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Kira still has some unfinished business to do before this series can become a happily ever after. She needs to say goodbye to a now human Tristan before she can move on with Luke, but she also needs to kill Aldrich once and for all to exact her revenge for everyone that psycho has screwed over. But how can she, when there's a part of her inside that rejects her flames and instead hears the sweet call of honey-scented conduits?

She's turning into a vampire and fulfilling the prophecy of becoming everyone's worse nightmare; two halves of an angel with a tint of madness. So how will this end for them?

Oh my gosh, I can't believe the series has ended. I mean, it only took about a year (that's a really reallllly long time) for me to read the next installment, so the anticipation was a little strained by the time I got to reading it! And I got sad when Scorch reminded me that it was the last book. :( UGH!! I'm so sad right now cause it was so goood! But at the same time I'm not that pissed because it was a great ending. No loose ends for me :)

So if you've read the first three books, you should already know that Kira loved Tristan, but then realized that her rock was her best friend, Luke. She broke it off with Tristan once they realized that they could never be together cause of his immortality and all, but then Kira turned him human in the last book, so now you wonder if she's going to go back to him or stick with Luke.

Oh, the anticipation, right?
God only knows I looked like that after Blaze's little cliffhanger.
*PLEASE don't be one of those girls who can't stick to her decisions!*

I'll put you out of your misery. She doesn't switch just because there's another option for something she'd already decided on. She chose Luke, and she's sticking with her choice. Of course she still loves Tristan, but she's not in love with him like she is with Luke. See the difference?

I was so proud of her for being mature and knowing what she wants, but I was so sad for her. She's Turning, and she thinks that if she tells Luke about it, he'll turn away from her, and she can't let that happen just when she finally admitted her love for him. I mean, what's a girl to do when you kill a vampire via bite and almost kill your mother because she smells good? Not telling your lover boy until you've sorted your shit out sounds like a good temporary plan. But of course, he finds out anyway and helps her out, though at an unfortunate time. Let's just say that was not how he'd imagined to be romanced.

The book was tied very nicely. Tristan, now a 17-year-old human, has a second chance at life and ends up with Pavia, the vampire Kira found in Aldrich's dungeon who can take and share other people's memories. She's one of the many vampires who wish to turn human, and Kira makes her promise to love him so he isn't alone. Sweet, right? And Tristan, thank God, didn't do anything dramatic. Their short reunion before Pavia wiped his vampire memories per Kira's request was sweet and real, and when he said goodbye, it was bittersweet and right. It makes you appreciate him rather than think, "She belongs with Luke, Tristan, GO AWAY!" Though, I'll always wonder what kind of guy he was when he was a vampire, because small parts reveal the 'real' Tristan to Kira, up to a point until she finally thinks to herself, "Who is this person in front of me? Was it all a lie?" Not so sweet, right?

Luke is Luke and the book was great because of their easy banter and playfulness despite the seriousness of the story. Whenever Kira was weak or confused, he was there to help her out. He was, in every sense of the word, her solid rock.

Towards the end, Kira realizes that Aldrich is going to attack Sonnyville, and around that time, she makes one last decision before this all goes down. She chooses love over anything else, but Aldrich needs to pay, and if she happens to go down with him, then so be it. She would rather die than see her loved ones fear her. Of course, she doesn't die XD She cuts herself, getting rid of the bad thing, and defeats Aldrich before passing out.

The end. All done. It was good while it was going.
A high recommendation to end a great series :)

The only thing that bugged me were the minor editing mistakes, but everything flowed nicely and it kept your attention!

Happy Reading :)

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