Monday, March 25, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Heller's Punishment

So this isn't really a review, as much as it is a response to what I read.
It was so good and emotional for me that I had to type it out,
Otherwise I'd be going crazy

Tilly, what the hell are you doing??? Why are you having sex with your loser boyfriend, TWICE, after what he did? And why are you fucking even considering being the hot sex he gets on the side while he has his fantasy life with his future wife and child? You make me think you don't respect yourself.

You and Heller are single!!! And even if you still don't wanna bone him, why the fuck are you even GIVING that asshole two seconds of your life, let alone two sessions of sex?!?! AND while Heller is outside waiting for you?! You're driving me bugfuck!

This is the first time I've been soooooo disappointed in you, Tilly. And I feel like you have no excuse. I didn't think you loved him that much to even consider being his bitch. Yeah, that's right. If you accept being his mistress, you're being his sex bitch to answer his horny's every beck and call. At least Heller treats you with respect!!! Dude, he FUCKING WORSHIPS you when you're a pain in his business ass! So I just Don't. Under. Stand.
After she left Will's house to get back in the car with Heller, he threw a fit saying what I just said, and then Daniel came in to comfort her, only to say what I also just said. And she's admitting how stupid it was.
God, don't scare me like that, Tilly! I really look up to you! I'd be completely ruined by what you just did if you didn't fix it, or at least see how wrong it was. I thought you had more respect for yourself, you certainly had it in the beginning!
But then maybe that's why you've changed so much, because so much shit has happened to you.
Which then only makes me sad for you. :(
... Okay so she got a little better until Heller told her she was being sent on an assignment for four weeks. She got angry, which is like her normal self, and I was happy about it, but then when she and Heller ended up talking again, I went 'oh great'.
He tells her she's ungrateful while she says she needs to make mistakes to grow, that she wants to experience life's good and bad sides.
I agree with both, but Heller has my vote.
Tilly, you don't know the bad side of life. He does, and he's trying to protect you from them, and you are being ungrateful. You're starting to forget how some people struggle in life. You've begun to take advantage of the good things you have now.
So why do I feel like this book is gonna be one of those, "Everyone makes mistakes, it's how you learn from it that counts-You don't realize what you have 'til it's gone" thing?
Whoa, so she just survived the Children of the Corn assignment, and tsk tsk, Heller, for having let your anger take over the better sense of checking these "hippies" out before you let her go off for a month.
But she's survived, so yay.
And then she finds Will's wedding invite, RSVP due today.
She asked everyone if they'd go, and they all said no and that she shouldn't. On one hand I agree that she should go to prove she isn't over him, but that's just it!!!! IS she over him? She claimed she was just before she slept with him twice.
*bugfuck, girl, bugfucking crazy*
So is she really even over him??? She'd better be, cause I'm starting to get irritated with Will's appearance! He should disappear!
*Heller style*
lol- *cough* no, not Heller style. He's having a kid.
Oh, but this scene was funnyyyyy. :) She asks Heller if she can take Farrell with her, and all she gets is an icy stare for the longest time, and she's like "Hmm, maybe that was the wrong thing to say," before running out hehe.
Oh God.
Laughing hurts so much.
Their first time together... was NOT how I thought it'd be.
So I cried during one of their fights, but long story short, even though he said hurtful things that weren't translating what he really meant, in the end I'm glad that she forgave him and could still honestly say, "Of course I'll always come back to you, Heller."
Oh. My. Gosh!!!
So the guy finally went crazy and is trying to kill her, and when she sees some people on the street and pleads for help, they run away at the sight of him???
I mean, sure! He's a giant crazy-ass man but the least you can do is say you'll ring the police!
What the hell is wrong with this world?

... so clearly this is one of those books that have a great top point before something scary happens.
Ugh!!! Such a cliffhanger without it actually being a cliffhanger! T_T
But yay! They had sex, finally! And it was like the dream she had, too.
I want to read the next book so badly!!!
I highly recommend :)))

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