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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Captured and Renegade

Arianna "Aria" is the daughter of the rebellion's leader against the vampires. All her life, she's known nothing but starvation, fear and a need to rid the world once and for all of the monsters. However, after saving a child from a vampire raid, she herself gets captured, and is taken to the enemy's kingdom, where she and the others are to be either sold off or bled dry. Her childhood friend, Max, is also captured and becomes a blood slave to a beautifully cruel woman, and Aria is taken by a man. But before she can be herded off the stage, another voice rises, and the crowd parts.

It is Prince Braith, firstborn of the vampire king, and he demands that he be the one to have her. Aria feels as if her life has just gotten worse as she is now the blood slave to Braith, and she can only imagine the things he'd do to her if he ever found out about her identity, but at the same time, she can't help but feel protected and safe when he's around.

And as he prolongs her fate despite being the son of the man who ended mankind's reign in the world, she can't help but slowly fall in love with him as the things she was taught to believe are questioned, and a love she never knew before makes her question herself.

...Definitely some Swearing...

Hahahaha okay so I had no idea he was blind until Aria found out. What the hell??? LOL I was either too into it or completely dense. I mean, when he said he'd been in the dark until he'd seen her for the first time, I thought he was being sentimental! I had no idea he'd literally meant that she'd been the first person he'd seen in a long time!


Soooo I finished the first book at 1 this morning, after having picked it back up around 8/9pm. Andddddddddd I'm pretty sure I looked like this in the end:

Except I was in bed curled up with fucking tissues EVERYWHERE. But UGGHHHH I was so fucking disappointed!!! And SAD! And Depressssedddd!!!
*Yet you gave it five stars*
Of course I gave it five fucking stars, it was awesome! So she falls in love with him, and they're together! And it's so beautiful and great and forbidden and just- adfsh! And then fucking Jack (UGHH the ONLY character named Jack that I LOATHE) has to come and tell her to leave.

And she's like, "No! I love him! I'm staying in this nest-pit of vampires!"
And then he's like, "He's engaged!"



So since I can't describe how I felt, I'm using pics, since they all equivalate to a thousand words.
Basic recap while reading it:

What the fuck, Braith, what the fuck?!?!?! You're engaged?!?! Ohmygod how could you do that?

Okay, Jack has to be lying. Yeah, that's it. He needs to get her away, so he's lying to her. That's it.

THEN I go into the second book and:

Yes, it's all been a lie. He doesn't have a fiance, Jack lied after all!


Wait, why is there a tailor moving around you? Why are you having a suit made ready for you? Braith? BRAITH?!?! WHAT?!?! You're engaged?!??!!??!
"HAHAHAHAHA- diemotherfucker-"

Oh, I'm sorry, what? You haaaate her? It's an arranged marriage? OH! Okay! ^_^ I can read on.

...Temporary Pause of Swearing and Spoiling...

So a month has passed since Aria left and she is depressed. She loved him, and he broke her heart. While she's dying inside, Braith is going through blood slaves like a manwhore goes through condoms and is- ughh reminds me of Autumn Storm -having sex with them....

LA DI DA he finds her and they make out and she realizes he doesn't have another lover and they get back together-

-Swearing BACK In Session!!!-

UUGHHHH!!! God-DAMN-you-you-you-you mother- UGH!! What the fuck is wrong with you??!!? Why are you having sex with them???? How DARE you think of her as the shrewd bitch who betrayed you when- when-
So I understand that he thought she'd betrayed him, and vice versa, but DAYEEMMMM does it have to be so heartbreaking?????

I feel like this elephant right now. I'm so tired from crying, but the second book went by pretty fast for me, mostly because they go from making up to running away together. He abandons his role as heir and she leaves Jack and her faily to go with Braith. They go to his brother-in-law's "prison", where from there they find out that his youngest sister (not the sister the prisoner is married to, as his wife is a majorly cruel BITCH) is a part of the rebellion, and then of course Jack and Aria's family also show up, it's a messed up reunion, and  then everyone tells them what really happened and how the war actually started. And howww does it enddd??? Let me tell you.

Jack (AGAIN) tells him that he cannot give up his position as heir, because if he does, their brother Caleb will take over, and it will be a bloodbath, as Caleb is even more sadistic than their sick father. So how does that make Aria feel? Like she's possibly losing him all over again because he needs to be a leader and can't have a public relationship with a human if he wants his people to follow him and- and- ughhh this just better not end like Caitlin Brennan's White Magic series, cause I will seriously CUT A BITCH. If he ends up having to sire an heir off his (better be ex)-fiance and still tries to be with her while they're on opposite sides trying to end the war, I swear I will go crazy and neverrrrr finish the series. I'll write my own damn ending and convince myself that they all have a happy not-fucked-up ending.

...End of Spoiler and Other...

Do I recommend these two books? Why yes, I do. I gave them both five stars!

Do I recommend them to people like Allycat who would sooner stab me in both eyes and rip my tongue out for making her read something that makes her cry in the first book and leaves her unsatisfied in the second? Uh... let me get back to you on that when I've finished the whole series.

And on that happy note, Happy Reading!

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Shatter Me

Juliette thinks she has a disease that turns her into a monster. One touch, skin-to-skin contact, and people die. And she has every right to believe she is a monster. After all, she killed a little boy.

Locked away in an asylum, unwanted by her parents and the rest of the world, she exists- rather than lives -for 264 days without human contact. And then on the 265th day, Adam is put in her cell. He's familiar, she recognizes his blue eyes from a past she wants to forget, and then she's taken out of the asylum.

Warner, the guy who takes her out of it, is the son of the Supreme Commander of The Reestablishment, and he's very interested in her. So interested, in fact, that it's on the verge of obsession. He thinks her power is a gift, a potential that she needs to live up to, but she doesn't want to hurt people.

And what about Adam? His being put in her cell was not an accident, and now that she's been reunited with a boy she thought she'd lost in the past, will she be able to have a second chance?

Side Note:
Tahereh Mafi has an interesting style of writing that put off a lot of people, but I thought it added to Juliette and her mostly fragile state of mind.

...Mild Spoilers Ahead...
...And Maybe Swearing...
...And Slight Rants...
*Seriously, I don't know why you warn them. Everyone knows what spoilers look like.*

The Rant:
Juliette is not the stubborn, slightly fowl mouthed and strong-willed Dhampir named Rose Hathaway who was "raised" by a stronger-willed mother. She's isn't the brainy and brilliant wizard who was raised by loving muggle parents and goes by the name, Hermione Granger. And she isn't Isabella "Bella" Swan, who was raised by a slightly eccentric, doting and loving mother.

So, as to why people are comparing her to "weak Bella", I'll never know, because everyone is different. When you review books, please; rate the book. Reviews are about the book and the story it offers. Reviews aren't a popularity contest or a general poll of what appeals to people's preference. Edgar Allen Poe, one of the most depressing people you will ever hear about, has work that is brilliant, but not everybody enjoys morbidity. See? There's judging someone's work, and then there's stating your preference.

If every book was judged based on its style of writing, the reading world would be a boring place.

Just because we prefer stronger girls to look up to, it doesn't mean we judge a book harshly because it tells the tale of a girl whose mind is momentarily cracked, or has not matured to be what most YA paranormal girls are in their first books.

Be nice to the stories, and don't judge them on things that you don't like. You don't like the story? That's different. If the style of writing bothers you, then simply read another book. But don't give it half-arse stars because you didn't like the writing. You didn't even finish the book. How can you judge?

And if you don't like girls like Bella and Juliette, then maybe you should look out for books that advertise the strong type, eh? Because not all girls charge through things like bulls on crack, they react to the same experiences differently. Some are shy, some are observers, and sometimes, their narrators begin to tell their stories before they have a chance to grow up.

The Spoils:
Shatter Me was great! I loved it so much. It certainly was different, with her sometimes confusing the heck out of me using the text with crossed out lines to represent how Juliette thought, which I suspect was her writing in her journal. She crossed things out, and it gave me the impression it was Tahereh's  way of showing Juliette's lack of confidence in herself or indecision. And if you paid attention, you would see that as the story began to end, there was less and less of this and this and this and this and this and this, until at the very end, almost everything she said or thought weren't crossed out. I took it to mean she'd gotten some gumption and "hells-yeah-I'm-ready-for-this-shit".

When Adam came pushing their beds together, I knew I was going to enjoy this book. He was so forward and hilarious in his actions, and poor Juliette felt like a lamb in the lion's den sometimes maybe most times until she got used to him.

The only thing that bugged me at first were her lack of commas as she put describing words together, but then again, I think it'd irritate me more if there were a lot of commas. It was fun having to fall into her way of writing, certainly an interesting way to get to know a character.

Allycat recommended this to me, pulling me in like a fish on a hook the moment she compared it to X-Men. Unfortunately, the comparison of Juliette and Rogue's powers is all that is like X-Men to me, but she does end up in a 'safe house' with other people who have abilities!

...End of Very Short Spoiler...
*Snort. Hell, your rant was longer*

I enjoyed being in Juliette's head. Looking forward to reading the next one!

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Blaze (Ignite #3)

I finished this in less than four hours...

The third installment of the Midnight Fire series. Kira has decided that she (with a reluctant Tristan who would rather be with her than have her carry out her crazy plan on her own) will go to England like Aldrich asked in order to see- and maybe rescue -her mother.

The book starts off with her trying to write a note to Luke to tell him she's sorry for leaving him behind. She knows that Tristan will be alright because Aldrich  had invited him, but Luke wasn't, and God only knew what would happen if she took the chance of bringing a Protector with her. It's her birthday party at the time so she and the boys are in South Carolina to spend time with her family and friends. She 'promised' she would go back to Sonnyville with Luke the following day, though this entire week she's been coming up with a plan to get away from him.

She does, and she and Tristan are in England. The Great Escape and flight to England was horrible for her because she hadn't left in time to get away from the pain and anger he felt at her betrayal. And then she tries to call him after his text-threat of it being 'over' if she doesn't call, and just when he answers, the plane takes off and she loses connection??? OH! Even I felt bad, and I thought she was doing the smart thing.

She and Tristan arrive at Aldrich's place, and from there, Kira begins to discover things about herself that no one saw coming...

...Warning- Slight Overuse of Swear Words...
Oh, and Spoilers, too...Of coursee

Oh my fucking God, there are no words to describe how emotional I am right now!!!!!!!!

This thing was so good I gobbled up the fucking thing in less than four hours, and now I'm here typing!

I was so annoyed with her indecision to choose between the guys but this whole time I've been blind! Fucking blind, I tell you! I thought she and Tristan were perfect and that Luke, as cool as he was, would have to just deal, because it was her choice in the end. The only reason why I was irked with her was because she showed confidence in her love with Tristan, but then started to question it- I had come to know and love and respect the stubborn but in-control girl that she was. Her being indecisive was just too unreal for me, but I had to remember that she's a teenage girl dealing with two guys.

After reading this book, let me just say, I love her even more now. When she realized her mother wasn't her mother (later revealed to be some vamp with the ability to shift) she felt empty inside, but also scared. And while this is happening, it doesn't help that Tristan has taken the bait about a conduit being able to change (it's not true, conduits can't change- sorry T.) so while he's elated that they can finally be together, she's like, "Oh God I have bigger shit to deal with right now I can't be happy but I'll put on a big smile because that's how much I love you".

When Tristan started getting really happy- I mean, genuinely happy and completely open, I was like, "Oh no" because then we knew that he'd had his doubts about them being together. And that's sad!!! Kira had those doubts too but she at least tried to fight against them. The fact that he showed how he really felt proved to her that they weren't meant to be together after all. She loved herself more and would not give up being a conduit, even if it meant giving it up for him. And he'll always be a vampire, that's something he can't change-

But now it's different!!!! Cause now he's a fucking human!!!!!

Okay. Backing up. She finds out Aldrich is evil after all and when she gets Tristan out of the dude's hearing distance, she tells him what happened and there he realizes that she'd lied to him and had pretended to love the idea of being a vampire with him. She loves him, really, but she can't just give up a part of herself, and she shouldn't!! But it's still sad for him. She wasn't really planning on just ending it with him, she didn't want to lose him, but he still went on and said the words first:
"-we broke up."

She's completely numb while on her way to see Luke, who flew to England anyway despite her apology and lame attempt to keep him away. And when she sees him, it's like she can breathe and feel the sun on her face again. Aw! This was definitely the part that turned me into cheering for Luke.

I'm still sad that I'm seeing the bigger picture. While reading this, I was thinking: She's right, it just wouldn't work with her being a conduit and Tristan being a vampire. Of course it's Luke, who's perfect for her and is age appropriate. She seems bored sometimes with Tristan like the relationship that doesn't make her feel normal is just physical, while with Luke she's like in an actual relationship, if you ignore the whole training-you-to-keep-you-from-ending-the-world thing.

Let's just say that this book went from Tristan to Luke, and what with went on in this thing, I am totally fine with it, and that's saying something!

Now, back to the human thing with Tristan. Oh my fucking God!!!!!!!

Skipping details that don't matter to me, she's got her fire flowing and is attempting to kill Aldrich while Tristan holds him. She didn't want to kill the bad guy with him still in the vicinity, but he told her it was the only way, so she did. While this is happening, there was a piece of dark blood from Aldrich inside her that she had overlooked (confused? see first sentence to this paragraph), and it allowed Aldrich to get away because it distracted her with dark thoughts of letting him suffer and drinking from him, instead of killing him straight with her flare. So for that moment, she's distracted, and then when she gets herself together, she decides to just end it with fire, like she should.

So she starts burning the vampire her gift feels.

And then someone is yelling at her.

And Luke is staring at her in horror.

But it has nothing to do with the fact that she'd kind of melted the curled up vampire with her gift.

"It'll be over soon anyway," she says.

He's the bad guy and deserves to die now, she thinks.

And then she looks at Luke, looks around, and asks, "Where's Tristan?"


This was the most dramatic scene ever it made me cry!!! And then when she found out that she could 'heal' him of his vampire tar-like blood just as she had done with herself when she'd been infected with Aldrich's blood? It was an evolution of knowledge! So she healed him and he was back to being a human! Know what that means? Now she and him with the whole 'vampire-conduit' thing is over. It means they'll age the same now, which meaaaaaaaaannnnnnsssss they have another chance again!

She's freaking out but is momentarily numb from almost having her powers drain her to death and healing Tristan from the molten blob/curled-up-creature-man she'd made him. On one hand, she realizes this and doesn't know how to feel. Come on! She'd been totally okay with knowing that she'd have to live without him, but now that he's human? How does she cope with that?

And to top it all off, he doesn't remember anything from his vampire life; he remembers nothing.

Not even Kira.

He panics because the last thing he remembers was being attacked and shot, and calls her a witch (well screams it at her, really) before attempting to choke the life out of her. Thankfully, good ole Luke comes to knock him out with a pipe (or was it a stick? Can't remember. Meaningless details, okay?)

The ending was great- for everyone. Luke was there to kinda make her laugh/smile, and he was her solidity that allowed her to stand back up, both figuratively and literally. Then, because she fucking damn well feels like it at the moment, she kisses him, and walks away, knowing he's shocked still and smiling wide and is as high as a kite. PERFECT!!!

I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book.

End of Swearing and Spoiler

I highly recommend this book, but if you haven't read the series, then get to it!! You won't be disappointed... unless it's for personal reasons, then I can't help you there.

This book is definitely darker than the first two, but the Funny is back! It made me laugh and smile. This is a great series that will become something brilliant.

Happy reading!!

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Simmer (Ignite #2)

Simmer continues a little after Ignite's ending. Kira and Luke are leaving for Sonnyville, Florida and have agreed to do it after graduation. They go to a party as a last hurrah for them and their friends, but Tristan comes and tells them that they must leave in order to avoid the vampires coming for her. So Kira and Luke leave, while along the way running into some V-Trouble, and make it to the airport and their- ha! Personal plane??

Kira and Luke are met by Councilman Andrews, whom Kira does not have the greatest impression of, and is already starting to doubt her trip to the Conduit community. When they get there, she meets the people who are scared/wary of her, and gets into it a little with the Councilmen, particularly Councilman Peters, whom she realizes is her grand-father right after their... er, slightly heated conversation. From there she gets a taste of what her life would've been like if she'd been raised with them, but she's still wondering about Diana's taunting words and the fact that her mother just might be alive after all.

Slight Spoilers - Scroll Down to End
Heck, all the books I review are spoilers. Why? Cause I like them (unless it's a really really good book)

I had a few issues with this book. I mean, it was good! I liked how she was going to go to Sonnyville and show off her skills and see what her life could've been like and all, but I totally dug Ignite because it was- wanna say it for me? NOT A LOVE TRIANGLE. Maybe I was a little naive for wanting to believe that Luke felt nothing but friendship for her- and hey, maybe he had? In my opinion, I'm pretty sure this is all that stupid leather-made Catwoman costume's fault.
*Stupid sexy leather cat suit- you ruin perfectly good friendships*
So maybe he did like her a little more than a friend after the suit (you're still not excused just yet, leather suit). After all, he does say so himself, when he admits he loved her after he saw her possibly dead next to him and it made him realize how much he needed her in his life. But- but- ugh!!!!! I am so sick of love triangles right now. Once in a long while they're good, and if they're done right, then they're happily invited into my life! But this book? No. I'm in love with Tristan and Kira is so sure that she loves him! So when she starts playing with feelings she might have for Luke?! As if she can just switch and go back to strolling through the market???
*Oh hell naw!*
Yeah you need to work on that.
I get that she has every right to because it's her feelings and things don't always go the way you plan it to, but how can she go from being devoted to Tristan to then wondering if she loves Luke, just because he starts saying he loves her? She wasn't thinking about him before when he hadn't said anything, and yet when he does, then she starts wondering? I just like reading books with girls I can relate to. This is not one of the things I would do.

Which brings me to the other thing. The only hung up I had for this book, aside from the love triangle, was her keeping things from Tristan (see: lying). She almost kisses Luke in Sonnyville (YES Allycat, she almost kisses him- I wanted to smack her!) and doesn't tell Tristan. She realizes she can feel Luke's emotions, and she doesn't tell Tristan. This is just a disaster waiting to happen! Unless Tristan is extremely forgiving, he's not going to take this too well!!

Admittedly, I at least like the ending, where- even if the way she did it isn't how I liked it done -she's taking charge of her life and isn't waiting for the boys to do it for her. So brownie points to you, you stubbornly strong girl.

To Allycat: I read the review for Blaze, the third book. Not reading it until Scorch (#4) comes out! One of the reviews said Tristan turns human and forgets everything about his vampire life [ERGO, FORGETTING KIRA] and something about Kira and Luke now being together? HELLLL NAWWWWW!!!!! See that's where I cross the line. So unless she gets back with Tristan in the fourth book, or at least does so smartly, I'm not reading it. T_T

End of Slight Spoiler

Deep breath. Whew. All in all, the things that bothered me were due to personal preference, so this book is recommendable. It's not as funny as the first, it's much more dark and serious... Kira grows up a little and if anything, finds something--- um, well let's just say it's not at all what anyone thought possible.

Happy Reading!

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Ignite

Ignite is another YA book, Allycat. And it is frickingly beautifully fast-paced and awesome!

Okay, so this is how it goes: Kira ends up back home in South Carolina for high school and she becomes friends with Luke and the other 'new kids' who'd arrived before her: Emma, Dave and Miles. They're norms, but they're so great, they needed to be mentioned. While she's getting the download on the groups in school, Luke points out the misfits outside the cafeteria soaking up the sun despite their pale skin. It's a girl and three guys, and she meets them later in her next class with Luke.
She meets Diana, Jerome, John... and Tristan. ^___^

From there she starts feeling something for Tristan but she can't put her finger on it. It doesn't help that he's not doing the normal thing and openly crushing on her or at least flirting with her. And after a few drama from someone's mama-
*Did you just-*
Yes. I went there.
-with everything going on between her and Tristan, like him kissing her and opening up to her and then closing down and avoiding her like the plague, she finally discovers what's been going on around her this whole time, and it is not pretty.

SPOILER ALERT- Be wary, ye whose wand'rin eyes... well, wonder!

Tristan is a vampire, and Kira is the strongest Conduit they've ever seen, both the vampires and other Conduit. A Conduit channels energy (in this case, the sun) and are the only ones who, besides another vampire, can kill the vamps. And Luke, her friend? The one who reminded her (in looks mostly) of her ex-boyfriend? Yeah, it turns out he and the Ex were also Conduits, sent by their Council Crew to watch over her. See, all conduits live in..... Drum roll, please!
The sunniest place on Earth!
Okay not the sunniest but you get the joke. You know, because it's sunny Florida, and the Conduits channel the sun-
Anywayyy Luke gives her the download that there are two types of their people: Punishers and Protectors. Punishers think vampires should be slaughtered and have been killing them. They somehow adapted to having only red hair which was believed to have symbolized their bloodlust. The Protectors believe vampires can be saved and work their way in life to protect people and not kill the vampires, thus having white blonde hair that supposedly was somehow genetically taken on to represent their purity. Luke and her ex have white blond hair, explaining what they are. But her? She has curly red hair with white-blonde strands.

Kira is a mix of both people that were forbidden to ever ever EVER mix. Long story short, they didn't want someone like Kira, who has both bloods of the Punishers and Protectors, to exist because then vampires might bite her, get immune to her powers via her blood, and then rule the world. So, in a roundabout way, her existence threatens the safety of the whole world.
*Aw. Doesn't that just put a smile on a girl's face?*
Basically she and Tristan struggle to come to terms with their feelings and what they are. Of course, they get over it (yay!) at the Halloween Party and they secretly date. However, you can't forget that a little before this when she first found out about what he was, Diana and the boys had attacked her, failed, and vowed to seek revenge. All this time she's forgotten about them and isn't afraid because she's so bloody powerful, but at the end, she finds out that the one thing she has to fear is the solar eclipse, and it just so happens, is the day she finds out. lol. 

My heart totally DIED OUT when I saw Diana get her revenge. I thought Tristan truly had turned evil again, and I was crying, going, "NO!" thinking it would actually change the wasn't pretty. But then of course she whispers I love you, runs, gets caught, and then he whispers 'I love you' back and attacks the vampires with them. He was faking all along, THANK GOD, and they end up together. :) It ends with her healing Luke even though his heart gave out (yeah... before she had to watch Tristan turn evil, Diana had hit Luke hard and sent his limp body crashing into something).

So story ends, Epilogue comes! She was in a coma for three months but she's awake and better, and Luke and Tristan have some kind of understanding, so they're not wanting to kill each other.

Things I loved:
The following are reasons for you to want to read this book, in case you need a few examples as to why this book is so cute and squeal worthy.

Okay, I LOVE Kira's friends. Emma is the girl friend she never had cause she's always been 'the girl with the guys'. Emma's boyfriend, Dave, is cool. :) He's the silent type until he knows you better, and they're both from Dallas. Miles is the northerner nerd who stresses into getting into Harvard (they're all seniors, in case I forgot to mention) and Luke is the joker who secretly is a Conduit.

SO from the top of my head, I love the beach scene, where she learns to surf, conquers her first lesson, tries to take on the bigger waves to teach the teasing Tristan (she thinks) and Jerome a lesson, gets her a** handed back to her, gets rescued by Tristan, and then gets the download from Emma later that night, who describes Tristan as something like a god coming out of the water while Kira, in his arms, looks like a dead fish as every girl on the beach sighs in envy. And then she proceeds to tell her how gently he handled her and laid her down on the sand... and then started slapping her. Oh, Emma. <3

Another scene I liked was when she follows the four baddies in a store, accidentally knocks something over and hides in a tent. When she gets out, an employee comes and gives her a note. It's from Tristan saying, "Nice hiding spot". Haha!

So many cute scenes in this... never a dull moment and-

OH! The Romeo and Juliet scene *GRINS WIDELY*. So this was after they kissed and he ignored her-

OHH! This reminds me. Okay so after they kiss and he runs off, she's thinking: "Luke doesn't want me to spend time with Tristan. Tristan doesn't want me to spend time with Tristan. So, there's only one thing to do: spend time with Tristan." LOL! I love her logic.

But back to the R&J. The teacher assigned them as R&J partners like the rest of the class and they have to practice lines. She persuades him (with a lot of effort) to go somewhere and talk and he agrees. However, their conversation gets them the teacher's attention. Tristan curses the teacher, and he in turn tells them, "The tomb scene. Front of the class. Now." EEEEKKK!! So he's doing a great job while she's playing dead, and then when they kiss, both their lips smile, and then he 'falls off the table and dies', and she's like 'crap, how do I follow that?'

It's nice and fast-paced. Not too deep where I have to use a little more brain power than usual to get into it and all the pages and pages of details on one session (ugh, I don't need that right now. Love those, but I'd like good stuff like this). OH! Another scene was when she tried on the Catwoman costume. It's like as soon as a girl wears leather, guys want to know her. I loved all the scenes with her Catwoman costume and the guys being all silent and weird and she's like "I hate this". :)

Which brings me to the last favorite moment I'll share. After Carter, a quarterback, gives Kira a drink that had alcohol in it during the Halloween dance, Kira uses what he did as an excuse to explain what had happened when she'd disappeared from the dance with Tristan. Emma then is like, "He drugged you?!" And she glares across the cafeteria and: "it's like he can almost feel it because he turned and then looked away and sunk in his seat in the group of blue jackets" and Emma says, "Yeah, that's right. Hide."

I will forever love Emma.

It's self published, and normally I don't care about that, but I read some reviews on this book, and the one stars are NOT very nice. Every book is different and even the published books have editors who miss a few words. I thought Kaitlyn Davis' book was pretty good considering that there were only a few typos. And if there was 'no life' in the book or Kira was 'unbelievable and not really friends with her friends or in love with her family' then they're obviously looking for a book a little more lengthy, as if there needs to be pages of detail to convince them. I thought Kira responded well to her set of new friends she'd just met, and acted accordingly with Luke, whom she hung out with more. I think she showed her love for her family and little sister like a real girl would, and she's finding all this new stuff out, so she's going to be a little weird with them after finding out who her real family is.

All in all, you'll like it :)
It's free on Amazon- oh wait, you already got it.
Send me your drawing later, I want to see it!

Happy Reading!

Monday, February 4, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Brightest Kind of Darkness

This is kind of like Final Destination, except they don't die.

Brightest Kind of Darkness is about Inara (Nara) Collins having a life of deja vu. She's always dreamt about tomorrow, and swore to never change someone else's future due to an incident that had backfired on her when she was little.
But then she dreams of overhearing someone talk about a bomb at school.
She breaks her rule and tips in the police, and from there, weird things start happening. Students are suddenly getting injured, and the new kid, Ethan Harris, is more than he seems. He understands her. And what's more, he's somehow involved in the strange incidents involving her.

I got this book because a) I judged it firstly by its price (FREE) and b) I judged it by its cover... it was a late night and I was looking for easy reads. The other 24 letters all deal with the reason for the synopsis being interesting.
This was a good YA book! It had a little bit of every genre; romance, drama, suspense, mystery, etc. Nara was likable, Ethan was just a dark cutie ;). I think the only person I didn't like was Nara's "best friend", Lainey, because of the way she treats Nara. But then again everyone is different. Just because I choose friends who would never do that to me, (or if they did, I'd never forgive them so easily like Nara does...and when I say easily, I mean 'at all') it doesn't mean other people can't have friends who'll they fight and make up with.

Nara has her work cut out for her in this book. Because she dreams, she rarely has to do much work in soccer or school work, but when her dreams start acting up, she's now forced to do things the normal way, and on top of this, she has to figure out a way to get rid of the chills that warn her to not change the future. You poor high school girl!
*But then again, you aren't the only something-teen-year-old in the YA world who has to deal with shi-... stuff. If anything, your life is fairly easy compared to the other girls.*
I liked the book and its easy flow, there weren't any odd choppy paragraphs or sudden change of pace. And speaking of pace, I liked that it was nice and 'go-go-go', there was no lingering or over-detailing. The characters meant to be liked where loved, and the characters symbolizing the fungus on humanity's foot were equally hated-
*cough- L&J&S&M -cough*
Well don't choke yourself... sigh.
All in all, this is a huge deal all in your favor- the eBook is free (got it on Amazon, not sure about the other webbies), it's got a great cover, and the story is great! What's keeping you from adding this to your bookshelf?
Here, I'll even make it easy for you since you might be one of those who won't do it unless it's literally there. click here. Get the free book. Enjoy. :)

Happy Reading!

Friday, February 1, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Iron Butterfly

 I enjoyed this book soooo very much! It starts off with our main character, Thalia, being imprisoned and tortured; "experimented" on an iron butterfly machine. *shudders* Thalia has no memory except for the torture, and when a fellow prisoner breaks her and another out, they're separated, and she falls. She wakes up rescued from the river by two men, one of them closer to her age, and together they go to Citadel, the safest place for her to be. Joss and Darren part ways with her, and she finds work and a roof over her head to attempt to survive. However, an incident occurs, and it's revealed that Thalia has powers, something that shouldn't be possible for a human. In order to save herself, she's then dubbed a student of the Queen's training lessons, and forced to pretend to be a Denai in order to hide and learn to control her powers. While she pretends, it's finally discovered that the people who took her, her torturers, are still out to get her, and if they can't have her, they'll kill her.

OKAY! So I loved this book because it wasn't set in modern times, something that lets me reminisce in the olden days-
-and Thalia is given two love interests, Joss the Denai and Kael, the other prisoner who helped her escape, and the one who keeps popping up even after she's in Citadel and 'safe'. Well, okay, so Kael isn't really a love interest. Not for her, at least. See, she can't stand him. Even when he says her over and over again, she despises the way he hates her and mistreats her. Joss, on the other hand, is nice to her and doesn't make her feel like it was a mistake to save her. Kael's a bit crazy, but really, he just has problems... doesn't everybody?

A good read to check out :) And do so now while it's free!

Happy Reading!