Friday, March 1, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Seeds of Discovery

16-year-old Quinn Robbins of Colorado has a normal life; friends, an after-school job, family, and a newly rekindled friendship (that might be something more) with the son of her mother's friend, who also happens to be a popular football player.
*rolls eyes*
One night she almost hits William Rose, a recluse schoolmate, and begins to wonder about the wallflower and the mysterious place he always disappears to. She decides to follow him, and winds up in a new world. But it turns out she's momentarily stuck, for the gate doesn't always stay open.

While in this new world with William and his family, she begins to wonder... can she really go home?

So this book begins with her saying, "Crap!" as she slams on the breaks before she can hit Mr. William Rose, who, for whatever reason not yet explained, is wandering the road at night. She gets out when she sees a car on the side, and realizes that he's helping the unconscious driver, patching him up with first-aid material straight out of his bag. He tells her to hold him, then disappears when the police come, and by the time she's back in the car, she's forgotten to tell them about William.

From here we see her very normal life. Her younger brother and sister are adorable. Annie is a bubbly girl and her brother, the slightly autistic bookworm, is just so cute. ^_^ But back to Quinn. Everyone finds out she was involved with the car accident and Zander, an old friend who used to be her bestie before high school happened, comes up to her during lunch and asks if she's okay. She's like, "Whhaaa-??" but plays it cool. She gets home, goes to pick up Annie who's at her mom's friend's house, and sees Zander again, who invites her to a party. EEEKKKK!

The Friday night party is a football-player-and-guest-only thing, so she and Zander go. Blah blah, they're back in the car, he asks her to the Valentine Dance, she says yes, he drops her off and kisses her on the forehead, and she goes in the house, both of them grinning. Zander's a pretty good guy so this is like, a pretty big thing for Ms. Normal. It's all very pretty. However, her fascination with William isn't over, and she follows him around, wondering why he's reading medical books when he's in high school. She follows him to one place where he always manages to disappear without her notice, and when she finally somehow is able to follow him, she ends up in another world.

She is now in Eirentheos, and she meets the first member of William's family, Thomas, his younger brother. The huge ass castle in front of her belongs to their father, as he is the king of the Rose Kingdom, and they, William and Thomas, the princes. She's kinda freaking out, but a small accident injured her leg, so when Thomas gives her this thing to take, she has a bad reaction and passes out. Ergo, robbing her of her shining moment of freaking out. She wakes up and freaks out from there, but she meets the rest of his family and sees another side of him. It's like a fairy tale, and the longer she's there, the more confused she is about going home. She has to stay there for 10 days because that's how long it takes for the gate to open again, based on what time of month it is in the year. 10 days there is a night in her world, which is how William can be back in time for school while going back and spending a week or two at home. He has thirteen siblings, including him, and she learns a few things like:

All children are a blessing in his kingdom, and twelve children in every family are blessed from their Maker with a gift, which is given out in chronological order. First born gets the gift of leadership, etc. William's thirteenth little sister is special, so she gets a special gift, cause you know, there's only twelve usually given out? :)

Now, knowing you, you're wondering if she ends up with anyone. I'll tell you that I read the synopsis on all the books and yes, she ends up with William, but right now, she's just trying to figure out how the hell she's gonna feel when she has to go home. She's slowly falling for the wonderful place, but in the end, she has to go back to her family and friends and Zander

The plot of the story is that in Eirentheos, there's an illness only targeting children, and William, having the gift of medicine/healing, along with others, are trying to figure out what it is. Of course when she's there, she solves it lol. There's a bad guy, but he's more of like a side guy or something because the main thing in this book is the mysterious illness. The bad guy does cause a lot of drama, however. He's a cocky prince from another kingdom who wears the heir's crown around the Rose Kingdom like he's going to be heir, though most know it can't happen, as he isn't right for it. He hits on Thomas's twin sister during a ball and one of their games, but later on sets his sights on Quinn-
*of course*
-and finds her when she's alone. He tries to drag her to his room to do God knows what when William's little twin brothers see them in the hallway, unknowingly having saved her from doom. She goes to her room and cries, and the servant and later on the rest of the crew find out what the bastard did. They go nuts, especially when they see the bruised print of a hand on her arm, and decide that it's best if she go with William, Thomas and Nathaniel (their uncle) on their trip to the ill children so the bad guy can't get to her at the castle. It's here that she solves the mysterious illness, and by then, it's time to go home.

SSOO technically there's no immediate love, but she is crushing on Zander in the beginning. She doesn't suddenly fall William, she doesn't even know the guy- I mean, she and Zander had been besties since they were little, so it's different. However, I suspect that by the second book, they fall for each other. :)

It's free on Amazon haha, and yes, free for your nook, too (you're welcome)

Happy Reading-! Or, you know, future summer reading lol

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