Thursday, May 9, 2013

War of the Prince's Dragoon!!!


FINALLY book 2 is coming out- and in June!!!


Dang, look at that cover! Pretty Indie :)

I've waited FOREVER for this sequelllll
And if you don't know it, check out Haven and fall in love with it and then wait for June to read it :)
Just to convince you-
*ahem... you know who you are*
- Haven's about Katelyn who lives in a slice of a community surrounded by mountains. They've all got silver eyes, it's completely normal, and she has a knack for always finding what she's looking for, no matter how well hidden it is.
One night she starts a search that leads her under the cemetery and down the creepy tunnel to a giant cave. And an injured man.
She befriends the dude, Rune, helps him out, gets captured by his 'people', and is held prisoner on a beautiful estate.
It's obvious the guy in charge likes her, but she tries to escape, fails, and faces the guy's older brother and his... idk, flunky? General? (Captain?) Anywho the FGC sees her eyes and dubs her the magical powerful stone they've all been looking for.
She gets taken (again) and it's later revealed she does have powers.
She escapes with Rune (whom she falls for. Awww) but then has to say goodbye to save him. :( A bunch of wild monsters (everyone outside her community is afraid of) help her out, and it's later revealed that those things protect her and her community from crazies like the FGC.
She and Rune part, it's sad, she returns to normality, and then at the end she walks back to the creepy tunnel late at night and-
Makes you wanna read it, right?
So you should.
So you can then do the happy dance with meeee.

Happy Reading!!!

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