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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: All Together Dead (SS #7)

When Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, it damaged a lot of Queen Sophie-Anne's power, shifting the balance not only between the vampires, but the rest of the supernatural community.

Sookie is hired to go with Queen Sophie-Anne to the summit for the murder of her husband. It shouldn't be too hard for the Bon Temps barmaid; just read a few human thoughts, assure who's loyal and an enemy, and it's done.

But a lot of people warned her not to go, and although she could live without the money they were paying her, she felt that she was already deeply involved with the vampires. No point turning back, now. Besides, her new beau, Quinn, will be there, as well as Eric, Bill, Pam and a few of the queen's vampire guards. She'll be completely surrounded... 

Okay, maybe she should be worried.

It would've been great if True Blood had done this in their TV series, but since some characters are dead/changed, it wouldn't really work. A shame. The summit Eric had mentioned all those months ago in January has finally come. Too bad they decided to do it after Queen Sophie-Anne took a lot of damage to her power, not to mention that she's now having to go to trial for the death of her husband. A lot of Sookie's friends don't want her to go, and even her fairy godmother (yes, she has one) warns her that something big will happen. However, she's already involved, so she decides to go.

The book starts off with Sookie meeting the Shreveport vampires (and some visiting ones from New Orleans) at Fangtasia, where they'll be briefed about their time in Rhodes, Illinois. She and Eric are having problems at the moment, because he's still miffed about the Cursed Days that he can't remember. And trust me, if he said some really intense things to Sookie at that time, control-freak hunk would definitely want to know. Remembering the best sex he'd had with Sookie would probably be a bonus.

Before she leaves for Rhodes, Sookie goes to a bridal shower for Andy's fiance, and she meets up with Quinn, her weretiger boyfriend, who promises to take a month off after the summit so they can spend some quality time. :) Sookie also gets a phone call from her brother, who's decided to get married within the hour after discovering that his fiance is pregnant, and when she brings Quinn, a lot of people are revered. This is the beginning of Sookie's curiosity about his past. What's so damn special? She deals with some last-minute pleasantries, like Bill's lovely girlfriend (ugh), and her friends' pre-warnings about going to a place crowded with vampires, especially Arlene's comment. Pam visits her at Merlotte's, but she just wants to confirm to Sookie that she and Eric had had no idea about Bill's deception. Pam also wants Sookie to have mercy on Eric, as he's acting unusual and not his carefree self. She's really dedicated to Eric, and they might have had sex like in True Blood, but she never loved him. She suspects Eric has some kind of feelings for Sookie, though. Eric wouldn't bother with a human, even if she had a little fairy blood.

Pam reveals her story of how she was turned. Unlike True Blood, where she runs a whorehouse and willingly chooses to be a vampire, she was nineteen and walking home from a secret meeting with a boy who didn't meet her class status, when Eric came across her, and turned her. The vampire resumes her pleading (I use that term loosely) with Sookie when Eric comes then, and there's tension. After making Pam leave, he kisses Sookie, then brings up the very thing I thought! He wonders why he was running on the road leading to her house. Why her? When Sookie tries to brush it off as a result of the fairy blood in her, he says, "No," and leaves. Eric is much more affected than anyone realizes, other than Pam, maybe.

A lot of characters are introduced when she goes to Illinois, and it's a tangle of plots and bad guys. Throughout the struggle to remain safe and alive, at one point on the plane to the summit, she touches Eric's casket. Though, I guess when you think of all the other vampires there, he'd be the only one she wanted to touch (cause it ain't Bill, honey, she abjures him up to a certain point). We see a lot of Barry the Bellboy, poor thing's registered as that, too; Barry Bellboy. And with a lot of interactions with the other guests, she hears a lot about Quinn's reputation.

It's her conversation with Jake that reveals everything. Quinn, at the age of fifteen, had killed hunters who'd trapped and later raped his shifter mother, and after saving her, he'd sworn to fight for vampires in the pit for three years to pay off his debt. He's legendary because of it, and well respected for having made them so much money in a place where shifters aren't known for lasting long.

The plot is basically someone trying to set up Sophie-Anne, and Andre, the queen's bodyguard, at one point tries to make Sookie drink his blood so she can be tied to them. Eric saves her in time, though he can only make her drink from him, instead of the creepy sixteen-year-old. She relents, but third time's the charm, because when the queen goes on trial, Sookie actually hears a vampire's thought, and shifts the trial in Sophie-Anne's favor. In the end Sookie gets told by the queen's lawyer that the queen had hired the hit man in her trial to gain everyone's assumptions of her innocence, and this turns Sookie even more away from the vampire world.

One of my favorite moments was when Sookie found a bomb in the disguise of a fake soda can, and Quinn and Eric were there, trying to get her to give it to them. It was very intense, but a bomb squad guy (tagged Boom, lol) got it, and then Quinn was there, saying Idiot like you'd say Thank you, God. Sadly, Eric had vanished by the time she looked up from her beau's hug. Another moment is when Eric backs her up at the queen's trial, when she's requested to approach the ancient Pythoness aka, the judge. Whether or not it was because she had his blood in her, he still stood to show his support. Sookie also confesses that she might have loved him, but it was the old Eric she loved, not the one he has to be now. I laughed when Eric scared Barry, her dancing partner, away, only to then criticize her dancing (I believe the words were 'shaking your assets for all to see'). A dancing pair has to seperate them when she points a finger at him, and he's like, "Get your finger out of my face." LOL. They're almost like a married couple.

*God, I wish-*
*Oh wait, I think that happens soon!*

Or how he tells Barry, "You're yelling at my-" and he catches himself, to then finish it with, "-at Sookie." Do you  think he was going to say 'my lover', like he used to call her during the Cursed Days? Who knows. Anyways, with two telepaths, it's supposed to be impossible to keep a secret, but Barry speaks up a little too late about his suspicions, and they fail to realize that the hotel will explode before they can evacuate its guests. Some die, but a lot make it out alright. She'd run to Eric and Pam's room during the evacuation, only to think of Bill afterwards, but by then it was too late. She did find him after the explosion, and she was sobbing at the state he was in. :( He makes it. Quinn and his sister hadn't escaped the hotel, but they live. Unfortunately, when she and Barry used their gifts to locate survivors in the rubble, they brought on too many wanted attention, so they'll have to stay on the down low.

The book ends with her back at home, where she finds out that Tara and JB are engaged, Although she's happy for her friends, she can't help but think that her life would be fine if she didn't get involved with so many races of the supernatural.

I'm kinda shocked and sad Andre died... he might have been bad, but come on, practically all of them are. He was in love with Sophie-Anne, and I'm sure the queen will be heartbroken; he was her first child. It turns out Quinn had killed him, when Sookie found both her beau and Andre under the rubble. She hated him, so Quinn killed him for her.

The next book sounds even more intense, and I'm so scared to read it! But I must...

Happy Reading :)

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