Elena uncovers Faolan's darkest secrets: his Druid heritage, his connection to her past, and finally, the deadly curse that is powerful enough to destroy them both.

- Goodreads

Another Highland favorite for me! :)

It's FREE right now on Amazon, so I seriously recommend you go get it right now! Seriously! What's it gonna cost you?

Elena gets her revenge against her shady ex and his family by milking them for everything she's owed. Just so happens, a property in Scotland gets thrown in the negotiations. The land is not the Worthington's, however, but the company's, and so a part of her agreement to keep it quiet about her lousy ex is a two-year contract to live in Scotland. One of the agreements she has to make is signing off the land to the Worthingtons if she were to die within six months of moving in. She thinks nothing of it and encounters a sexy as hell highlander with dangerous mystery, but it isn't until her life is threatened more times than she cares to think about that she realizes there's something about the farm that's gotten everyone riled up.

She's landed in the middle of a war between families- the Worthingtons and Faolan MacGailtry. Faolan shows up to the rescue after an attempted rape at the farm, and with Red and Lilly acting as caretakers, she's slowly filled in on the details. The farmland's been in Faolan's family for generations before it was wrongly taken from them by the Worthingtons, who were searching for something precious and had slaughtered his whole family in the process to ensure that they could do nothing in the name of revenge. But that's not all. Because of a vow Faolan's father broke with a higher power, Faolan, Red and Lilly became cursed. They were the wolves she saw guarding her lands late at night. They were the ones who'd saved her countless times when she first arrived.

Despite this huge load of reality-shattering information, the one thing that bugs her the most is the fact that Faolan refuses to make love to her because of his fear of being wrong for her. Since the first time she caught his scent behind her at the airport, she'd felt this strong connection to him, and when fate puts them in the same house under dire consequences, she decides that she doesn't want to die a virgin or lose it to a rapist who could succeed in getting to her the next time. Countless times, she's tried to convince him, but eventually he tells her that he is destined for another.

It isn't fair that the guy she's come to love is fated to find his 'true heart' so he can be rid of the curse, but she loves him enough to want to see him safe and happy, so if friendship is all he can offer, she gladly accepts it. However, after a visit to a witch that Faolan knows named Brigid, things change. Brigid says the time has come for him to find his light, and after some detective work, he comes to find that the cryptic woman meant Elena. Elena MacFarland is his true heart. They basically get together after this and a series of events happen for them both. Faolan is one step closer to being free of his curse, and Elena discovers that she has some gifts that she never knew existed within herself until now.

At one point in the plot, Worthington locks up Elena with Faolan in the hopes of getting the magick mirror she found in the hidden room and having the pleasure of knowing that Faolan would kill his love come the full moon. However, instead of that happening, she and Faolan have the hottest primitive sex I have read in a long while and then break his curse. She's also learned more about her gifts, too, and so escape with their uses, though in the end they lose Worthington in his escape with his own magick. Elena and Faolan find out that Worthington never got the mirror, a special artifact holding great power, and find out they're having a child. They go on a journey to find this island and get married along the way, enjoying a honeymoon and the time they have left before they have to face a dark reality.

The island they come across turns out to be a place Faolan's father used to frequent, and when a youthful Brigid welcomes them, revealing that she had been helping Faolan in his three-hundred plus years of existing, Elena instantly sees that there's a physical relation between the witch and Faolan. Brigid later reveals to Faolan that she was her father's love, but obligations to his father prompted him to leave for an arranged marriage. She told him she was pregnant when he visited her again, and she gave him and his agreeing wife the babe to raise as their own, for the first son, Faolan, was destined for greatness. It's a little twist in the story, but it explains the untapped power sensed within Faolan.

There's a lot more drama that goes on, but the final climax is when Lilly and Elena are kidnapped and almost sacrificed in a ritual held by Worthington and a group called the Order. One of the group's newest members, a man on the line between light and darkness (and her doctor, FYI) helps them escape, but not before shots go off and Elena blacks out. She wakes up in the hospital to be told by a nurse that her husband was shot and didn't make it, nor did her baby due to excess blood loss. The news cripples her, and from then on, it's an unstoppable avalanche of despair and pain, it's so sad. Brigid has died. Red and Lilly have left a note saying it's too painful to stay. Once again the orphan Elena MacFarland is all alone. Weeks of misery pass before she decides that when Worthington comes for her, she'll kill him and Liam, his illegit son.

One night, she hears Liam downstairs and hears him shoot darts at Red and Lilly. She's surprised that they came back at all, but when she sees Liam, she takes the shotgun and shoots- and in slow motion, sees a wolf jump to attack him from behind. Liam goes down and the third wolf limps away into the forest. She doesn't understand how there's a third wolf, but when she goes after it in the hopes of Red and Lilly's new friend being okay, she follows it through the standing stones and ends up at the very island she visited with Faolan so long ago.

And there at the castle is the limping wolf, near death.
And an alive Brigid, looking far more worried for the wolf than normal.


She can't believe what she's seeing, but Brigid and Faolan are both alive! And then the situation sinks in and she panicks all over again at having almost lost him again, and this time by her own hands.  But these people lied to her- they'd faked their own deaths to be rid of her! She immediately throws up her shields so they can't read her, and Brigid snaps at her to help her heal him, but then quickly turns around and takes back the hostility by hugging- and confusing -Elena. But none of that matters. She heals Faolan and brings him back from the void, something that is impossible. Once someone passes into the void, no one can bring them back. And yet Elena did just that, and it sets Brigid's mind ablaze.
"Just what is this girl?"

When Faolan wakes up, he's cold and distant and, thinking he wants her gone, she tells him she'll leave now that he's awake but is stopped by Brigid and Earnan. It turns out that when Faolan learned of her kidnapping, he'd gone to the scene too late, and had followed her to the hospital only to be told that she lost the baby and blamed him for it, and never wanted to see him again. He was hurt, but most of all, he hated himself for everything he put Elena through. Faolan used The Voice on Lilly and Red to keep them away from her despite their protests on leaving the girl alone, but let them guard her as wolves, which is why she caught sight of them downstairs with Liam.

Elena doesn't know what to believe. To go from a grieving widow and blaming yourself to finding out that everything's been a lie is stress on the brain, but most of all, it's a stab to an already broken heart. Had they hated her so much that they faked their own deaths to keep away? Was their story about her hating him true? She's still wary, but she tells them her version of the story and ends up breaking down in sobs over his chest. A distant Faolan orders Brigid and Earnan to leave the room and then they're making love, promising to never leave each other again.

The book ends with them all having a happy reunion again, Lilly claiming Elena as her daughter and getting a few laughs at Faolan's expense for the way he refused to listen to her. They've come back together and are now stronger than ever. The scars they harbored over the last few months didn't kill them, it only made them stronger and love the other with more passion and less regret. This new strength in each other is what they'll need to take on The Order, and whatever lurking evil is plotting in the mists.

My thoughts!

I REALLY loved this book. It was so much more than what the synopsis promised, and the sex scenes were really hot! But maybe that's just because they promoted my favorite position, so who knows, it may or may not be biased. XD I liked learning more about the characters like Faolan as the book continued on, and anything with Scotland automatically gets brownie points. The story started off differently and I liked the suspense and magick that followed. And I gotta say, the ending caught me off guard. I panicked! I was flipping through the whole thing needing to make sure this was some kind of trick! I was entertained the whole time and enjoyed all the little things that the author added in, like the adorable kittens or the group of people at the pub that helped Elena. <3

I recommend this to those who love highland romance with dangerous suspense.

Happy Reading, and enjoy the rest of 2013~! :)

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Prescribed for Love

Prescribed for Love follows Catriona through her wild travels into 15th century Scotland. One minute Cat is celebrating her graduation from pharmacy school in modern-day Boston, the next she finds herself confronted by the sexiest man she has ever seen (and he's got a big sword!) Sure she is in a dream, Cat simply follows when the sexy dreamboat asks for her help. Little does she know what the future... err... past holds in store!

- Goodreads

I loved that this was about a modern woman whose future was destined to involve a Highlander from the past. She's a smart and independent woman who gets transported back in time by a herbal book only to wake up in an old hut and have a handsome highlander barge in to demand her assistance in healing his sister, believing she is the resident witch.

She knows almost nothing about diagnosing and healing, but after a quick recommendation of cutting out gluten (bread) for his sister's diet to help her get better, she's locked in a room under Alasdair's orders. He doesn't understand why the witch wouldn't know spells for a cure and so attempts to scare some inspiration out of her, but doesn't anticipate her climbing out of the window of his keep until it's too late.

Cat hangs out back in the hut she woke up in and meets the real resident witch, who says that she's been sent back in time because of a wish she made. She never made a wish when she picked up the book back in Boston, but after meeting Alasdair, she decides that maybe she was sent back to help him and his people. During her mission of fulfilling her 'wish' so she can go back home, she tries helping out in a lot of the problems present on Alasdair's land and doesn't mind a casual fling with the sexy laird along the way. What isn't in her plans, however, is falling for the highlander, or finding her brother at the end of Alasdair's ire weeks later!

This was a pretty good story. I loved it automatically because I'm always looking for books with modern women getting sent back in time in Scotland to fall in love ^~^. (If you know any, hit me up!) It started off interesting and I liked the way it was written, but when Cat found out she was pregnant, and she freaked out about it, my excitement for it sort of began to dim. I was reading this with the mindset of ever-after romance, but was surprised when she dreaded being pregnant because it caused problems with her only wanting a short thing with Alasdair and staying in the past. When she finds out she's preggo, she doesn't tell him because as much as it pains her to keep a father from his child, she knows that if he were to ever find out, he'd never let her go, and she is set on returning home.

I'd be okay with her wanting to return to her life and brother (before he showed up) but when constantly asked about why she wants to return, all she basically says is, "I just have to." Originally it was because her brother, her only family member, was back in the present and wondering where the hell she was, but when she accidentally wishes him in the past and Alasdair finds him in a misunderstood situation, her reasons go from 'family' to 'just because'. I didn't really like that too much, because there wasn't a solid reason for her needing to leave her dream hunk and the father of her unborn child. She even admits to herself that he's a dream come true, but because it's in the past, she just can't commit. Had they met in the present, she'd have been all gung-ho for the whole thing, but because there's a few hundred years between the gap...

That slightly put a damper on the romance for me. Another thing was the way Alasdair acted. He was really cute and all, just different from the other highlanders I've read about, and he even came off as a little modern to me. And throughout the book, he never once reacted to Cat's strange way of acting as a modern woman. He wasn't shocked at her dirty mouth even though back then it was a real no-no. It was small stuff that got to me, really. Especially the ending, when she only then realized that she wanted to be with him after she was forced to go back to the future because of a serious injury.

Overall, this book was a pretty good read. It had a lot of my personal favorites regarding plot settings and it was entertaining. The only thing to keep in mind is that this isn't a total insta-love read, as I mentioned up above.

Happy Reading :)

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: That One Time

23-year-old Ayah Chandler believes in love at first sight, and she should- since it only took that one time for her to fall head over heels for a man who looks like an angel but seduces like the devil.

Billionaire Nic de Koningh grew up trusting no one but himself, but all it took was that one time with the free-spirited Instagram-loving Ayah to question everything he believes and doesn't believe in.

As they meet once more in the exotic urban paradise of Hong Kong, Nic and Ayah finally have a chance to discover the answer to the burning question in their hearts.

Can love spring from a moment of connection or is it an illusion that will only scar them for eternity?
- Goodreads

I LOVED IT! I feel like I say this a lot, but I love Marian Tee's work. Her stories are just so cute and embarrassing with OMG did-that-happen moments, it makes you squeal!

This is currently 0.99 on Amazon for the first two days so get it now while it's still that cheap! It's a great quick read that will definitely stick with you and make you want to look up the other books written by Ms. Tee.

Ayah and Nic's first meeting is HILARIOUS. She collects souvenirs and when they're on a plane, she's trying to reach for his free throw bag but falls face first on his cock (and it reacts!). EEK!! lol The whole thing is hilarious and he's nothing but amused with this chick who's not ashamed to say that she collects stuff she can't afford and enjoys continuing her mother's tradition. Their time is short but he's so fascinated with this woman who isn't intimidated or trying to get anything out from him. He's still a little guarded, though, and gives her his gardener's name instead of his own, but immediately regrets it, as the sound of another man's name on her lips drives him up the walls. XD So he makes her call him Lieverd as a nickname and kisses her- her first kiss! -and things get really hot under the blanket he pops out. Like, seriously.

He gives her her first two orgasms and she happily falls asleep after they talk, but when the plane lands and they're the only ones left, he wishes her awake. He's gambling on fate waking her up so they can continue whatever it is they have, but she doesn't get up. So he leaves, and she wakes up, saddened that he hadn't waited. She still hopes though, and, like her mother taught her, she continues to wish that she'll see him again.

It's a few days before she gets any kind of sign from him, in the form of a tag of himself in her instagram photo with them holding hands. A year later, they're still in contact, but a few things are wrong here. He's still using his fake name, and he's told her he's married, on the verge of finalizing a divorce, and too poor to visit her in Hong Kong. And Ayah, being the ever innocent girl, believes him and genuinely doesn't mind. She's got a servant's heart, a person who loves to serve people and does so without wanting anything in return. Her life is pretty good, though there was one family of two that she had to deal with, Mrs. Lee and her nineteen-year-old son. FIRST OF ALL Mrs. Lee is a horrible tipper (as in she doesn't tip) but then when her son goes and kisses a surprised Ayah, the hag goes off on her and calls her a gold-digger!!! I wanted to slap her. >x(. But other than that crazy bitch, her life's pretty surreal in beautiful Hong Kong. Nic's life, on the other hand, is in chaos. He's contemplating marriage with a major gold-digger just to forget Ayah once and for all because he doesn't know if she loves him, and it isn't until his cousin spells it out for him that he realizes he wants Ayah, or at least wants to take a chance.

So he visits her, but her near-and-dear friends are wary of this foreigner who oozes predator sophistication. Unlike Ayah, they think he's been playing with her this whole year and so they get a little payback by making him participate in the speed dating that Ayah had unintentionally joined to help out a friend (and a very scary friend, I might add). It's torture for poor Nic, and he's this close to shutting down the whole thing and getting every man fired just for looking at her XD! But she sees him, and we get a laugh when she looks at his name tag and it says, "Ayah's owner." LOL! She likes it a lot (I liked it, too! hehe) and is completely embarrassing herself, accidentally saying what's on her mind out loud and making some people sputter, tsk tsk! haha. However, his sudden appearance after repeatedly telling her that he can't be seen with another woman just yet makes her assume that he's proposing (O.o!!!!) and so she kisses him and goes, "I'll be the best wife ever!" You can imagine the look on their faces, 'cause everyone who knew froze in that room.

Now he's got Ayah thinking he'd proposed when he'd only wanted to see where things went with them as a couple, and he's freaking out over the phone call with his cousin. He hasn't told Ayah the truth yet, and even when his cousin tries to say she won't mind, he knows different. Ayah won't see the truth as a plus for her getting a billionaire, she'll see it as him lying from the very first time they met. She'll feel betrayed, so he can't tell her just yet. He has cold feet on marrying Ayah based off of a misunderstanding, but his cousin basically says: "It's fate, because I don't think I'd be able to have gotten a guy like you any other way," and, "Would you regret not having married her if your life ended?" It makes him realize that mistake or not, however it started doesn't matter- it's how it ends, and he wants to be Ayah's last and happily ever after. So they explore her new home and she takes him on trips, determined to pay for all of it because she thinks he can't afford it and would like to do this for him. One of their trips involves a trip up and down in a cable car... all I gotta say is, I will not be able to look at another cable car the same way again. Ever.

Their day is wonderful and she's as happy as she can be, but then the gold-digger who'd been trying to get to Nic crashes in on them and spells the beans (and some lying worms.) Heartbroken that he lied to her, she feels like she was played and humiliated and runs off, never wanting to see him again. She leaves later on, needing to go back home to Florida, and boards a plane, only to wake up to Nic. He first gives her a bag that's filled with souvenirs that he'd gone and collected from around the world on planes and even shows her the instagram account he made to take pictures of them as well, so she knew he did it himself. Then, when she doesn't say anything, he worries and says nothing but apologies and the grief it caused him to know that he hurt her when he never meant to. He begs her, but hears a click and looks up to her smiling. Nic tells her that everyone in the plane is a relative of his, and with a shocked look on her face, he proposes to her, using them as witnesses to his commitment.

It's a happy day for Ayah and Nic as they're now married and enjoying their wedding, and she meets his older brother and finally has sex with him. ^_~ The wait was totally worth it. And oh my God, the ending! The next morning, he takes a picture of her and she sees it, thinking it's super sweet. But then she sees the caption.
Exhausted after a hard night's fuck!

Niiiiccc! She's mortified, LOL and he takes another picture of her with her face hidden under her hair in embarrassment.
Embarrassed after a hard night's fuck!

It ends with her asking him to cancel his instagram account, making for a very funny ending. I can only imagine the time they'll spend together. :3

This was a great novella for the holiday, a cute romance based off of fate, wishes, and taking a chance. I love her style of writing and how she makes me love (or hate- grr Mrs. Lee!) her characters. As you know from my review, I recommend this to those who enjoy sex (you'll love the scenes!) and drama and dominating alpha males falling for innocently naive girls with hearts worth more than the billionaires they catch. This is 0.99 for only a little while longer so hurry fast and purchase it on Amazon!

Happy Reading :)

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: First Visions

Two years ago, 21-year-old Kate Edwards became deathly ill and slipped into a coma. While unconscious, she crept into the mind of a missing boy and awoke with the knowledge of his location. Friends and family were skeptical and wary of her new ability to see into the minds of others. Their fears promoted Kate to keep her psychic powers a secret. Feeling alienated, she dropped out of college and spent most of her days holed up at her mother's home.

Now another child has been abducted. Police detective Jared Corbett seeks out Kate for her help in solving the case. Reluctantly, Kate agrees and they must work together to bring 8-year-old Cori Preston home to her family. Although attracted to one another, Jared has a girlfriend with ties to the abduction case and Kate is sarcastic and guarded since her coma. With visions she can't control and an uncontrollable attraction to the detective, she wonders if she can leave the past behind and finally stop hiding from the world. Otherwise, Cori may be lost forever.
           - Goodreads

Loved it! It's hard for me to come across any good ghost/cop/psychic stories with romance, the funnies, some *cough-good-cough* drama and a cool chick. Kate is the best friend I've always wanted. XD I love her sarcasm and witty tongue, but most of all I understand why she's like that, and I think that's why I was so enamored with her as soon as the first page lit up on my Kindle.

Kate has been keeping her powers to herself for two years now, spending most nights in the minds and memories of others. She can't control what or who she sees, and it only thickens her armor whenever someone comes along to ask her about it. That day after her coma was a living hell for her; she got isolated by people who were supposed to love her and constantly hounded by those who only wished to use her. Her own father left them, and she had the pleasure of seeing him with his new girlfriend in her dreams. Not fun. That's pretty tough for a college girl, especially one like Kate, who becomes an anti-social hermit.
*Yeah, but a really cute hermit. Like a kitty-hermit hybrid.*

She's got an awesome friend, though. In fact, the story opens up with her and Julie talking on the phone. FYI Julie's doing most of the talking. The doorbell rings, and when she goes to answer it, she sees a cute guy standing there in the rain. My first instinct was to a) not answer it or b) get a weapon just in case. Her friend's?

   Kate whispered into the cell phone, "This unbelievably gorgeous guy is standing on my doorstep."
   "What are you waiting for? Serial killers are rarely hot, so I'm sure he's safe," Julie assured.
   Kate rolled her eyes- she hoped if this guy ended up dismembering her, Julie would blame herself for that awful advice.

They're hilarious together, seriously. X) But anyways, she answers the door with a 100 megawatt smile and meets Detective James Corbett of the Franklin Police Department.That gracious smile doesn't last for long, however, when he tells her the visit is about an article she was in a few years ago. Major mood killer, there. She goes from 'great host' to 'spitfire' and tries anything she can short of throwing him out to leave her and her past alone. But he's begging her for her help.

   "Just listen to me for one more minute," he pleaded. "Please." She shot him an annoyed look, but sank back down on the couch. He eased down on the arm of the couch and continued, "The girl who's missing, Corinne Preston, is my girlfriend's younger sister-"

OUCH~!!! What a way to really kill the mood, dude. T_T She definitely doesn't want to help him out, now, but she's not heartless. It bothers her that a child is missing, but she refuses to go back to that fiasco of a life the first time people thought she was psychic. She'd gotten tons of letters before and couldn't get a vision on all of them. Did she really want to live with the guilt of disappointing another family? Could she live with herself if she didn't try? She takes the picture he thrusts at her and forever has Cori's face branded in the back of her eyes, and then her mother comes home.

applause GIF photo: applause 2ni8cvm.gif Woman deserves a standing ovation. I love her mother! XD The woman comes in with a bunch of groceries, requesting help, and after Jared helps her, she greets him enthusiastically and goes, "Oh, I didn't know Katie had friends in the department." And Kate's like, "Of course my mother would think he was here on a social call and not to arrest me for something." lol That's another thing that I loved about this book- how close their relationship was. She loves her father, but her mother's her rock, something that I also have in common with my own. <3 So Ms. Edwards gets Jared to stay for dinner despite the fireballs Kate is throwing their way (no, not actual fireballs were thrown) and then the night ends with her mother telling her that he couldn't keep his eyes off her when she wasn't looking. Eekk! ^_^

The following hours, however... not so eekk. :/ She has a vision of Cori's kidnapping that sends her out of bed screaming, and it takes her mother hours of soothing and telling her it was just a bad dream to put her back to sleep. It hurts Kate that her own mother doesn't believe her, when in actuality, she does, and it's because of Kate's latest visions that her mother decides to visit Detective Corbett the next morning and tell him about her daughter's psychic abilities and recent vision regarding the case.

It's a huge blowout in the house when Kate finds out that her mother could've been helping her all these years to not feel like a freak, and she leaves. She ends up at Jared's apartment- she night Google stalked him X) -to tell him about her vision, and then leaves when things start getting a little inappropriate, beginning with him answering the door shirtless and ending with him offering her the couch so she doesn't drive late at night. Ho, ho, ho! She doesn't take up his offer (boo) because it would be wrong (sigh- that makes sense) and crashes over at Julie's house. She makes up with her mom the next day, and from there, is officially a part of the case, though she makes him promise that her name will stay out of it.

Her visions get her clues like the type of car the perpetrator used or the kind of atmosphere he lives in, but another thing she gets from her dreams is the feeling that the family knows him. None of them say they do, however, when she later gets a good look at his face in one of her dreams and draws it out for Jared to show the parents and sister. The case goes from an all-time high to an all-time low when her crush on Jared starts to take over. She becomes more attracted to him and the fact that he's the closest- and greatest -thing to a friend she's had in years. But all that goes to shit when she has a vision of him and his girlfriend, Nikki, fighting about his nonstop talk about her. "I feel sorry for her," he says, and that totally kills her. He'd only been pretending to be her friend so he could use her for her visions! But wait, folks, the torture doesn't stop there. After the couple make up, they start making out. And then groping each other. Then the pants come off- WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP! She got out of the vision just when he started rising Nikki's dress, but the damage is done.

applause GIF photo: applause applause.gif
*Great job, Asshole*

UGH I don't know how Kate survived that, I would've vomited to death or something if I ever saw my crush tell his hot girlfriend that I was just a charity case to him, and then get jiggy with her in the kitchen- EW, no, thanks! So I'm just as pissed as Kate is, and when he comes over to the library to show her the types of cars she might have seen in the dream, she's hostile, and he takes it as a sign of frustration at something else *rolls eyes* and forces her to go feed the ducks with him.

... Sigh. Jared's such a... damn, why does he have to be so sweet and taken? -_- Obviously she's going to hate him a little less, he took her to feed the fucking ducks. They have a talk and his sincerity convinces Kate to take him up on the friendship he keeps pushing, but after a night of trying to get over him by going to a bar and then deciding that she doesn't want to go with Mr. Happy Hands, she calls him to pick her drunk ass up. He's livid, and almost cold when he saves her from two pushy guys outside in the parking lot. But then she tells him about a vision she had of him, and his first day of kindergarten with his parents when they were still alive.

Now, this is very significant to him because his eccentric aunt (the one who convinced him to seek out Kate, actually!) raised him after both his parents died, and he blames himself, because they'd been on their way to get him when he was scared of staying over someone else's house. :(

He stops a block away from her house to get out of the car and silently freak out, but when she follows him out, he surprises her. He's not freaked out about what she can do, he's amazed, and unbelievably happy that she could see them when they were still alive. But it also opens his eyes for the last time, as he realizes that he's this close to cheating on Nikki with her, and when drunken Kate goes to kiss him, he tells her he won't be that guy. She runs away from him, humiliated, ashamed and pissed (at him or herself, she doesn't know) and wakes up the whole neighborhood with their chasing. Her mom opens the door in time to put on The Ice Queen persona and kick him off her property- *GO MOM!* -and then it's just her and her weeping daughter.

They are no longer talking, and Nikki even goes to visit her and scare her away, but that doesn't work. Kate already knows who Jared's chosen. :( So she leaves, but later on, after giving evidence of the bad guy's car, possible connection and face, she gets a phone call from a media website. And then she gets more calls, and the media start showing up on her front lawn. Someone's leaked her name to the press, and now they know that she's playing psychic on another child abduction. It's starting all over again.

I felt so bad for her! She started hyperventilating and shit at the worse-case scenarios of what was going to happen to her again, but her mama tells her she's on her way home and will be right there to help her out. Kate is freaked out, but pissed. She has a pretty good idea who did this. And so does Jared. He confronts Nikki at their apartment after getting off the phone with his superiors and Kate's lawyers about the name leak, and after yet another argument about Kate, the truth finally comes out that they've been growing apart. She wants that fucking ring that he will never give, they're both stressed and changing because of the case. But most of all, they both see the connection between him and Nikki. She tells him that she understands and won't try to make something work between them when it's no use, and leaves.

O.O This part actually shocked me, because she's usually such a bitch, but I can understand her having a nice side- I mean, how else was she able to keep him with her for three years? So now they're broken up, Kate's come to accept her powers after going through her own drama at home, and then she and her mother go to a cousin's wedding reception. It's hell for her because they're so obviously isolated, though she does have a spanking cool aunt ^_- and when she gets a text from Jared, she finds him outside, waiting for her.

He came to tell her something that could've easily been told over text, but then he tells her that he and Nikki have broken up. And she's like, "What, did you expect me to still be interested in you?" and I'm like "HELL NO! He can't just show up and be like, 'Hey I'm single now let's dance.' Nein! I mean, at least let the little bugger squirm before taking him!" And she does, though within the minute, they're in the backseat of his car making out. -_- LOL I didn't really like that transition from taken to single-so-let's-get-together-yeah-yeah-yeah, but I mean what else are they going to do? They obviously have something going on, they just couldn't act on it because it was at the wrong time. But now that he's single, why not, right? It wasn't the most graceful of hookups like what I'm used to in my other fantasy books, but it is reality, so it didn't really bother me all that much after that little revelation.

So it's another "yay we're up high again!" point in the book, which means it's going to go crashing down within the next few pages. Now, when her name got leaked, I saw so pissed because then the bad guy would know about her and try to kill her or something! And that's what happened. She dropped her mom off at home after the wedding to go get some sugar from the store, and when she got back, she sensed something horrible and ran to the house... but didn't make it. Jared gets called about her abduction and tries to comfort her mother, but they all know who has her now.

She finds little Cori in the basement and- with the luck of a broken wrist from younger years (oh the irony) -she gets out of her holdings and plans an escape by catching the kidnapper from behind when he goes down the basement to check on Cori. They run, she almost dies, and Cori stabs him in the back. O.O That's some serious stuff for an 8-year-old, but thankfully (or unfortunately) the guy survives. That sucks, but then at least the little girl's conscious is safe. She does not need that on her plate on top of being kidnapped and traumatized. Kate's parents show up, her mother is hilarious as ever-

   "Honey, look! It's Jared, you remember him, right?"
   "Mom, I was almost killed, I don't have amnesia," she mumbled opening her eyes.

XD Hahaha, too cute! The story ends with Jared kissing her and promising that he'll never let anything happen to her again, and Kate coming to an understanding that now that she's accepted her visions, she knows that if another abduction comes up, she'll be all over it- just as danger will forever try to completely cover her life.

This book was just awesome! When I read the synopsis, I was like, "Hmm, let's just this out." And I'm glad I did, because I love stories where the girl's psychic and the usually gruff but handsome cop is there to help her out. ^_^ Jared isn't gruff, though, but he is taken, so he might as well be grumpy! LOL No seriously though, after reading this, I caved in and read the other synopsis of the next installments- I gave myself a heart attack when I saw that she and Jared weren't together because of something she did! You have no idea how close I was to dying that night, but then I found the fourth installment and it was like "they're back together!" so then I was all, "Whew. Not gonna die tonight." :3

First Visions is a new adult book with some swearing, very suspenseful moments (I mean, this is a kidnapping) and no sex. Kept me entertained the whole time, and I couldn't put it down. I had to know what was going to happen. I recommend!

Happy Reading :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Lichgates

Kara Magari is about to discover a beautiful world full of terrifying things- Ourea.

Kara, a college student still reeling from her mother's recent death, has no idea the hidden world of Ourea even exists until a freak storm traps her in a sunken library. With no way out, she opens an ancient book of magic called the Grimoire and unwittingly becomes its master, which means Kara now wields the cursed book's untamed power. Discovered by Ourea's royalty, she becomes an unwilling pawn in a generations-old conflict- a war intensified by her arrival. In this world of chilling creatures and betrayal, Kara shouldn't trust anyone... but she's being hunted and can't survive on her own. She drops her guard when Braeden, a native soldier with a dark secret, vows to keep her safe. And though she doesn't know it, her growing attraction to him may just be her undoing.

For twelve years, Braeden Drakonin has lived a lie. The Grimoire is his one chance at redemption, and it lands in his lap when Kara Magari comes into his life. Though he begins to care for this human girl, there is something he wants more. He wants the Grimoire.

Welcome to Ourea, where only the cunning survive.
- Goodreads

I actually liked this a lot, it surprised me because it's free on Amazon right now and it's rare to come across any good free books. :P Nonetheless, this had a lot of adventure and growing romance. Goodreads claims that fans of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and Eragon will enjoy this, but since I haven't read any of those series yet, I'm going to withhold judgement. I have, however, seen the movies, and the only similarity I saw was the adventure and new species. But that's just me, and I tend to miss the obvious. ^_^

Kara lost her mom six months ago and is away with her dad on another hiking trip. She left her dad a note in the morning to hike and clear her mind of the painful memories still haunting her time to time. However, her hiking trip in the familiar mountains her family used to trail ends up with her finding a mysterious door in the side of the mountain, and after a storm sends her seeking cover on the other side of that door, roots take her prisoner and she falls- and ends up in a forgotten library. It's here that she finds the Grimoire, and a letter from its previous owner about the responsibility that she's unknowingly taken on. The world Ourea has been in deep tension for centuries, with its kingdoms in hiding from the other and a particular kingdom seeking the ultimate vengeance.

There are three main species in Ourea that she should know about: drenowith, the seemingly immortal muses who keep out of the politics; isen, the (mostly) evil kind who harvest souls to remain immortal and can take on their victims' appearance; and yakona, the race who have mastered magic.

Kara ends up in the hands of Deidre, an isen, when she tries to get out of the library, and is taken to the evil kingdom Stele with Braeden Drakonin, the Heir to Stele who had faked his death twelve years ago in the hopes of leaving his evil lineage behind. Being that he can change form, however, Kara doesn't realize who he is until they arrive before king Carden himself and she's forced to watch him control his son into giving away his true form before the new era's Vagabond. Two dragons break in and save Kara and Braeden, drenowith Adele and Garrett. They help her as much as they can despite being used to having the world think of them as myths, but even they have their own council to answer to, and when it's decreed after a trial with Kara that she is too broken to be aided, they help her in any other way they can that doesn't involve getting them killed by their leader.

Kara goes to Braeden's home, the kingdom he'd escaped to as a boy, and meets the royal family that adopted him. His younger brother, Gavin, his mother the Queen Lorraine and King Richard are all lovely (some more than others) and she feels comfortable in the kingdom. However, after King Carden kills Queen Lorraine, Kara is given the task as Vagabond to plead their case to the other kingdoms in the hope of having a peace treaty to unite and defeat the kingdom Stele. The new King Gavin is power hungry and too weak to go against the formidable King Carden, and even Braeden sees this, but chooses instead to aid Kara in her travels, watching over her in his multiple forms of disguise as they head to two of the kingdoms in Ourea.

The first kingdom consisted of bird-like people who believed men were protectors and women were the embodiment of their arts and culture. Kara found this extremely annoying, especially when she's told that the king will only see her as a woman, not a powerful Vagabond of the Grimoire. It's because of this that she refuses to wear a dress to meet with him, despite it being their kingdom's custom, and she even cocks an attitude. I found this very annoying because she didn't seem to have much common sense on when to have a backbone and when to keep her sarcastic mouth shut so she doesn't piss anyone off. And not just anyone, but the very kingdoms she's asking for help. At the same time, however, it was this attitude that allowed her to appear strong-willed before the mean king. And if anything, it was because of this lack of attitude that got her trapped in the second sea kingdom for three weeks. The king had told her she'd stay, and she didn't question it, needing this kingdom's approval of the peace treaty if she wanted to get the first one, as well.

Three weeks pass though, before she realizes that he had never intended to let her leave, but turn her into a warrior fit enough to harness the power she'd been given when she stumbled upon the Grimoire. This pisses her off, and she sends fire throughout the throne room to escape with Braeden.

One of the drenowith, Garrett, tells her that she shouldn't believe Braeden's new home is truly a place where she belongs. He even points it out to her that although no one's looked at her funny, it's because she's able to blend in with them- unlike the other two kingdoms -that she feels safe. She's safe because she can hide, and that angers her, too, though she knows he's right. King Gavin's future attempt and trying to control her only drives the last nail home, and she leaves the kingdom to go and search for the Vagabond's village that the Grimoire told her about.

The book's a great adventure for this college sophomore, and she comes to face with a lot of loss and new discovery. She's not perfect. There are moments when I find her annoying or stupid with the mistakes she makes, but she's human, and it's because she learns from them (at least I think she does) that her mistakes endear me to her. Braeden's not the perfect guy, either, with his own issues to deal with. But they both learn and grow from this, and I loved the way the romance between them was slow and growing throughout the book. In the synopsis, it's said that Braeden only aids her to get to the Grimoire, and in the beginning, he does that. But towards the end of the beginning, he helps her because of her, not the power she possesses. 

Overall, this book was lengthy and entertaining. If you're looking for a quick read, this 300+ page book may not be for you, but it is filled with a great adventure and lessons learned for a college girl recently exposed to a loss that is closely tied to heart-eating guilt. It's free on Amazon and worth a look at. Once you read it, you'll either love it or hate it.

Happy Reading.

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Art of Trusting a Greek Billionaire

Once upon a time, there was an ordinary girl who grew up listening to bedtime stories where there were no knights in shining armor or Prince Charming. Instead, it had Greek billionaires and this little girl dreamt she'd one day have Her Own Greek Billionaire to live happily ever after with.

When this little girl grew up, she found what she was looking for - but he did not believe in the same bedtime stories.

When she told him she loved him at first sight because he was a Greek billionaire, he did not think she was a hopeless romantic. Instead, he thought she was a gold digger.

This is my story.
I mean your story.
I mean, Mairi Tanner's story.


I got this ARC, the second installment following The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire, from USA Today and NYT bestselling author Marian Tee in exchange for an honest review. Am I done with the formalities now? Yes? Good.

exciting GIF photo:  skinsminihyperventilating.gif AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHOOOLLYYSHIIIIT. HOLY SHIT. Holy. Shit.
So, let me fangirl for a minute, k?
exciting GIF photo:  gleesuehandoverheart.gif

Okay, I'm ready. The book starts off with a party going on, and then Damen accepting a family ring from his fiancee *heart shatters*. He should be concentrating on the life meant for him, but he can't stop thinking about Mairi, the woman who is and will always be his, no matter what anyone says. Mairi is heartbroken and is trying to get over the fact that she just wasn't good enough for him to love her. She saw him once but ran away and told him- begged him -to leave her alone. And he backed off, until his rival Greek Billionaire Ioniko Vlahos called to fucking spell it out for him that Mairi was not his, and could easily be his now because he will not take no for an answer this time.

Let me just say, I'm so happy he didn't make a move on her. Ioniko doesn't usually play the hero of the day, but he dons the cape for Mairi's sake, especially towards the end. <3 *whispers: we love you, Io.*

Damen calls her for a straight hour one night, Ioniko being one of the reasons, but after one of her best friends answers the phone and yells at him, she later gets a call from Damen's sister, Diana (her student at the school she teaches in), to meet her after hours because of a personal problem. She gets there only to find Damen waiting for her, and after he tackles her down before she can run away again, he begs her to teach him how to believe that she loves him. He needs to believe in love. O.O Okay, if I had a man tell me to convince him to believe that I loved him, I'd have cut off his fucking balls! But he didn't mean that, he just meant that he's never believed in love and really wants her to help him accept it, like help him get over his issue so he can be with her. Right, Damen?

A week later, after having talked this over with her two aunts (in the form of a book plot, lol) she's out on a date with a stranger because Damen proposed they see other people while taking things slow between them. He doesn't think she's really in love with him, and if she dates, maybe she'll come to realize that. However, his stalker-ass is watching her with the dude and after an hour's passed, when the guy touches Mairi's mouth, he flips a bitch and texts her something that'll get her to panic and call him back. She gets the text and, viola, she excuses herself and runs to the bathroom to call him. It's dark in the WC, though, and then the light comes on and Damen is there, kissing the daylights out of her.

He fucks her (holy shit, does he FUCK her. Like...*shudders*) in the bathroom with the pent-up jealousy of seeing the man undress her with his eyes, and decides that this 'seeing other people' bit is not working out for them. They get caught in the bathroom, and he clears it up with the fact that he's Damen Leventis, but it hurts Mairi at the thought of the other workers assuming that he was in the stall with his fiancee, Alina. But that doesn't deter her! She's found her foundation in keeping strong, by thinking of this as a book: if they really love each other, like her aunts say about her 'characters' in the book she's writing, nothing else matters.

Right after this, it shows Damen and his best friend, Stavros Manolis, sitting together at a tennis match their companies sponsored, and Stavros asks him about the girl that's so obviously caught Damen's attention. He tells him after the match that he shouldn't make the same mistake he did in losing the girl meant for him. O.O This Stavros dude is getting a little too much attention here, meaning he's either getting his own story or is going to be a huge thing in this story (or the next installment). So, you know... I'm pretty slow when it comes to names. Keep Stavros in mind for later, k?

high five GIF photo: Tina Fey high fives herself tinyfeyfive.gifAnywho, everything is good again, even when Damen's horrible mother tries to scare her off after her surprise visit to his house. LOL She actually tells the mother that she'll blackmail her by telling the world he's a masochist that needs her whipping touch if she tries to get her fired from the school. XD You're epic, Ms. Yay. And it all seemed alright, until the next chapter when she finds out that the school is having Teacher's Day with two of their VIP sponsors. Can you guess who?

Ioniko Vlahos, and Damen Leventis... and his fiancee, Alina Kokinos.

She manages to isolate herself from the group before hugging her knees to her chest, waiting for her phone to ring. And it does!

"Mairi? It is Ioniko."

Damen should've been the first to call her, and Ioniko, hearing how sensitive and fragile she is over the phone, gently tells her that he just wanted to make sure she was okay if she'd heard the announcement about Teacher's Day. The line beeps, alerting her of another caller, and Ioniko softly encourages her to answer it.

Damen is cold on the phone because his uneasiness at having hurt her again makes him sound like an ass, but to Mairi, he just sounds indifferent. And then she tells him that she was talking to Ioniko when he called, and this is where he starts to fuck up, getting defensive and mean with each question getting answered by another demanding question.

"Cut the bull and answer me!"
"You are not my fiancee to have a right to make me answer your question!"

sad GIF photo:  Imnotcryingitsjustrainfallingonmyfa.gif

"I wish I was in love with Ioniko instead."
"If you want to be with Ioniko, I'm not stopping you."
He should stop here and now, but he was hurting too goddam much
to stop just like that.
"I just hope he's willing to settle for my leftovers."

UGHH Dude why do you have to be such a DICK?!?! *SCREAMS* He can be so mean when he feels cornered. T_T I just want to slap him, that idiot- ughhhhhhhhh. So Teacher's Day arrives, and her grateful smile at Ioniko for making her feel better makes him jealous enough to whisper how beautiful Alina looks in front of Mairi. Then he realizes he went too far-

NO SHIT! REALLY??? Nooo, you didn't go that far!
Stabbing her nonstop in the heart would be going too far-
oh, wait.

It's a heart-wrenching night for her, because she has to make a speech in front of all of them, and then personally thank the sponsors for their generosity. But wait, it doesn't end there. The principal, after getting Damen and Alina to come up to the podium and give a small speech, starts dogging on them to share a kiss, since they rarely do any PDA. The kiss would set the school for life, with that kind of publicity.

From here, we start getting different POVs. Mairi's having a harder time breathing and sitting in her seat watching him with another woman. Ioniko, alert to the pain she's in, actually says 'fuck it' and gets up to walk towards her, no matter the change to his cool reputation. And Stavros- Ah, Stavros. Remember how I mentioned that this Greek Billionaire had let go of the girl who was right for him? Well, when his POV comes up, he arrives at the entrance of the school Mairi works in, thinking about how he'd finally tracked down the girl he lost.

Mairi Tanner.

O.O HOLY SHIT. Mairi is the girl he'd lost??!!?!? How the hell does he even know her? How does she know him??? So I'm completely clueless, okay? I forgot all the names from the first book, so I have no idea he's from The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire. It's not until THIS-

The woman stopped next to the front row seats. "There she is, Mr. Manolis."
Stavros slowly followed her gaze.
It was her.
It really was her.
And she looked... she looked exactly like how she looked that day she had been expelled for being labeled a gold digger because of him.

-that I go, "OMG! He's that Greek Billionaire?" It really blew my mind. Like, seriously. ~_~ So now he's there, Ioniko is heading her way. And Damen is trying to smooth talk his way out of kissing Alina, but then Alina kisses him. :O And it breaks Mairi's heart! He actually hears her gasp and just fucking knows she's crying, and he turns to her as soon as Alina lets him go, but he doesn't see her crying. He sees something worse.

She looks like she's finally given up on him.

And then he sees Ioniko walking towards Mairi with a purpose. And further back, he sees Stavros, looking at Mairi with something he can't explain, yet knows is the look of another rival. It's at this moment that he goes through a little episode. He could let Mairi go and let her have all the billionaires she wants and go off to live the life expected of him, or he could follow the heart that's been giving him pains and foreign yet good feelings this entire fucking time and just... do it.

So he does.

He takes off Alina's ring and tells her it won't work out between them, and then, abandoning all caution, he jumps off the stage and rushes right up to Mairi. It's a scene right out of her own head. He chooses her, tells her he loves her in front of everyone- the gasping students, the staff members, the cameras -and he begs her to let him prove his love for her. She's still in shock over having her heart broken at the sight of another woman kissing him, but she slowly comes back amongst the chaotic crowd. And, within the tight little circle of theirs created by guards, he puts her hand on his chest and says that his heart will always be hers. She does the same. Awwwww. <3

It ends with the two of them having yet another scene of incredible sex, and Damen being able to both say 'I love you' and hear it from her. ^_^ I'm so glad it ended like this. I think I would've just died if it ended with one of the other billionaires stating his love for her or something. O.O

I- and I'm being serious, now -was in tears the whole time I read it. No joke. I either had tears coming out while reading or was reading with tear stains drying on my cheeks. In either situation, I was always wet.
*lol that's what she said*

I know I'm supposed to give an honest review, but honestly? There wasn't anything I disliked that wasn't already promised me. Drama? check. Tear-inducing moments? Yuppers. Hot sex? *shudders* Um, yeees. I mean check. Alpha idiot with issues who just can't seem to stop hurting the one who loves him most? CHECK CHECK CHECK. Sweet and innocently naive girl with pure love? Check. ^_^ So I can't be disappointed with a book that I'm expecting all these things from- and trust me, it was all there. One thing that was hinted at but never happened, though, was Ioniko. In the beginning I was waiting for Io to make his move on Mairi, but that didn't happen. Instead, he really was just there to indirectly urge Damen on in getting his head out of his ass. So that's the only thing I can think of, really.

There are a few typos, but not that much, though that might've just been my ARC. Otherwise, it's fucking WORTH it. You have no idea how much I love this author's work. Every single book is filled with love and drama, it's like the Korean drama on television, but a million times better. I love it. I RECOMMEND it.

I've got finals this week, so you won't be seeing me until Saturday or something. :P
Have a great week. Hell, get this book on Amazon for 2.99 and make the rest of your week eventful for a few hours (or a few days, depending on you). God knows I had my own hours of The Feels. :3
Happy Reading :)

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Rockstar I've Loved for So Long

"The Rockstar I've Loved for So Long" by Marian Tee is a novella within a 6-book bundle called The Rock Gods of Romance, out now and 0.99 for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Lose yourself in a wildly passionate, swooningly romantic and enthralling joyride with the Rock Gods of Romance Boxed Set, which features NEW stories of all heat levels from NYT bestselling author Ava Lore and Marian Tee, USA Today bestselling author Liliana Rhodes, and Amazon bestselling authors Caitlyn Duffy, K.T. Fisher, and Mina V. Esguerra.

With this collection, all your secret fantasies and daydreams will come to life in the arms of the sweetest and sexiest rock stars you'll ever find in romance novels.

I received an ARC from New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Marian Tee in return for an honest review.

Dylan Charbonneau, the rockstar 18-year-old Bree Wyle has been in love with since forever, wants to belong to her. That should make her deliriously happy... if only he hasn't made clear he also belongs to the millions of girls who love him, too.

OKAY, first of all, OH MY FUCKING GOD, When Fangirls Lie's SAFFI AND STAFFAN! AND 'LITTLE ALEKSIS'?! They have a baby boy!!! A toddler!!! And he's so freaking adorable!!!! *breathes* ..... okay, I think I got it all out for now.

"...if only he hasn't made clear he also belongs to the millions of girls who love him, too." OUCH. I hadn't read the synopsis before reading the book, but I didn't really need to. Still, what a dilemma! It must be rough being in love with a guy you can't fully have when the whole world wants, does and has been calling him "theirs" for most of his rockstar career. But she loves him! What else can she do?

She knows she's special to him, and he is definitely The One and Only for her delectably innocent heart, but can that really be enough when it comes to rockstars? Is one heart of pure devotion and unconditional love enough for a rock god who's been sustaining himself with millions of pumping, desperately raw, primal and lustful screams? 

Bree was a voluptuous fourteen-year-old when she first attended his concert with Saffi, and although she didn't have her glasses, her ears were more than enough to hear his lovely voice sing. And after it ended, with Saffi's older brother Silver playing as chaperon, she searched for a bathroom, only to run into him when she mistakes his door for the WC's. Fast forward four years, and Bree is a young woman still with a heart of pure love for Dylan, and in the span of their four-year relationship of being the other's 'special someone' both privately and in the magazines, Bree has fallen so hard for him, it's starting to hurt a little. And Dylan knows it. But he won't act on it, even after the day she becomes of age.

Because Dylan Charbonneau, band member of Minuit Rogue, has a past that, if left unmonitored, could hurt Bree, and he'll be damned before he ever lets anything happen to the once awkward fourteen-year-old who'd stolen his heart that day in his dressing room. But sometimes, plans aren't always fool-proof. Like his 'plan' to keep her safe by not going to her graduation because he has work, and then sleeping with three women only to have one of them put it on the Internet for all the world- and Bree -to SEE!  
ice GIF photo: Daaaaaamn!! daaaamn_zpsc713fc0d.gif

YOU IDIOT!!! I'm so pissed at you right now, what kind of mental imbalance do you have that would make you think fucking other women meant keeping Bree safe!?!?!?!

            But you know what? I can't even blame him for that, because his father was obsessed enough with his mother to let her schizophrenic ass take on other lovers and make her husband and son watch them. Over. And over. Again.

Schizophrenia and the type of obsession his father had are both genetic. Dylan loves, appreciates and cherishes the fuck out of Bree, but his love might be an obsession. Because he'd do almost anything for her, like his father did with his mother. He cannot afford to let that happen. The more he loves her, the harder he fucks other women in the hopes of killing his "obsession" with Bree. And that's so sad.

Because he's turning into both of them just by fearing of having either one of their sicknesses. He's so obsessed with not hurting her that he tries to do the opposite and ends up hurting her. He's so in love with her that he mistakes it for obsession and then almost becomes this different person when he goes off to Fuckland and Menage-a-World and tries to forget it all.

And yet despite all the stupid, stupid plans, Bree still goes after him. Even after she finds out about his past.

She asked softly, "Did you really think you could push me away so easily?"
His blue eyes widened, and Dylan wondered if he was hallucinating when he heard her next words.
"Come with me now, Dyl. It didn't work. Just accept that and let's leave this place."

Her passion to keep him shocks him, but it washes away the fear that she would leave him for being so fucked up. They finally sleep together after it's determined that both care for each other and won't stop, but while having incredible-holy-fucking-shit sex, she tells him she loves him. He tells her it right back, but afterwards, when they're going at it again, she cries at the fact that her life is perfect in that exact moment and she can't even tell him she loves him because she knows it'll freak him out if they don't take it slow.

"I'm sorry, babe," he whispered, ashamed of the way he kept hurting her
and his inability to stop doing it.
She cried harder. "I know." It was so hard to speak.
Dylan said with difficulty, "I love you."
She closed her eyes, regret in his voice making her hurt worse. "I know." But she also knew now that love might not be enough to keep them together. There were just so many wounds her heart could take before it stopped healing.

cry GIFs photo: cry alot 2003656_zps4fba63d9.gifSo now that they're finally together, we find out he's not in love with her, and Staffan had seen it in the rockstar at the very beginning. :( Dylan can't be in love with Bree if he's still keeping her from his 'sickness' and giving himself to the rest of the world. He'd told her that himself two years ago after she walked in on him with another woman, Henrietta, (like he'd planned) giving his sleeping form a handjob (like he hadn't planned. It wasn't meant to go so far for the sixteen-year-old).

She thought her love was enough to keep her going, but even she has come to realize that there's only so much healing her heart can take before it gives out. And that time comes, when Dylan wakes up next to her one morning and his thoughts of kissing the life out of her SCARES him so bad that he leaves. Her. Side. And she finds him dancing with the one woman he always runs to. Henri-fucking-etta.

She's just... done.

One of Dylan's band members tells Dylan that Bree saw, and dude just knows he fucked up for the last time because his band member doesn't even get two words in before he's taking off running for her, screaming her name.

You can imagine what happened. A month passes, and Dylan, with the help of his family (who are also his band members) help him to finally forgive and forget with his parents so he can move on to a better life with Bree- if he can get her back, which he is determined to do. Bree is now in a university, socializing in the hopes of a new life and getting over Dylan, but he shows up at one of the college's parties on the beach, and after he begs her to give them another chance, the chapter ends, and the last one opens up with the very lines he told her in the beginning. <3

I enjoyed and laughed and cried and LOVED this book. It helps that there wasn't a cliffhanger because it ended on a happy, satisfied note. Marian Tee always finds up different scenarios ('fess up, Tee, you have book elves helping you out, don't you?) to keep you entertained, and she has the ability to make you cry right along with the character and experience what she does throughout the book.

I recommennnnnnddddddd. And again, it's only 0.99 in a 6-book bundle! That's a steal. (HA, 'steal', like Saffi's big brother, Steel.... *cough*)

Happy Reading :)

PS- You'd be happier if you bought it :P Just a friendly suggestion...

Saturday, November 30, 2013

AAAHHH! Death's Dawn!

sad GIFs photo:  tumblr_inline_mp33swf50A1qz4rgp_zps61fa938a.gif
Okay, so I've been slowly DYING a little every passing day, wondering when the hell Death's Dawn was going to come into my life. Even a small synopsis or a teaser about the damn thing would've satisfied me enough to calm me down (just kidding!) but noooo~ nada. Nichts. It be like a wasteland not knowing, and I be on the Internet after reading Night Embraced looking like-

For some reason, it never occurred to me that she has a blog/site and just might have some information *ding-ding-ding* about the upcoming book! So I finally looked her up- after like, what, six months? -and after snooping around her wonderful blog, I found the synopsis for book number five! There aren't too many spoilers for the fifth installment, but I hear it's the final book in the series (???) and the point where the prophecy will finally happen.

The cover for Death's Dawn is amazing like the other ones. Did you know the author makes them herself? Very crafty, and she does a post on her thoughts and reasons behind each cover. Some of it blew my mind, I had no idea some were drawn for a certain reason- but anyway! If you haven't read the books or heard of the series until now (aw) allow me to stuff it down your throat fill you in on it!

[prepare yourself]

Tianna is a young woman who was raised by her wizard mentor because of certain abilities, like the power to heal others. Due to her light blue eyes, silver hair and particular aura, her village calls her a witch and wants nothing to do with her. But despite their harsh treatment, she holds no ill will towards them- only sadness and a yearning to be wanted and accepted.

While hunting in the forest, she comes across four strangers who end up knowing her mentor. They have a serious first impression on each other. :3 The men are from Haven, each representing a different section that their dragon selves come from. One of them (Marcus) is happily mated and the youngest (Seth) is more in awe of Tianna than in lust, but the other two- Nathaniel and Gabriel -both have the hots for her. Especially Nathaniel, the playboy who has never thought of settling down anytime soon. Until he meets Tianna. The Draak allow her to join them on their adventure via her mentor as they search for the savior that this ancient prophecy speaks of, but eventually they come to realize that it's Tianna. She is the one that will save Lagrangia from evil aka the Wizard Sett aka the extinct-save-for-one black dragon clan mastermind. Unlike the other Draak, Tianna has multiple dragons within her; Red Sett for the warriors, blue for the healers, black for the wizards, green for the tracker Sett, violet for the architects, and silver for the craftsmen. But she is also part fae from her mother's side, and it's this combination of races that allows her to coexist.

Well... to coexist as harmonious as possible. You see, mixing the Setts is usually impossible, and there's a reason why. The result of someone like Tianna is her having six different personalities (not even including the other races, which I will not say >:3), each going with a different Sett. Throughout the series, she learns more about herself (and herselves), but the most prominent ones are Tianna, when her Blue Sett dragon is in control, and Tia, when her Black Sett comes up to take over the body. Tia is a split personality as all the Setts are different and made to seek other dragons from their own Setts. So, for Tianna, she has six different parts of herself reacting to a different dragon. Even if she were to mate with- say, a blue dragon, she would still have her other five inner Setts longing for their respectable mates.

It's a hard and difficult life for Tianna, especially for those who don't understand what she goes through as the series continues. Here's a little taste of their first meet-and-greet:

   Nathaniel sniffed the air and whispered, "Can you smell that scent in the air? What do you think it is? It can't be coming from the pig." The scent was wonderful and he breathed it in deeply, causing his body to shiver.
   Gabriel also caught the scent, but it wasn't affecting him as much as Nathaniel. He replied, "Hmmm, it smells heavenly, but right now I'm more concerned about my stomach."
   They continued their advance on the boar.
   In a low voice Gabriel murmured, "There's an arrow stuck in the boar's right side." He snuck a little closer. "The wound looks fresh. There must be a hunter close by." He sniffed the air again, only detecting that unusual, but very pleasant, scent.
   The boar was starting to stagger as the bleeding from the wound increased.
   "He's ours!" Nathaniel exclaimed in an emphasized whisper. "Let's get him first. I'm starved."
   Gabriel waved Nathaniel to the left as he proceeded to the right. They had the boar cornered, but he wasn't going to go without a fight. Nathaniel saw an opening and lunged, trying to grab the boar's back legs, but it spun and slipped through his grasp. He cursed as he fell to the ground yelling, "This pig is slippery!"
   Gabriel waved him back into position and readied his bow. He was just about to release, when something whistled within inches of his right ear. It was so close to the side of his face that he felt a slight breeze. He watched in shock as the boar dropped dead with an arrow through the side of its head.
   Gabriel whirled around, with his arrow still drawn, searching for the person that shot the arrow. The mystery was quickly solved when Tianna dropped out of a tree, squarely between the two men and her prey. By the time she straightened up, she already had an arrow drawn and was pointing it back and forth between the two hunters.
   She glared directly at Nathaniel and said in a calm but determined voice, "You're incorrect sir. The pig's mine." As their eyes met, she felt an odd sensation in her chest and her heart skipped a beat.
   Nathaniel instantly dropped his weapons and exclaimed, "I love these woods. It rains women!"

shock GIFs photo: OMG Andy-Dwyer-Shock_zps161bde55.gifLOL I love Nathaniel. Hated him for a while in the beginning, and despite me being a total spoiler, I won't tell you this time, because I want you to READ IT and find out for yourself just how good it is. Oh- warning: there's drama that'll give you heart burns, chest aches and an overflow of tears, but they're so worth it, in my opinion. I'll say this: there's definite romance between her and Nathaniel... annnnnnd.... the black dragon, Kai.

Ooohhh totally didn't see that one coming! Remember what I said about multiple personalities/Setts and total heart aches? I don't know about those who've read it, but I know that when I was forced to go through some heady scenes, the entire time it was happening, I was just shaking my head. And hitting the screen of my kindle. Maybe choking it a little (There's no commitment to that testiment). There were moments when I wanted to kill some of the guys, I got so involved! And anytime an author makes you want to choke a fictional character, you know something's aright and then some.
GIFs photo: No no.gif
But seriously, though. I grew so fond of Tianna and the others that whenever someone hurt her or horrible situations came up to stress her out, I kept trying to help her out, giving her helpful advice and insight. Shouting my opinions or thoughts to her in the hopes of her hearing me and actually listening. I think at one point in Unquiet Slumber, I was shaking my head, murmuring, ", don't do" the whole time I was reading a scene. Yes, it was that bad (in the good kind of way). All I gotta say is, prepare yourself for when you read this. Prepare yourself.

The romance and drama alone draws you in, but now for the fantasy! It's a new world where fantasy and humans live together, yet don't. Human villages exist, but they live in their own worlds, where dragons and the fae don't exist outside fairytale pages stacked together up high in the bookshelves. When Tianna leaves her village, she goes with the Draak knowing that the magical stories her mentor told her are true. What she isn't told, however, is that she isn't human, and she finds that out later. Haven, a... er, haven, for the Draak is a mountain that hides from its enemies and unwanted wanderers and keeps its occupants safe. If allowed, a pathway to the tunnel will show itself and then the mountain will open its entry to the other side. Tianna loves trees, so when she goes to Haven, she plants a tree of her own and names her Autumn. The very special tree interacts with her and becomes one of her most cherished beings in her life. It's really cute.

The Black Sett is very interesting. Kai, the only known black dragon left (besides Tianna) lives where his Sett used to, before they all died. I won't say why or how or what, but let's just say that Kai... has a very, very interesting dwelling.

A lot of stuff happens in one novel alone, which is one of the reasons why I love the series. It keeps me entertained, always surprisng me with something new. The interaction between the characters are also great, which is why I get chest aches or burst into laughter (or hot flames, lol) and get thoroughly depressed when the end comes and the adventure has to wait for another year.

So try this out. Unquiet Slumber is currently FREE on Amazon, and if you've liked anything I said so far, you'll love the book and want the rest (which, btw, are 0.99!). In all honesty the books are worth a little more, but I realllllllly would like the price I get them for now. XD Don't judge me, I'm a poor college student!

Happy Reading :3