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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Simmer (Ignite #2)

Simmer continues a little after Ignite's ending. Kira and Luke are leaving for Sonnyville, Florida and have agreed to do it after graduation. They go to a party as a last hurrah for them and their friends, but Tristan comes and tells them that they must leave in order to avoid the vampires coming for her. So Kira and Luke leave, while along the way running into some V-Trouble, and make it to the airport and their- ha! Personal plane??

Kira and Luke are met by Councilman Andrews, whom Kira does not have the greatest impression of, and is already starting to doubt her trip to the Conduit community. When they get there, she meets the people who are scared/wary of her, and gets into it a little with the Councilmen, particularly Councilman Peters, whom she realizes is her grand-father right after their... er, slightly heated conversation. From there she gets a taste of what her life would've been like if she'd been raised with them, but she's still wondering about Diana's taunting words and the fact that her mother just might be alive after all.

Slight Spoilers - Scroll Down to End
Heck, all the books I review are spoilers. Why? Cause I like them (unless it's a really really good book)

I had a few issues with this book. I mean, it was good! I liked how she was going to go to Sonnyville and show off her skills and see what her life could've been like and all, but I totally dug Ignite because it was- wanna say it for me? NOT A LOVE TRIANGLE. Maybe I was a little naive for wanting to believe that Luke felt nothing but friendship for her- and hey, maybe he had? In my opinion, I'm pretty sure this is all that stupid leather-made Catwoman costume's fault.
*Stupid sexy leather cat suit- you ruin perfectly good friendships*
So maybe he did like her a little more than a friend after the suit (you're still not excused just yet, leather suit). After all, he does say so himself, when he admits he loved her after he saw her possibly dead next to him and it made him realize how much he needed her in his life. But- but- ugh!!!!! I am so sick of love triangles right now. Once in a long while they're good, and if they're done right, then they're happily invited into my life! But this book? No. I'm in love with Tristan and Kira is so sure that she loves him! So when she starts playing with feelings she might have for Luke?! As if she can just switch and go back to strolling through the market???
*Oh hell naw!*
Yeah you need to work on that.
I get that she has every right to because it's her feelings and things don't always go the way you plan it to, but how can she go from being devoted to Tristan to then wondering if she loves Luke, just because he starts saying he loves her? She wasn't thinking about him before when he hadn't said anything, and yet when he does, then she starts wondering? I just like reading books with girls I can relate to. This is not one of the things I would do.

Which brings me to the other thing. The only hung up I had for this book, aside from the love triangle, was her keeping things from Tristan (see: lying). She almost kisses Luke in Sonnyville (YES Allycat, she almost kisses him- I wanted to smack her!) and doesn't tell Tristan. She realizes she can feel Luke's emotions, and she doesn't tell Tristan. This is just a disaster waiting to happen! Unless Tristan is extremely forgiving, he's not going to take this too well!!

Admittedly, I at least like the ending, where- even if the way she did it isn't how I liked it done -she's taking charge of her life and isn't waiting for the boys to do it for her. So brownie points to you, you stubbornly strong girl.

To Allycat: I read the review for Blaze, the third book. Not reading it until Scorch (#4) comes out! One of the reviews said Tristan turns human and forgets everything about his vampire life [ERGO, FORGETTING KIRA] and something about Kira and Luke now being together? HELLLL NAWWWWW!!!!! See that's where I cross the line. So unless she gets back with Tristan in the fourth book, or at least does so smartly, I'm not reading it. T_T

End of Slight Spoiler

Deep breath. Whew. All in all, the things that bothered me were due to personal preference, so this book is recommendable. It's not as funny as the first, it's much more dark and serious... Kira grows up a little and if anything, finds something--- um, well let's just say it's not at all what anyone thought possible.

Happy Reading!

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