Friday, January 25, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Sins of the Demon

Oh my GOD! I love this book, this series- hell, everything! This is the fourth installment of this awesomely awesome series, but I just finished this, and it's my favorite out of all the other ones so far! XD

   Sins of the Demon is about Kara Gillian, a summoner of demons who is also a detective. So far in the series, she's befriended FBI agent Ryan Kristoff despite her reputation as a slight 'weirdo' and is able to tell him everything about what she does concerning anything arcane (the magic stuff) because he sees it, too. I won't go into too much detail because I feel like I'll be spoiling it, but I'm totally going to rant about the adorable CAT THEY HAVE IN THIS BOOK!!!!!

Oh my gosh I love the kitty and her huge contribution to this....even if she can't stand Ryan and Kara...haha. And this book was hilarious! Oh gosh, there wasn't a page where I wasn't laughing out loud. The previous books were just as great (and steamy- goddamn, Rhyzkahl!) but this book gets a little place in my fan-girl heart simply because of the cat. Yes. From intro to ending for the cat, I loved it all.

I also love this book because we find out more as to what the hell is going on between her, Ryan and Rhyzkahl. I totally knew something was different about Ryan when she started noticing the same 'anger' she sees on the demonic lord's face. And then there's the cat!
Fuzzykins is just freakin' adorable. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.

*which probably shouldn't be ranted about because now I feel like an 'ah ha, so that's how I'll get her down the dark and creepy alleyway' moment just popped up in some weirdo's head*
Well I'm sure it is now.
*It was bound to happen when you started talking. Just accept it.*
So like I was saying, I love everything about this book. But I absolutely love Kara. She clicks with me! With all the other series I've read, Anita Blake is the first "magic woman" (in her case, a necromancer) who works with cops and is flocked by gorgeous guys to visit me in the form of books. Later on I found the assassin Spider, Gin Blanco, who technically also helped cops. From the Spider I ran into Kara Gillian. All three women are awesome, but they're also different. Anita was a hard ass with certain morals and a mind set that was shattered when she realized she didn't know anything anymore. The Spider was a cold bit... er, person (though she's not as evil as she claims to be cause she doesn't hurt kids and pets) whose self-esteem totally tanked when her goody good cop crush just smashed her into the floor (figuratively of course... otherwise he'd be dead). But she gets it all back with more confidence of knowing who and what she is when she meets her new guy.

Kara is different. She's a hard ass with a wit to keep the other cops in place (woo! you go girl) but she's also kind of a "weirdo" where she has secrets, and did I mention her lack of confidence in herself? She's the perfect rep for insecure women everywhere, and it's nice reading about a character who's slowly realizing her worth while simultaneously going through all this crap and totally owning it.
* ;)*
Diana Rowland is a great author- everything she writes is brilliant! I certainly got a taste of how fond cops are of swearing... don't know if it's a stereotype, but that's how they all are in the other series, I swear! Curses and inappropriate "oh-no-you-didn't-imma-tell-your-wife" jokes....

So yeah. It's a great read. Humor, se-*cough* romance, steamy stuff, mystery, development, and full on entertainment is in this thing. Seriously, check it out. Like, now.

Happy reading :)

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