Monday, May 13, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: If I Should Die and Die For Her

A big sigh of relief and contentment after finishing the conclusion to the Revenants series.
Guess what, Vincent's not really dead! Though I suppose you already knew that, since he's the main character's love of her life. It'd kinda suck if he died and she ended up living life with him as a stalking guardian angel. :P

I also suspected Kate was the Champion when they started mentioning one, and when it said the Champion would kill Lucien, I (and mostly likely every other shark and shine) was like, "Ohh yeahh I was right!"
I admit, though, it took a while to remember all the characters, but afterwards, the book flowed nicely. :)
And when it was over, there were two things I couldn't stop thinking about:
1- "Boy wouldn't it be cool if Amy did another series based on the couple's lives as Revenants
2- "What happened to Jules??????"

Obviously I don't have the power to see Thought One through, but I could control my Jules-Fill! How? Why, by reading the novella made after Until I Die(2)!

Pretty, isn't it?
And let me just say.... it was SO. SAD.
The novella's about 60 pages and from Jules' POV (Point Of View) in the first two books.
He slowly falls for Kate and is just tortured every time he realizes he could never have her. I felt so bad! Every once in a while, I'd be like, "That's why he was freaking out when she kissed him!" or "I can't believe he was pouring his heart out to her when we all thought he was just being a flirt!"
Ugh! Or that ONE LINE??
"I thought she'd be the one to see right through it, to call me out and make me confess my feelings for her, but she wasn't."
*That wasn't exactly the line-*
*It's called adding lib, okay?*
Anyways the line was along the lines of that, but still just as sad!
He wants her to love him but at the same time he can't, because he loves his bro Vincent and doesn't want to do anything to hurt either of them T_T

All in all, I recommend the series; it's really great and devour-able ^_~
Both books were brilliant and nice like I'd finally been put to rest BUTTTT Revenants can never be put to rest!
*Evil laugh*
Therefore we should all hope 
that she starts another series about
their lives as Revenants and living together forever and ever!

Happy Reading!

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