Monday, May 13, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Zoey Rogue

Zoey is a Hunter for the society of Succubae, but all she wants to be is normal. Sure, it fulfills her to save other women from being raped and drained by the Cambions, but as a Halfling, she feels she doesn't fit anywhere. Eric, her human boyfriend, is the only normal link she has that keeps her from being sucked into her society like all the others. But how long will she really be able to fool herself?

Declan, the second most powerful Incubus in his society, has known about his spitfire soulmate for three years, and still feels unprepared to take her at his side. What's worse, she's a part of the enemy's team.

However, fate forces his hand into finally accepting her, and once he touches her, he'll never be able to let go.

But that doesn't matter, because it all depends on how much trust Zoey is willing to give him. And with so many secrets going on between their societies, what will happen when she finally lets down her walls?

Damn, I love this cover- it's so cool!! Not to mention freaky- I don't think I've ever seen a character's ass on any of my authors' works whom I was introduced to through YA novels. It's like seeing that possibly fake tweet of our vice president hacking Obama's account and saying "I love dicks"- it's weird, I tell you, weird!

I loved Lizzy Ford after I found her Witchlings series, so this was a nice change! And hey, it's sex and violence and fantasy, can't really go wrong there with me. So basically, the Succubae and Incubi are separate societies. The Incubi are assocaited with Cambions, offspring of Incubi and humans, who feed off of women through rape and murder. As these monsters grow stronger, so do their fathers, the Incubi. The Succubae have Hunters, which consist both of Succubae and Halflings, to rescue the innocent and kill the Cambions. Halflings are created in test tubes with DNA from a Succubus and a human. Either side is not as it seems, though. For example, mostly all the Hunters except for some Halflings don't survive past their 22nd birthday due to going crazy and unstable via their sex energy. This is hush hush, as they want to keep the women at their most motivated to continue fighting. Oh,  and only some Halflings survive because they're lucky enough to get found by their soulmate, an incubus, who has the power to help them with their energy and magic. Another example is that the Cambions had somehow found their way and corrupted the system that runs the Incubi society. Because of this, Declan and the rest of his family (the Enforcers feared by either society) along with some others plot to overthrow them and start a civil war.

OKAY! So the sex was hot and the swearing was quite natural like it is in other books. This book was pretty good! The only thing that bothered me was how confused I got at times. It didn't really flow well for me and the way my brain works, I guess. XP. Like, Zoey could be thinking of something, but then something happens, and her mood flips, and then something else happens and she's back to being how was she was before. I also felt that some small parts in the book contradicted itself? IDK- I did read four books in like, the last two days, maybe my brain's frying on the back burner and I'm actually running on auto pilot. Who knows.

And Zoey isn't exactly someone I can relate to, but that wasn't usually a problem for me if I was still convinced to like the character. Don't get me wrong, I love her, but some of the things she does... makes me wonder if she's just stupid or stupid. Makes me feel like she's still developing, and this is just the "Before" Zoey. Then again, I could just be on auto pilot.

As the end approached, I was screaming internally!!! I was so sad when she thought Declan was cheating on her, and poor Declan! This whole time (well towards the end of the book, really) he thinks he's screwing Zoey, when in actuality, it's different women his enemy's sent disguised as her! He's drowning in anger and guilt- especially guilt, considering that Zoey was just beginning to really trust him.


I think the only way I'll read the seconnd book is if the reviews talk about how Olivia (the head of Zoey's society and major Fucker right now) dies a gruesome death and Zoey and Declan only piss each other off with their personalities and independent mindest, and not with an extra variable slut-hoe-bag-soon-to-be-rubber-doll-as-punishment-for-pissing-me-off!*


I take the last part back. I just don't want any more cheating to be done! It breaks me heart. T_T Not to mention that the way Ford writes makes me stand on edge- I'm backtracking like 100 times because I'm subconsciously skipping lines to see if he really did fuck some other woman or if she really did do something that isn't explained until like 40 pages later-

... Overall, the idea of a succubus world is awesome and I'm glad there are some books coming out with them as the stars in their pages. Lizzy Ford is a cool cat and you need to check out her books. Well, I mean I know you read some, but you didn't finish some of the series!! *Clap-Clap* Come on, girl! Get on it! And then maybe when you feel like finally embracing your inner tiger, you'll read this. So like, read this. Soon.

Happy Reading :)

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