Wednesday, May 29, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Sweet Peril

Anna Whitt, the daughter of a guardian angel and a demon, the Duke of Substance Abuse, has to continue with her party-girl act in order to keep up her appearance with the whisperers and other Dukes of Sin that she's still working for their side. She struggles with her double life, but it doesn't help when the one she loves continues to treat her like the plague, even when he looks hot doing it.

But when a prophecy comes back into play, her father sends her and Kopano, the son of the Duke of Wrath, around the world to recruit other Nephilim like them in order to gain the support they need to get rid of the Dukes' ruling over the kids whose souls were damned the day they were born.

Lines, truths and trust will be put on the spot, but for Anna and Kaiden, is loving someone worth their life?

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can't believe Anna and Kaiden finally got together! The synopsis almost drove me away when I found out it was just her and some other guy (no offense, Kope, you're hot) traveling the world recruiting for a war that wasn't even in the book, but this did not disappoint!

Sweet Evil left you falling from a very high cliff, and the one thing going through my mind was whether or not Anna and Kaiden would get to be together. A few pages into this book and I was already crying when she saw him again after six months of absolutely nothing from him. How could someone so nice take on an emotional beating and physical pain (see blue balls) without cracking up??? She's trying to talk to him to get this thing out in the open and settled with, but he's putting on the natural lust charm and fogging up not only her mind, but mine as well. And he ain't even real! (Well, not in this reality, anyway). I know this is YA, but damn! Some scenes (okay, most of the scenes with A&K in it) were HOT. Like, holy hell am I reading a YA? And there weren't even naughty things said to get your blood pressure going- the tension did it all on its own!

It's really frustrating when the world you live in forbids you from liking a guy who has to work because his daddy, the Duke of Lust, commands it. I bet it also sucks when the girl you love is someone you feel is too pure for a rake like yourself. But it happens, their love, and boy was Anna mad when she found out her dad was partially behind Kaiden's cold-shoulder treatment all this time. She does handle it well, though, so applause for you, girl!

Their relationship is pretty rough in this book. First they don't talk to each other (Kaiden's doing), and then when Anna hears Kaiden giving Kopano (who likes her) the green light to move in on her, she goes with one crazy idea born from a tired-of-being-hurt heart and kisses Kope during an emotional incident.... Well, I mean they were hiding in the closet because of an assignment, but yeah. You get the idea. Small space. Close contact. Strong Lust-Sensor nose.

The kiss only confirms that she loves Kaiden, but word gets back to Lust Boy and out of hurt, he almost ALMOST sleeps with this girl who works for his band and is also named Anna with blonde hair and nice manners. LOL, can anyway scream ALERT?? When they do make up, and Anna finds out that he'd almost slept with a girl because he wanted to and not because of work, it hurts her a lot, but she actually tries to put herself in his shoes in order to understand his side of the story, because they both wronged the other, no matter who did what and when. That was very grown up of her, because it's true, he'd only ALMOST slept with a girl because he was mad that she'd kissed Kope. So they deal with it, and they become-------- BUM BUM BUMMMMMM

*God, don't you EVER fucking do that again*
*It's not that bad, you know-*
So now they're an item, but unfortunately their relationship can only go so far as snogging because the last thing she wants is to lose her 'purity' status and end up as the girl who couldn't hold the Holy Sword That Would End All This Drama because she couldn't keep her pants up. It's Hell on a son of the Duke of Lust, I'm sure, but he's hanging in there.

I think the first book was more exciting and dramatic, but this was still a 5-Star novel for me because it concentrated on Anna and Kaiden's sad affair as well as other stuff to introduce the third book where the real action will take place. And it looks like Kope might have a female companion *waggles eyebrows* so let's keep our fingers crossed for that young man!

I recommend this series, so start with Sweet Evil. It's a very nice take on guardian angels, demons, and the kids who are born from the Dukes and are thus forced to work for them. You'll get a great adventure/action/love story from the first and a satisfied love-ending from the second.

Happy Reading :)

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