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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Come Alive

It's one thing to bring the woman you love back into your life. It's another to try and keep her there. For Dex Foray, convincing Perry Palomino to open herself to their burgeoning relationship has been more challenging than hunting ghosts, battling demons and stalking Sasquatch combined. Add in the fact that the only way they can keep their Experiment in Terror show running is to take on a third partner in the form of the mysterious Maximus Jacobs - all while investigating a sinister voodoo sect in New Orleans - and you've got the perfect Southern storm and a recipe for disaster. Luckily, Dex has never been one to back down, even when his life - and heart - are on the line.

- Goodreads

*seriously, there's only like- six sex scenes at the most and the book's only in the POV of a pervert...*
Okay, so not exactly the right book to start with, but start with Dark House! No sex, I swear.
It's kinda like Heller... ich glaube.

Karina Halle, my lovely, you did not disappoint!!!

Dex and Perry are high up on my Favorite Couples' List, right next to Barrons and Mac from the Fever series, and Bella and Edward from- well, I'm sure you know where.

Come Alive is from Dex's POV, and he is still the perverted asshole who's completely, whole-heartedly devoted to getting the lovely Perry to trust him again, and I just wanna devour the whole concept, it's so yummy. They've both matured so much in this book, and it definitely shows at the end. They go through a lot in New Orleans, but the draw to this book isn't the zombies or crazy-arse women with wide loads: it's Dex's devotion of disgustingly sweet and soul-deep love for Perry. And the appeal is that he isn't Prince Charming, he's rough around the mental edges and is such a major perv, but in the good sense, the sense that makes someone like him so devoted to such a good person like Perry. Kinda like Persephone and Hades meets 50 First Dates, except she remembers everything and they're American, not Greek Gods.

I don't know about the other editions, but my kindle version had a few errors and missing words, but the book was great, nonetheless. It flowed so nicely and there weren't any unnecessary details that sometimes drag on for so long that eventually you forget where it's going... but that's just me.

The only thing I didn't like was when that bitch Afro-something or Asmonia---whatever the hell her name is---used subtle magic to get him to feel attraction towards her during their short meetings. T_T Shame on your Rooster for even thinking of parading anywhere near another woman's backyard. Keep that thing under restraint. And as usual, Perry suspects the woman's bad, Dex thinks she's jealous, and what do you know? She's the bad guy. Boom.

Other than that, this book left me laughing and crying. Mostly crying. In the end I was all gushy on the inside so that makes up for the dehydration. :) Personally, some of her other books were creepier, but who cares about the creepiness when you're in Dex's mind? XD


My favorite quote from this perv:

I love you Perry. I love you so fucking much. And I'm losing myself. I'm losing myself to you
and I don't care anymore because there's never been a better feeling
in the whole fucking world. I love you.
So much. Too much.

Happy Reading :)

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Dead Reckoning (SS #11)

With her knack for being in trouble's way, Sookie witnesses the firebombing of Merlotte's, the bar where she works. Since Sam Merlotte is now known to be two-natured, suspicion falls immediately on the anti-shifters in the area. Sookie suspects otherwise, but her attention is divided when she realizes that her lover Eric Northman and his "child" Pam are plotting to kill the vampire who is now their master. Gradually, Sookie is drawn into the plot-which is much more complicated than she knows.

- Goodreads

Sookie's very tough in this one, but it's borderline rude when it comes to Eric. He's softer and more lenient with her, and he even apologizes, but she brushes it off like it's not a huge step for him. Wrong time for the softer Eric to meet the meaner Sookie. :(

Jesus, this book was disappointing. I'm too upset to write a spoiled review. Do NOT read this series, Allycat. I looked up the reviews for the last two after this one, and she doesn't even end up with Eric. She ends up with SAM! of all people. I like Sam, but that seriously came out of nowhere. There was no build up to introduce us to him as a serious love interest. Hell, we see him with other women! Their friendship went from good friends to all of a sudden 'You're The One'. What the Hell?

This book: Sandra is back yet again to make hell for Sookie, and Sandra dies. Sookie and the vamps kill Victor. In both overplayed events, Sookie's disgusted with everything; the killing, the grossness and despair. Basically all the supernatural shit that came into her life. At this point, it's so weird! She should be used to it, and she even admits to herself that she's changed to survive, but she doesn't like it- so it's like she tries to go backwards. She doesn't even care about the people that are supes.

How the series ends: Bill doesn't end up with Judith cause she's kinda obsessed with him, and I don't know what happens to him after this book. Don't really care. No offense, Bill. If anything, you were the only one I liked at the end of this fucking book, and that is scary. Sookie ends up with Sam, and I won't even touch that shit. Eric ends up having to marry the queen of Oklahoma as like a punishment or some shit for 200 years, and he gets mad when Sookie uses her wish to save Sam instead of using it to get him out of the arranged marriage. Not only does that not sound like the Eric I fell for, but even if his love for Sookie did change him, that only makes it more sad and pathetic. Fuck! He was better off without the telepath! I'm so glad he'll have 200 years to get over her ass. Who the hell needs men and women when he has Pam? Pam and Bill remain my favorite supes. Everyone else can suck it.

I am so sad right now. And kinda irked that a series I gobbled up so fast ended so.... :(

Sunday, June 9, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Dead in the Family (SS #10)

It's all about family...

Sookie Stackhouse is dealing with a whole host of family problems, ranging from her own kin (a non-human fairy and a telepathic second cousin) demanding a place in her life, to her lover Eric's vampire sire, an ancient being who arrives with Eric's 'brother' in tow at a most inappropriate moment. And Sookie's tracking down a distant relation of her ailing neighbour (and ex), Vampire Bill Compton.

In addition to the multitude of family issues complicating her life, the werewolf pack of Shreveport has asked Sookie for a special favor, and since Sookie is an obliging young woman, she agrees. But this favor for the wolves has dire results for Sookie, who is still recovering from the trauma of her abduction during the Fairy War.  - Goodreads

I was so excited when I saw a blonde vamp on the cover instead of the usual brunette, but after the Fairy War, I've had some interesting relents towards a few characters. Bill isn't as annoying anymore, and if anything, I feel bad. He's sick, and his recovery from silver poisoning is not going well. It's not pity for him, but more of the fact that I'd rather see him happy with someone instead of killed off. He was a good first love for Sookie, after all.

This book was...interesting. Definitely conjured up some mixed feelings, for sure. It's like they're trying to act like a couple, but it just doesn't work. Or it's weird, you know? And Sookie is very.... er, idk- 'insecure' about Eric, and that's confusing because she had no problem kicking Quinn to the curve, and she could face Bill with honesty. Why is she so weird with Eric? Is this supposed to be some kind of struggle that newly weds have or something?

Her thoughts are rather redundant. Every now and then I hear about how she's not a good Christian, how her Gran would smack her with some of the stuff she's done... it's like she's stumped. Girl hasn't grown at all, mentally, but she was tortured, so maybe she's just a little iffy for the moment.

It's nice seeing Eric caring for her, and my biased side would love to see more of that, but I feel like it was too fast. Does that mean his visible love was written too fast, or was the delivery and build up of it not done right enough? I don't know... But the book opening's style of writing physically shows Sookie's state of mind. It's almost like she blacks out when the words to her days are not written. Does that make sense? Amelia leaves, and that brief moment of solitude might have helped to prompt her into allowing her cousin, Claude, to stay with her.

Like the synopsis, this book deals with anything family-related. She babysits Hunter, Hadley's son, for the day, and Claude is there once in a while, but it's more like anything famiy-related eventually goes back to her relationship with Eric. His maker comes with a companion, and that puts a strain on her seeing Eric. Her redundant thoughts seem like fillers for me, and it hurts when I read about her indecisiveness regarding her love for Eric. She just can't let it go, can she? And I understand she was tortured, but she's changed. She's become less trusting, more harsh and brash. It's a dark period for Sookie.

What's worse is that it looks like Eric is actually really trying to make it work without completely losing himself to his softer side, but all I remember about Sookie is her whining and wondering when he doesn't do 'boyfriend things' with her... it's like she's forgotten that he's a vampire sheriff with responsibilities and a few fists shoved up his ass, particularly one belonging to his new boss whom they are all plotting to kill (much) later.

Her helping the Weres didn't seem that important to me, so I won't go into detail, but the drug they asked her to take does loosen up her tongue when she has to deal with Eric's family. His unhinged 'brother' is killed, and a blow by Claudine's lover meant for Sookie kills Eric's maker. Everything is done and dealt with, but Eric doesn't know how to feel. He's free from a man who took everything away yet gave him a whole new world in return. In the end, he and Sookie leave on good terms, thank God, and Sookie gains another family member who was wayward during the Fairy War. Sookie gets Bill the help he needs, in the form of having his 'sister' (a woman turned by Lorena) with him. If anything, Bill's sort of dealt with, because it turns out that his sister was turned because of her likeness to Bill's old wife. We might not be seeing anymore of his pining for our dear telepath.

So all is good and well again for the moment in Sookie World, except for the two most important people; Eric and Sookie. I'm almost dreading the next book.

Happy Reading.

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Dead and Gone (SS# 9)

Except for Sookie Stackhouse, folks in Bon Temps, Louisiana, know little about vamps- and nothing about Weres.

Until now. The Weres and shifters have finally decided to reveal their existence to the ordinary world. At first all goes well. Then the mutilated body of a werepanther is found near the bar where Sookie works- and she feels compelled to discover who, human or otherwise, did it.

But there's a far greater danger threatening Bon Temps. A race of unhuman beings- older, more powerful, and more secretive than vampires or werewolves -is preparing for war. And Sookie finds herself an all-too human pawn in their battle.

- Goodreads

It's a monumental moment for the Weres and shifters. Tonight's the night they reveal themselves to the world. Sookie's at Merlotte's, and when Patricia, a Were from Alcide's pack, comes on TV to reveal herself, Sam and Tray Dawson do the same in the bar. Bon Temps takes it well, but the rest of the world has mixed feelings. It's a false hope that everything will be alright in Sookie's world. The Weres and vampires of Louisiana have had their war. Now it's time for the Fae.

Sookie has to tend to the bar while Sam's away on family business, and she unintentionally marries Eric (See the thing she's carrying on the cover? It's the ritual knife for marriages) which on one hand keeps her safe from the other vampires, but messes with her inner emotions and thoughts about that. She really doesn't know if she loves Eric for being Eric (and God knows she has enough conflict about that and her Christian morals) or if it's the blood bond doing all the feel-good emotions.

Her great-grandfather, Niall, is a prince in war with another, Breandan, and because of her connection to Niall, she is a target for the water sprites going against her family, the fae of the sky. It's a lot of drama, and because of the war, she's kidnapped and tortured for hours before Bill and Niall can get to her. She's hurt that Eric hadn't heard her, but it's later revealed in the next book that he was held against his will. Though, even after, it's like she doesn't care. That rubs me the wrong way.

In the end, Niall wins, but there is a lot of death too close to home. Dawson, who was also her roommate's boyfriend, dies, as does a few other people. And a pregnant Claudia. And to top it all off, her great-grandfather decides that his enemy, who'd believed humans and the fae should be separated, had something aright. He's a hypocrite. The only difference is that he's now the only prince alive. Bill is poisoned and healing much slower than Sookie wants him to, but Eric is fine. Her grandfather leaves by telling her that the vampire isn't all that bad, and really loves her. He left before she got to ask which vampire he was referring to.

For a moment in this book, everything had a place, or was close to being organized. She had Eric, Bill kept to himself but still watched over her, and bad guys could be told from the good ones. Even the shifters' coming out of hiding had gone over smoothly. But towards the end, Sookie gets fucked up by getting tortured, and it's obvious that in the next book she has changed. I don't care too much for her constant thought of Christian morals or Gran's reaction to how she's doing things now, or how she's not pleasing either. They're rather redundant, but maybe it'll change.

Happy Reading

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: From Dead to Worse (SS# 8)

After the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina and the manmade explosion at the vampire summit, everyone human and otherwise is stressed, including Louisiana cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse, who is trying to cope with the fact that her boyfriend Quinn has gone missing.

It's clear that things are changing whether the weres and vamps of her corner of Lousiana like it or not. And Sookie, Friend to the Pack and blood-bonded to Eric Northman, leader of the local vampire community is caught up in the changes.

In the ensuing battles, Sookie faces danger, death, and once more, betrayal by someone she loves. And when the fur has finished flying and the cold blood finished flowing, her world will be forever altered.


From Dead to Worse starts off in a peaceful time for Sookie Stackhouse. She fills in for a sick bridesmaid for a friend, but even with that and work going on, she still gets sad when she thinks about her missing boyfriend, Quinn. However, her thoughts on his absence are more on the trail of avoiding me than he was kidnapped. I'm biased when it comes to Eric and Bill, (hint: it's Eric) and Bill isn't exactly my favorite person, especially when he tells Sookie as she's getting dressed for work after the wedding that he'd give anything to lie with her again. UGH. And he does it while he knows his current girlfriend is listening in on them, too. You can't sneak up on a vampire.

Sookie finds out Hadley has a son named Hunter, and meets Niall, her great-grandfather who is a prince of the Fae. He reveals that Adele, or Gran, had had sex with his half-breed son when it was evident that her husband was sterile, which would make their dad a quarter fairy, and them about an eighth. When he asks if she needs anything, she asks him to find Quinn for her. After she leaves with Eric back to Bon Temps, there are several attempts on her life.

There's a Vampire War and a Werewolf War, and at both battles, Sookie is in the middle of it. The Were War called on Sookie first, in the form of Maria-Star's death in the paper. Alcide, her friend (used loosely) and his packmaster, Patrick, are both going at each other. She gets them to agree to meet each other, as she plays mind reader so they can only tell the truth. Turns out, a widowed Were Alpha female from a destroyed New Orleans had plotted to take over their territory, and was wanting them to take each other out and make her job easier. She dies, and Alcide becomes packmaster after Patrick's discovered among the casualty. Eric had let her know beforehand that he'd go between the Were War for her because she was his.

Almost immediately after that's settled, a little foreshadowing comes in the form of Holly talking about how war changes the world. Then Quinn's sister shows up at Sookie's place, telling her the vampires from Las Vegas want to take over Louisiana. Now it's the vampire's time for war, and all the sheriffs save for Eric are killed. Sookie, Franni, Quinn's sister, Amelia, Bill and Eric are shacked up in her house when Victor, the rep for Nevada's king, comes, telling them to surrender or Fangtasia will burn to the ground. They're forced to surrender.

During this time, Sookie goes up to her room only to find Eric there on her bed, head in his hands. He remembers everything from the Cursed Days. He can't believe he was so happy with her. He hadn't felt something like that for hundreds of years. And the next morning, she breaks up with Quinn. Not because of Eric, but because she wants to be his first priority, and she sees that it just won't work when he has his mother and sister to see to. The reason for his disappearance and 'kidnap' had been because of his wayward mother.

Sookie's thoughts are a lot darker towards the end, you can really see that she's starting to be deeply affected by everything that's happened. She only worsens when her brother's wife is caught cheating, and she's forced to go through a ritual. When those two got married, she and Crystal's uncle, Calvin, had sworn oaths to stand behind the young couple. If one did the other wrong, it was Sookie or Calvin's responsibility to see through the punishment. So because Crystal's pregnant, Calvin stepped in to take the punishment of his fingers being broken. Jason, the little shit, made Sookie do it, and she cried the whole time. That killed a little something in her.

The following night, however, was more promising. She saved a chained up Eric, Felipe de Castro (the new King of Louisiana), and Sam from the late queen's bodyguard by hitting him with a car so she could untie them. At her next shift at Merlotte's, Alcide proclaimed her still a Friend of the Pack, and Eric was given permission by the king to offer her formal protection.

It ends with Sookie finally visiting Hunter, and realizing that he is also a telepath.

Happy Reading :)

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Dead and Gone

Book nine!
Gosh, now the Weres and shifters are coming out.
And that cover! Bill and Eric are on it.
Thank God, too, I was getting annoyed with the brunette.
And she's holding something X)
Could it be the something that gets her something with someone?????
I hate spoilers, but it's a good thing I have a
horrible memory.

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: All Together Dead (SS #7)

When Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, it damaged a lot of Queen Sophie-Anne's power, shifting the balance not only between the vampires, but the rest of the supernatural community.

Sookie is hired to go with Queen Sophie-Anne to the summit for the murder of her husband. It shouldn't be too hard for the Bon Temps barmaid; just read a few human thoughts, assure who's loyal and an enemy, and it's done.

But a lot of people warned her not to go, and although she could live without the money they were paying her, she felt that she was already deeply involved with the vampires. No point turning back, now. Besides, her new beau, Quinn, will be there, as well as Eric, Bill, Pam and a few of the queen's vampire guards. She'll be completely surrounded... 

Okay, maybe she should be worried.

It would've been great if True Blood had done this in their TV series, but since some characters are dead/changed, it wouldn't really work. A shame. The summit Eric had mentioned all those months ago in January has finally come. Too bad they decided to do it after Queen Sophie-Anne took a lot of damage to her power, not to mention that she's now having to go to trial for the death of her husband. A lot of Sookie's friends don't want her to go, and even her fairy godmother (yes, she has one) warns her that something big will happen. However, she's already involved, so she decides to go.

The book starts off with Sookie meeting the Shreveport vampires (and some visiting ones from New Orleans) at Fangtasia, where they'll be briefed about their time in Rhodes, Illinois. She and Eric are having problems at the moment, because he's still miffed about the Cursed Days that he can't remember. And trust me, if he said some really intense things to Sookie at that time, control-freak hunk would definitely want to know. Remembering the best sex he'd had with Sookie would probably be a bonus.

Before she leaves for Rhodes, Sookie goes to a bridal shower for Andy's fiance, and she meets up with Quinn, her weretiger boyfriend, who promises to take a month off after the summit so they can spend some quality time. :) Sookie also gets a phone call from her brother, who's decided to get married within the hour after discovering that his fiance is pregnant, and when she brings Quinn, a lot of people are revered. This is the beginning of Sookie's curiosity about his past. What's so damn special? She deals with some last-minute pleasantries, like Bill's lovely girlfriend (ugh), and her friends' pre-warnings about going to a place crowded with vampires, especially Arlene's comment. Pam visits her at Merlotte's, but she just wants to confirm to Sookie that she and Eric had had no idea about Bill's deception. Pam also wants Sookie to have mercy on Eric, as he's acting unusual and not his carefree self. She's really dedicated to Eric, and they might have had sex like in True Blood, but she never loved him. She suspects Eric has some kind of feelings for Sookie, though. Eric wouldn't bother with a human, even if she had a little fairy blood.

Pam reveals her story of how she was turned. Unlike True Blood, where she runs a whorehouse and willingly chooses to be a vampire, she was nineteen and walking home from a secret meeting with a boy who didn't meet her class status, when Eric came across her, and turned her. The vampire resumes her pleading (I use that term loosely) with Sookie when Eric comes then, and there's tension. After making Pam leave, he kisses Sookie, then brings up the very thing I thought! He wonders why he was running on the road leading to her house. Why her? When Sookie tries to brush it off as a result of the fairy blood in her, he says, "No," and leaves. Eric is much more affected than anyone realizes, other than Pam, maybe.

A lot of characters are introduced when she goes to Illinois, and it's a tangle of plots and bad guys. Throughout the struggle to remain safe and alive, at one point on the plane to the summit, she touches Eric's casket. Though, I guess when you think of all the other vampires there, he'd be the only one she wanted to touch (cause it ain't Bill, honey, she abjures him up to a certain point). We see a lot of Barry the Bellboy, poor thing's registered as that, too; Barry Bellboy. And with a lot of interactions with the other guests, she hears a lot about Quinn's reputation.

It's her conversation with Jake that reveals everything. Quinn, at the age of fifteen, had killed hunters who'd trapped and later raped his shifter mother, and after saving her, he'd sworn to fight for vampires in the pit for three years to pay off his debt. He's legendary because of it, and well respected for having made them so much money in a place where shifters aren't known for lasting long.

The plot is basically someone trying to set up Sophie-Anne, and Andre, the queen's bodyguard, at one point tries to make Sookie drink his blood so she can be tied to them. Eric saves her in time, though he can only make her drink from him, instead of the creepy sixteen-year-old. She relents, but third time's the charm, because when the queen goes on trial, Sookie actually hears a vampire's thought, and shifts the trial in Sophie-Anne's favor. In the end Sookie gets told by the queen's lawyer that the queen had hired the hit man in her trial to gain everyone's assumptions of her innocence, and this turns Sookie even more away from the vampire world.

One of my favorite moments was when Sookie found a bomb in the disguise of a fake soda can, and Quinn and Eric were there, trying to get her to give it to them. It was very intense, but a bomb squad guy (tagged Boom, lol) got it, and then Quinn was there, saying Idiot like you'd say Thank you, God. Sadly, Eric had vanished by the time she looked up from her beau's hug. Another moment is when Eric backs her up at the queen's trial, when she's requested to approach the ancient Pythoness aka, the judge. Whether or not it was because she had his blood in her, he still stood to show his support. Sookie also confesses that she might have loved him, but it was the old Eric she loved, not the one he has to be now. I laughed when Eric scared Barry, her dancing partner, away, only to then criticize her dancing (I believe the words were 'shaking your assets for all to see'). A dancing pair has to seperate them when she points a finger at him, and he's like, "Get your finger out of my face." LOL. They're almost like a married couple.

*God, I wish-*
*Oh wait, I think that happens soon!*

Or how he tells Barry, "You're yelling at my-" and he catches himself, to then finish it with, "-at Sookie." Do you  think he was going to say 'my lover', like he used to call her during the Cursed Days? Who knows. Anyways, with two telepaths, it's supposed to be impossible to keep a secret, but Barry speaks up a little too late about his suspicions, and they fail to realize that the hotel will explode before they can evacuate its guests. Some die, but a lot make it out alright. She'd run to Eric and Pam's room during the evacuation, only to think of Bill afterwards, but by then it was too late. She did find him after the explosion, and she was sobbing at the state he was in. :( He makes it. Quinn and his sister hadn't escaped the hotel, but they live. Unfortunately, when she and Barry used their gifts to locate survivors in the rubble, they brought on too many wanted attention, so they'll have to stay on the down low.

The book ends with her back at home, where she finds out that Tara and JB are engaged, Although she's happy for her friends, she can't help but think that her life would be fine if she didn't get involved with so many races of the supernatural.

I'm kinda shocked and sad Andre died... he might have been bad, but come on, practically all of them are. He was in love with Sophie-Anne, and I'm sure the queen will be heartbroken; he was her first child. It turns out Quinn had killed him, when Sookie found both her beau and Andre under the rubble. She hated him, so Quinn killed him for her.

The next book sounds even more intense, and I'm so scared to read it! But I must...

Happy Reading :)

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Definitely Dead (SS #6)

It looks like Sookie Stackhouse has a new interest, in the form of weretiger Quinn, and things seem to be working out really well. However, when she finds out her cousin, Hadley, was murdered and had appointed her heir to her possessions, our favorite barmaid will have to put things on hold to go to New Orleans and organize Hadley's stuff.

The queen's dead messenger is discovered outside her house, and it's apparent that someone doesn't want her looking through Hadley's apartment. And when she finally does arrive in New Orleans, she finds out that there is something  huge going on in the city, and it all points back to Hadley's place.

To make matters worse, some trouble from Bon Temps has followed Sookie to New Orleans, but luckily for our telepath, she takes and makes a few allies to help her out.

Until she discovers the one secret that breaks her heart.

It's start off on a hilarious note where Sookie's doing a favor for Claude, Claudine's twin brother, by posing with him for a Mr. Romance competition, and she's having to list names of guys he could get hot over, since he's supposed to look smitten with her, and he can't even pretend to conjure up an ember, LOL.

During this day, we find out Alcide's moved on with another Were, Maria-Star, and Sookie knows she shouldn't feel anything since they never really dated, but still. He's being a jerk, blaming her for his father's death, so in my opinion, she shouldn't waste another thought on him. Bill has also moved on, and has been dating another woman for a few weeks now, though he and Sookie are still fairly nice to each other.

Two priests, a vampire and a telepath are at a bar... lol. At work, she and Bill talk about Hadley, a cousin Sookie thought was gone years ago, who was killed by a vampire around six weeks ago in New Orleans. Totally different from True Blood, where Hadley's still alive and later, on the other side of the Go Vamps line. All of her possessions now belong to Sookie, which she has to go through, and Bill offers to go with her. My red flag went up when she said she'd think about it, and he smiled triumphantly. Sookie thinks it's just his hopes of them getting back together. I think, based on what's happened on True Blood and mayhap a few reviews about this book, that he's going there to watch her, or something, on the queen's orders. The two priests at the bar call on Sookie, and one of them tells her the Pelts (Debbie's parents and sister) would like to meet her. By this time, she's fed up with constantly being questioned and bothered, so she says no.

Just before closing time, Quinn comessss. :) But he says he's there for her, both for pleasure and business, and at her house, he straight up asks her out. And she says yes. As for the business bit? The Queen of Louisiana is requesting she work for her at the summit Eric mentioned months ago. You know what that means; she has to tell Eric she can't go with him. However, he doesn't talk to her anymore, because he's confused. :( So Quinn and Sookie part ways on a good note (not good, Eric!) and at her next work shift, Pam calls, saying Eric's summoning her. She laughs out loud when Sookie says she can't because she has a date, and that makes her uneasy. I can imagine why. XD

I just gotta say, Pam is so adorable in this series. I love True Blood Pam, too, she's sarcastic and mean and- lol. But the Pam in the books is a little nicer, which is cute because she's nice to Sookie sometimes, which kind of endears her to the vampire. But anyways...

Something is stalking Sookie outside the woods, but it disappears, so she thinks nothing of it. The next day, I thought it cute that when she thought of sharing a particularly beautiful day with someone, she thought of Eric (YES), though she adds on that it was the Cursed Days' Eric, not the one now, who's ignoring her. T_T

Back at work, Sookie gets called into Sam's office, only to come face-to-face with the priest and the Pelts. She is pissed, but she can't be completely rude, and when she manages to get away from them, she goes back into the bar only to hear that Holly's kid is missing. Sookie helps them find him, and I guess that because of it, she later gets spoken kindly of by Holly and gets invited to some weddings by people who wouldn't have usually invited her.

When her date night with Quinn arrives, Eric briefly shows up looking a little jealous (yay!) before Quinn picks her up (ugh), and after their play finishes, they get attacked by bitten Weres. Quinn takes this as a sort of challenge, so he answers it by going to the Hair of the Dog, a bar, to show that an attack on her is an attack on him (I assume he's this awesome shifter with a rep) and guess what: she see Amanda, Alcide, and his new girlfriend, Maria-Star. Alcide, of course, is still weird, but he shows concern by being bossy and telling Quinn he should've taken her home instead of to a bar, blah blah. Outside the bar, they kiss, but it gets interrupted by more attacks. Damn, there's danger twice? Is it a bad omen? (Like Bill?- lol, sorry, couldn't help it.)

Back in Bon Temps at work, there's this cute scene where this vampire named Felicia comes and introduces herself as a bartender at Fangtasia, and at first Sookie's confused, until the vamp tells her Pam said she should get acquainted with Sookie, seeing as that all Fangtasia bartenders get dead because of her, and that she should beg her for mercy. LOL. Sookie's like, That Pam, and Arlene, a coworker, is like, "Dang, they need to go by you now before working or something?"

Remeber that creepy stalking thing in the woods? Turns out, it was a messenger for Sookie from the Queen of Louisiana, but the reason why she didn't get a note was because the messenger was cut in half and left for dead. Mr. Cat (his name's too long and hard to pronounce :P), who is an assistant to Sophie-Anne, the queen, comes by to pick her up, only to later find out why she wasn't packed up and ready. The dead messenger, Gladiola, was his niece, so that's kinda sad, and his other niece, Diantha, was the one to find her. :( We're told that Sophie-Anne is married to the King of Arkansas, Peter Threadgill, and when she's leaving, Bill is there to leave with her, but he looks desperate. (Why????)

Sookie meets Hadley's landlord, Amelia Broadway, in a weird way that perfectly fits Amelia, lol. The witch (literally is one) let's her know there was an attempted break-in some days ago, and although that could be normal, it's a little suspiciuos, don't you think? Someone tried to delay Sookie's arrival- what's in Hadley's apartment that's so special?

While she and Amelia talk, we hear about Warlow! But damn, he's different from True Blood, or at least introduced differently. In TB, he's introduced as some guy Sookie's promised to via an old contract written by her ancestor or something. Here, he's an old vampire who lured Hadley to a cemetery and killed her, only to be later 'dealt with' (I'm gonna assume that means killed) by the queen.

Amelia decides to do a reading for Sookie, but when she lays her cards out, she's like, "Damn.... Ok, what are you?" LOL! She's so disappointed that she didn't catch on to Sookie being something other than human. But oh, gosh, they find a dead body in a closet. Or not. Sookie finds out it's not dead about thirty seconds after it wakes up as a new vampire, and attacks them. Vampire policemen come to their rescue (though they first assume she and Amelia are the bad guys *eye roll*) and we find out the new vamp is one of Quinn's missing partners in his business.

In the hospital, Eric surprises her with a visit, though she doesn't feel like seeing him. Then Bill is there, and this sudden tension between them raises the red flag for Sookie. Then Bill tells her that the Queen and Hadley had talked about her often, and how when the Queen knew he was from Bon Temps... At this point, Sookie's holding her heart in one hand, trying to fend his words off with the other, but he doesn't stop. He was sent to Bon Temps to get close to her, to seduce her in hopes of getting her to ally with the Queen. Bill Compton, her first love, the one to make her feel wanted and worth it after years of thinking she was unloved and alone, had lied to her. Because of an order by his Queen.

crying GIFs photo: Crying stephencry2.gif

That's probably what I would've looked like if I hadn't spoiled it for myself with True Blood. T_T But it still made me cry when Sookie completely broke down and yelled at him to get out. Even Eric felt bad, and he was ashamed he'd brought it up when Bill started telling her. After they go, she walks out, needing to be alone. Always alone. :( She makes it to Hadley's and passes out on the bed, only to wake up the next morning with Claudine laying down next to her. Amelia's there, too, and a little pissed that she had to do everything to get to Sookie's bed with an injured leg, only to come in and see Claudine there, who could've helped her out a little. XD She might just be a little miffed that Sookie has a fairy godmother, though, and she doesn't, lol. But then Sookie tells them why she left the hospital, and Claudine, bless her heart, tells her she'd kill Bill for her if it didn't mean her going a lot of steps back. She's aiming to be an angel, sooooo-

At night, Sookie goes to meet the Queen, and some funny/cute stuff happens here. A Fellowship paparazzi sort of dude takes her picture, and she and the guard share a mutual dislike of him, so he promises her that the guy's camera just might have another accident. :) Then Bubba shows up, decked in similar guard wear! I love Bubba. The Queen and King are both in the room, and when Sookie asks the Queen to pay for this ecto-thing Amelia and some other witches are doing to reenact the-dead-body-in-Hadley's-closet's death, Sophie-Anne agrees, then says she wants to watch. The king, Peter, looks mad at this, and his bodyguard, a tall Thai woman with a big ass sword, looks just as mad, though her face rarely moves to show what she's thinking.

The ecto-thing shows that Hadley had been lured to her death, and that Jake, the new vamp, had been killed by someone they couldn't see. However, Hadley had changed him so that she couldn't be blamed for his death- her embarrassment is the Queen's, and she still loved her, which the Queen witnessed when they all watched the 'ghost Hadley' cry before leaving for the Queen's wedding that night. :( Afterwards, this prompts Sophie-Anne to tell Sookie her story of how she came to be. The reason why she took Hadley in was because, unlike Sookie, Hadley's uncle had succeeded in raping her, and Sophie-Anne had felt a kinship with Hadley (she and her bodyguard, Andre, were both molested during their human years). Then, Sophie-Anne says something interesting. Hadley had a bracelet she'd stolen from her, and she wanted it back. Sookie agrees, but then gets told she has two days. Hmm... And THEN- lo and behold, Andre tells Sookie she has fairy blood!!

But... huh. It didn't really feel that exciting to me. :/ It was sorta anti-climatic, but maybe it's because I already knew that. Sophie-Anne helps her out with the moving, so the next morning, a helper named Everett helps her with the boxes that need getting rid of. Quinn shows up, and after Everett leaves, they dry hump each other just before a bunch of Weres come in. They take them in a van but the two escape, and it's then that Sookie realizes that the freaking Pelts are behind the Were attacks. Eric shows up to help and she deals with the family so they won't go after her again. Eric's such a weirdo, lol, when she's struggling with Debbie's sister, she's like, "Help me!" and he goes, "This is actually kind of exciting." Sigh.... I love him. And Alexander Skarsgard.

Sookie tells him about the fairy blood she has, and he says, "That explains a lot." Oh, ERIC. That explains a lot?!?! He hurts her feelings (and mine! ughhh you seriously need to sensor what you say, dude) but Quinn fixes it by telling her he doesn't care about fairy blood. :) That kitty is growing on me. I like him.

Sookie has to show up to this event the Queen and King are hosting, but the girl is on a roll. On top of figuring out what the Pelts were up to, she also realizes what dear ole Peter is doing, and manages to find Sophie-Anne's bracelet, sneak it through security to her, and let Mr. Cat know just who was responsible for his niece's death (hint* it's Peter's guard with the giant sword). Peter had hoped to catch the queen without her bracelet, which was a gift from him, so he could accuse her of being unfaithful and get a divorce, and boy, would he get a lot out of that.

Peter goes on with his plan anyway, and vampires from both kingdoms are fighting. Sookie tries to escape the battle area, gets tackled by Eric who steals a hard kiss from her before yelling out an ancient Nordic battle cry to fight the vampires surrounding Sophie-Anne (*______*), and then when she gets caught by the messenger's killer, Bill saves her, but he gives her a long, hard look before disappearing to go back and fight. Yeesh.

Quinn and Sookie get back to Hadley's, Amelia takes one look at them and is like, "Okay, I don't know how to react" and there's this cute scene where Quinn might have to sleep on the floor because he has a tail and is too tired to shift it away, and then Bill shows up before she goes to bed. He tells her that he might have been sent there by the Queen in the beginning, but that as he grew to know her, he fell in love with her.

"Those words aren't a magical formula."

She goes back inside to slide into bed with a now wholly human Quinn, and the book ends with Amelia going back with her and Hadley's stuff to Bon Temps so she can meet Holly, who might know how to fix one of Amelia's spells-gone-wrong.

Of course I recommend all the books, and although a lot gets introduced, for some reason.... this seemed boring to me. Don't kill me! I don't know why, maybe it's because Eric isn't in it enough for my taste :P I have noticed a change in her story telling. A lot of stuff happened in the first book, and when I say a lot, I mean, like, a million things when you compare it to what goes on in Definitely Dead. Still, it's a good book because it has all the juicy details and information, not to mention that it's hilarious. XD

Happy Reading :)

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Dead as a Doornail (SS #5)

If being a telepath didn't qualify Sookie Stackhouse as a member of the supernatural world, her brother being a newly turned werepanther after a horrible incident certainly did.

She has enough to worry about with her brother and his new life, but now there's a sniper going around targeting supers in their area, and Jason is the first one to be suspected. She has until the next full moon to prove he's innocent before they decide to kill him, but when Sam gets shot, it brings up a whole new breed of trouble.

Now she must house Sam's substitute, find out who's been targeting the shifters to clear Jason's name, deal with Alcide's interest in a serious relationship, avoid Eric's constant questions about their time together when he'd been cursed, and... well, just stay strong where Bill's concerned.

She might be taking this new world in stride, but how on Earth do you deal with an ex?

Already, you can tell that the books and TV series are taking different roads down the Sookie Stackhouse story. In True Blood, only genetics can make you a super, but in the books, Jason becomes the Wolf Man (or would it be Wolf Cat?) and Crystal's uncle, Calvin, helps him through the transition. This story concerning a shifter and Sookie getting tagged by a hit man isn't in True Blood, so this might be where things start to majorly differ. Or maybe it's in this coming season, since Quinn, the weretiger she meets in this book, gets introduced in the season scheduled to be aired this summer. Who knows.

Throughout the story, Sookie doesn't really end up with a guy in particular, but rather gets bombarded by them all at one time. Jason's transition into the supernatural world isn't really the big issue, but rather that he's being accused of sniping down the Weres in their community. Sookie has until the next full moon to get her brother's name cleared or else his supposed new family will kill him, but while this is going on, Sam gets shot in the leg, and he asks her to go to Eric's to ask for a favor. Eric can't really pin anything on Sookie, since she's asking him to spare a bartender as a favor to Sam, and he gives her a vampire pirate Englishman named Charles.

Since this book was really just her interacting with all the men in her life, the story basically went a little like this:

Sookie gets a visit from Alcide, who asks her to attend Colonel Flood's funeral. When they get there, she later finds out that Alcide wanted her there for another reason, but he hadn't asked her of it specifically because he assumed that she kinda owed him. Why? Because she'd been the one to kill Debbie. She can't help but feel like he'd somehow blackmailed her to go with him, and it hurts that he didn't just ask her, like a regular friend would. She then finds out- as Alcide refuses to clue her in on anything, which is annoying - that the funeral's a gathering for the pack so they can see the candidates running for packmaster. After the funeral, Alcide tries to get her to believe that he doesn't care about what happened to Debbie, but you can't lie to a telepath, so she tells him to leave her alone.

Between the funeral and the trials, several things happen to Sookie. Firstly, her house is set on fire, and  although Charles is staying with her, it's Claudine (the fairy) who pops out of nowhere and saves her, as Charles had killed the arsonist outside before he could do any more damage. She's now homeless, and everyone volunteers to house her, but she crashes with Bill for the night before going over to her brother's. Here, Alcide shows up, despite her telling him to stay away, and tells her they should just be together. It wasn't the right time, though! She's dubbed herself Rebound Sookie, and RS doesn't make the same mistake twice. When the trials arrive, she realizes that she's there to make sure no one cheats. The two candidates are Alcide's father and a young guy named Patrick, who turns out to be a major cheat and jerk. He wins, though, by subduing and killing Alcide's dad, and Alcide hurts her two ways: 1) he wordlessly lets her know he only wants comfort from another Were, and 2) he blames her for his father's death. How does she know this? Telepathy. You can't ever keep anything from a telepath.

So, while Sookie's dealing with Alcide throughout the story, she's also kind of having to deal with Sam. You see a lot more of him being nice to her, and when he kisses her at one point, she doesn't shy away. And of course their kiss gets interrupted by Bill, who's pissed. He'd only come by to give her a lift because her car hadn't survived the fire, but she forgot to tell him that Tara had let her borrow one of her cars. She's touched that he showed up, and even more sad/glad when he asks her if he should bother getting groceries, because she can't tell if he's just making this up to spite her, or if he really is just watching after her.

Of course, that all goes to Hell when he decides from then on to show up at Merlotte's with a date, and she's almost everything Sookie isn't. Sam tells her he's just paying her back for what they did, but still. Sam let's her stay in one of his rentals, and it's from here that we then move on to Bill. Throughout the story, Bill's really nothing more than the supportive friend who hopes to get back with her. When she'd crashed at his place after the fire, the room she used to sleep in had never been touched. Some clothes and shoes were still in the closet, and some toiletries were still in the bathroom, as if he had been waiting for her to return. Of course, she's still in pain over what happened, so her pain tells her that he might not have just had the time to 'clean up', as he'd have no more reasons to go upstairs.

She eventually talks to Bill's date, and she admits to Bill that she's jealous (going with the whole honesty thing), with him saying he's glad, and then they end up on better, friendlier terms. He's especially there for her when she gets shot in the library parking lot, and he's in her hospital room, laying down in the bed with her. Sookie doesn't think their relationship, if it ever starts up again, will be as it once was, but she's at least glad that the air's easier to breathe around the other.

Her attendance at Colonel Flood's funeral allowed her a first glance at Quinn, the tall, large and bald weretiger who's visiting with the wolves. But as it turns out, he's a referee for the candidates, who later have to compete in three trials to determine the winner. And she has to be there. During the trials, she finds out Patrick was cheating, but the pack votes to let it all move on. He attacks her just before the third trial, but Quinn gets her away so that she's left with just a few scratches. Then things get heated up when he takes her on the side to clean the wound on her leg, and he starts a-lickin' at the blood. Wowza. They're both feeling the sexual tension, and you can just kinda tell we're gonna be seeing him in the next book. Of course, the next book's cover has a tiger on it, so that could be a telling hint, as well. lol.

Now, aside from the guys, there's a new vampire in Bon Temps named Mickey, but he's kind of a jerk. And when she tells Eric about him, he warns her to stay away from him, and that worries her. Mickey is supposedly Tara's new boyfriend, but Sookie's fear for her friend results in her finding out that Tara's old boyfriend from Jackson had passed her on to him, as a way to settle a debt. After finding this out, she calls Eric to ask for a favor, and you can imagine his face when he hears her utter those words.

Eric! My favorite part of the book. When Sookie had gone to Eric to ask for a favor on Sam's part, he gave her Charles, but he also started to question about their time together, which he, with some major frustration, still can't remember. She moves to leave, but he asks her to dance with him before she does. Aw. But then he slightly ruins the sweetness when he asks her why holding her seems so familiar to him. X) When her house is set on fire, Eric comes to her workplace to yell at Charles for not having watched her like he was supposed to. The other customers are watching warily, though always curious, and she deflates the guys by having Eric talk to her in Sam's office. But from there it quickly turns away from Charles and towards his own curiosity regarding the Cursed Days (that's what I'm gonna call his amnesia days from now on). There's something about her, he says, that he just can't understand, though the answer's right there, under his skin. She refuses to ever tell him the truth, because if she does tell him that she committed murder, he'll always have that power over her. But when he starts asking if he killed someone, she can't bare him thinking that he'd done something, so she reveals a little about the Cursed Days, how he was so sweet to her, how much of a pair of fun, gossiping buddies they were. Sam cuts in then, saving her from having to reveal anything else, but he still knows she's hiding a lot more. They've shared blood, after all.

So sometime in the book, when she realizes that she needs Eric's help to get rid of Mickey for Tara, she calls him to ask for a favor, and he shortly arrives at her rental, all smiles and looking triumphant. lol. He tells her he'll get rid of Mickey, but in return, she'll have to tell him everything that went on during the Cursed Days. And for about two minutes, she thinks it'll be fun, and tells him. She tells him they had sex in every single position she could imagine, in every single room of the house, outside the house- and he's staring at her for like thirty seconds, like she'd hit him in the face with a mallet. And then she proceeds to tell him everything; how he said he'd live with her and get a job, how he took a bullet for her. She gets uncomfortable when he asks her if he really had said he'd give everything up for her, and she briefly answers 'yes' before asking about dealing with Mickey.

It's done, but then he smells all these shifters and fairies on her and that gets him up to her neck to smell her. For a moment, he wonders if he should just bite her and end it, because he's tired of always thinking about her (it's an annoying habit, as he calls it) or if he should arouse her to find out if she really is the best sex he's ever had. We'll never know, though, because they get interrupted by a pissed off Mickey, who ends up running away because of Sookie's quick thinking. Bill shows up later to help her and Eric clean up, and for a wild minute, she thinks of all three of them in bed. Uh oh, lol!

That's one way to never have to choose, but she bids them goodbye and goes to sleep. Now, throughout all this guy-craziness, they catch the sniper who'd been targeting shifters, but on her next shift at work, she finds out that Charles is the one who shot her. See, while reading the book, you find out Sam's bullet didn't match the other victims, and when Bubba pays her a short visit to give her a message from Eric, saying "He's not what he seems, he's a hit man", Charles' lack of knowing who Bubba is clues her in about him being something he's not. Bubba had performed for the Jackson vampires, so Charles should've already met him, if he really were from Jackson. He tries to kill her, but a mouth of silver and some screaming gets Sam and a lot of the bar's male customers out running through the back door to her rescue. It's a cute little warm moment for Sookie and the people she grew up with, and half an hour later, Eric shows up, irritated that Bubba hadn't really helped in warning her about Charles, lol.

It ends with Eric telling us (Sookie and readers) that Charles was hired by Long Shadow's lover, Hot Rain, to get back at Eric for having killed him. If you don't recall Long Shadow, he was the bartender from the first book who'd been stealing from Eric. Charles heard the rumors about Eric fancying Sookie, so Charles took it to mean that killing Sookie would exact Hot Rain's revenge. That kinda hints that Sookie really is something more to him than either of their public reputations can afford, and with a hint that Sookie might have to accompany him to a royal summit (Southern kings' and queens' meeting), he asks her if he was the greatest sex she'd ever had.

"Don't you wish you knew?"

Hehe, so this book was pretty good because you got a taste of all the guys, and we got to see more of Claudine, and her twin brother, Claude. Some stuff that I didn't mention because they weren't important to me were the private investigators hired by Debbie's parents to look for their missing daughter, the fact that the sniper ended up being a cook at Merlotte's...hmm, can't remember anything else.

I recommend this book, but 'Dead to the World' still remains my favorite. XD
I read the next book's synopsis though, and guess what-


Happy Reading!

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Dead to the World (SS #4)

Sookie Stackhouse has had it with the supernatural world, so she's made it a new year's resolution to never get into that sort of trouble ever again. Right? Wrong. It hasn't even been a few hours when trouble finds her. Or rather, when she finds it, running along the road to her house in the form of a tall, blonde, shirtless man whom she knows all too well. Too bad that only makes one of them.

Eric Northman, sheriff of Louisiana, has amnesia. And if that isn't enough, her brother's missing, and it's a mighty coincidence that a coven has showed up when the people she's keeping Eric safe from are witches, and not just girls in black, either. Real witches, regardless of age or gender, who are hungry for power and money.

And wouldn't it just be Sookie's luck to stand between a now kinder Eric and the lusty witch, Hallow, who's after him?

First of all, let me just say that when I found out this was going to be Eric's turn at a chance with Sookie, I was like:

eric northman gifs photo:  ERICLafayette.gif

Okay, maybe not the most appropriate GIF to represent how I feel, but- AAAAAHHHHH!! It's finally come! I've been waiting for them to hook up for forever. It's a big thing, you know. Why? Because it's Eric. XD I think they should be together. But that's just me...

So, unfortunately you get to hear Bill's side of the story from the last book. T_T As it turns out, he went to Lorena because, as his maker, she could force him to. Which means.... sigh.... that there is absofuckinglutely nothing wrong with Bill; ergo, no reason (on his end) that he should not be with Sookie. He's freaking perfect.

true blood GIFs photo:  ERICbored.gif

Ugh. Anywho, he needs to go to Peru for two weeks per queen's orders, so he asks Sookie if they can talk about their situation then, since she's not ready to talk about it at that time. He leaves, and she carries on.

It's a new year, and Sookie is on her way home from work when she sees this tall, blonde man in jeans running for his life. She pulls up to him thinking she's gonna help this poor dude, but turns out, it's Eric! And he has no idea who he is. Now, my wishful thinking would like the full honor of assuming he was running to her house. XD I know, no proof, but hey! It's my review. So I'm gonna assume he was running towards her without even realizing it. She gets him to the house, and his underlings, Pam and Chow, reveal that witches had done this to him. Particularly, one named Hallow, whose body set off a curse when an angry Chow attacked her, and Sookie happily (secretly) blames him for everything; she doesn't like him very much.

In the books, a coven wants protection money from Eric, but then their leader, Hallow, instead strikes up a deal to just take a fifth of his business in exchange for a few nights with him. Eric refuses, (I think it's because of Sookie, or maybe self preservation) and that gets him cursed. Then, when Chow attacks her in anger, Eric goes puff! and somehow winds up on the road where Sookie finds him. Completely different from TB, where this crazy necromancer decides to kill all vampires and even goes as far as caging her now-don't-wanna-be followers to keep them cooperating in the spell casting. That is not how the coven in this book is; with the exception of three being blackmailed, all are Supers, and doped up on vampire blood. Yikes, right? Talk about a triple whammy, and just when she decides to quit the supernatural scene, too. 

So as Sookie them are discussing Eric's fate, Sookie does something really cute and covers his ears (and he covers her hands! Awwwwwww) even though they both know it won't effect his vampire hearing, so she can vent about not wanting to get beaten up again or killed because of their crazy lives. Then Jason says she should get paid to watch Eric, since no one would suspect a powerful vamp to be with a barmaid, and they actually agree, to Sookie's surprise. She gets thirty-five after Chow and Jason's debate, and then it proceeds to the wonder story of her and Eric having to stay together! Yay!

The next morning, Jason goes missing, and the only thing to show for it is a smear of blood behind his house near the pond. She decides to go to Shreveport to kill two birds (Jason's disappearance and the witches) with one stone, but on her way there, she pulls off the road to give herself a pep talk, only to then see Tara pulling up in a car with another woman. During their conversation, she asks Tara if she knows any witches, and surprisingly, she tells her that she knows a few. In fact, so does Sookie: her two coworkers at Merlotte's, Holly and Danielle. The woman with Tara is introduced as Claudine, and although their meeting is brief, I suspect she'll be seen again soon.

Sookie doesn't really know how she feels about Bill. During all the chaos in the beginning, it never crossed her mind to call Bill when she was thinking of people to contact for help until Tara herself mentioned having Bill's number if he needed to be reached. Then there's all the other things to think about, but we'll get to that later.

Sookie visits Holly, and it's here that we learn about the coven and the fact that they're just plain nasty. We get a full lesson about witches, and a little more information about drainers-


Claudine- described as a breathtaking beautiful woman, who makes Sookie and Tara smile even though they don't know why at times- she's gotta be a fucking fairy!! There's a fairy named Claudine in True Blood, so can't I assume she's a fairy looking out for Sookie or something? It'd explain why she called her a wild card out of the blue. Wow, so I wonder if Sookie will find out she's a fairy... But back to the review.

She goes to see Alcide because she needs to let him know about the were-witches pumped up on vampire blood, and somehow ends up getting engaged to him. Haha. See, when Alcide discovers they have a missing Were from a state pack, they go to her bridal shop, only to see that she's dead, and there's a few extra body parts that definitely don't belong to her, meaning someone else had died, though it's not clear who. So, when they get questioned by the cops regarding their presence at a bridal shop, they tell the cops they're engaged, lol. Possibly the only thing that makes her day is when she tells Alcide he'll have to remember to tell his dad they're getting married to solidify their story, and you can imagine his face. XD

She leaves Alcide, then goes to Fangtasia in hopes of talking to Pam and/or Chow, but instead finds Belinda, one of the human workers, in pain. Ginger, another human, is dead. The coven had broken into the bar in similar hopes of finding Pam and Chow. She can't believe her luck, but at a stop, she gets a clue about her brother's whereabouts. She has to call it a day, so she goes home, checks in on Eric, and walks in on him pulling up his jeans- and he's not wearing anything under them jeans. X) LOL. From there her libido is going wacko, and when she goes to take a shower, and he shortly joins her, she gives in to the few hours he's giving her to forget about everything, and they finally have sex.

true blood gifs photo: YAY Jessica! YAY_Jessica.gif
*Ha. How cruel that you'd use TB Bill's daughter to celebrate SS Sookie and Eric's hookup*

Her clue from yesterday about Jason leads her to Hotshot, the residence of Crystal, Jason's date from the New Years Eve party, which was the night he disappeared. And what do you know? She runs into yet another Super community: the entire neighborhood is made up of Supers. There's not much information on Jason's disappearance, and Crystal's uncle, and assumed packmaster of the whole family, offers Sookie a chance to stay with him for protection. It's nice, until he tells her she's not an ordinary woman and would be a good fresh of blood to breed into their community since they've inbred too much. Ew. That totally ruined his niceness for me, personally.

I assume the Crystal here is the same Crystal from True Blood, and the TV series reveals that Crystal is a werepanther. However, in True Blood, Crystal and her family are responsible for Jason's disappearance, who was kidnapped to be used as a- er, gene supplier for the new generation. Let's hope that this doesn't happen in the book.

Sookie goes to work, and her luck/prone to danger energy thing kicks in, cause Hallow and her brother walk into the bar. They're just wanting to put up the Wanted posters of Eric, but when Sookie's asked about Bon Temps' current vampire resident, she has no choice but to tell them he's her neighbor. So not only do they know who she is, but now they're gonna be a cemetery away from Eric, and that is just too close for her. She gets off of work early, but gets greeted by Eric with a startled grab from the back and a wondrous kiss (awwwww). She tells him she needs to protect and hide him, and guess what he does? He decides to put her on his back and go see these witches who'll most likely be breaking into Bill's house to look for Eric.

A little brawl goes down when Alcide's wolves show up to scare the witches away, but the siblings escape and hits one of the pack members, Maria-Star. Sookie takes her to the hospital, then later meets up with the Weres and vampires at Merlotte's. On her way there, she almost falls asleep when suddenly, out of nowhere, Claudine's there, right in the passenger seat. (I'm telling you, she's a fairy!!) And guess what? I'm right!

How so? Why, she says so herself. When she and Sookie get to Merlotte's, where almost every single Super Sookie has met is there, Claudine introduces herself. You can tell from here what she is, because the vampires stare at her like they're, what did Sookie say? "Chocoholics at a Hershey Factory". And it's also from here that you can assume Sookie's a fairy as well, because when someone questions why Claudine would go to the coven's hideout (they know cause she told them while smiling happily), the packmaster of the wolves, Colonel Flood, tells them that Claudine's a fairy, and fairies like to flirt with danger. Sound familiar? I'm gonna go and assume that Claudine was particularly smiley and bubbly because she was nervous, which is like Sookie, who smiles when she's nervous or tense. And, in a way, Sookie flirts with danger. I mean, look at the guys she's slept with and are interested in her.

The meeting ends with the discussion about Bon Temps' own coven possibly doing an attack on the bad witches, and then everyone goes home, though not before Debbie (ugh) shows up. What a nice cherry to top that shitty night, huh? But the shit doesn't stop there! The next morning, Sookie gets visited by Andy, another cop named Alcee, and Jason's employer, and the cops tell her two things; 1) Jason was not in the pond where the blood was, and 2) the said blood was feline. Now, right there Sookie thinks it's not a panther, but a shifter, and that made me think about Crystal, who's a werepanther in TB. Soooo I think I can safely assume Jason is in fact kidnapped by them. But we'll know soon.

The cops talk about the girl Sookie found (Maria-Star) on the side of the road, and have the gall to make crazy assumptions about Maria-Star really being Jason's secret sex slave that Sookie had tried to get rid of when Jason tried to kill her. Here, Jason's boss does us all a favor and goes off on them, and then he takes Sookie back to Jason's house, where they've rounded up a search party for her brother. This is where she gets happy, touched and a little proud about Bon Temps. It's quite nice.

In the woods during the search, Crystal, her uncle and a guy from Hotshot are with Sookie and a reverend (sounds like the beginning of a bad joke) when a big ass hog comes and attacks them. They get it, but the fresh kill forces the three from Hotshot to partially shift, and it's affirmed that they're shifters. However, when Eric smells her later that night, he tells her she smells like something more than just what she described in the woods. Curiouser and curiouser. This is also where they confess to each other that they have feelings for one another, but they don't have much time to bask in it, because Pam called earlier to tell her that everyone was going to attack the bad coven that night.

And oh, gosh... When they get to the address Pam said to be at, Eric kisses her in the car and tells her he'd take care of her, love her, provide for her.

"Sounds like a marriage," she said.
"Yes," he said.


sookie and eric GIF photo: Eric & Sookie Gif mc6ltt.gifGod, here's this guy whom she shares a mutual attraction to, practically, finally, proposing to her, and she can't say yes! She's tempted, too, obviously knowing she'd be an idiot to turn it down, but she's come full circle. If she agrees to stay with him, their relationship will be counterfeit, because she'd be loving the counterfeit Eric. I think you know her answer. :(

Now in the house with the others who are strategizing, their plan is that Sookie is to go first to scout the witches, since she's human. Alcide (with Debbie there, too, ugh) doesn't want her going by herself, and then someone volunteers. Bubba! Sookie's happy to see him again, but when he asks about Bill, she tells him he's in Peru, only to get corrected by an all too familiar voice. Bill's. He comes out from one of the rooms and she feels a jolt that was stronger than it should've been (she's unused to having an ex). But then Bill blows everyone away when he asks what Debbie's doing there, because she had participated in his getting tortured in Mississippi.

Everyone is shocked, but it's Alcide who takes it the hardest. She reveals her true colors without even realizing that she's digging herself too deep, and then Alcide abjures her. He'll never see her, hunt with her, or share flesh with her, and when she painfully tries to object, he just stares right through her, as if he truly can't see her anymore.

The fight is...well, a fight, and I won't go into detail when those words are sufficient enough. XD Though I will add that during the fight, Debbie tried for Sookie and got caught at the neck by someone. Skip, skip.... Good triumphs over evil. Hallow is kept alive so they can figure out a way to reverse Eric's curse. Sookie is beat tired, and she leaves when it's apparent that she isn't needed anymore, but Eric catches up to her, begging her to take him home with her because he doesn't know the others. :( And she's sad, because this isn't really the Eric she knows, but at the same time, she can't help but wonder if maybe this is the Eric that was real, just buried under years and years of hard lifetimes. She's also sad because after everything goes back to normal, she might never see her still-missing brother again. Exhausted, she let's him take her home, but sitting in her house is Debbie, with a gun.

She shoots Sookie, but she hadn't taken the possibility of Eric being there, and he takes the bullet in the chest. Sookie shoots Debbie with her own gun, and then helps Eric heal with a few True Bloods in the kitchen. When she starts to feel ill about having actually killed someone, he unintentionally confirms that he'd been the one to save her from Debbie earlier in the fight when he justifies her actions, saying she has nothing to feel bad about. They clean up the body, he kisses her goodnight, and she goes to bed. The next morning comes up, and she's up to a little cuddling before work when it gets around Eric's wake-up time. She goes up to his room, opens the door, and finds out he's wide awake- and back to normal. And then he asks her what he's doing in her home, asking about the clothes he's wearing and never bought. But she takes it all in with a very controlled face that she had learned to school for almost her whole life.

He doesn't remember anything.

She leaves for work when Pam comes over to fill him in on what's happened, and in the end, she finds out that the guy who'd joined Crystal them on the search for Jason was her brother's kidnapper. Crystal's uncle punishes the guy, and Sookie agrees to not call the police, as the guy had acted alone, and she knows Jason might need their help, because he was bit every night. There's a possibility that he'll become some kind of 'Wolf Man' (half man, half Were). However, they won't know until the next full moon.

In the end, Eric comes back, telling her he feels troubled about what he can't remember, but you know he suspects that something happened between them. He also suspects something happened on their last night together, because he found some brain tissue on his clothes. They get a visitor, then, one of the Weres coming to ask Sookie if she'd seen Debbie, as it's protocol to ask everyone, and it's then that Eric understands what'd happened. He doesn't vocalize it, and when the Were leaves, all he says to Sookie is to get a new coat (the one she wore when she killed Debbie, he saw it hanging on the side while the Were was questioning Sookie). It ends with her having this feeling he'll send her a new coat, and what do you know, he does.

Cranberry red, 
with a removable liner, 
a detachable hood, 
and tortoiseshell buttons.

End of Dead To The World

As of now, it's my favorite book because:

  • fairies are finally introduced
  • Sookie and Eric hook up and get to know each other better
  • Bill is rarely in it
  • For the first time, according to Pam, Weres and vampires set their differences aside to fight against the enemy
  • Jason is humbled, kinda nicer to her, though it's sad as to how that came to be

Aside from Eric and Bill, Alcide's story in this book was really just him getting back with Debbie (ugh) and making some major mistakes, like telling Sookie that he was told (by Debbie) she and Bill were back together, and she's like, "And you believed her?!" That dude is seriously hung on Debbie, and it doesn't sit well with Sookie when he abjures her only after it's revealed that Debbie had helped torture Bill and was the one who'd shoved Sookie in the trunk, which Sookie had suspected from the very beginning. That part is why she's just a little irked, because she'd told Alcide who she suspected, but he hadn't believed her, or at least believed her enough to do anything.

I recommend this book to all the fans who enjoyed watching this story being played on True Blood. It's really cute, you get to see Debbie die, and Sookie got to see a little of the real Eric, though it's still a mystery as to whether or not the real Eric is a cold person, or the one she'd been with during his curse days, and was only buried deep under all the horrible lifetimes we're sure he's been through.

Frankly, I think Sookie, Eric, Bill and Pam should just all go on a road trip in search of mystical mermaids. Or ogres. Hell, they just need to all be in one place doing something. I'd certainly watch/read that.

lol and on that note-

Happy Reading!

Monday, June 3, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Club Dead (SS #3)

Sookie thought things with her and Bill were great, but for the last few weeks, he's been distracted. Distant. Then he tells her he's leaving for Seattle, which she knows is a lie, and leaves.

Weeks go by, and then Eric calls her, telling her Bill's been kidnapped and that he needs her telepathic help to get him back. His real location? Jackson, Mississippi.

Club Dead, a Super's hangout in Jackson, just might be the perfect place to pick up on Bill's location, so Eric brings in werewolf Alcide Herveaux and sends him with Sookie to Mississippi. 

There's just one small problem. Sookie finds out that Bill wasn't on a business trip, but rather with an ex vampire lover. Poor Miss Sookie Stackhouse, she just doesn't know what to do. 

Save a vamp, sharpen a few stakes for one?

Sookie GIFs photo:  tumblr_m6k7rvAjjK1qa62hro6_250.gif
Yeah, that could work, too.

Okay, drum roll please, for I've finally discovered the identity of Bubba! But seriously, how on Earth had I not figured it out earlier? I finally realized (with Sookie's following hints from this book: "El-", "Memphis", "Blue Christmas") that Bubba is Elvis Presley. Now here's the sad part of my discovery. When the synopsis mentioned Sookie having Elvis for a bodyguard, I thought it was talking about one of Elvis' songs being some kind of helper-upper for her, not the literal Elvis freaking Presley! T_T But anyywayyyyyyy-

Bill is slowly ascending my Shit List! I know he loves Sooki and all, but dayum. Even I'm miffed, and I don't even have his side of the story! And this is a big deal, because I'm usually more non-biased than this. It all starts at the beginning (that doesn't look good, Bill.) when he was typing away on his keyboard, not even pretending to enjoy Sookie's advances. She can tell when she's unwanted, however, so when she asks him what's up, he tells her, and rather rudely, too, buddy, that he's on a secret assignment for the queen. Of course Sookie laughs at the sound of it- a queen in America! -but he just gets pissy. And then when she leaves because he's not being nice, he tells her he's leaving for Seattle, and she knows he's lying to her, which makes her cry! But of course she's got her back turned to him. She'd rather die than let him see the tears he caused. Ugh.

So a while has past since Sookie has seen or heard from Bill, and then one night Bubba shows up, saying he's her appointed bodyguard until one of the Fangtasia vampires can get there. When Eric, Pam, and Chow arrive, Eric tells her Bill wasn't in Seattle (she kinda already knew that, but it hurts to hear someone else confirm it) but in Jackson, Mississippi, and was kidnapped. Then grudgingly, due to Pam's constant hints, adds that Bill might have been enamored again with his ex, a female vampire from his past, which would explain his strange actions. This just about breaks Sookie's heart, and she starts crying in front of them, unsettling the vamps. Eric asks for her help, for it's just not Bill's, but their lives as well, that are at stake if the queen finds out, and she agrees to be sent to Mississippi with a werewolf. She's majorly upset, but she'll go to a Super's club if it means getting any info on Bill's whereabouts.

And, Enter Alcide Herveaux!

During their time together, Sookie can't help but see how normal her life would've been with someone alive like Alcide (if he weren't a were) though even if he were a super, it'd still be a step closer to a human than a vampire. She feels so confused. She's hurt by Bill's betrayal, but at the same time, because of this hurt, she's getting mixed signals from her own body regarding Alcide's great manners (not to mention his hot body) and consideration. And just seeing him during the day, doing homey things with her, makes her feel like maybe she'd been making a mistake all this time.

Her straining relationship with Bill isn't getting any support by her insecurity about where she stands with the missing civic. Alcide's presence reminds her what kind of relationship she could've had before she met a Hubba of the Night. It's all a bunch of what if's, but on with the show! So they get to the bar, have a verbal smackdown with Debbie, Alcide's ex, and then when Alcide leaves for the bathroom so Sookie can eavesdrop on a vamp and human thinking about Bill, she gets hurt when one of the weres decides to get frisky with her.

Oh uh, right? But wait! When the vampire she was eavesdropping on saves her, she offers her injury for him to clean (as is customary, I guess) and he introduces himself. He is Russell Edgington, the king of Mississippi, and possibly the one responsible for Bill's disappearance. LOL! Sookie, I don't know whether to call you lucky or the next Danger Magnet. I mean, really, what do you call this? .... I don't know, either. On with the review! So Russell invites them (see threat) back to the club, and when they get back to the apartment, they kissssss (woot woot!)-
*FUCK stop saying that!*

- but Sookie stops it- with a lot of effort -because it isn't the right time. You know, with the whole rebound thing on both their ends. So she goes to bed, and then Eric makes his little appearance outside her window! There's not much with his visit, but come on, it's Eric. Of course I'm going to mention him!

eric northman gifs photo:  ERICcomehere.gif
*of course I'll come for you-*

Right. So, they find Sooki's Were assaulter dead in the closet (which is later revealed to have been killed by Bubba) and Eric comes back! He's in disguise to catch anything at the club that they might miss, and when they leave to see the king (not Elvis- unfortunately, they lost him -_-), she sees Tara with one of the king's guests! She let's Tara know she's basically hiding in plain sight, so they go back and avoid talking about things that could get Sookie killed. However, just when Sookie overplays her shy role, and Russell's bf calls her on it, Tara brings up their dance routine from school during a talent show to talk about how brave Sookie is, and then Tara smiles. And this smile is very mischievous.

I think you know what happens next.

Yup! Girl runs to the DJ and Sookie's like "Oh God" and you can just imagine Alcide's face. X) They dance, and you can believe a few lusty thoughts are now in the air. And ERIC!!! Oh, man. After the dance, she catches sight of him and- well, let's just say, unlike someone (Alcide had a moment of jealousy), Eric appreciated the dance very much. They're all talking again, but Sookie catches a thought, and it's bad: someone's gonna stake Russell's second in command. She knows she shouldn't reveal that she's a telepath because that might get her in trouble, but she can't just ignore something like this, so she grabs the guy and yells "Stake!" just as he's about to attack the vampire. All supers turn. The weres back up to let the vamps have the floor. *___*

Sookie gets stabbed. XP

But not to fear! Because Eric is there, helping her with Russell at their side. And what do you know! Russell offers her his home, the one place where Bill is suspected to be, and they're in. I guess that means she's both lucky and prone to danger, huh?

She wakes up healed, and Eric's in bed with her, in silk boxers.

Sookie GIFs photo:  tumblr_m59wcbfr4d1qcs3sko4_250.gif

Nah, just kidding. They kiss. And he actually fingers her, my God! Totally different from True Blood, I wasn't expecting them to start dancing to 'Sexual Healing' until he gets amnesia (this next book, I think?). Nonetheless, a very nice treat. ^_^ But then, damn it, Bubba ruins it by sneaking in! However, I adore Bubba, so I forgive him. Eric sends him to look for Bill, he gives Sookie his blood so she can be prepared to get Bill, and booooy is it hot! Now, there's just some things you can't say- LOL -but I'll tell you that it was so good, he combust. ^____^ Sookie, on the other hand, could only think of how excited Bill had been when she'd shared his blood, so she gets kinda bummed out. Aw. :(

It's around this time that she's disgusted with herself and her current moral fiber. Here she is having thoughts of Alcide and doing stuff with Eric, but, unfaithful or not, she shouldn't be doing any of it. It's okay, though, girl, you were raised human. Everyone's got faults. <3 And ERIC! OMFG. Poor guy doesn't know what to do with these feelings he has for her. He says coldly, and I quote:

"I don't like having feelings."

Sookie GIFs photo:  tumblr_m5tyj3zA9F1qcs3sko1_250.gif

Proof from the God's mouth himself that he likes her. I think they should get together. Where was I? Oh. Oh. Ugh. I hate this part. So they've figured out a plan, and during the day, Sookie finds Bill on the grounds. She also finds Lorena, (though she doesn't know it at the time) and she's blonde like Sookie, whereas in TB she's a brunette. She kills Lorena. She gets out fine and gets to Alcide's garage, but when she checks on Bill in the trunk, someone shoves her in there, and hungry, tortured vampire Bill is famished. And not just for blood.

So he bites her. And then he...


He didn't do anything to prepare when he entered her roughly, so she started screaming. When he stopped, she was completely subdued, woozy from the loss of blood and physical ache, murmuring answers to his questions. I have no idea what to say to this rough.....scene. It doesn't go on for like, a million years, but still! What the hell do you call non-consent sex between two people who love each other? Yes, Bill loses his mind, but he feels a little crappy when he finds out she hadn't consented to it. But... like... How the hell would you even touch that? I've no clue, but if Sookie, Miss Virtue and Manners, is not destroyed by it, then I think I can continue with the story without tearing myself up about it. And don't even think about talking shit, either. He ain't human, he's an animal, so his actions and excuses fall under different rules. As long as he didn't consciously think of being evil and taking her against her will, it's tolerable.

Anyway, it flows into the next scene where Eric gets them out of the trunk and into Alcide's apartment, but then they move into the empty one next to his, because Debbie (the one who shoved Sookie in the trunk) shows up to yell at him. While the Weres are arguing, the vampires and Sookie talk about other things, like Bubba, and Bill's super secret project, which just ends up being a fucking list of vampires!

While they're talking, Sookie hears Alcide and Debbie fight, and she's got a few things to say about that. Debbie and Alcide should not be together. They may be tolerable separate, but together, they're like a set of bombs going off on each other one at a time. Their being together only hurts them. If one's not hurt, the other one is. And then... it clicks. Sookie looks at her relationship with Bill, and all the things that has happened ever sent they met. She realizes that although she loves Bill, she loves herself more, and she will not continue getting hurt and attacked and almost murdered because of the shit that goes on in Bill's life, especially when he's not even faithful to her, no matter that his devil ex turned on him for financial reasons.

She walks out of the apartment, Eric drives her home, and Bill doesn't follow.

Remember how we (yes, we) wondered whether or not Sookie was lucky or prone to danger? Well, while she and Eric stop at a gas station, it gets robbed, but the dudes are looking for Sookie. Turns out, they were sent by the werewolf gang from Mississippi. My favorite part's when one of them describes Sookie and says she has nice tits, and Eric bloodies his face telling him, "You are speaking of my future lover."

LOL. Oh, Eric. He admits that his mind was elsewhere when those idiots got the drop on him and momentarily caught him in a net (that's how the guys were able to do a stickup in the first place), but our pair make it out just fine. When she gets home, she yells at Eric because he's asking her about her relationship status with Bill, and she let's him have it. She tells him that she is done with all of them. Then she let's her money problem slip when he tells her that she should fix her driveway. She storms into her house when she sees the lights on, pissed someone's in her house. It's an ambush, though, and one of the people from the Jackson gang chases Eric away with two bullets to his body. Then they're all around Sookie, bitch slapping her and what-not, asking her where Jerry is (the body Bubba stuffed in Alcide's closet) when Eric and Bill are at the front door. They kill them all, and then they're taking care of Sookie.

Here, Bill finds out she hid a body, and says 'His Sookie' would never do such a thing. Ouch! Sooo not the right thing to say right now, dude. He emphasizes her being his when Eric laughingly corrects him about that particular pronoun, and then Sookie's like, "I wonder if I can move my arms," and realizes she can and thus proceeds to flip Bill off. With both fingers. -_^. Eric laughs, Bill's astounded. La-di-da, she passes out, wakes up, and guess what. Her driveway's fixed. By who else? Eriiiiiic. *she says in a sing-songy voice*

It's the end of the book, and night has come to Sookie's home, along with the vampires. Now, a few things confused me. Eric and Bill look at each other when they hear that Alcide came over during the day to drop off her bag, and Pam emphasizes on the shawl Alcide replaced for Sookie because her other one got ruined by Debbie, but Sookie doesn't understand what all the exchanged looks are for, which means I don't. Then Eric hisses at Billy about how he almost lost everything (does he mean Sookie???) and then snaps that he was a fool to have taken up with that she-devil (who, the dead bitch or the queen???) again. This irritates her, so she rescinds their invites, and sighs in relief at the silence. And then she starts laughing. Why, you may ask?

Why, because the secret Vampire List that started every single fucking problem in this whole book is in her house, where none of the vampires can get it.

OK- So I get what some people were saying, like how she should've forgiven Bill because he was starving (out of his mind) and his maker (Lorena) had made him do all this stuff, but this book didn't say that he was tricked to go see Lorena. Even Eric says that he shouldn't have taken up with the she-devil again, and I can only assume it's Lorena, since their queen is someone they both must obey. And even though Bill does all these nice physical things for her, he still acted... off, like in the beginning of the book. Bill even said so himself that he was regretting his madness, but what madness???? Being enamored and falling for Lorena's trap, or was he talking about the madness of doing something for the queen? I just don't know. Guess I'll have to find out in the fourth book.

I recommend this, and for once, I liked the story better than True Blood. There's just too many shit going on in that series, and the only scenes I ever liked any way were the ones where Sookie and Eric make out. Anywho, I'm falling for this series. :)

Happy Reading!