Friday, April 26, 2013

W(REC)K A BOOK: Immortal City

OOOOO this was a great rec, Allycat :)
I loved it!
Super-model-beautiful Angels who only save people who can afford it? Interesting.
Jacks is the youngest and most popular angel who will soon be a Guardian and get his Protections, a list of (rich) people who can afford his 'service'.
Then there's Maddy, who couldn't give a shit about the angels.
Due to other things happening (like murdered angels and forgotten Dark Angels) their lives intertwine and they fall in love. Cute!
Again, it was a cute read. I was a little....
Hmm, well I mean it's a story about a guy whose interest is piqued by the one girl that doesn't throw herself at him.
Turns out, she's a half angel.
Drama. Drama. Drama.
And then the interesting part came at the end, when he told her she'd soon start her TRAINING as a Guardian.
That totally makes me want to read the next one now.
A half human trained to be a Guardian?
A total temptation!
I loved it, and now I'm recommending it. :)
It shifts to a few POV's and sometimes it'll abruptly shift to another person's POV without any breaks or notice, but I thought it flowed pretty nicely. Nothing irritated me too much, except maybe the part where he was only interested in the first place because she was different from the rest.
But isn't that how all stories are in the beginning? X)

Happy Reading!

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