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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Heller's Punishment

So this isn't really a review, as much as it is a response to what I read.
It was so good and emotional for me that I had to type it out,
Otherwise I'd be going crazy

Tilly, what the hell are you doing??? Why are you having sex with your loser boyfriend, TWICE, after what he did? And why are you fucking even considering being the hot sex he gets on the side while he has his fantasy life with his future wife and child? You make me think you don't respect yourself.

You and Heller are single!!! And even if you still don't wanna bone him, why the fuck are you even GIVING that asshole two seconds of your life, let alone two sessions of sex?!?! AND while Heller is outside waiting for you?! You're driving me bugfuck!

This is the first time I've been soooooo disappointed in you, Tilly. And I feel like you have no excuse. I didn't think you loved him that much to even consider being his bitch. Yeah, that's right. If you accept being his mistress, you're being his sex bitch to answer his horny's every beck and call. At least Heller treats you with respect!!! Dude, he FUCKING WORSHIPS you when you're a pain in his business ass! So I just Don't. Under. Stand.
After she left Will's house to get back in the car with Heller, he threw a fit saying what I just said, and then Daniel came in to comfort her, only to say what I also just said. And she's admitting how stupid it was.
God, don't scare me like that, Tilly! I really look up to you! I'd be completely ruined by what you just did if you didn't fix it, or at least see how wrong it was. I thought you had more respect for yourself, you certainly had it in the beginning!
But then maybe that's why you've changed so much, because so much shit has happened to you.
Which then only makes me sad for you. :(
... Okay so she got a little better until Heller told her she was being sent on an assignment for four weeks. She got angry, which is like her normal self, and I was happy about it, but then when she and Heller ended up talking again, I went 'oh great'.
He tells her she's ungrateful while she says she needs to make mistakes to grow, that she wants to experience life's good and bad sides.
I agree with both, but Heller has my vote.
Tilly, you don't know the bad side of life. He does, and he's trying to protect you from them, and you are being ungrateful. You're starting to forget how some people struggle in life. You've begun to take advantage of the good things you have now.
So why do I feel like this book is gonna be one of those, "Everyone makes mistakes, it's how you learn from it that counts-You don't realize what you have 'til it's gone" thing?
Whoa, so she just survived the Children of the Corn assignment, and tsk tsk, Heller, for having let your anger take over the better sense of checking these "hippies" out before you let her go off for a month.
But she's survived, so yay.
And then she finds Will's wedding invite, RSVP due today.
She asked everyone if they'd go, and they all said no and that she shouldn't. On one hand I agree that she should go to prove she isn't over him, but that's just it!!!! IS she over him? She claimed she was just before she slept with him twice.
*bugfuck, girl, bugfucking crazy*
So is she really even over him??? She'd better be, cause I'm starting to get irritated with Will's appearance! He should disappear!
*Heller style*
lol- *cough* no, not Heller style. He's having a kid.
Oh, but this scene was funnyyyyy. :) She asks Heller if she can take Farrell with her, and all she gets is an icy stare for the longest time, and she's like "Hmm, maybe that was the wrong thing to say," before running out hehe.
Oh God.
Laughing hurts so much.
Their first time together... was NOT how I thought it'd be.
So I cried during one of their fights, but long story short, even though he said hurtful things that weren't translating what he really meant, in the end I'm glad that she forgave him and could still honestly say, "Of course I'll always come back to you, Heller."
Oh. My. Gosh!!!
So the guy finally went crazy and is trying to kill her, and when she sees some people on the street and pleads for help, they run away at the sight of him???
I mean, sure! He's a giant crazy-ass man but the least you can do is say you'll ring the police!
What the hell is wrong with this world?

... so clearly this is one of those books that have a great top point before something scary happens.
Ugh!!! Such a cliffhanger without it actually being a cliffhanger! T_T
But yay! They had sex, finally! And it was like the dream she had, too.
I want to read the next book so badly!!!
I highly recommend :)))

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Heller's Girlfriend

God, I can hear the hallelujah!
And yes, I can hear the devil laughing, too.

This book- mmm!!! Seeing as that I'm completely biased with this series written by the kissable and greatly imaginative Aussie brain of a certain writer, I enjoyed this one a lot! It had all the anticipation I was waiting for, and it even advanced Tilly's two cases even more than the other ones she's had in the past. They were extended, and even got little back stories that somehow ended up concerning her and her hectic life. Or maybe that's how they'd always been, but I'd been too distracted by Heller. Who knows.

Heller's Girlfriend gives Tilly two cases; a swinger's party and watching over a celebrity. While she handles these two, she still attempts to balance her life with her boyfriend, and tries to handle her jealously with finding out that Heller now has a girlfriend. Mind you, she refuses to admit it even though at times she'll think about how jealous she is. But she'll never admit it out loud- to do so would mean she'd have to look at her feelings for him.

UGHHH!!! Let me just say that Heller was right in all the things concerning Tilly and terribly WRONG in all the things involving him. Likeeee the fact that his girlfriend was a psycho bitch who ended up going batshit crazy when he 'broke up' with her. Note the quotes because Heller, in true Heller form, believed their time to be nothing more than sex, while "V", the girlfriend, (she has two names, her real one and her sister's, as she'd pretended to be her with Heller, both beginning with V- not to mention that it matches her, since she goes crazy on Tilly but anywayyyy-) is completely obsessed with him.

Sadly, there were a little more typos and the missing of small letters in this book than the others, but I loved it so much, it rarely bothered me when I wasn't caught up in a scene XD Tilly certainly grows up in this one! With her trying to handle Will and his demands, she also tries to handle the fact that on top of Heller having a girlfriend, he's having less and less time for her. He doesn't call her as much, never answers when she calls, and hardly sees him when she needs him. Of course, she doesn't let it affect her until the end of the middle, when she's had enough of all the bullshit.

There were a lot of small things that happened to build it up, but I'm pretty sure the first thing to send her off was when she'd had a flat tire after leaving her parents' house because of getting yelled at by Heller on the phone for not telling anyone where she'd gone to, and had been approached by six drunk men. Before the men, she'd been trying to call all the men and friends, but no one had answered. So after she fixed the flat, the men had come. They basically hassled her, one of them doing all the talking and manhandling while the rest watched, but she had a leveled head and pleaded with them instead of trying to defend herself, and one of the guys eventually spoke up, which resulted in her being able to get away. When she got to the Warehouse, a lot of the men were there to get her out of the car and fuss over her, and she snapped and was hysterical, screaming at them, demanding to know why no one had picked up or answered her. Heller had said they were all on the roof, and he was 'occupied' which meant he'd been with V at the time.

That sends her off, and she goes up to her room. Throughout the book, she basically gets one heartbreak after the other of finally seeing how much she misses his attention, but since that connects to her feelings for him, she never really gets it until after. And when I say after, I mean the bloody end lol. She meets Bick and a few others, befriends Farrell, and both fall for her. I admit I was a little thrown off by her interest in the other guys, but it wasn't too bad. Again, I am biased haha and proud to say so.

HOWEVER, I did fib a little with my support when she slept with Farrell. That certainly made me frown a bit in confusion. Maybe I was rooting for Heller so much that her connection with Farrell had blindsided me a little? Idk, but Farrell paid for it after, when Heller beat him up. Tilly found out the hard way when ----

oooo before I get to that, Will had been distant with her after his weekend up with his teacher thing convention or whatever. So she's wondering about it, but has other things to worry about. When she first sees him, they have hot sex, and he's a little weird with his words that aren't exactly romantic, but she doesn't think anything of it. And then when she sees him again, they do it twice more. OKAY, I already suspected he'd screwed up and done something like cheated on her because he hardly sees her. I got a little proof for myself when he said how he loved at her response to him when they had sex. It's a little weird to say to a girlfriend, don't you think? It's almost like he's comparing her to another, maybe not so responsive, lover, hmm? And then the second time they had sex, when he completely devoured her right on the spot, I was like, "Oh, the dude is totally cheating." Why else would he act like a sex starved animal without being a real boyfriend? He hadn't answered his phone and was being kinda dodgy and suspicious.

I predicted that he'd had a 'real' girlfriend on the side and was just using her for hot sex. Which I found myself to be correct, when he told her he couldn't see her anymore and that he'd reconnected with an old flame from college. And boy, was she pissed at that! But not at that. I mean, she's angry that he cheated, but he also used her, fully aware that he was with another woman. It made her feel used and dirty, and she left him.

I got teary when Heller's room was the first place she went to, and he wasn't there, so she went to Daniel, who helped her through the night. This is where Farrell comes in and has sex with her. See, he is a trainer Heller hired, as she wanted a trainer but was getting no volunteers due to every man's fear of getting killed by Heller if they hurt her. Farrell is fairly cold and expressionless, but she breaks through, especially during the swinger's case, when she makes him smile a little, and wows him with her heroism (there was a fire at the house, and she pushed herself over the limit to save them and him, when some parts of the house had collapsed on him). So I can imagine that they have a somewhat bigger bond now, and since Will broke up with and cheated on her, she's very emotional, and Heller isn't there to comfort her. She likes Farrell, so when there's equal attraction, they hit it off.

Now you know why Heller beat him up. What you don't know yet, is how this all went down. So after she and Farrell do the deed, she's happier and everyone notices it. Then one day Heller comes in the office looking a little scrapped up. She tends to him while he tells her he had been dealing with men. Then he kisses her, and her question prompts him to tell her she won't like him after he tells her who the men that he dealt with are. Already knowing him, she can't believe it and goes, "Will?" But when she comments on him not having been easy pickings like he thought, he scoffs and says, "I said 'men', Tilly." And then she's like, "Oh God."
*The other guy is Farrell, if you haven't caught on*
So when she sees him during one of their training days, he's badly injured and EVERYTHING and she's like, "I'm so sorry!" cause she knows how crazy Heller is and should've known he'd find out about it. Farrell's a little sad, too, because he genuinely liked her, but of course doesn't do anything stupid like try to fight for her or anything. I'm not saying that fighting for her would be stupid, but if your boss comes to you and says he's gonna punish you for sleeping with her and taking advantage of her while she was getting over her cheating ex, and then lets you keep your job because he admires you for everything except that last bit, you usually do the smart thing and realize that your boss is serious about this woman and try to stay clear of anything that would irritate the man.

Still, he doesn't nod happily when Heller pops up on their conversation and says they can't train together. Tilly goes off when they're alone about him beating up men she sleeps with. He yells are her not to sleep with his men. She gets more emotional.

This is a very emotional time for her. And there's a lot of drama that I happily lapped up. The actress case was also 'oh my', as Trent, a TV host who was mentioned in the last book, comes back as her client's usual screw. That's how he meets Tilly, when seeing her in the actress's room, and he finds he's interested in her.

Lots of funny stuff happen, of course. I had a lot of LOL moments, especially when she worked the actress case.

But right now I'm priming over the whole Heller thing. So off the pages, after he broke up with V, he reveals to Tilly that she's been texting him, sexting him, constantly bothering/harassing him. She constantly tells him that's not normal behavior, but he just replies with, "I think it shows how much she cares and likes me. She gives me so much attention, unlike someone." He doesn't do or know how to love, so sex is sex and attention is to want. A lot of these 'hints' come out during the story, but she always ignores it. Oh, I should also mention that he becomes a bit annoying to her when every time she mentions she doesn't like a woman, he comes back with, 'Why must you be so jealous?' Grr...

And, in true form of their relationship, when he assures that nothing bad will happen regarding his crazy woman, the said crazy woman wakes up Tilly in her room and tortures her for 'stealing her man'. She ties her up and bites her on the shoulder and neck. Cuts a 'W' on either side of her neck, all the while lapping up the blood here and there. She tells her 'W' stands for Whore, because that's what she is and should never forget it. She then proceeds to break her hand with a hammer, and while she's being tortured, she's crying about how much she wishes for Heller to show up, only to realize with time that he isn't super after all, that he can't sense when she's in danger, and will not show up in time to rescue her.

Then Daniel comes knocking on her door.
He opens it when he thinks something is wrong and gets shot by V, and this angers Tilly enough to escape after her ties are a little loosened by her topple. She makes it to the panic button in her room and Heller storms in seconds later. He punches V right in the face and then everyone is going to the hospital, but not before Tilly pleads with Heller to call the cops and not have Clive deal with her.

At the hospital, he questions the 'W' on her neck. She tells him. He gets angry and says he wishes she'd let him deal with her, but she responds with her want to have the woman suffer for the rest of her life, knowing that she will never have Heller again. For a moment, she can't decide whose anger is more animalistic.

I loved this scene right here because it shows how much Tilly has changed from the bad actress she was in the first book before meeting Heller. It shows how much everything changed her, hardened her, but matured her, despite the badness of the progress.

Long story short (which is my way of skipping to my faovrite parts), he takes her on a vacation for a few days, and they have a blast. And then she runs into Will, who is then accompanied by his fiance, who is knocked up, and is gushing over how happy she is because Will never stopped talking about wanting kids.
*Ouch! Talk about a stab in the ass!*
*... yeah, no.*
*Okay, wrong choice of words. But hot-fucking-dayam! That's just cold.*

She's sick at the sight and she and Heller make it to the room before she bawls. It's so sad for her because she can't have kids, and it's another dig on how she wasn't 'good enough'. I wasn't too sympathetic with her sadness because I just didn't understand it. Yes, she loved Will, but I could see that it was really Heller she loved. I guess it's because she hadn't seen it that it was harder for her when she found out about what Will had done. The fucking prick even calls her and pleads not to hang up, explaining that he'd knocked her up after a moment of weakness at the conference teacher weekend thing, and that he couldn't not take responsibility, especially when her family was religious and already pissed that she was baking a bun in her oven before she was even bought.
*Hmm... that didn't sound right.*
*It's 2 in the morning. Sue me.*
 Of course, he says several things that makes her hang up twice, before sensibly ignoring him after the third time, thank God!
So now she and Heller are in bed and she begins to see her feelings for Heller, and it's really sweet. Then she sees that she has a text from Will saying he still loves her, and she deletes it, which is where I was like 'FUCK YEAH YOU GO GIRL!' and then proceeded to then squealing when she snuggled up to a sleeping Heller and said, "I think I love you."
To which he applied, "I heard that."

And of course this moment has to be fucking ruined for me when it skips to a year later and the actress is in a horrible movie she wants to see. It starts off cute cause she goes with Heller, but they're kicked out halfway because she's laughing so hard, so she then rings up Trent to take her to the movie, where they then proceed to munch on pops and kiss once in a while.

The minute I saw Trent I was like 'Hold the fuck up! Who the hell is Trent now?!' And then I read the next paragraph in the book. It was like she read my minddd  O____O
She's like, "Trent, you might be wondering? The TV host I'd vowed never to give a chance? Blah blah, but that's for another story."

GGGRRRR!!! I know from reviews that in the next book, she and Heller finally have sex, but damn can she please not be with anyone else but him?!?!?! I'd know for sure that they'd be together if not for the fact that Heller's Decision is coming out, which sadly means that there will be more drama before anything is finalized T_______T

I should totally be going to sleep, but at the same time, I wanna read the next book!
I want to, but can't!
But I wanna!

I recommendddddddddd- *GASP*
-holds breath-
the first book. lol.
Which will then proceed to the other one, and then this one XD
Happy Reading!

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Werewolf Prince And I

Okay, so I lied about not having read any books that'd impacted me enough to blog about them.
I'd done this on another blog because it isn't exactly YA for you, but hey! I'm already posting all the other books I love. Might as well start having you build up your adult list, woman!

The Werewolf Prince and I is about Misty Wall, a very self-conscious and painfully shy/awkward/klutzy young woman who works for Domenico Moretti, the big boss of the company. She is the Grammar Nazi (ha) which means everyone hates her for correcting their work. As the book introducses us to another normal day at the office for Misty, she goes up to the building's 'library' only to walk in on the itchy bee giving a blowjob to a married worker. The poor thing is hassled and threatened by the woman, Janice, but she throws up when she sees the guy's wrinkled genitals lol. Then when she gets called up to Mr. Moretti's office, her whole life changes. 

Domenico has a whole plan and Misty is the perfect and most important piece of it, so he proposes to her and confesses his lineage as a werewolf. She accepts (after some hilarious stuff goes on, including her asking him to show that he physically yearns for her as a condition to her saying 'yes'), and Janice, of course, doesn't trust Misty after hearing that she'd gone up to the boss's office, so she sets around the rumor that Misty was the one to give the guy a blowjob, which mortifies her, and pisses of Domenico. He watches her through the security cameras, and after a few women nastily reprimand Misty, he rescues her, announcing she's his fiance. Ladida, she goes with him to Lake Tahoe, where she is then introduced to his world.

Misty is like, extremely childish and hilariously clueless/naive/trusting/almost-always-crying-she's-so-passionate-and-expressive-when-it-comes-to-him and you can't help but love her. Well, I couldn't help but love her. Someone less tolerable might've been disgusted by her lack of a spine and bite (or bark, for that pun intended). But she loves Domenico, and it pains me while reading this because while she's falling heavy for him, he's thinking of other ways to better his plan.

See, Domenico can't stand his father after his twin died and his father told him he'd wished it was Domenico that had died, so all this time he's been doing things to piss his father off. Marrying a human was just the icing on the cake. In the beginning he's kind of an asshole, because when Misty innocently questions him, he gets back at her by letting her suffer in her workmates' presence and their gossip that Misty was not good enough for him after all. (UGH, jerk!) But as the story continues, he slowly becomes infatuated with her, to the point of Lust. You can certainly see that they're both hot for each other, but where Misty is emotion and innocent loyalty, he's sex and sex (like he... you know... every chance he can to assure that he's hers). She's still a virgin, and will remain so until their wedding night, which is a week after they arrive in California.

When they arrive, he makes her work in a business completely filled with other werewolves, telling her he wishes for her to see how they operate. Of course, there's Rebecca, his used-to-be-one-time bed warmer, and this woman is disgusted that Domenico would bring around his (assumed and rumored) human mistress, as Domenico wishes to keep their engagement a secret until he can use it to his advantage *rolls eyes*. She's supposed to be a sub secretary, but Rebecca has her working as a mail girl. It's like her old job all over again, but she refuses to disappoint Domenico and tries to make the best of it. She meets Jayme, the son of a pack leader, which she doesn't know yet. And while all this is happening, Domenico is watching, satisfied that everything is going to plan. He'd wanted as many pack alliances as he could get, and sweet Misty is the key to having it. (Did I mention he's kind of a major asshole?)

A lot of bad stuff happens to Misty, starting with Rebecca. The woman had written a note that resulted in Misty looking for papers supposedly for her on a pack leader's desk, but the few friends that she meets rescue her, as she needs a minimum of two pack members not related to her trial to speak up for her, and it's hilarious because the people she befriended were all royalty from different packs, which she hadn't realized. lol She even groans at the fact that she's a useless detector of royalty- at this point I was like "Uh, no kidding! You don't even know that Domenico is soon going to be the pack leader of allll the packs lol."

While I'm reading this, I can't help but cry every time something (that would doubt Misty's feelings for him) comes up, because I totally know he's going to mess something up and she's going to be heartbroken. You have no idea how many scenarios of his screwing it up came into my head, with her in tears and doing something like leaving him, after giving him a tongue-lashing (not in the sexual way). Like, when his POV comes up he's thinking things like: 'If she disappoints him in this, he won't marry her. Of course, he'll buck her senseless until she knows body and soul that he's hers'-'If this alliance with so-and-so was a guarantee, he would've married his daughter no questions asked'. He's so detached sometimes!! (And an asshole!!!)

On one hand he totally wants Misty sexually, but he's engaged to his Master Plan that he still sees Misty as a means to get what he wants. It gets a little better though, as he slowly falls for Misty and loves the way she makes him calm or smile or laugh. But it won't save you, buster!

After they marry and have sex (finalllly) he tells her that people will ask if they've mated, and that she can say yes. She thinks mating means sex. So when time passes and she's at this ball held for her and her husband's joining, rumors that Domenico was seen with the princess he was supposed to marry (refer to the blue italic above) gets back to her. However, she loves him deeply, and ignores the rumors, knowing she can trust him. And even when he comes to the ball with the woman at his side, she believes him when he says it's not what it looks like, and she nods, knowing that the hunting he's done for the vampires requires him to be with the princess's pack.

And then all hell breaks loose... 
                      ... figuratively speaking.

The princess, Rafaella, corners Misty and says he'll drop her, that she means nothing to him and was just a plot in his plan until he could get all the packs with him. She doesn't believe her, and then Rafaella says something. Several, in fact. Let's just go to the book (I do not own this, this is just a reference, not in any way one of those weird copyrights things- just to make sure):

   "Then why was he considering nullifying your marriage when he learned that my father could help him ally with the Caros?" Rafaella challenged.

She ignores this and says that she won't stoop to her level to ask him, and then she tells Rafaella that they had been mated, 'every night'. This causes someone in the ballroom to laugh, and then Rafaella goes:

   "You! God, what an idiot you are! And your mind is in the gutters! When we say 'mated' we're not talking about sexual intercourse, you idiot. We're talking about mating as the true joining of two mates... of you becoming like us." Rafaella laughed. "But you're not, are you?"
   She (Misty) walked away, head held high.

This made me cry!!!!!!!!! Finally, the big sh*t hit the fan and splattered everywhere, and boy did it reek!! I think from here we can all agree that she confronts him. You'd expect explosives going off, though, but instead she fights him back brokenly, resolved and "I've-had-it-with-this-sh*t". He follows her and is like, "I'm sorry I screwed up, I love you, let's mate right now-" and she's like, "What makes you think I would ever want to do that with you now?" And then she whispers a few words, and poof! Disappears.

So I'd prepared myself with a toilet paper roll and had finally plugged my nose while finishing it. She's gone for three days, and his life is hell as he realizes over and over again-
*I replay it*

*Over and over again*

*And I can't take it, I can't shake it*

*Cause it's all in my hea-*


So he's in hell and then a letter comes in- OH! Right. Okay, so there was a pack leader who wanted to go to war with humans because his son had committed suicide after being rejected by a human lover. However, it turned out Daryl (the son) had just become a fairy, he hadn't really died. So after Misty sees him and reconnects the father and son, everything is better...oh and that's why she'd gone 'poof', cause I assume she'd gotten some words that would take her away to fairyland -saying that the self-exiled fairies will ally themselves with the werewolves on behalf of their sister, Misty, and that Misty wishes to cut all ties with her husband, which is more permanent that a divorce. In other words, she wishes to never ever see him again.

So thank GOD there was a sneak peak. 16 months (more than a year!) has passed and as the person who keeps the alliance between the fairies and werewolves strong, she goes back to his world when she hears that her sister-in-law was tortured by vampires. Of course, as she's talking with Daryl's dad, Domenico comes in, asking to speak to her in private. He's staring at how much like a fairy she looks (more regal, elegant blah blah) and gets mad, then their tongues get in on, and then he gets even more mad after he vows that the fairies will not have what's his.

She breaks away saying that if he does not present their 'divorce' to the Council, she will, and leaves. He follows her to his sister's room in the hospital and offers to drive her to the hotel where she's to meet Daryl, and then he kinda tricks her, saying he'll present their divorce, and when she starts crying, he gets the "I knew it!" moment and kisses her senseless (not to mention other things *wink* *wink*). She says she won't forgive him or get back together with him despite how much her body still belongs to him, and he tells her that he'll make her fall in love with him again.

Aw. Okay that part was kind of cute. The 50 First Dates line, not the wild sex lol.

This was a great book! I mean, it made me cry haha so it's good to me if it can make me emotional. The only thing bad about it (for me) was when some of the paragraphs changed from past to present tense when they weren't supposed to. That, and maybe a few missing 'it'-'was'-'a' words in sentences... um, can't think of anything else. Some people might not like how "whiny" she is or how much she cries. Just think of it this way: If you're one of those people who can't stand Twilight because of how weak and pathetic you think Bella is, then fuck off. This is so not the book for you.

I mean, there were times when I wanted to slap Misty for not standing up for herself, but that's just how she is. And as you can see, Domenico's broken promise had made her harder and less gullible  so I don't think she'll be crying over him anytime soon in the second book.

I recommend this book. :) And hey, did you know the author is Filipino-Chinese? My first favorite Filipino-Chinese author! haha. She likes anime and dance... I don't know why I'm telling you this. I guess it was just cool. Different from a lot of the 'married or single with pets' descriptions. :P

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Heller's Revenge

I finally read the second book to the Heller series ^_^
Tilly has two new cases throughout the book, the first one involving an online game creator who hardly sees the light of day and an environmentalist who loves being active when work isn't stopping him.
In between these two cases, she gets into a car accident with Niq because of Heller's security rival, and it robs her the probability of ever having children. :(
She doesn't care that much at the moment, though, because she wasn't thinking of having kids, but it doesn't mean she likes it. Her choices are being taken away from her, and as I'm sure you're aware, that isn't a smart thing to do to a woman.
There's a lot of tension between her and Heller, both hostile and sexual lol but the only thing they do that could be counted as 'sex' is her handjob when his erection gets in the way of their usual cuddling. I certainly wasn't complaining haha, but at the same time it was a little weird for me, because she has a boyfriend. However, I do get her point of things, and although she won't admit it outright (because it might come off as a little detached, idk), I think it goes like this:

Heller is a very important man in her life. He's her boss, her caretaker (in a way), her dear friend and a cherished person, just like Niq and the others are, except a little more because of all the sexual tension and whatnot. So if you categorize everything, you have work friends (the mostly nameless guys that work for Heller and Niq them) friends-friends, (Dixie and Niq them) and then the boyfriend (Will).
As you can see, Will is a boyfriend. Nothing more (at the moment), nothing less.
Heller is practically in all of the lists except the boyfriend category and that's because she refuses to sleep with her boss.

So, when she's doing all these things (besides sex, to Heller's dismay) with him, she thinks of it as something natural, like when she sweetly kisses Daniel (who is gay) on multiple occasions. Heller cares for her a lot, and this book certainly tested him because with the car accident, he almost lost two important people in his life, and then when she had that boat accident (it went boom) he practically had another apoplexy.

I liked this second book because it wasn't too much of a filler, since there were other cases to teach her lessons and keep the story interesting. She also starts to wonder about her feelings for Heller, as she answers someone's question about who she'd rather have in her life if forced to choose between Will and Heller.
*She chooses Heller*
However, she refuses to think much about it and- it's like she's trying to convince herself that she loves Will. I mean, I'm sure she does, but I think she uses him as a shield from her feelings for Heller. And of course it helps her (doesn't help her?) when he sleeps with other women to satisfy himself, because it reminds her why she shouldn't give in. Her usual excuses are not wanting to be another notch, and that she doesn't do casual sex.

Speaking of which! She sleeps with Meili (May-lee) the environmentalist activist, her second case. He's there (wherever THERE IS, AS I DON'T KNOW WHERE THIS BLOODY BOOK TAKES PLACE T-T) to give speeches and go to court regarding one of his not-so-lawful acts to bring publicity towards whale-killing. He's beautiful and like Heller in the ethnicity department, which I suspect is one of the reasons why she was so drawn to him. Because, you know... he's kinda like Heller. He lost his girlfriend to the bad guys and promised to never be with another woman, and Tilly wanted to be faithful to Will as a girlfriend, but after they get blown up on a boat and Meili loses two of his dear friends (his lawyer and the man's pregnant wife) they have sex.

She feels like she should feel bad for cheating on Will but doesn't regret it, as it didn't feel wrong to her. Oh- okay, so she's there not as a guard, but as a witness, because he thinks he'll be murdered like his girlfriend, and he wants a witness to it. SSSOO they're getting closer than ever, and one day they go out and take pictures. They have a great time.
Then she notices his laces are undone, so he bends down to do them.
A runner is approaching them.
She notices something weird, and shouts his name.
He looks up at her with a smile.
And two silent shots go off and he falls, dead.
Obviously, she gets hysterical and cries, while also trying to keep it together long enough to have people call the police (her brother, Brian, in particular, since he's in homicide) and then Heller arrives a little after, when she calls him.

It's really sad, because he was a very fond person she'd come to like a lot in just a little over a week.

But I'm all for Heller, so I'm just waiting for her to get cornered by him, and I'm also anticipating the chapter where she has to deal with Will.

I'm not even going to touch the one where Heller and Brian fight. Well, okay, I might as well, since that's practically what the title's named after. So Brian wasn't exactly nice to Heller when they first met. He'd interrogated him for a murdered woman's case while knowing Heller had not killed her, but Heller, being Heller, wasn't going to take that from him. So after he was let go, he planned to get back at him.
His form of getting back? Sleeping with his wife.
Don't get too upset, the woman threw herself at him.
He then tells Tilly to deliver the pictures he took to Brian personally, and that doesn't go well, both with Heller and her brother. Brian is swearing, getting all pissed at her, and through most of the book, he's an ass. He'd done his last assery thing to her when he showed up to Meili's scene and told her that they were going to get her statement as soon as possible, and his partner's looking at him like, 'Are you nuts?'
See, shortly after the cops arrived after Meili's death, she was off to the side, waiting, when the killer came back and snatched her bag, knowing that he was on the camera when he'd killed Meili. She runs after him, busting open her stitches on her leg from the boat accident. The man gets away eventually, though she managed to get some of his DNA under her nails.
So when she's put in a room, she's exhausted, mentally, emotionally and physically. She's bleeding through her trousers and creating a little puddle, her shirt's a wet cloth and she's miserable. When Brian and his partner walk in, his partner glares at him in disgust and is like, "She can't do this in the state she's in! She should be in the hospital, you dipshit!" 
He doesn't say the last part, obviously, since Brian's the senior in the work business, but her dear old brother does look shamefaced when he tells her she can leave.

I'm mostly interested in the relationship part.
Everything else are lessons for her and Heller. In this book, she found out that Will hadn't taken their relationship as an exclusive thing because they rarely saw each other, and when they did, it was usually to have sex. She was bloody pissed when she found out, because while she was feeling guilty for sleeping with Meili after having so much shit thrown their way, he'd been off sleeping with other women! ANDD he did it because they didn't see each other that much! A very poor excuse when compared to Tilly's, if you ask me!

Sadly, they get back together, and in the end, after they agree to be real boyfriend and girlfriend, he asks her to marry him.
*evil grin*
OH!!!! Hahahaha you motherfuckers (I say this with love and tenderness), I laughed so hard at this! After he asks her to marry him, it breaks to a different scene, and it introduces a wedding, with her and Will smiling at each other and him asking her if she's ready and stuff. And the whole time I'm reading it, I'm like, 'what the fuck??? NO!!!!!' And then it talks about them going into the ceremony and her seeing the pacing groom, who turns out to be her first case from the beginning, the game geek. It's HIS wedding, and then I'm all relief and giggles. Whew!

As it turned out, she hadn't answered Will's question, so he'd pretended to move on and not be crushed. She's sad she broke his heart, I mean, she has some feelings for him, or they wouldn't be together in the first place, but she isn't sure she'll be with him, because she already knows she'll never be able to leave Heller them. But he's starting to demand things, like her seeing him more, maybe moving in with him, etc.
*HA! Good luck with that. Not*
And last but not least, there's that thing that you knew would be coming eventually after she slept with Meili.
Now mind you, none of what I've said so far is in order, save for the cases; it's going by importance haha. So after they get together (she and Heller) and they're cuddling and making out, he then pulls away and asks who initiated the sex, her or Meili. She's trying to be strong and say she promised she'd never speak about it with anyone else, but he yells at her, in her face, and she admits it was  'him'. She's crying, because she broke her promise and is kinda scared of him, he's so mad, and he tells her angrily that she's never to sleep with anyone ever again. Then he leaves. She yells, he yells back. They make up the next morning.
I thought this was interesting because it just gives you more proof about how he feels about her. Well, okay, he was kinda pissed that she slept with a client, but overall, it was with another man, and since I highly believe he views her status with Will as his emotional version of getting some and getting satisfied, he tolerates it.

I cannot WAIT for the third book, because it's titled HELLER'S GIRLFRIEND.
UGH!!!! The very title makes me cringe, but at the same time I'm drooling at the thought of all the juicy drama.

I recommend this series :)
I'd recommend this book, but it's the second one, so you better read the first one, first!
And I can happily say happy reading. You wouldn't believe how long I've waited for the opportunity to read this book, especially after reading so many other books that didn't impact me enough to right a "review" lol
Happy Reading ^_^

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Heller

*And loving it*


Do NOT judge this book by its cover.

Telly is an aspiring actress living with her best friend and two other people in a rundown apartment trying to survive. But she's been having poor luck, and a desperate need to find a job or live on the streets has her going in for an interview at Heller's, a security company that piqued her interest among the boring advertisements. She gets the job, and we're in for a treat as her life becomes hilarious and action-packed with her new clients, and a squeal-worthy boss, Heller.

While on the ride, she becomes close with the residents of Heller, particularly Heller's selected family, all whom she grows to care for as she figures out what she wants in life.

OKAY! I love this book so much, it was entertaining all the way and kept me up til the sun came right back up the other end of the sky! Seriously, this is so not healthy but here I am, zombified, needing desperately to rave about how great this book was. It was AHH. MAAAZZZ. UHH... HINNNGGGGG.
*Her zombie speech for 'amazing'*
Like, SERIOUSLYYY I had to stop myself from laughing at two in the morning so I didn't wake up the house. And at 3. And 4. And 5. And all the hours until I stopped. If anything I actually started to read painfully slow in order to keep from reaching the end. But of course, like all good things, it must come to an end. T__________T

Tilly is so hilarious and she really is like a trouble-magnet, I mean who the hell has that much bad luck?
*Bella. Bella Swan does.*
*Yeah but she married a vampire and gets to live young forever-*
*According to Alice, she's prone to life-threatening idiocy-*
Ah, enough! ... Okay so she's an aspiring actress but so far she's landed these horrible jobs, and her last one as a dancing fruit ends in a REALLLY EMBARRASSING MOMENT when her dick of a boss says 'the zipper's broken' and he can't get her out of it, and she's forced to wear it while taking the bus. What's worse! The bus is filled with nothing but school boys and construction workers! No laughter and leer spared there, obviously. AND when she gets home to ask her friend for help, it turns out the zipper was never broken! You can bet she was pissed for trusting the wanker.

She's so fed up with what she currently has but she refuses to back off. The last thing she wants is to hear another Lecture from her dad and she refuses to ask for more money, so after going out with her friend (Dixie) for some drinks, she decides that she has no choice and must get a job, or live off the streets as a bum. Well, okay, it was more like get a paying job or fuck the gross landlord, but you know what I mean.

Tilly finds the ad for Heller's, and when she gets there, she's introduced to the first of the Heller family pack, a Goth high school kid named Niq. It's kinda funny cause for the longest time in the chapter she can't figure out if he's a girl or boy, lol. So they take the lift (elevator) and get stuck and he calls for Daniel, which gets Niq reprimanded because he knows the lift is ancient and dangerous. So he gets pulled out first, but he accidentally kicks Tilly in the nose, causing it to bruise and bleed. Then when it's her turn to get lifted out, he-


I'm over it.
Anyways, Daniel can't get her out, so he calls Heller, the Boss, and he gets her out no problem. They're all foreigners by the way, which I suppose somehow makes them very intimidating wherever this book is set in. I'm thinking Australia solely because the author is an Aussie, but I first assumed it was in England, because London was mentioned. Then again it doesn't actually SAY it so I have no clue right now where this is taking place. I'm too tired to figure it out.Daniel's got a huge scar on his face from eye to mouth, but he's still handsome. Niq is of course Goth with a sweet smile. And then there's Heller. Tall, sexy as hell and a cold mother-lover (yeah I ain't that delirious to swear) of a man.
*Dude, you swore like two paragraphs ago*
*Fick dich.*
Her interview is another laughing fest that also made me cringe in humiliation for her, but she took it like a pro! You go girl. Even though she had no experience, he called her on every 'experience' she fluffed to sound more professional. Heller acts like a know-it-all because he investigated her, and then when she's had enough, she says he doesn't know everything about her, because he hadn't known about her fruit-dancing gig, but she'd never tell him that. Then exploding glass shards are flying everywhere and instead of going crazy, she lets Heller holler (lol) for one of his security men to take her to the other room, and then after a while of composing herself, she goes back to his office to get her purse so she can get the hell out of there. However, he stops her and says they aren't done yet, wants to know what he had overlooked, and she tells him, which sends him in barely-contained laughter, and then when she's about to leave, he tells her the paying rate.


As a girl on call, she gets to live in the place she dubbed the Warehouse for free, eat the store of food they have for free, enjoy the gym (ha) and hot tub on the roof for free, and get monthly manni-peddi-hair-skin-facial-massages! For free. She's got the LIFE. And then her first day of work comes, when she has to watch a paying client's wife while he's at meetings, and from there she realizes that it isn't as easy as she thought it'd be. Her first client is a PSYCHO who gets her into so many bad situations it isn't even funny (unless Heller's there to laugh at her when she's not getting killed) and I loved how Heller was so sweet and nice to her despite being cool and aloof. He was almost like the reassurance that he'd always be there for her.

Well, at least that's how I'd first thought of him, until I found out with Tilly that he "goes out" because he's a MAN. Then I'm just depressed and sad because I don't know why but it always makes me sad when one of the main characters is off doing bible work with someone while the other person meant for him is like,
"I barely know him, he can do what he wants"
and I'm like,
But then SHE has to go and snog with the science teacher and then go out on a date with him,
and I'm like,
 "Does no one see how messed up this is???"

They both want each other but she doesn't want to fuck the boss, and then he's all

but she's like, "No, that's not right! You're my boss!"

On the other hand, I'm glad they don't have sex til like, the fourth book or something, because then it builds up their finally being together (which I read somewhere that the sex was well worth the wait).  And I mean, he's pretty hardcore in the killer department, so it'll take at least three books before she breaks down his walls and gets him to open up to her. And yeah, I read the synopsis of the other books. I would've resisted except the third book said, "Heller's Girlfriend" with a blonde figure holding his hand!!!! I was like OH HELL NO WHAT!? And then of course I read all the reviews and concluded that in the second book, Tilly does end up with Will as in the reviews of the third/fourth book, it described her trying to figure out her feelings for Heller while her new boyfriend makes demands to meet his needs. So from what I read, I conclude that:

While she works hard and dangerous jobs, she gets a boyfriend in Will, Heller does his scary revenge-psycho-killer-against-assholes shit and then gets a girlfriend (since Tilly has a boyfriend) and then he breaks up with her (WISHFUL THINKING) and is now free for Tilly to think about while she still deals with her boyfriend.... okay so that doesn't sound as good as I'd like, but the fifth book is called, "Heller's Decision" so I'm happily assuming that he DECIDES to be with her.... unless this isn't the end, then I hope he isn't deciding something scary like not being with her- which now that I think about it, doesn't make sense. Cause then there'd be an angry mob (me) of people (1) pissed that they don't end up together. SSSOOO I'm assuming they end up together.

Throughout this book, when she wasn't thinking lusty (or bad) things about Heller and doing her job as a female bodyguard, she bonded with Niq and Daniel. I was sad when I heard about Daniel's story and touched at how Niq was starting to really accept her as a part of the family. My favorite scene was when they went to the mall, although she did act pretty stupid in arrogantly sticking up to the idiots crudely teasing Niq (her beautiful boy, I quote) and Daniel. I'd have done the same thing, but the minute one of them came up to me, I'd have maced their asses so Daniel didn't have to step in to save my ass. Then again, it was because of that incident that it put him in a bad mood, which then allowed her to hear his story later on when she went up on the roof to check on him. So I guess her stupidity on that part can be forgiven...

As far as I know, JD Nixon is the first Australian author I've fallen for! I also happened to get her other book from another series... something about Little Towns? Hopefully it's as enjoyable as this one. :)

Highly recommend!
It's not YA though, but considering that I LOVE it and it's not fiction (well, I mean there's no magical dragons puffing about or anything, it's set in 'reality') that's saying something.

As C. says, Much Smiles and Laughter
Happy Reading :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Damian's Oracle

From Goodreads (cause I'm too lazy to make up my own synopsis):

Inspired by Slavic mythology, Damian's Oracle is the entree into the ongoing battle between good and evil over the fate of humanity. The White God, Damian, and his Guardians protect the world from the Black God and his monsters while rescuing Naturals - humans with extraordinary paranormal gifts - from the Black God, who would kill or convert them.

Caught in the middle is cool-headed Sofia, a Natural whose gift will tip the scales in the war. Sofia begins her transformation from human into oracle, the first in thousands of years. Damian rescues her from the Black God in time to complete a ceremony that will bind her to him for eternity. Sofia struggles with her new world and her role as an oracle and Damian's mate while haunted by a mysterious man from Damian's past who's supposed to be dead. Unbeknownst to her, her link to the dead man may be all that saves Damian, his Guardians, and the fate of humanity.

While he wants nothing more than for the petite beauty to take her place at his side like the oracles of legend did his White God forefathers, Damian can't quite rationalize having to win over instead of command her. Further complicating his life is the sobering realization that there are spies in his organization who are helping the Black God take out his Guardians. Damian must help Sofia reach her potential fast, especially when a threat from his past returns.

*God that was long*
In other words, Sofia is the first Oracle they've had in a long time, and now both sides want her. The Black God knows what she is and plans to have her for himself to turn their ancient war in his favor, but the White God will save her before that can happen. And as he keeps her at his side to protect her, he might just fall for the- and I quote, "sexy little oracle" -along the way. And while all this is happening, a mysterious 'dead guy' has mentally sought out Sofia, Damian finds out his side has traitors. It's a good thing Sofia's showed up, because then she'll be able to tell the good guys from the seriously bad and twisted.

This is NOT Young Adult. I repeat. NOT YA. JUST 'A'.
*'A' like ass.*
However, it's by Lizzy Ford, and I can now say that she has made it to my list of favorite authors. :D There's no sex in here, no dirty talking, so your sensitive ears are safe. :P Lots of sarcasm. She ends up with someone, of course. Maybe you'll read this later on in life lol. BUT it is a good book, really funny too. Try it out. You might like it!!

This was a great book. My first book from Ford was Dark Summer, the YA book, and I lovedddd it. This isn't YA, but it's just a good. Sofia is a very strong-willed woman, and it's hilarious that as she's protected, she's aggravating the guys who have to watch her while unintentionally having them fall for her. Platonically, of course. Save for Damian, who has to hold himself back from her in the beginning so his "sexual beast" doesn't scare her away hahaha.

In this book, there's three Big Dogs on the good side: Damian, Dustin and Jule. Damian is the White God, Dustin governs the western hemisphere and Jule governs the east. Dustin, aka Dusty, is a cold bastard who will kill first and ask questions later. Jule is the warmer bastard without a dictatorial complex with his soldiers. I love these guys, especially when they're together. Poor Damian is used to humans fearing him and being respected, so when Sofia comes into his life, talking back and giving him attitude, he doesn't know if it's a breath of fresh air or a real slacking on his side lol.

See, when Sofia's first transforming (sensitive to the sun, addiction to peanut butter, aversion to fish, etc) another symptom comes in, one that allows her to see the death of the people she comes into physical contact with. So when Damian comes and helps her after she wakes up at HQ, she literally throws herself at him and his soundless touch. This is one of the first things that starts their little bond. ^_^ From there no one but him can touch her until she learns to control her gift.

As she's introduced to their world, she finds out she cares for him, blah blah, and then meets Claire, Damian's sister-in-law and the only thing left he has of his dead brother, who used to be the White God thousands of years ago before he was murmured. Claire and Damian used to know each other biblically, but it's been over for centuries. However, Sofia finds out Claire has been one of the major traitors, and had in fact been the one to turn over Damian's brother, Darian, to the enemy (whom she is also recently sleeping with).

All this awesome drama comes up, though I suspected at the first sign of Two, a servant to the bad guy, that he was Darian, because when the sick bastard bad guy and Claire have sex in front of him (no visual detail, mind you), in his empty head, he's thinking that Claire looks familiar, but doesn't know why.

It was confirmed when Sofia starts seeing images in her mind, of this guy crying in the corner, and later saying he is Darian.

... I can't think of anything to tell you since this isn't YA, so unless you wanna know more (which for some reason I highly doubt because, again, this ain't YA) just tell me.

Happy Reading!

Friday, March 1, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Seeds of Discovery

16-year-old Quinn Robbins of Colorado has a normal life; friends, an after-school job, family, and a newly rekindled friendship (that might be something more) with the son of her mother's friend, who also happens to be a popular football player.
*rolls eyes*
One night she almost hits William Rose, a recluse schoolmate, and begins to wonder about the wallflower and the mysterious place he always disappears to. She decides to follow him, and winds up in a new world. But it turns out she's momentarily stuck, for the gate doesn't always stay open.

While in this new world with William and his family, she begins to wonder... can she really go home?

So this book begins with her saying, "Crap!" as she slams on the breaks before she can hit Mr. William Rose, who, for whatever reason not yet explained, is wandering the road at night. She gets out when she sees a car on the side, and realizes that he's helping the unconscious driver, patching him up with first-aid material straight out of his bag. He tells her to hold him, then disappears when the police come, and by the time she's back in the car, she's forgotten to tell them about William.

From here we see her very normal life. Her younger brother and sister are adorable. Annie is a bubbly girl and her brother, the slightly autistic bookworm, is just so cute. ^_^ But back to Quinn. Everyone finds out she was involved with the car accident and Zander, an old friend who used to be her bestie before high school happened, comes up to her during lunch and asks if she's okay. She's like, "Whhaaa-??" but plays it cool. She gets home, goes to pick up Annie who's at her mom's friend's house, and sees Zander again, who invites her to a party. EEEKKKK!

The Friday night party is a football-player-and-guest-only thing, so she and Zander go. Blah blah, they're back in the car, he asks her to the Valentine Dance, she says yes, he drops her off and kisses her on the forehead, and she goes in the house, both of them grinning. Zander's a pretty good guy so this is like, a pretty big thing for Ms. Normal. It's all very pretty. However, her fascination with William isn't over, and she follows him around, wondering why he's reading medical books when he's in high school. She follows him to one place where he always manages to disappear without her notice, and when she finally somehow is able to follow him, she ends up in another world.

She is now in Eirentheos, and she meets the first member of William's family, Thomas, his younger brother. The huge ass castle in front of her belongs to their father, as he is the king of the Rose Kingdom, and they, William and Thomas, the princes. She's kinda freaking out, but a small accident injured her leg, so when Thomas gives her this thing to take, she has a bad reaction and passes out. Ergo, robbing her of her shining moment of freaking out. She wakes up and freaks out from there, but she meets the rest of his family and sees another side of him. It's like a fairy tale, and the longer she's there, the more confused she is about going home. She has to stay there for 10 days because that's how long it takes for the gate to open again, based on what time of month it is in the year. 10 days there is a night in her world, which is how William can be back in time for school while going back and spending a week or two at home. He has thirteen siblings, including him, and she learns a few things like:

All children are a blessing in his kingdom, and twelve children in every family are blessed from their Maker with a gift, which is given out in chronological order. First born gets the gift of leadership, etc. William's thirteenth little sister is special, so she gets a special gift, cause you know, there's only twelve usually given out? :)

Now, knowing you, you're wondering if she ends up with anyone. I'll tell you that I read the synopsis on all the books and yes, she ends up with William, but right now, she's just trying to figure out how the hell she's gonna feel when she has to go home. She's slowly falling for the wonderful place, but in the end, she has to go back to her family and friends and Zander

The plot of the story is that in Eirentheos, there's an illness only targeting children, and William, having the gift of medicine/healing, along with others, are trying to figure out what it is. Of course when she's there, she solves it lol. There's a bad guy, but he's more of like a side guy or something because the main thing in this book is the mysterious illness. The bad guy does cause a lot of drama, however. He's a cocky prince from another kingdom who wears the heir's crown around the Rose Kingdom like he's going to be heir, though most know it can't happen, as he isn't right for it. He hits on Thomas's twin sister during a ball and one of their games, but later on sets his sights on Quinn-
*of course*
-and finds her when she's alone. He tries to drag her to his room to do God knows what when William's little twin brothers see them in the hallway, unknowingly having saved her from doom. She goes to her room and cries, and the servant and later on the rest of the crew find out what the bastard did. They go nuts, especially when they see the bruised print of a hand on her arm, and decide that it's best if she go with William, Thomas and Nathaniel (their uncle) on their trip to the ill children so the bad guy can't get to her at the castle. It's here that she solves the mysterious illness, and by then, it's time to go home.

SSOO technically there's no immediate love, but she is crushing on Zander in the beginning. She doesn't suddenly fall William, she doesn't even know the guy- I mean, she and Zander had been besties since they were little, so it's different. However, I suspect that by the second book, they fall for each other. :)

It's free on Amazon haha, and yes, free for your nook, too (you're welcome)

Happy Reading-! Or, you know, future summer reading lol