Tuesday, February 12, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Blaze (Ignite #3)

I finished this in less than four hours...

The third installment of the Midnight Fire series. Kira has decided that she (with a reluctant Tristan who would rather be with her than have her carry out her crazy plan on her own) will go to England like Aldrich asked in order to see- and maybe rescue -her mother.

The book starts off with her trying to write a note to Luke to tell him she's sorry for leaving him behind. She knows that Tristan will be alright because Aldrich  had invited him, but Luke wasn't, and God only knew what would happen if she took the chance of bringing a Protector with her. It's her birthday party at the time so she and the boys are in South Carolina to spend time with her family and friends. She 'promised' she would go back to Sonnyville with Luke the following day, though this entire week she's been coming up with a plan to get away from him.

She does, and she and Tristan are in England. The Great Escape and flight to England was horrible for her because she hadn't left in time to get away from the pain and anger he felt at her betrayal. And then she tries to call him after his text-threat of it being 'over' if she doesn't call, and just when he answers, the plane takes off and she loses connection??? OH! Even I felt bad, and I thought she was doing the smart thing.

She and Tristan arrive at Aldrich's place, and from there, Kira begins to discover things about herself that no one saw coming...

...Warning- Slight Overuse of Swear Words...
Oh, and Spoilers, too...Of coursee

Oh my fucking God, there are no words to describe how emotional I am right now!!!!!!!!

This thing was so good I gobbled up the fucking thing in less than four hours, and now I'm here typing!

I was so annoyed with her indecision to choose between the guys but this whole time I've been blind! Fucking blind, I tell you! I thought she and Tristan were perfect and that Luke, as cool as he was, would have to just deal, because it was her choice in the end. The only reason why I was irked with her was because she showed confidence in her love with Tristan, but then started to question it- I had come to know and love and respect the stubborn but in-control girl that she was. Her being indecisive was just too unreal for me, but I had to remember that she's a teenage girl dealing with two guys.

After reading this book, let me just say, I love her even more now. When she realized her mother wasn't her mother (later revealed to be some vamp with the ability to shift) she felt empty inside, but also scared. And while this is happening, it doesn't help that Tristan has taken the bait about a conduit being able to change (it's not true, conduits can't change- sorry T.) so while he's elated that they can finally be together, she's like, "Oh God I have bigger shit to deal with right now I can't be happy but I'll put on a big smile because that's how much I love you".

When Tristan started getting really happy- I mean, genuinely happy and completely open, I was like, "Oh no" because then we knew that he'd had his doubts about them being together. And that's sad!!! Kira had those doubts too but she at least tried to fight against them. The fact that he showed how he really felt proved to her that they weren't meant to be together after all. She loved herself more and would not give up being a conduit, even if it meant giving it up for him. And he'll always be a vampire, that's something he can't change-

But now it's different!!!! Cause now he's a fucking human!!!!!

Okay. Backing up. She finds out Aldrich is evil after all and when she gets Tristan out of the dude's hearing distance, she tells him what happened and there he realizes that she'd lied to him and had pretended to love the idea of being a vampire with him. She loves him, really, but she can't just give up a part of herself, and she shouldn't!! But it's still sad for him. She wasn't really planning on just ending it with him, she didn't want to lose him, but he still went on and said the words first:
"-we broke up."

She's completely numb while on her way to see Luke, who flew to England anyway despite her apology and lame attempt to keep him away. And when she sees him, it's like she can breathe and feel the sun on her face again. Aw! This was definitely the part that turned me into cheering for Luke.

I'm still sad that I'm seeing the bigger picture. While reading this, I was thinking: She's right, it just wouldn't work with her being a conduit and Tristan being a vampire. Of course it's Luke, who's perfect for her and is age appropriate. She seems bored sometimes with Tristan like the relationship that doesn't make her feel normal is just physical, while with Luke she's like in an actual relationship, if you ignore the whole training-you-to-keep-you-from-ending-the-world thing.

Let's just say that this book went from Tristan to Luke, and what with went on in this thing, I am totally fine with it, and that's saying something!

Now, back to the human thing with Tristan. Oh my fucking God!!!!!!!

Skipping details that don't matter to me, she's got her fire flowing and is attempting to kill Aldrich while Tristan holds him. She didn't want to kill the bad guy with him still in the vicinity, but he told her it was the only way, so she did. While this is happening, there was a piece of dark blood from Aldrich inside her that she had overlooked (confused? see first sentence to this paragraph), and it allowed Aldrich to get away because it distracted her with dark thoughts of letting him suffer and drinking from him, instead of killing him straight with her flare. So for that moment, she's distracted, and then when she gets herself together, she decides to just end it with fire, like she should.

So she starts burning the vampire her gift feels.

And then someone is yelling at her.

And Luke is staring at her in horror.

But it has nothing to do with the fact that she'd kind of melted the curled up vampire with her gift.

"It'll be over soon anyway," she says.

He's the bad guy and deserves to die now, she thinks.

And then she looks at Luke, looks around, and asks, "Where's Tristan?"


This was the most dramatic scene ever it made me cry!!! And then when she found out that she could 'heal' him of his vampire tar-like blood just as she had done with herself when she'd been infected with Aldrich's blood? It was an evolution of knowledge! So she healed him and he was back to being a human! Know what that means? Now she and him with the whole 'vampire-conduit' thing is over. It means they'll age the same now, which meaaaaaaaaannnnnnsssss they have another chance again!

She's freaking out but is momentarily numb from almost having her powers drain her to death and healing Tristan from the molten blob/curled-up-creature-man she'd made him. On one hand, she realizes this and doesn't know how to feel. Come on! She'd been totally okay with knowing that she'd have to live without him, but now that he's human? How does she cope with that?

And to top it all off, he doesn't remember anything from his vampire life; he remembers nothing.

Not even Kira.

He panics because the last thing he remembers was being attacked and shot, and calls her a witch (well screams it at her, really) before attempting to choke the life out of her. Thankfully, good ole Luke comes to knock him out with a pipe (or was it a stick? Can't remember. Meaningless details, okay?)

The ending was great- for everyone. Luke was there to kinda make her laugh/smile, and he was her solidity that allowed her to stand back up, both figuratively and literally. Then, because she fucking damn well feels like it at the moment, she kisses him, and walks away, knowing he's shocked still and smiling wide and is as high as a kite. PERFECT!!!

I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book. I recommend this book.

End of Swearing and Spoiler

I highly recommend this book, but if you haven't read the series, then get to it!! You won't be disappointed... unless it's for personal reasons, then I can't help you there.

This book is definitely darker than the first two, but the Funny is back! It made me laugh and smile. This is a great series that will become something brilliant.

Happy reading!!


  1. LOVED YOUR REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!! It was all so true and yet very funny..

  2. I loved this book too, and you review! : )