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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Ignite

Ignite is another YA book, Allycat. And it is frickingly beautifully fast-paced and awesome!

Okay, so this is how it goes: Kira ends up back home in South Carolina for high school and she becomes friends with Luke and the other 'new kids' who'd arrived before her: Emma, Dave and Miles. They're norms, but they're so great, they needed to be mentioned. While she's getting the download on the groups in school, Luke points out the misfits outside the cafeteria soaking up the sun despite their pale skin. It's a girl and three guys, and she meets them later in her next class with Luke.
She meets Diana, Jerome, John... and Tristan. ^___^

From there she starts feeling something for Tristan but she can't put her finger on it. It doesn't help that he's not doing the normal thing and openly crushing on her or at least flirting with her. And after a few drama from someone's mama-
*Did you just-*
Yes. I went there.
-with everything going on between her and Tristan, like him kissing her and opening up to her and then closing down and avoiding her like the plague, she finally discovers what's been going on around her this whole time, and it is not pretty.

SPOILER ALERT- Be wary, ye whose wand'rin eyes... well, wonder!

Tristan is a vampire, and Kira is the strongest Conduit they've ever seen, both the vampires and other Conduit. A Conduit channels energy (in this case, the sun) and are the only ones who, besides another vampire, can kill the vamps. And Luke, her friend? The one who reminded her (in looks mostly) of her ex-boyfriend? Yeah, it turns out he and the Ex were also Conduits, sent by their Council Crew to watch over her. See, all conduits live in..... Drum roll, please!
The sunniest place on Earth!
Okay not the sunniest but you get the joke. You know, because it's sunny Florida, and the Conduits channel the sun-
Anywayyy Luke gives her the download that there are two types of their people: Punishers and Protectors. Punishers think vampires should be slaughtered and have been killing them. They somehow adapted to having only red hair which was believed to have symbolized their bloodlust. The Protectors believe vampires can be saved and work their way in life to protect people and not kill the vampires, thus having white blonde hair that supposedly was somehow genetically taken on to represent their purity. Luke and her ex have white blond hair, explaining what they are. But her? She has curly red hair with white-blonde strands.

Kira is a mix of both people that were forbidden to ever ever EVER mix. Long story short, they didn't want someone like Kira, who has both bloods of the Punishers and Protectors, to exist because then vampires might bite her, get immune to her powers via her blood, and then rule the world. So, in a roundabout way, her existence threatens the safety of the whole world.
*Aw. Doesn't that just put a smile on a girl's face?*
Basically she and Tristan struggle to come to terms with their feelings and what they are. Of course, they get over it (yay!) at the Halloween Party and they secretly date. However, you can't forget that a little before this when she first found out about what he was, Diana and the boys had attacked her, failed, and vowed to seek revenge. All this time she's forgotten about them and isn't afraid because she's so bloody powerful, but at the end, she finds out that the one thing she has to fear is the solar eclipse, and it just so happens, is the day she finds out. lol. 

My heart totally DIED OUT when I saw Diana get her revenge. I thought Tristan truly had turned evil again, and I was crying, going, "NO!" thinking it would actually change the wasn't pretty. But then of course she whispers I love you, runs, gets caught, and then he whispers 'I love you' back and attacks the vampires with them. He was faking all along, THANK GOD, and they end up together. :) It ends with her healing Luke even though his heart gave out (yeah... before she had to watch Tristan turn evil, Diana had hit Luke hard and sent his limp body crashing into something).

So story ends, Epilogue comes! She was in a coma for three months but she's awake and better, and Luke and Tristan have some kind of understanding, so they're not wanting to kill each other.

Things I loved:
The following are reasons for you to want to read this book, in case you need a few examples as to why this book is so cute and squeal worthy.

Okay, I LOVE Kira's friends. Emma is the girl friend she never had cause she's always been 'the girl with the guys'. Emma's boyfriend, Dave, is cool. :) He's the silent type until he knows you better, and they're both from Dallas. Miles is the northerner nerd who stresses into getting into Harvard (they're all seniors, in case I forgot to mention) and Luke is the joker who secretly is a Conduit.

SO from the top of my head, I love the beach scene, where she learns to surf, conquers her first lesson, tries to take on the bigger waves to teach the teasing Tristan (she thinks) and Jerome a lesson, gets her a** handed back to her, gets rescued by Tristan, and then gets the download from Emma later that night, who describes Tristan as something like a god coming out of the water while Kira, in his arms, looks like a dead fish as every girl on the beach sighs in envy. And then she proceeds to tell her how gently he handled her and laid her down on the sand... and then started slapping her. Oh, Emma. <3

Another scene I liked was when she follows the four baddies in a store, accidentally knocks something over and hides in a tent. When she gets out, an employee comes and gives her a note. It's from Tristan saying, "Nice hiding spot". Haha!

So many cute scenes in this... never a dull moment and-

OH! The Romeo and Juliet scene *GRINS WIDELY*. So this was after they kissed and he ignored her-

OHH! This reminds me. Okay so after they kiss and he runs off, she's thinking: "Luke doesn't want me to spend time with Tristan. Tristan doesn't want me to spend time with Tristan. So, there's only one thing to do: spend time with Tristan." LOL! I love her logic.

But back to the R&J. The teacher assigned them as R&J partners like the rest of the class and they have to practice lines. She persuades him (with a lot of effort) to go somewhere and talk and he agrees. However, their conversation gets them the teacher's attention. Tristan curses the teacher, and he in turn tells them, "The tomb scene. Front of the class. Now." EEEEKKK!! So he's doing a great job while she's playing dead, and then when they kiss, both their lips smile, and then he 'falls off the table and dies', and she's like 'crap, how do I follow that?'

It's nice and fast-paced. Not too deep where I have to use a little more brain power than usual to get into it and all the pages and pages of details on one session (ugh, I don't need that right now. Love those, but I'd like good stuff like this). OH! Another scene was when she tried on the Catwoman costume. It's like as soon as a girl wears leather, guys want to know her. I loved all the scenes with her Catwoman costume and the guys being all silent and weird and she's like "I hate this". :)

Which brings me to the last favorite moment I'll share. After Carter, a quarterback, gives Kira a drink that had alcohol in it during the Halloween dance, Kira uses what he did as an excuse to explain what had happened when she'd disappeared from the dance with Tristan. Emma then is like, "He drugged you?!" And she glares across the cafeteria and: "it's like he can almost feel it because he turned and then looked away and sunk in his seat in the group of blue jackets" and Emma says, "Yeah, that's right. Hide."

I will forever love Emma.

It's self published, and normally I don't care about that, but I read some reviews on this book, and the one stars are NOT very nice. Every book is different and even the published books have editors who miss a few words. I thought Kaitlyn Davis' book was pretty good considering that there were only a few typos. And if there was 'no life' in the book or Kira was 'unbelievable and not really friends with her friends or in love with her family' then they're obviously looking for a book a little more lengthy, as if there needs to be pages of detail to convince them. I thought Kira responded well to her set of new friends she'd just met, and acted accordingly with Luke, whom she hung out with more. I think she showed her love for her family and little sister like a real girl would, and she's finding all this new stuff out, so she's going to be a little weird with them after finding out who her real family is.

All in all, you'll like it :)
It's free on Amazon- oh wait, you already got it.
Send me your drawing later, I want to see it!

Happy Reading!

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