Tuesday, January 15, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Sweet Evil

I just finished Sweet Evil... and GOD do I wish I could do those frickin' GIFs to explain my reactions and the feelings coursing through me right now! But alas, I'm special like that, so I'll just go on with my review that may/may not be filled with spoilers (which I usually love, unless it's about a really great book that shouldn't have its secrets revealed, [like this one] in which case 'discreet and deceit' are the best hands to play).

So I just finished this:

And let me just say, Kaidan Rowe (pronounced Ky-den) is one seriously hot bloke. Seriously. He literally is the boy your daddies warned you about. Hell, my daddy, too! He is the ultimate nightmare for all fathers across the globe. Even the 'bad guys' have a hard time with the thought of their daughters with him! But I'm getting off track here, though my thoughts weren't exactly going to a horrible place-
*You're doing it again.*
Right. So as you know, Anna is the ultimate good girl with a heritage that makes it harder for her to choose between good and evil, something she shouldn't have to go through considering the seemingly human life she's had so far. Then she meets Kaidan after allowing her friend to coerce (I use the word loosely) her into going with him to see his favorite band, whom happen to have Mr. Rowe himself as their drummer. They meet, not-very-nice-but-downright-hot sparks fly, and the stuff get good from then on out. I was squealing at almost every chapter! Who am I kidding, I squealed the whole time! I laughed out loud at some parts, and just when I thought things were starting to tone down to borderline boring, things would pick up or something unexpected would happen likeeeeee-
Kaidan demonstrating how the ultra sense of 'touch' can be really addicting. XD *squeal!* Let's just say we'll never look at rest stops the same way anytime soon. Woo!
*End of Spoiler Alert. You're welcome.*
Mmm. The bloke isn't even real and he'd already ruined me by the first chapter that didn't have much of him in it. The chapters that didn't include him were beginning to leave me unsatisfied with the lack of his and Anna's interactions.

Where to start with Wendy Higgins' writing?! She described Good Anna perfectly! She was believable, and at times I could even relate to her, like with her decision-making on things that would be bad for her, and the things that made her cringe but not others? I'm sure a lot of girls can relate....hopefully.

And Kaidan! Gosh, how does she know these people?! That boy could set pages on fire! Which is a good thing I bought the thing on my kindle, but still. I'm pretty sure he's ruined me for other bad boys still wandering the pages not yet seen by me. But he's not just the perfect bad boy, he's also something more; ironically, he's human. He's a teenage boy who wasn't raised with love, knows nothing about love, and has never had love influence him and his actions- until he met Anna. He finds himself questioning his random good deeds towards her and her adopted mom now, and he doesn't understand the things he feels for her. Or if he does, he cringes away from it, for nothing good could come out of their 'joining', in every sense of the word. He's struggling against things he knows nothing about and things he was raised with. It's familiar versus risk, for him. But if he does risk it, is it him or her who will get hurt?
*Snort. You sound so cheesy right now.*
(Oh shut it.) This is the perfect bad boy meets good girl. Opposites attract and all that jazz and rock and roll.

It's a reallllly goood booookk that you should check out. Seriously. Like, now.

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