Friday, February 1, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Iron Butterfly

 I enjoyed this book soooo very much! It starts off with our main character, Thalia, being imprisoned and tortured; "experimented" on an iron butterfly machine. *shudders* Thalia has no memory except for the torture, and when a fellow prisoner breaks her and another out, they're separated, and she falls. She wakes up rescued from the river by two men, one of them closer to her age, and together they go to Citadel, the safest place for her to be. Joss and Darren part ways with her, and she finds work and a roof over her head to attempt to survive. However, an incident occurs, and it's revealed that Thalia has powers, something that shouldn't be possible for a human. In order to save herself, she's then dubbed a student of the Queen's training lessons, and forced to pretend to be a Denai in order to hide and learn to control her powers. While she pretends, it's finally discovered that the people who took her, her torturers, are still out to get her, and if they can't have her, they'll kill her.

OKAY! So I loved this book because it wasn't set in modern times, something that lets me reminisce in the olden days-
-and Thalia is given two love interests, Joss the Denai and Kael, the other prisoner who helped her escape, and the one who keeps popping up even after she's in Citadel and 'safe'. Well, okay, so Kael isn't really a love interest. Not for her, at least. See, she can't stand him. Even when he says her over and over again, she despises the way he hates her and mistreats her. Joss, on the other hand, is nice to her and doesn't make her feel like it was a mistake to save her. Kael's a bit crazy, but really, he just has problems... doesn't everybody?

A good read to check out :) And do so now while it's free!

Happy Reading!

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