Friday, May 10, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Widow's Web

You'd think after killing the Cruella de Vil of her Southern town, the locals would be grateful and stop trying to kill her. Apparently not.

Especially when a returning resident sets her eyes on Owen... and Owen is reacting way more than he should.

So what's an assassin to do when an old flame- and apparent once-was fiance -shows up in her lover's life? Once an assassin, always an assassin, right? Maybe. But although Gin will hold a blade against anyone for her loved ones, for once, she may just have to hold out her heart and do the one thing that scares her: trust Owen.

Because although he claims that it's been over between him and Salina, Gin begins to realize just how much it can cost someone to give their heart away. And in an assassin's case, it's never a good thing.

Holy hell, this was very very very good! It kept me completely enamored with its witty, hilarious and brilliant characters. Some reviewed it as a little slow, and true, when in comparison to its earlier installments, this was one of those emotional novels that had you shaking your head at nothing and choking your kindle despite the fact that's it's a bloody object- or was it just me?
To be honest I haven't read any good books recently that weren't YA, so it was nice having some Gin in my life again. :) It starts with Gin Blanco, aka the Spider, stalking her new target to a building and eventually to his office. It turns out to be Owen and her foster brother, Finn, which she both shoots. The chapter ends, and the other opens up with her brother sighing in disgust at his ruined suit and defeat at having lost the bet. Way to boggle the mind when in reality (well, their's, anyway) it was just Gin taking them out before the month ended. Cute, right?

So she wins the bet and gets to take Owen out to a fancy (see expensive) restaurant, curtesy of Finn. They're finishing up when she sees McAllister, the sleezy lawyer who used to hide under Mab's power before she killed the Fire psycho. At first she refuses to let it get to her, and ignores him, but when the person he's waiting for walks in, commanding attention from anything with a third leg or feminine green monster, and notices Owen, it sorta becomes hard to ignore. Especially when Owen stares at the woman like he's seen a ghost and the said woman is nothing short of a leg spreader with a huge invitation for him to dig in. Again. As if he'd dined there before.

Turns out, Owen was once engaged to this Salina, and during a time that he refuses to share with Gin anytime soon. Gin doesn't know what's worse, that he kept having a fiance from her, or that he'd been in love with someone other than her. Hurts, huh, Gin? She experiences some stuff she could only imagine Owen felt when she had to deal with Donovan, the lovely- chokes -detective who broke her heart with the stick stuck up his moral ass, and she actually handles this very well. I think if anything, this book showed us how mature she'd become, both mentally and emotionally.

The woman leaves the table to have her meeting with the sleezeball lawyer, and Gin and Owen leave to have a little talk, which I think we all know is just a way of having makeup sex. The next day at the Pork Pit, her restaurant, in strolls Phillip Kincaid, one of the sharks in the city, and a current conundrum in dealing with what category to put him in: Someone Who Wants To Kill Her or Least Of Her Problems? Hmm, which to put him in... He asks her to cater for this thing he's having on his boat, and she agrees, mostly because she wants to know what he's up to. She gets there only to see it's basically a college party with a cause, and two girls catch her attention: Eva and Violet, the 19-year-old sister of her lover and the girl's best friend. Things start getting confusing, and when someone close to Kincaid dies, and someone tries to attack Kincaid himself, Gin is forced to intervene and save the guy's life. Only now, she's starting to see some things, and she's wondering why it wasn't told to her in the first place.

Like how Eva knows Kincaid, or why a water elemental was after him. Coincidentally, Salina is also a water elemental, and their attacker was female. Long story short, Salina's crazy, everyone can see it except for Owen, and a distance is starting to form between him and Gin.

Salina is similiar to Gin in the sense that both their families were murdered in front of them by Mab, but the difference is that Gin didn't let it control her; she controlled it, and made something of it. Salina let the rage eat her and turn her crazy, though to be fair, the girl was whacked before anything happened to her. And when I say whacked, I mean cruel. When she was with Owen, Eva and Kincaid as kids (see, after her dad died she lived with Owen them, and Kincaid and Owen were actually close 'brothers') she was obsessed with Owen. When Eva started taking up his attention, she began having her 'games' with Eva, by taking her to the bathtub when the boys were out and drowning her long enough to get a high. This went on for weeks, until Kincaid realized what was going on and beat her up for it. And of course, Owen has to walk in, and believe Salina when she cries that he'd tried to rape her. Owen beats up Kincaid, dude leaves, and that's how they separated, and why Eva knows him.

Eva tells Gin this with making her promise to kill the bitch, which Gin agrees to, mostly because she doesn't want Eva to suffer anymore, or worse yet, do something crazy and go after the woman herself. Gin then reveals it to Owen, and she patches up his and Kincaid's... er, kinship. This and that happens, we see Salina's master plan of revenge... And when Salina almost kills Gin, Finn is throwing a fit at needing to kill the psycho now while Owen comes back with "She's sick, she needs help". This hurts Gin, because she'd almost been killed, but at the same time, she understands what he's going through, and tries to be patient.

Blah blah, Gin ends up going to Salina's house where she's throwing a party and looks for Owen, who'd been invited via a note threatening to hurt Gin. She sees them together, and Owen tells Salina that it's over, but that he'll let her leave Ashland if she promises to not hurt anyone. This hurts Gin (again) for their original agreement had been for him to offer her 'help' at the asylum, or get dead. Salina doesn't take his rejection well and holds him captive while she goes downstairs to proceed with her plan. Gin saves him, yadida, awesome fight enters... Gin actually freezes everything- I mean everything. It's like a Winter Wonderland at the mansion.

However, that drains her, and Salina pulls a gun on her- until Eva comes out of nowhere and shoots her twice. It doesn't kill her, but she cries to Gin that she needs to die. Gin sees the last of her innocence disappearing and agrees to kill her. She does it for Eva, because she doesn't want her to kill, and when Owen starts to protest, she has Kincaid and Finn hold him while she cuts Salina's throat.

Owen stops talking to her after giving her the fucking Look of Damnation. She feels horrible and empty, because her heart's breaking into a million pieces and Owen is acting like he couldn't give a fuck. Logically, she knows that he's just going through a hard time and needs space, but when he actually asks it of her after a few days, she takes it with a smile, though inside she's dying of fear that she'll lose him. But she's not that deterred! She also decides that she needs some space to, because the things she'd just learned about him are new variables that unfortunately need to be placed in her equation that is life.

That's how it ends :(

But then the next book's synopsis gets introduced and boy does it look hilarious!

This was a great read, and you could probably pick up any of the installments, but I highly recommend the first one, too. That's a great start to the Spider :)

Everything flowed well and I rarely caught myself skipping lines unless it was during a crucial moment and I wanted to know what was going to be said next instead of knowing more about the color of the fucking flower or something. Overall, five stars! Made me laugh, cry and cringe and it was all worth it.

Happy Reading!

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