Monday, February 4, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Brightest Kind of Darkness

This is kind of like Final Destination, except they don't die.

Brightest Kind of Darkness is about Inara (Nara) Collins having a life of deja vu. She's always dreamt about tomorrow, and swore to never change someone else's future due to an incident that had backfired on her when she was little.
But then she dreams of overhearing someone talk about a bomb at school.
She breaks her rule and tips in the police, and from there, weird things start happening. Students are suddenly getting injured, and the new kid, Ethan Harris, is more than he seems. He understands her. And what's more, he's somehow involved in the strange incidents involving her.

I got this book because a) I judged it firstly by its price (FREE) and b) I judged it by its cover... it was a late night and I was looking for easy reads. The other 24 letters all deal with the reason for the synopsis being interesting.
This was a good YA book! It had a little bit of every genre; romance, drama, suspense, mystery, etc. Nara was likable, Ethan was just a dark cutie ;). I think the only person I didn't like was Nara's "best friend", Lainey, because of the way she treats Nara. But then again everyone is different. Just because I choose friends who would never do that to me, (or if they did, I'd never forgive them so easily like Nara does...and when I say easily, I mean 'at all') it doesn't mean other people can't have friends who'll they fight and make up with.

Nara has her work cut out for her in this book. Because she dreams, she rarely has to do much work in soccer or school work, but when her dreams start acting up, she's now forced to do things the normal way, and on top of this, she has to figure out a way to get rid of the chills that warn her to not change the future. You poor high school girl!
*But then again, you aren't the only something-teen-year-old in the YA world who has to deal with shi-... stuff. If anything, your life is fairly easy compared to the other girls.*
I liked the book and its easy flow, there weren't any odd choppy paragraphs or sudden change of pace. And speaking of pace, I liked that it was nice and 'go-go-go', there was no lingering or over-detailing. The characters meant to be liked where loved, and the characters symbolizing the fungus on humanity's foot were equally hated-
*cough- L&J&S&M -cough*
Well don't choke yourself... sigh.
All in all, this is a huge deal all in your favor- the eBook is free (got it on Amazon, not sure about the other webbies), it's got a great cover, and the story is great! What's keeping you from adding this to your bookshelf?
Here, I'll even make it easy for you since you might be one of those who won't do it unless it's literally there. click here. Get the free book. Enjoy. :)

Happy Reading!

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