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RANT: Elemental Assassin series

So I just finished this:

and for some reason, I wasn't as satisfied, but at the same time, I was excited for what would happen next. I was glad that things were heating up between her and a guy she actually deserves (and vice versa) and she's also decided to go after Mab, the fire elemental bad guy [girl, woman?] in the series.

Some of the scenes were really good...

So I just deleted this long thing I wrote about my thoughts on the book... let's just say I don't like negative reviews that much, especially because I believe this series has high potential
to being beyond awesome.
*Not to mention that we're rather distracted with other things.*
*Could explain our reason for needing a spider rune, too.*
 So, here's to the fourth one:

So I just couldn't leave this post with a negative review, and it didn't help that I was distracted with things. I almost have no patience, and because I was so into this series, the duel with Mab was LONG overdue for me. I'm sad to say I skipped Tangled Threads to relieve the tension in my head by reading Spider's Revenge.

I wasn't irritated with Venom. More like I was antsy about hearing more of the story. But instead of that happening, there was a slight detour to the going-ons of the other side characters. I wanted to know about Gin's thing with Mab, so that's why I skipped to book 5 before returning to book 4.

Book 5
I was satisfied with this book, mostly because she finally fights Mab. And it was awesome. I've learned to really just ignore the small things that bug me, like her retelling everything that's happened in the past books. As someone following the series, it's almost irking, but to others who stumble upon it, it's great, because it fills them in on what they're reading.
*Which was another reason why I skipped 4 for 5. I knew I wouldn't miss anything. Snort.*

Book 4
I think this would be my least favorite only because it centers around other people in her life, not Gin herself. I'm not too happy- or maybe I'm just downright confused, but I didn't like how insecure she was with her sister and Bria (the sister) finding out what she does. It just threw me off, because I'm so used to this 'heartless' strong woman, but I guess even assassins have hard times dealing with things like family.
I'm glad she has Owen in this, he's a really good partner to keep her steady.

Book 5.6
This lil novella is very short, but it's a nice little treat. It takes place in Mab's funeral with an attempt at Gin- and maybe the other power sharks who are trying to take as much areas in Ashland now that Mab is dead. We're treated to three minds throughout the thing; Gin's, Phillip's and Jonah's. We see a little bit of history between Phillip and Owen. I wonder what's there?

Book 6
So I just finished this. It's my favorite, just beating Spider's Bite by this- "_" -much. It's about Gin and Bria taking a vacation and attempting to get away from all the murders and bad guys who are now wanting to kill Gin because she's Mab's murderer. In their minds, killing her is proving that they're the strongest. Gin so needs a break when she starts killing more in a week than she usually does in a year.
They go to Blue Marsh, Bria's hometown, and meet Callie, her best friend who's now engaged. This is a bit of a foreshadow, because Gin notices that on top of Callie being a restaurant owner and cook, she's wearing a blue apron similar to hers with even similar grease stains. On top of that, the woman's got dark hair and light eyes (which Gin doesn't notice).
The best part? Guess who her fiance is. Just guess.
Donovan Caine.
*You forgot the detective part.*
Right. Detective Donovan Caine.
*Ugh. The dic-*
In this book, we continue to see Bria struggling with accepting Gin for what she is, and it's sad. However, I loved this book because Gin finally faced what was: Bria being ashamed of what she is. It's sad, yes, but I'm glad Gin finally saw what was bugging Bria so much, because now she can face it and accept it. Anyway, a pair of idiots are harassing Callie when Gin and Bria meet up with her in her restaurant, and Gin does her usual thing, though she holds back from killing them because she's on vacation.
So Callie's fiance comes, in walks Donovan, and then all this old stuff-
*You mean bullsh-*
-stuff goes on with him being high and mighty and basically grossed out with her presence. It's a pain to have him in her life again, but again, I'm glad she has to face it, because it shows her what kind of good thing she has going on with Owen. It also shows her that she's much better than he treats her. He makes her feel like she's worthless and bad and undeserving of any love, which is not not not true.
Things go on with the good guy/bad guy. 
That's all I'm gonna say about it. The rest is awesome. The ending is AMAZING. And seriously, Donovan is the only "good guy" who makes me want to say out loud while alone in my room:
"Kill him, Gin. Just do it. Killhimkillhimkillhim-"
*Snort. And people think I'm bloodthirsty?*
I liked this book because it had a nice balance. It didn't linger on one thing for too long, and Finn is just hilarious. He's like the comedic relief in her life. Ha.

So take a look at the series. There's one book still out before you have to wait for the eighth one, which comes out March 26th.
I honestly don't know if I should read the seventh book now or wait for the eighth to come out.
Alas, Happy Reading!

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