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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Werewolf Prince And I

Okay, so I lied about not having read any books that'd impacted me enough to blog about them.
I'd done this on another blog because it isn't exactly YA for you, but hey! I'm already posting all the other books I love. Might as well start having you build up your adult list, woman!

The Werewolf Prince and I is about Misty Wall, a very self-conscious and painfully shy/awkward/klutzy young woman who works for Domenico Moretti, the big boss of the company. She is the Grammar Nazi (ha) which means everyone hates her for correcting their work. As the book introducses us to another normal day at the office for Misty, she goes up to the building's 'library' only to walk in on the itchy bee giving a blowjob to a married worker. The poor thing is hassled and threatened by the woman, Janice, but she throws up when she sees the guy's wrinkled genitals lol. Then when she gets called up to Mr. Moretti's office, her whole life changes. 

Domenico has a whole plan and Misty is the perfect and most important piece of it, so he proposes to her and confesses his lineage as a werewolf. She accepts (after some hilarious stuff goes on, including her asking him to show that he physically yearns for her as a condition to her saying 'yes'), and Janice, of course, doesn't trust Misty after hearing that she'd gone up to the boss's office, so she sets around the rumor that Misty was the one to give the guy a blowjob, which mortifies her, and pisses of Domenico. He watches her through the security cameras, and after a few women nastily reprimand Misty, he rescues her, announcing she's his fiance. Ladida, she goes with him to Lake Tahoe, where she is then introduced to his world.

Misty is like, extremely childish and hilariously clueless/naive/trusting/almost-always-crying-she's-so-passionate-and-expressive-when-it-comes-to-him and you can't help but love her. Well, I couldn't help but love her. Someone less tolerable might've been disgusted by her lack of a spine and bite (or bark, for that pun intended). But she loves Domenico, and it pains me while reading this because while she's falling heavy for him, he's thinking of other ways to better his plan.

See, Domenico can't stand his father after his twin died and his father told him he'd wished it was Domenico that had died, so all this time he's been doing things to piss his father off. Marrying a human was just the icing on the cake. In the beginning he's kind of an asshole, because when Misty innocently questions him, he gets back at her by letting her suffer in her workmates' presence and their gossip that Misty was not good enough for him after all. (UGH, jerk!) But as the story continues, he slowly becomes infatuated with her, to the point of Lust. You can certainly see that they're both hot for each other, but where Misty is emotion and innocent loyalty, he's sex and sex (like he... you know... every chance he can to assure that he's hers). She's still a virgin, and will remain so until their wedding night, which is a week after they arrive in California.

When they arrive, he makes her work in a business completely filled with other werewolves, telling her he wishes for her to see how they operate. Of course, there's Rebecca, his used-to-be-one-time bed warmer, and this woman is disgusted that Domenico would bring around his (assumed and rumored) human mistress, as Domenico wishes to keep their engagement a secret until he can use it to his advantage *rolls eyes*. She's supposed to be a sub secretary, but Rebecca has her working as a mail girl. It's like her old job all over again, but she refuses to disappoint Domenico and tries to make the best of it. She meets Jayme, the son of a pack leader, which she doesn't know yet. And while all this is happening, Domenico is watching, satisfied that everything is going to plan. He'd wanted as many pack alliances as he could get, and sweet Misty is the key to having it. (Did I mention he's kind of a major asshole?)

A lot of bad stuff happens to Misty, starting with Rebecca. The woman had written a note that resulted in Misty looking for papers supposedly for her on a pack leader's desk, but the few friends that she meets rescue her, as she needs a minimum of two pack members not related to her trial to speak up for her, and it's hilarious because the people she befriended were all royalty from different packs, which she hadn't realized. lol She even groans at the fact that she's a useless detector of royalty- at this point I was like "Uh, no kidding! You don't even know that Domenico is soon going to be the pack leader of allll the packs lol."

While I'm reading this, I can't help but cry every time something (that would doubt Misty's feelings for him) comes up, because I totally know he's going to mess something up and she's going to be heartbroken. You have no idea how many scenarios of his screwing it up came into my head, with her in tears and doing something like leaving him, after giving him a tongue-lashing (not in the sexual way). Like, when his POV comes up he's thinking things like: 'If she disappoints him in this, he won't marry her. Of course, he'll buck her senseless until she knows body and soul that he's hers'-'If this alliance with so-and-so was a guarantee, he would've married his daughter no questions asked'. He's so detached sometimes!! (And an asshole!!!)

On one hand he totally wants Misty sexually, but he's engaged to his Master Plan that he still sees Misty as a means to get what he wants. It gets a little better though, as he slowly falls for Misty and loves the way she makes him calm or smile or laugh. But it won't save you, buster!

After they marry and have sex (finalllly) he tells her that people will ask if they've mated, and that she can say yes. She thinks mating means sex. So when time passes and she's at this ball held for her and her husband's joining, rumors that Domenico was seen with the princess he was supposed to marry (refer to the blue italic above) gets back to her. However, she loves him deeply, and ignores the rumors, knowing she can trust him. And even when he comes to the ball with the woman at his side, she believes him when he says it's not what it looks like, and she nods, knowing that the hunting he's done for the vampires requires him to be with the princess's pack.

And then all hell breaks loose... 
                      ... figuratively speaking.

The princess, Rafaella, corners Misty and says he'll drop her, that she means nothing to him and was just a plot in his plan until he could get all the packs with him. She doesn't believe her, and then Rafaella says something. Several, in fact. Let's just go to the book (I do not own this, this is just a reference, not in any way one of those weird copyrights things- just to make sure):

   "Then why was he considering nullifying your marriage when he learned that my father could help him ally with the Caros?" Rafaella challenged.

She ignores this and says that she won't stoop to her level to ask him, and then she tells Rafaella that they had been mated, 'every night'. This causes someone in the ballroom to laugh, and then Rafaella goes:

   "You! God, what an idiot you are! And your mind is in the gutters! When we say 'mated' we're not talking about sexual intercourse, you idiot. We're talking about mating as the true joining of two mates... of you becoming like us." Rafaella laughed. "But you're not, are you?"
   She (Misty) walked away, head held high.

This made me cry!!!!!!!!! Finally, the big sh*t hit the fan and splattered everywhere, and boy did it reek!! I think from here we can all agree that she confronts him. You'd expect explosives going off, though, but instead she fights him back brokenly, resolved and "I've-had-it-with-this-sh*t". He follows her and is like, "I'm sorry I screwed up, I love you, let's mate right now-" and she's like, "What makes you think I would ever want to do that with you now?" And then she whispers a few words, and poof! Disappears.

So I'd prepared myself with a toilet paper roll and had finally plugged my nose while finishing it. She's gone for three days, and his life is hell as he realizes over and over again-
*I replay it*

*Over and over again*

*And I can't take it, I can't shake it*

*Cause it's all in my hea-*


So he's in hell and then a letter comes in- OH! Right. Okay, so there was a pack leader who wanted to go to war with humans because his son had committed suicide after being rejected by a human lover. However, it turned out Daryl (the son) had just become a fairy, he hadn't really died. So after Misty sees him and reconnects the father and son, everything is better...oh and that's why she'd gone 'poof', cause I assume she'd gotten some words that would take her away to fairyland -saying that the self-exiled fairies will ally themselves with the werewolves on behalf of their sister, Misty, and that Misty wishes to cut all ties with her husband, which is more permanent that a divorce. In other words, she wishes to never ever see him again.

So thank GOD there was a sneak peak. 16 months (more than a year!) has passed and as the person who keeps the alliance between the fairies and werewolves strong, she goes back to his world when she hears that her sister-in-law was tortured by vampires. Of course, as she's talking with Daryl's dad, Domenico comes in, asking to speak to her in private. He's staring at how much like a fairy she looks (more regal, elegant blah blah) and gets mad, then their tongues get in on, and then he gets even more mad after he vows that the fairies will not have what's his.

She breaks away saying that if he does not present their 'divorce' to the Council, she will, and leaves. He follows her to his sister's room in the hospital and offers to drive her to the hotel where she's to meet Daryl, and then he kinda tricks her, saying he'll present their divorce, and when she starts crying, he gets the "I knew it!" moment and kisses her senseless (not to mention other things *wink* *wink*). She says she won't forgive him or get back together with him despite how much her body still belongs to him, and he tells her that he'll make her fall in love with him again.

Aw. Okay that part was kind of cute. The 50 First Dates line, not the wild sex lol.

This was a great book! I mean, it made me cry haha so it's good to me if it can make me emotional. The only thing bad about it (for me) was when some of the paragraphs changed from past to present tense when they weren't supposed to. That, and maybe a few missing 'it'-'was'-'a' words in sentences... um, can't think of anything else. Some people might not like how "whiny" she is or how much she cries. Just think of it this way: If you're one of those people who can't stand Twilight because of how weak and pathetic you think Bella is, then fuck off. This is so not the book for you.

I mean, there were times when I wanted to slap Misty for not standing up for herself, but that's just how she is. And as you can see, Domenico's broken promise had made her harder and less gullible  so I don't think she'll be crying over him anytime soon in the second book.

I recommend this book. :) And hey, did you know the author is Filipino-Chinese? My first favorite Filipino-Chinese author! haha. She likes anime and dance... I don't know why I'm telling you this. I guess it was just cool. Different from a lot of the 'married or single with pets' descriptions. :P

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