Saturday, January 12, 2013

Amy Plum's Die For Her


I just love blogs- they let you know the BEST NEWS. Like Amy Plum's wee novella starring Jules from the Die For Me series. You know, the one with hot revenant guys in France?? Yes. That one. EEKKKK!!!! I can't wait. I. SO. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

My friend, the Ironic Alleycat that she is, told me about this series. So far two books have come out of it, and the final comes out in May !!!!!

Aren't the covers awesome????? 

The third and final installment of this très magnifique trilogy is

I know, right?
All these covers are so beautiful! And for once, the 'don't judge a book by its cover' advice takes on a whole new meaning. Kate Mercier and her sister are orphans, but live with their grandparents in Paris. The death of her parents still depresses her, so she usually holes up in her room to read. However, the day she decides to go out to a cafe and enjoy the fresh air with a book for company, she notices a table in her sight holding three young and beautiful guys, and one of them is staring.
[I totally squealed at this, and I don't do that often]

I won't go into anymore details because I'll end up telling you everything, but it isn't for a few more weeks until they actually talk- and boy, do they hit it off! *snicker* Something strange happens that couldn't have been better for either of them, because from that point on, their fates are forced together. *squeal*

I guarantee you will be squealing with 'oh-my-gosh!' and 'I-don't-believe-that-happened' moments.
I dare you to click this.

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