Friday, April 26, 2013

W(REC)K A BOOK: Immortal City

OOOOO this was a great rec, Allycat :)
I loved it!
Super-model-beautiful Angels who only save people who can afford it? Interesting.
Jacks is the youngest and most popular angel who will soon be a Guardian and get his Protections, a list of (rich) people who can afford his 'service'.
Then there's Maddy, who couldn't give a shit about the angels.
Due to other things happening (like murdered angels and forgotten Dark Angels) their lives intertwine and they fall in love. Cute!
Again, it was a cute read. I was a little....
Hmm, well I mean it's a story about a guy whose interest is piqued by the one girl that doesn't throw herself at him.
Turns out, she's a half angel.
Drama. Drama. Drama.
And then the interesting part came at the end, when he told her she'd soon start her TRAINING as a Guardian.
That totally makes me want to read the next one now.
A half human trained to be a Guardian?
A total temptation!
I loved it, and now I'm recommending it. :)
It shifts to a few POV's and sometimes it'll abruptly shift to another person's POV without any breaks or notice, but I thought it flowed pretty nicely. Nothing irritated me too much, except maybe the part where he was only interested in the first place because she was different from the rest.
But isn't that how all stories are in the beginning? X)

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

W(REC)K A BOOK: The Elite


This came out today.
It did, it did!
Sooooo you should go get it.
You should, you should!

Okay. So as a sequel to The Selection, there are six girls left, and America Singer is feeling the tension. She's also stuck between Aspen and Maxon. UUUGGGGHHHHH. Honestly? I don't know why she's still even thinking about having a future with Aspen! He's an asshole! He had no problem pretending like she didn't exist when he broke up with her, I don't care if he did it to make her go do the Selection! But she did, and she met Maxon, and although she didn't fall for him immediately (thank God, in a way, cause I'm starting to despise those instaloves) she still had something growing for him. And then that asshat had to go and ruin it by showing up as a palace guard, and she had to go fuck it up by sleeping with him just before the book ended!!!!!!!!!!!
*God, did she really have sex with him?*
*How the hell should I know? I skipped the details once they literally slept together.*
*Really? Are you serious right now?*
*Hey, THAT detail was traumatizing enough!*

Anyway, that's in the first book, not this.

But God, how I hated The Selection. I loved the concept and all but I hated that America had gone and slept with Aspen like that! AND when she knew that being with another guy while being a part of the Selection was punishable by death!! I mean, what the hell America?!?!? What about Max?! Even if you weren't in love or anything, didn't he at least deserve that much respect?

BUT I was excited when I saw that The Elite was out. Despite how irritating her moment of weakness was, I still wanted to see her end up with Max! SSOOO I read it, and it was overall awesome! Sure, there were a lot of moments when I wanted to strangle her and yell and shoot Aspen in the ass, but hey! She's growing...

It starts off really sweet with her and Max on one of their many dates in the gardens, and we see that America has decided to have some timeout with both the boys, thank GOD. She's still irked at the fact that she has to share Max with the other girls, and because of that, she can never really trust him completely. How is she supposed to trust him when his sweet words to her could be something he says to all of them? So she keeps her feelings to herself. Sad. :(

Then there's Aspen, and her moments with him, though very irritating, were really just a slice of home. She needed comfort, and he was usually there to help her. As she said in the book, he was her constant that she could always depend on. And although I dislike it, it's true. If for whatever reason she doesn't get picked, he'll still be there, because that's how stubborn he is. BUT, they had a fight towards the end, so I'm wondering if her refusal to hate Max will be the last straw for him. I fucking hope so! Boy's a great friend and all, but she's chosen Max, honey boy! And no one likes a pusher!

Unfortunately, America needed two fucking novels to realize she loves Max. I mean, I know I don't like instaloves, but come on! Did you really need so much opportunities to see how much Max cares for you??? There were soooo many things that made me go off and daydream, and that's a good thing. Hell, I'm a walking time-bomb of emotions right now! I'm pissed at everyone, happy for all, depressed for the rest!

Okay, so basically she continues with the Selection while trying to figure out if she wants to be with Max and live up to the expectations of being a princess, or get away from all the shit and live with Aspen as his wife, like she'd originally planned before all this happened. In the beginning, things were going good. He threw a Halloween party for her, she got to see her family, and they were so close to  loving each other... let's just say that if he'd gone through with his wanting to propose to her, she'd have said yes, and the Selection would've been done. But it didn't happen, and after the party passed, Marlee, America's best friend, was caught with a guard. She didn't know what was going on when her depressed-looking maids helped her get dressed in black the next morning, and for a moment, she thought she was going home, but all the other girls were wearing black, so it calmed her somewhat. She even started to relax when they were exposed to the crowds outside and placed in a spot with a good view of some interesting things on a platform. A ladder and a stack of wood? Hmm.

And then Marlee and the guard, both still in their costumes from last night, were brought out, and accused of breaking the law. The arrogant man read their illegal, intimate time together as treason, and degraded them to Eight's, the lowest caste ever, but were caned, instead of put to death. At this, America was furious, and when her cries to Max went unheard, she flew off of her seat and ran to the stage to stop it, only to be lead back to her room.

This is where she and Max drift apart. She hates him (and herself) for being so stupid to think that she knew him, but she fails to realize that Max had given them mercy. He knew how much Marlee meant to America, and so instead of letting his dad kill them like the law says, he'd made it to where they were just punished. He even went so far as to secretly hide them in the palace, but she doesn't see this kindness until later.

I felt so sad for Marlee :( But even while they were caned, her lover was still telling her it would be okay and that he loved her. AWWW, right?! So despite their punishment, at least they would be together...

So now America hates Max and has come to realize that Aspen has always been there for her, and this starts up her more-than-happy acceptance to see him in secret. This I hated, because this is a huge risk! They could be caught and get the same punishment! Or WORSE! But at the same time, I can't help but understand why she does it. Even if Aspen isn't chosen, she still sees him as someone close to talk to. So I'll give her that.

A lot of small things happen, but throughout it, Max is starting to see that no matter what he does, America will never fully trust him. But can he blame her? How- oh. Well, in a way, the only thing keeping her from believing him is her lack of confidence.

*Fuck, it goes back to that confidence thing again? Sigh.*

Damn. Okay, so he really can blame her. If she'd just believe in herself more, she wouldn't be in this predicament. You see it throughout the book, especially with the question about her being able to be a princess. Her dad says she can, Aspen says she doesn't have it in her. What does SHE think? Well, no one knows yet, not even her. At least, not until the very end, anyway, but even by that point, she's really just fighting to be with him. "Being The Princess" is more of a detail. If she happens to need to be The One to get him, then so be it. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

SSOOO while she and Aspen are getting closer, she's liking Maxon less and less. Unfortunately, this results to him realizing that he can't depend on America. Even if he never loves anyone else, he still needs to choose a girl in the end! So what does he do? He starts looking at the other girls again, and THEN.......HE......FINDS.....SOMEONE..........


He finds something in what's-her-face... Kriss. She gave him a handmade card, and he's kinda touched, becuase no one's ever given him a gift. Yes. Not even America, which makes her feel bad when he mentions this. And when Celeste, the mean girl in this thing, says something about Marlee, America smacks her around, and the two are then sent to the hospital wing. This is where Max basically tells her that he has something with Kriss. And her heart breaks. And MY heart breaks!

Now she's sad that Max does like another girl, and she feels even more stupid for thinking that he only ever had eyes for her. The only time she accepts it is when he actually explains the whole ideal, which then makes her feel bad...

One of my favorite scenes was when the girls were split into two groups to be hosts to two guests from Germany and Italy. Three girls, including Celeste, get Germany, who are very... conservative. America and Kriss get the Italians, a country who, for the first time, has only now reached out for some friendly visits. They aren't allies, you see, so it's very important that they get this right.

Drama and the rebels interrupt their setting up, but in the end it's a success. The Italian princess even commends America for what she'd done with Marlee that day, and says that because of it, she was very much willing to ally her country with America's, IF AMERICA BECAME THE PRINCESS.

It's a huge deal! But then it brings America back to the whole 'Will I be able to do it?' Sigh...

A bunch of other small stuff happens and I can't remember. They weren't that memorable. I'll tell you what was memorable, though. Max. Making out with Celeste. Ugh, that FUCKER! I mean FUCK, seriously?! He explains himself in the end about needing a little "me time" after America hurts him for the last time, but that ain't no excuse! You're on my Shit List, Mr. Royal Pain In My Ass! And so is America, for that matter, with all her Aspen Baggage!

So after reading this, this is basically what I got: She needed time from both guys, played Emotional Tennis with both of them when Maxon gave her the influence that he didn't really love her, didn't know if she was good enough for anything, realized she loved Max, and decided to fight for him and make him believe that he did have her trust. No one was even eliminated, and Marlee doesn't count because she was punished, and actually voted off the metaphorical island, which in a way can be seen as a prison because an island is in the middle of the ocean and if you didn't have a boat, you'd be stuck there, sorta like a cage-
Oh. Right.

So that's the basics of what happened. The only major thing I'm leaving out was what she did after she saw Max and Celeste. Let's just say she was pissed, did her required presentation on destroying the castes, got Max in (physical *whip* *whip*) trouble with the king, was let go but then given a second chance, and was threatened by the king, who does NOT like her.


You should probably read the first one, though. Or not. Book one is for the thrill of "The Bachelor" and book two is more about America, her love triangle, and what's going on in the kingdom. This sequel made me love the series. The first book certainly made me interested, if not irritated and mad in the beginning. ^_^ But it was good! First book I devoured in less than seven hours.

Happy Reeeeeeeeadingggggg!


*lol sorry, couldn't help it*

Thursday, April 18, 2013

W(REC)K A BOOK: Feudlings

Ari's rules are simple; stay invisible, blend in with the crowd, and don't let anyone close. Experience taught her that, if nothing else.

She is an Edren who lives a double life; when she's not her people's Prodigy killing Carules for her grandfather, she's moving from school to school, boarding at places until she finds evidence of more young Carules. Then it's time to call in the calvary and move on to a new area.

Her newest boarding school in Utah tests her rules and expectations of others. Being invisible stops working. She starts making real friends. And Mr. Popular, aka the-Carules-Prodigy-meant-to-fight-her-to-the-death-called-Shane, is getting closer to pulling down her walls. But she doesn't know that it's happening, or that he's the possible prophecy to end the war. Until she does.

Too bad she had to find out that she loved him the same time he tried to kill her.

I loved this book before it even really started! Ari is such a strong and determined character, and although she was raised to kill at an early age and become the 'monster' everyone fears, in the end, it made her the person she is. Hard. Confident. A soldier.

She's a little guarded towards people due to the fact that the girls were mean and the boys were worse, so when she goes to the boarding school in Utah, she expects it to be the same; jealous girls and jerk-ish guys. The first girl she meets is Brittany, her unfortunate roommate, and Brittany is a major brat, but it's because she uses her crocodile tears on Ari to get her to help out with decorating a dance that she meets her two future bff's: Naveah and Livi. Naveah's a black girl and possibly the greatest supporter of this series, if not a great gal in general. XD She's confident, loud and fun. Then there's Livi, the shortest girl who bounces (yes, she literally bounces) with a lot of energy and smiles. She's gotta be the cutest little thing in here.

They befriend Ari despite her attempts to keep them at bay, which makes them such great friends. Charity, Shane's cousin, is a Seer and the third Musketeer to Ari's cherished gals. Hunter, Shane's Guard and best friend, is a giant mountain who growls more than he speaks, and he doesn't like Ari at first, mostly because Charity can't see her with her gift. He warms up to her after they bond over their mutual love of football.

The story is told in Ari and Shane's POV, so it's hilarious when Shane's comes up, because we see how popular he is, especially with the ladies. He's such a player! XD But don't worry, it doesn't come off as irritating. If anything, he smiles and maintains his 'niceness and politeness' towards the female population, making him even more desirable. Dude is tall with black hair and intense blue eyes, and a little lanky compared to Hunter the Hulk, which I think makes him a little hotter because he's not "perfect".
*Well, my type of perfect, anyway.*

So this is basically what happened: Ari was on a ladder helping Brittany and her two other to-be-bff's when Brittany heard Shane coming and decided to turn off the lights because she didn't want him to see that she'd been behind on her promise to do the dance's decorations. She's in 'love' with him, and even goes as far as to warn Ari off, though Ari could care less (another reason why this got to me so quickly!) When she did, Naveah accidentally hit the ladder, and Ari fell and lost consciousness (not to mention that the stupid ladder fell on her haha. Poor thing). That is how Shane, Hunter and Charity find her, and when the boys wondered as to why Charity, their Seer, hadn't warned them about this accident, she reveals that she hadn't seen it. And there's only one reason why a Seer can't see somebody; they can't see Prodigies.

This immediately makes Hunter suspicious, but Shane is dead set on their enemy being a guy. It's kinda sexist, true, but Ari wears a robe and a shroud that kinda abstracts her appearance, making it hard to figure out her identity. Charity befriends her, and before she knows it, she's got real friends. Ari can't believe that there are actually good, genuine people in the world, and it makes her yearn even more for a life as a Normal.

Ari's family is a little dysfunctional. Her grandfather, Richard, is just UGGHH. Her mother is a powerful woman but for some reason refuses to stand up for herself. Frank (I think that's his name? Idk, I don't like him) basically abuses the mom, which kinda keeps Ari from completely abandoning the stupid war and prophecy. And then there's William, her big brother, who left the war and joined the Renegades, Edren and Carules who want to live in peace together. William is her Guard like Hunter is to Shane, and he's one of the reasons as to why she doesn't trust her family anymore. See, when he was seen as a traitor against his own people for joining the Renegades, she was a little girl, and young enough to be brainwashed by her own grandparents. They made her forget she had a brother and sent her to kill him, because he was a powerful threat. She didn't kill him after he convinced her not to, and it was because she'd hesitated that some of the scared Renegades attacked her with their magic. They healed her, so she's okay, but after she realized what her grandparents had done, she never trusted them after that.

The whole story is cute and funny, and I think it's because she isn't so whiny or low on self-esteem that it makes it that much more enjoyable. I mean, yeah she's self conscious when it comes to thinking of herself as something better than a monster and a killer, and she isn't used to being nice to anyone not her brother, but that's what makes it great to read. You see her open up and witness great things like friendship and love. There's also a lot of funny stuff throughout the book, and a lot of 'oh my god' moments.

You're probably wondering why he attacked her (as mentioned in the beginning of the synopsis), and if he even knew it was her he attacked, since they're enemies. Well what'd happened was that after everything is good and done between them and theirs, Shane decides to capture his nemesis once and for all, so he sets up a trap. The trap is ruined, but he and Hunter see the Prodigy and send spells to kill 'him'. They do it a second after Charity screams, "No!" And by then, they see Ari's face. She's devestated that her friends would try to kill her, and traps them with wards before she runs away.

This is the only thing that bugged me. She's mad that they attacked her, but they didn't know it was her. How could she be mad at them for that? She gets over it, thank God, but.... well... You see, there's something wrong with Ari now. Ari has never been able to fully heal; no matter what the best healers did, they could never rightly heal her. And so, because of this, there's a part of Shane and Hunter's Kill Spell still inside of her, eating her alive. You can tell because Charity notices it and points out Ari's still ragged breathing.

Charity and Ari are taken after a Renegade member betrays them (they're not bad, it's just that their families are held hostage, so the traitor had no choice). Ari's tortured a little, but she's rescued, along with the traitor's family. A huge battle comes up after, but the bad guy gets away with Charity. :( Oh, and Ari's mom dies trying to save her children :(((. Will's alive, though! Along with the guys and others, so that's good. Richard, her grandfather, unfortunately, is also alive, as he'd escaped Ari when she's given the choice of killing him or saving her friends and brother.

I soooo look forward to the next book. There was rarely any stupid drama! And if there were, it was coming from Brittany or some other character I could care less about haha.

I highly recommend it. Ari's 17 and they're all seniors, so this is a YA, if the boarding schools didn't give it away.

Happy Reading :)

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Kira still has some unfinished business to do before this series can become a happily ever after. She needs to say goodbye to a now human Tristan before she can move on with Luke, but she also needs to kill Aldrich once and for all to exact her revenge for everyone that psycho has screwed over. But how can she, when there's a part of her inside that rejects her flames and instead hears the sweet call of honey-scented conduits?

She's turning into a vampire and fulfilling the prophecy of becoming everyone's worse nightmare; two halves of an angel with a tint of madness. So how will this end for them?

Oh my gosh, I can't believe the series has ended. I mean, it only took about a year (that's a really reallllly long time) for me to read the next installment, so the anticipation was a little strained by the time I got to reading it! And I got sad when Scorch reminded me that it was the last book. :( UGH!! I'm so sad right now cause it was so goood! But at the same time I'm not that pissed because it was a great ending. No loose ends for me :)

So if you've read the first three books, you should already know that Kira loved Tristan, but then realized that her rock was her best friend, Luke. She broke it off with Tristan once they realized that they could never be together cause of his immortality and all, but then Kira turned him human in the last book, so now you wonder if she's going to go back to him or stick with Luke.

Oh, the anticipation, right?
God only knows I looked like that after Blaze's little cliffhanger.
*PLEASE don't be one of those girls who can't stick to her decisions!*

I'll put you out of your misery. She doesn't switch just because there's another option for something she'd already decided on. She chose Luke, and she's sticking with her choice. Of course she still loves Tristan, but she's not in love with him like she is with Luke. See the difference?

I was so proud of her for being mature and knowing what she wants, but I was so sad for her. She's Turning, and she thinks that if she tells Luke about it, he'll turn away from her, and she can't let that happen just when she finally admitted her love for him. I mean, what's a girl to do when you kill a vampire via bite and almost kill your mother because she smells good? Not telling your lover boy until you've sorted your shit out sounds like a good temporary plan. But of course, he finds out anyway and helps her out, though at an unfortunate time. Let's just say that was not how he'd imagined to be romanced.

The book was tied very nicely. Tristan, now a 17-year-old human, has a second chance at life and ends up with Pavia, the vampire Kira found in Aldrich's dungeon who can take and share other people's memories. She's one of the many vampires who wish to turn human, and Kira makes her promise to love him so he isn't alone. Sweet, right? And Tristan, thank God, didn't do anything dramatic. Their short reunion before Pavia wiped his vampire memories per Kira's request was sweet and real, and when he said goodbye, it was bittersweet and right. It makes you appreciate him rather than think, "She belongs with Luke, Tristan, GO AWAY!" Though, I'll always wonder what kind of guy he was when he was a vampire, because small parts reveal the 'real' Tristan to Kira, up to a point until she finally thinks to herself, "Who is this person in front of me? Was it all a lie?" Not so sweet, right?

Luke is Luke and the book was great because of their easy banter and playfulness despite the seriousness of the story. Whenever Kira was weak or confused, he was there to help her out. He was, in every sense of the word, her solid rock.

Towards the end, Kira realizes that Aldrich is going to attack Sonnyville, and around that time, she makes one last decision before this all goes down. She chooses love over anything else, but Aldrich needs to pay, and if she happens to go down with him, then so be it. She would rather die than see her loved ones fear her. Of course, she doesn't die XD She cuts herself, getting rid of the bad thing, and defeats Aldrich before passing out.

The end. All done. It was good while it was going.
A high recommendation to end a great series :)

The only thing that bugged me were the minor editing mistakes, but everything flowed nicely and it kept your attention!

Happy Reading :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Simmer's last book, Scorch! OMG!

Oh my gosh, Scorch is out!
*It came out on the 3rd, Einstein*
Shut up.
Oh my God!!!! I'm so excited for this! Tristan is human and forgot everything about what's-her-face-
*-rolls eyes- you mean Kira?*
Yeah, sure
and then Thomas is getting impatient with her now available choice of either being with Tristan or Thomas...

This is all so intense!

And it's the final BOOK! Of the SERIES! T_T

I don't want it to end, but at the same time, I am soooo ready for the climax!
Bring it on, baby!