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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Heller's Revenge

I finally read the second book to the Heller series ^_^
Tilly has two new cases throughout the book, the first one involving an online game creator who hardly sees the light of day and an environmentalist who loves being active when work isn't stopping him.
In between these two cases, she gets into a car accident with Niq because of Heller's security rival, and it robs her the probability of ever having children. :(
She doesn't care that much at the moment, though, because she wasn't thinking of having kids, but it doesn't mean she likes it. Her choices are being taken away from her, and as I'm sure you're aware, that isn't a smart thing to do to a woman.
There's a lot of tension between her and Heller, both hostile and sexual lol but the only thing they do that could be counted as 'sex' is her handjob when his erection gets in the way of their usual cuddling. I certainly wasn't complaining haha, but at the same time it was a little weird for me, because she has a boyfriend. However, I do get her point of things, and although she won't admit it outright (because it might come off as a little detached, idk), I think it goes like this:

Heller is a very important man in her life. He's her boss, her caretaker (in a way), her dear friend and a cherished person, just like Niq and the others are, except a little more because of all the sexual tension and whatnot. So if you categorize everything, you have work friends (the mostly nameless guys that work for Heller and Niq them) friends-friends, (Dixie and Niq them) and then the boyfriend (Will).
As you can see, Will is a boyfriend. Nothing more (at the moment), nothing less.
Heller is practically in all of the lists except the boyfriend category and that's because she refuses to sleep with her boss.

So, when she's doing all these things (besides sex, to Heller's dismay) with him, she thinks of it as something natural, like when she sweetly kisses Daniel (who is gay) on multiple occasions. Heller cares for her a lot, and this book certainly tested him because with the car accident, he almost lost two important people in his life, and then when she had that boat accident (it went boom) he practically had another apoplexy.

I liked this second book because it wasn't too much of a filler, since there were other cases to teach her lessons and keep the story interesting. She also starts to wonder about her feelings for Heller, as she answers someone's question about who she'd rather have in her life if forced to choose between Will and Heller.
*She chooses Heller*
However, she refuses to think much about it and- it's like she's trying to convince herself that she loves Will. I mean, I'm sure she does, but I think she uses him as a shield from her feelings for Heller. And of course it helps her (doesn't help her?) when he sleeps with other women to satisfy himself, because it reminds her why she shouldn't give in. Her usual excuses are not wanting to be another notch, and that she doesn't do casual sex.

Speaking of which! She sleeps with Meili (May-lee) the environmentalist activist, her second case. He's there (wherever THERE IS, AS I DON'T KNOW WHERE THIS BLOODY BOOK TAKES PLACE T-T) to give speeches and go to court regarding one of his not-so-lawful acts to bring publicity towards whale-killing. He's beautiful and like Heller in the ethnicity department, which I suspect is one of the reasons why she was so drawn to him. Because, you know... he's kinda like Heller. He lost his girlfriend to the bad guys and promised to never be with another woman, and Tilly wanted to be faithful to Will as a girlfriend, but after they get blown up on a boat and Meili loses two of his dear friends (his lawyer and the man's pregnant wife) they have sex.

She feels like she should feel bad for cheating on Will but doesn't regret it, as it didn't feel wrong to her. Oh- okay, so she's there not as a guard, but as a witness, because he thinks he'll be murdered like his girlfriend, and he wants a witness to it. SSSOO they're getting closer than ever, and one day they go out and take pictures. They have a great time.
Then she notices his laces are undone, so he bends down to do them.
A runner is approaching them.
She notices something weird, and shouts his name.
He looks up at her with a smile.
And two silent shots go off and he falls, dead.
Obviously, she gets hysterical and cries, while also trying to keep it together long enough to have people call the police (her brother, Brian, in particular, since he's in homicide) and then Heller arrives a little after, when she calls him.

It's really sad, because he was a very fond person she'd come to like a lot in just a little over a week.

But I'm all for Heller, so I'm just waiting for her to get cornered by him, and I'm also anticipating the chapter where she has to deal with Will.

I'm not even going to touch the one where Heller and Brian fight. Well, okay, I might as well, since that's practically what the title's named after. So Brian wasn't exactly nice to Heller when they first met. He'd interrogated him for a murdered woman's case while knowing Heller had not killed her, but Heller, being Heller, wasn't going to take that from him. So after he was let go, he planned to get back at him.
His form of getting back? Sleeping with his wife.
Don't get too upset, the woman threw herself at him.
He then tells Tilly to deliver the pictures he took to Brian personally, and that doesn't go well, both with Heller and her brother. Brian is swearing, getting all pissed at her, and through most of the book, he's an ass. He'd done his last assery thing to her when he showed up to Meili's scene and told her that they were going to get her statement as soon as possible, and his partner's looking at him like, 'Are you nuts?'
See, shortly after the cops arrived after Meili's death, she was off to the side, waiting, when the killer came back and snatched her bag, knowing that he was on the camera when he'd killed Meili. She runs after him, busting open her stitches on her leg from the boat accident. The man gets away eventually, though she managed to get some of his DNA under her nails.
So when she's put in a room, she's exhausted, mentally, emotionally and physically. She's bleeding through her trousers and creating a little puddle, her shirt's a wet cloth and she's miserable. When Brian and his partner walk in, his partner glares at him in disgust and is like, "She can't do this in the state she's in! She should be in the hospital, you dipshit!" 
He doesn't say the last part, obviously, since Brian's the senior in the work business, but her dear old brother does look shamefaced when he tells her she can leave.

I'm mostly interested in the relationship part.
Everything else are lessons for her and Heller. In this book, she found out that Will hadn't taken their relationship as an exclusive thing because they rarely saw each other, and when they did, it was usually to have sex. She was bloody pissed when she found out, because while she was feeling guilty for sleeping with Meili after having so much shit thrown their way, he'd been off sleeping with other women! ANDD he did it because they didn't see each other that much! A very poor excuse when compared to Tilly's, if you ask me!

Sadly, they get back together, and in the end, after they agree to be real boyfriend and girlfriend, he asks her to marry him.
*evil grin*
OH!!!! Hahahaha you motherfuckers (I say this with love and tenderness), I laughed so hard at this! After he asks her to marry him, it breaks to a different scene, and it introduces a wedding, with her and Will smiling at each other and him asking her if she's ready and stuff. And the whole time I'm reading it, I'm like, 'what the fuck??? NO!!!!!' And then it talks about them going into the ceremony and her seeing the pacing groom, who turns out to be her first case from the beginning, the game geek. It's HIS wedding, and then I'm all relief and giggles. Whew!

As it turned out, she hadn't answered Will's question, so he'd pretended to move on and not be crushed. She's sad she broke his heart, I mean, she has some feelings for him, or they wouldn't be together in the first place, but she isn't sure she'll be with him, because she already knows she'll never be able to leave Heller them. But he's starting to demand things, like her seeing him more, maybe moving in with him, etc.
*HA! Good luck with that. Not*
And last but not least, there's that thing that you knew would be coming eventually after she slept with Meili.
Now mind you, none of what I've said so far is in order, save for the cases; it's going by importance haha. So after they get together (she and Heller) and they're cuddling and making out, he then pulls away and asks who initiated the sex, her or Meili. She's trying to be strong and say she promised she'd never speak about it with anyone else, but he yells at her, in her face, and she admits it was  'him'. She's crying, because she broke her promise and is kinda scared of him, he's so mad, and he tells her angrily that she's never to sleep with anyone ever again. Then he leaves. She yells, he yells back. They make up the next morning.
I thought this was interesting because it just gives you more proof about how he feels about her. Well, okay, he was kinda pissed that she slept with a client, but overall, it was with another man, and since I highly believe he views her status with Will as his emotional version of getting some and getting satisfied, he tolerates it.

I cannot WAIT for the third book, because it's titled HELLER'S GIRLFRIEND.
UGH!!!! The very title makes me cringe, but at the same time I'm drooling at the thought of all the juicy drama.

I recommend this series :)
I'd recommend this book, but it's the second one, so you better read the first one, first!
And I can happily say happy reading. You wouldn't believe how long I've waited for the opportunity to read this book, especially after reading so many other books that didn't impact me enough to right a "review" lol
Happy Reading ^_^

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