Thursday, May 16, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Cursed

Ivy's summoned to Rome for her testimony about what exactly went down the night the portal opened- and closed. However, she's determined to get back the love of her life who took her place in Hell, and she won't give up on Collin, despite what her visions, or the rest of her 'people', say.

After three months of information searching, she, Eric and Shannon finally end up in Hell. Only, their situations just got ten times worse.

Nothing is as it seems in the Underworld.

Don't trust beautiful things. They don't belong.

Avoid everything, even ones that don't seem harmless.

And never, ever trust the things you see; they just might suck you in and never let you leave.

GOD Allycat, don't read this. Nothing but fucking depression and despair.

The first one, Demon Kissed, was fine- great, actually. It had everything and a lot of stuff was going on: she gets her soul (well most of it) taken and then she finds out she's a Martis ("good guy") who was attacked by a Valefar ("bad guy"). Her friend Eric, a Martis, trains her, then freaks and hates her when it's revealed she has demon blood in her and not just angel blood. Blah blah, she meets Collin, who turns out to be 'bad', and then all hell sorta breaks loose, this big fight comes up, she thinks Collin has betrayed her, but then in the end he ends up taking her place in Hell so then she becomes depressed and later determined to get him back. A lot of drama, but it's because other stuff happens that it doesn't emotionally paralyze you.

Like THIS book did. Fuck, all that happens is her getting the shit treatment in Italy and then shit on in Hell! She gets sent to Rome and is treated like a Valefar because they "haven't determined whether or not they can overturn the Prophecy". The prophecy basically says she's gonna destroy everything, but come on! She put her life on the line to save their asses, and what do they do? Treat her like shit. So for three months she has to endure being treated like a prisoner because she needs information in their library about getting her boyfriend out of Hell.

Then Eric shows up because the councilmen want his testimony, but it ends up being this execution for him because they can't get him to say she's evil. She saves him the same day she finds the answers she's been looking for, they teleport out of the chambers and below Rome, and then Shannon shows up just before they go to Hell.

She finds her older sister there, who turns out to be a Valefar, but doesn't even get to save her in the end. Fuck. And then while on their "journey" they run into some stuff and she finds Eric dying, so she thinks he's silently pleading for her to help him, and she turns him into a Valefar. She thinks it doesn't work, leaves him, and then gets attacked by Shannon, whom later dies in flames. Double fuck- but Shannon was irritating so I didn't feel bad. I just got even more irritated that she went from helpful to psychotic traitor. Bitch. And THEN it turns out Eric survived, but now he's pissed at her and smelling her and shit- he's confused and thinks she's the one who originally attacked him when really it was just Shannon. Just-

WHAT THE HELL??? This book is so fucking depressing, and the way she thinks? I don't like it, so I can't even enjoy it that much! Fuck, the only one I liked in here was the bloody dragon! And he doesn't even do anything!

Do I recommend this? Not really.
However, I liked the first book, and I do want to know what'll happen in the end. I'm just gonna wait to the whole series is out, though, and then read their back covers and figure out whether or not I'm still interested. Ugh. Thank God this other book I was waiting for came out yesterday.

Happy fucking Reading.

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