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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Heller's Girlfriend

God, I can hear the hallelujah!
And yes, I can hear the devil laughing, too.

This book- mmm!!! Seeing as that I'm completely biased with this series written by the kissable and greatly imaginative Aussie brain of a certain writer, I enjoyed this one a lot! It had all the anticipation I was waiting for, and it even advanced Tilly's two cases even more than the other ones she's had in the past. They were extended, and even got little back stories that somehow ended up concerning her and her hectic life. Or maybe that's how they'd always been, but I'd been too distracted by Heller. Who knows.

Heller's Girlfriend gives Tilly two cases; a swinger's party and watching over a celebrity. While she handles these two, she still attempts to balance her life with her boyfriend, and tries to handle her jealously with finding out that Heller now has a girlfriend. Mind you, she refuses to admit it even though at times she'll think about how jealous she is. But she'll never admit it out loud- to do so would mean she'd have to look at her feelings for him.

UGHHH!!! Let me just say that Heller was right in all the things concerning Tilly and terribly WRONG in all the things involving him. Likeeee the fact that his girlfriend was a psycho bitch who ended up going batshit crazy when he 'broke up' with her. Note the quotes because Heller, in true Heller form, believed their time to be nothing more than sex, while "V", the girlfriend, (she has two names, her real one and her sister's, as she'd pretended to be her with Heller, both beginning with V- not to mention that it matches her, since she goes crazy on Tilly but anywayyyy-) is completely obsessed with him.

Sadly, there were a little more typos and the missing of small letters in this book than the others, but I loved it so much, it rarely bothered me when I wasn't caught up in a scene XD Tilly certainly grows up in this one! With her trying to handle Will and his demands, she also tries to handle the fact that on top of Heller having a girlfriend, he's having less and less time for her. He doesn't call her as much, never answers when she calls, and hardly sees him when she needs him. Of course, she doesn't let it affect her until the end of the middle, when she's had enough of all the bullshit.

There were a lot of small things that happened to build it up, but I'm pretty sure the first thing to send her off was when she'd had a flat tire after leaving her parents' house because of getting yelled at by Heller on the phone for not telling anyone where she'd gone to, and had been approached by six drunk men. Before the men, she'd been trying to call all the men and friends, but no one had answered. So after she fixed the flat, the men had come. They basically hassled her, one of them doing all the talking and manhandling while the rest watched, but she had a leveled head and pleaded with them instead of trying to defend herself, and one of the guys eventually spoke up, which resulted in her being able to get away. When she got to the Warehouse, a lot of the men were there to get her out of the car and fuss over her, and she snapped and was hysterical, screaming at them, demanding to know why no one had picked up or answered her. Heller had said they were all on the roof, and he was 'occupied' which meant he'd been with V at the time.

That sends her off, and she goes up to her room. Throughout the book, she basically gets one heartbreak after the other of finally seeing how much she misses his attention, but since that connects to her feelings for him, she never really gets it until after. And when I say after, I mean the bloody end lol. She meets Bick and a few others, befriends Farrell, and both fall for her. I admit I was a little thrown off by her interest in the other guys, but it wasn't too bad. Again, I am biased haha and proud to say so.

HOWEVER, I did fib a little with my support when she slept with Farrell. That certainly made me frown a bit in confusion. Maybe I was rooting for Heller so much that her connection with Farrell had blindsided me a little? Idk, but Farrell paid for it after, when Heller beat him up. Tilly found out the hard way when ----

oooo before I get to that, Will had been distant with her after his weekend up with his teacher thing convention or whatever. So she's wondering about it, but has other things to worry about. When she first sees him, they have hot sex, and he's a little weird with his words that aren't exactly romantic, but she doesn't think anything of it. And then when she sees him again, they do it twice more. OKAY, I already suspected he'd screwed up and done something like cheated on her because he hardly sees her. I got a little proof for myself when he said how he loved at her response to him when they had sex. It's a little weird to say to a girlfriend, don't you think? It's almost like he's comparing her to another, maybe not so responsive, lover, hmm? And then the second time they had sex, when he completely devoured her right on the spot, I was like, "Oh, the dude is totally cheating." Why else would he act like a sex starved animal without being a real boyfriend? He hadn't answered his phone and was being kinda dodgy and suspicious.

I predicted that he'd had a 'real' girlfriend on the side and was just using her for hot sex. Which I found myself to be correct, when he told her he couldn't see her anymore and that he'd reconnected with an old flame from college. And boy, was she pissed at that! But not at that. I mean, she's angry that he cheated, but he also used her, fully aware that he was with another woman. It made her feel used and dirty, and she left him.

I got teary when Heller's room was the first place she went to, and he wasn't there, so she went to Daniel, who helped her through the night. This is where Farrell comes in and has sex with her. See, he is a trainer Heller hired, as she wanted a trainer but was getting no volunteers due to every man's fear of getting killed by Heller if they hurt her. Farrell is fairly cold and expressionless, but she breaks through, especially during the swinger's case, when she makes him smile a little, and wows him with her heroism (there was a fire at the house, and she pushed herself over the limit to save them and him, when some parts of the house had collapsed on him). So I can imagine that they have a somewhat bigger bond now, and since Will broke up with and cheated on her, she's very emotional, and Heller isn't there to comfort her. She likes Farrell, so when there's equal attraction, they hit it off.

Now you know why Heller beat him up. What you don't know yet, is how this all went down. So after she and Farrell do the deed, she's happier and everyone notices it. Then one day Heller comes in the office looking a little scrapped up. She tends to him while he tells her he had been dealing with men. Then he kisses her, and her question prompts him to tell her she won't like him after he tells her who the men that he dealt with are. Already knowing him, she can't believe it and goes, "Will?" But when she comments on him not having been easy pickings like he thought, he scoffs and says, "I said 'men', Tilly." And then she's like, "Oh God."
*The other guy is Farrell, if you haven't caught on*
So when she sees him during one of their training days, he's badly injured and EVERYTHING and she's like, "I'm so sorry!" cause she knows how crazy Heller is and should've known he'd find out about it. Farrell's a little sad, too, because he genuinely liked her, but of course doesn't do anything stupid like try to fight for her or anything. I'm not saying that fighting for her would be stupid, but if your boss comes to you and says he's gonna punish you for sleeping with her and taking advantage of her while she was getting over her cheating ex, and then lets you keep your job because he admires you for everything except that last bit, you usually do the smart thing and realize that your boss is serious about this woman and try to stay clear of anything that would irritate the man.

Still, he doesn't nod happily when Heller pops up on their conversation and says they can't train together. Tilly goes off when they're alone about him beating up men she sleeps with. He yells are her not to sleep with his men. She gets more emotional.

This is a very emotional time for her. And there's a lot of drama that I happily lapped up. The actress case was also 'oh my', as Trent, a TV host who was mentioned in the last book, comes back as her client's usual screw. That's how he meets Tilly, when seeing her in the actress's room, and he finds he's interested in her.

Lots of funny stuff happen, of course. I had a lot of LOL moments, especially when she worked the actress case.

But right now I'm priming over the whole Heller thing. So off the pages, after he broke up with V, he reveals to Tilly that she's been texting him, sexting him, constantly bothering/harassing him. She constantly tells him that's not normal behavior, but he just replies with, "I think it shows how much she cares and likes me. She gives me so much attention, unlike someone." He doesn't do or know how to love, so sex is sex and attention is to want. A lot of these 'hints' come out during the story, but she always ignores it. Oh, I should also mention that he becomes a bit annoying to her when every time she mentions she doesn't like a woman, he comes back with, 'Why must you be so jealous?' Grr...

And, in true form of their relationship, when he assures that nothing bad will happen regarding his crazy woman, the said crazy woman wakes up Tilly in her room and tortures her for 'stealing her man'. She ties her up and bites her on the shoulder and neck. Cuts a 'W' on either side of her neck, all the while lapping up the blood here and there. She tells her 'W' stands for Whore, because that's what she is and should never forget it. She then proceeds to break her hand with a hammer, and while she's being tortured, she's crying about how much she wishes for Heller to show up, only to realize with time that he isn't super after all, that he can't sense when she's in danger, and will not show up in time to rescue her.

Then Daniel comes knocking on her door.
He opens it when he thinks something is wrong and gets shot by V, and this angers Tilly enough to escape after her ties are a little loosened by her topple. She makes it to the panic button in her room and Heller storms in seconds later. He punches V right in the face and then everyone is going to the hospital, but not before Tilly pleads with Heller to call the cops and not have Clive deal with her.

At the hospital, he questions the 'W' on her neck. She tells him. He gets angry and says he wishes she'd let him deal with her, but she responds with her want to have the woman suffer for the rest of her life, knowing that she will never have Heller again. For a moment, she can't decide whose anger is more animalistic.

I loved this scene right here because it shows how much Tilly has changed from the bad actress she was in the first book before meeting Heller. It shows how much everything changed her, hardened her, but matured her, despite the badness of the progress.

Long story short (which is my way of skipping to my faovrite parts), he takes her on a vacation for a few days, and they have a blast. And then she runs into Will, who is then accompanied by his fiance, who is knocked up, and is gushing over how happy she is because Will never stopped talking about wanting kids.
*Ouch! Talk about a stab in the ass!*
*... yeah, no.*
*Okay, wrong choice of words. But hot-fucking-dayam! That's just cold.*

She's sick at the sight and she and Heller make it to the room before she bawls. It's so sad for her because she can't have kids, and it's another dig on how she wasn't 'good enough'. I wasn't too sympathetic with her sadness because I just didn't understand it. Yes, she loved Will, but I could see that it was really Heller she loved. I guess it's because she hadn't seen it that it was harder for her when she found out about what Will had done. The fucking prick even calls her and pleads not to hang up, explaining that he'd knocked her up after a moment of weakness at the conference teacher weekend thing, and that he couldn't not take responsibility, especially when her family was religious and already pissed that she was baking a bun in her oven before she was even bought.
*Hmm... that didn't sound right.*
*It's 2 in the morning. Sue me.*
 Of course, he says several things that makes her hang up twice, before sensibly ignoring him after the third time, thank God!
So now she and Heller are in bed and she begins to see her feelings for Heller, and it's really sweet. Then she sees that she has a text from Will saying he still loves her, and she deletes it, which is where I was like 'FUCK YEAH YOU GO GIRL!' and then proceeded to then squealing when she snuggled up to a sleeping Heller and said, "I think I love you."
To which he applied, "I heard that."

And of course this moment has to be fucking ruined for me when it skips to a year later and the actress is in a horrible movie she wants to see. It starts off cute cause she goes with Heller, but they're kicked out halfway because she's laughing so hard, so she then rings up Trent to take her to the movie, where they then proceed to munch on pops and kiss once in a while.

The minute I saw Trent I was like 'Hold the fuck up! Who the hell is Trent now?!' And then I read the next paragraph in the book. It was like she read my minddd  O____O
She's like, "Trent, you might be wondering? The TV host I'd vowed never to give a chance? Blah blah, but that's for another story."

GGGRRRR!!! I know from reviews that in the next book, she and Heller finally have sex, but damn can she please not be with anyone else but him?!?!?! I'd know for sure that they'd be together if not for the fact that Heller's Decision is coming out, which sadly means that there will be more drama before anything is finalized T_______T

I should totally be going to sleep, but at the same time, I wanna read the next book!
I want to, but can't!
But I wanna!

I recommendddddddddd- *GASP*
-holds breath-
the first book. lol.
Which will then proceed to the other one, and then this one XD
Happy Reading!

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