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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Club Dead (SS #3)

Sookie thought things with her and Bill were great, but for the last few weeks, he's been distracted. Distant. Then he tells her he's leaving for Seattle, which she knows is a lie, and leaves.

Weeks go by, and then Eric calls her, telling her Bill's been kidnapped and that he needs her telepathic help to get him back. His real location? Jackson, Mississippi.

Club Dead, a Super's hangout in Jackson, just might be the perfect place to pick up on Bill's location, so Eric brings in werewolf Alcide Herveaux and sends him with Sookie to Mississippi. 

There's just one small problem. Sookie finds out that Bill wasn't on a business trip, but rather with an ex vampire lover. Poor Miss Sookie Stackhouse, she just doesn't know what to do. 

Save a vamp, sharpen a few stakes for one?

Sookie GIFs photo:  tumblr_m6k7rvAjjK1qa62hro6_250.gif
Yeah, that could work, too.

Okay, drum roll please, for I've finally discovered the identity of Bubba! But seriously, how on Earth had I not figured it out earlier? I finally realized (with Sookie's following hints from this book: "El-", "Memphis", "Blue Christmas") that Bubba is Elvis Presley. Now here's the sad part of my discovery. When the synopsis mentioned Sookie having Elvis for a bodyguard, I thought it was talking about one of Elvis' songs being some kind of helper-upper for her, not the literal Elvis freaking Presley! T_T But anyywayyyyyyy-

Bill is slowly ascending my Shit List! I know he loves Sooki and all, but dayum. Even I'm miffed, and I don't even have his side of the story! And this is a big deal, because I'm usually more non-biased than this. It all starts at the beginning (that doesn't look good, Bill.) when he was typing away on his keyboard, not even pretending to enjoy Sookie's advances. She can tell when she's unwanted, however, so when she asks him what's up, he tells her, and rather rudely, too, buddy, that he's on a secret assignment for the queen. Of course Sookie laughs at the sound of it- a queen in America! -but he just gets pissy. And then when she leaves because he's not being nice, he tells her he's leaving for Seattle, and she knows he's lying to her, which makes her cry! But of course she's got her back turned to him. She'd rather die than let him see the tears he caused. Ugh.

So a while has past since Sookie has seen or heard from Bill, and then one night Bubba shows up, saying he's her appointed bodyguard until one of the Fangtasia vampires can get there. When Eric, Pam, and Chow arrive, Eric tells her Bill wasn't in Seattle (she kinda already knew that, but it hurts to hear someone else confirm it) but in Jackson, Mississippi, and was kidnapped. Then grudgingly, due to Pam's constant hints, adds that Bill might have been enamored again with his ex, a female vampire from his past, which would explain his strange actions. This just about breaks Sookie's heart, and she starts crying in front of them, unsettling the vamps. Eric asks for her help, for it's just not Bill's, but their lives as well, that are at stake if the queen finds out, and she agrees to be sent to Mississippi with a werewolf. She's majorly upset, but she'll go to a Super's club if it means getting any info on Bill's whereabouts.

And, Enter Alcide Herveaux!

During their time together, Sookie can't help but see how normal her life would've been with someone alive like Alcide (if he weren't a were) though even if he were a super, it'd still be a step closer to a human than a vampire. She feels so confused. She's hurt by Bill's betrayal, but at the same time, because of this hurt, she's getting mixed signals from her own body regarding Alcide's great manners (not to mention his hot body) and consideration. And just seeing him during the day, doing homey things with her, makes her feel like maybe she'd been making a mistake all this time.

Her straining relationship with Bill isn't getting any support by her insecurity about where she stands with the missing civic. Alcide's presence reminds her what kind of relationship she could've had before she met a Hubba of the Night. It's all a bunch of what if's, but on with the show! So they get to the bar, have a verbal smackdown with Debbie, Alcide's ex, and then when Alcide leaves for the bathroom so Sookie can eavesdrop on a vamp and human thinking about Bill, she gets hurt when one of the weres decides to get frisky with her.

Oh uh, right? But wait! When the vampire she was eavesdropping on saves her, she offers her injury for him to clean (as is customary, I guess) and he introduces himself. He is Russell Edgington, the king of Mississippi, and possibly the one responsible for Bill's disappearance. LOL! Sookie, I don't know whether to call you lucky or the next Danger Magnet. I mean, really, what do you call this? .... I don't know, either. On with the review! So Russell invites them (see threat) back to the club, and when they get back to the apartment, they kissssss (woot woot!)-
*FUCK stop saying that!*

- but Sookie stops it- with a lot of effort -because it isn't the right time. You know, with the whole rebound thing on both their ends. So she goes to bed, and then Eric makes his little appearance outside her window! There's not much with his visit, but come on, it's Eric. Of course I'm going to mention him!

eric northman gifs photo:  ERICcomehere.gif
*of course I'll come for you-*

Right. So, they find Sooki's Were assaulter dead in the closet (which is later revealed to have been killed by Bubba) and Eric comes back! He's in disguise to catch anything at the club that they might miss, and when they leave to see the king (not Elvis- unfortunately, they lost him -_-), she sees Tara with one of the king's guests! She let's Tara know she's basically hiding in plain sight, so they go back and avoid talking about things that could get Sookie killed. However, just when Sookie overplays her shy role, and Russell's bf calls her on it, Tara brings up their dance routine from school during a talent show to talk about how brave Sookie is, and then Tara smiles. And this smile is very mischievous.

I think you know what happens next.

Yup! Girl runs to the DJ and Sookie's like "Oh God" and you can just imagine Alcide's face. X) They dance, and you can believe a few lusty thoughts are now in the air. And ERIC!!! Oh, man. After the dance, she catches sight of him and- well, let's just say, unlike someone (Alcide had a moment of jealousy), Eric appreciated the dance very much. They're all talking again, but Sookie catches a thought, and it's bad: someone's gonna stake Russell's second in command. She knows she shouldn't reveal that she's a telepath because that might get her in trouble, but she can't just ignore something like this, so she grabs the guy and yells "Stake!" just as he's about to attack the vampire. All supers turn. The weres back up to let the vamps have the floor. *___*

Sookie gets stabbed. XP

But not to fear! Because Eric is there, helping her with Russell at their side. And what do you know! Russell offers her his home, the one place where Bill is suspected to be, and they're in. I guess that means she's both lucky and prone to danger, huh?

She wakes up healed, and Eric's in bed with her, in silk boxers.

Sookie GIFs photo:  tumblr_m59wcbfr4d1qcs3sko4_250.gif

Nah, just kidding. They kiss. And he actually fingers her, my God! Totally different from True Blood, I wasn't expecting them to start dancing to 'Sexual Healing' until he gets amnesia (this next book, I think?). Nonetheless, a very nice treat. ^_^ But then, damn it, Bubba ruins it by sneaking in! However, I adore Bubba, so I forgive him. Eric sends him to look for Bill, he gives Sookie his blood so she can be prepared to get Bill, and booooy is it hot! Now, there's just some things you can't say- LOL -but I'll tell you that it was so good, he combust. ^____^ Sookie, on the other hand, could only think of how excited Bill had been when she'd shared his blood, so she gets kinda bummed out. Aw. :(

It's around this time that she's disgusted with herself and her current moral fiber. Here she is having thoughts of Alcide and doing stuff with Eric, but, unfaithful or not, she shouldn't be doing any of it. It's okay, though, girl, you were raised human. Everyone's got faults. <3 And ERIC! OMFG. Poor guy doesn't know what to do with these feelings he has for her. He says coldly, and I quote:

"I don't like having feelings."

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Proof from the God's mouth himself that he likes her. I think they should get together. Where was I? Oh. Oh. Ugh. I hate this part. So they've figured out a plan, and during the day, Sookie finds Bill on the grounds. She also finds Lorena, (though she doesn't know it at the time) and she's blonde like Sookie, whereas in TB she's a brunette. She kills Lorena. She gets out fine and gets to Alcide's garage, but when she checks on Bill in the trunk, someone shoves her in there, and hungry, tortured vampire Bill is famished. And not just for blood.

So he bites her. And then he...


He didn't do anything to prepare when he entered her roughly, so she started screaming. When he stopped, she was completely subdued, woozy from the loss of blood and physical ache, murmuring answers to his questions. I have no idea what to say to this rough.....scene. It doesn't go on for like, a million years, but still! What the hell do you call non-consent sex between two people who love each other? Yes, Bill loses his mind, but he feels a little crappy when he finds out she hadn't consented to it. But... like... How the hell would you even touch that? I've no clue, but if Sookie, Miss Virtue and Manners, is not destroyed by it, then I think I can continue with the story without tearing myself up about it. And don't even think about talking shit, either. He ain't human, he's an animal, so his actions and excuses fall under different rules. As long as he didn't consciously think of being evil and taking her against her will, it's tolerable.

Anyway, it flows into the next scene where Eric gets them out of the trunk and into Alcide's apartment, but then they move into the empty one next to his, because Debbie (the one who shoved Sookie in the trunk) shows up to yell at him. While the Weres are arguing, the vampires and Sookie talk about other things, like Bubba, and Bill's super secret project, which just ends up being a fucking list of vampires!

While they're talking, Sookie hears Alcide and Debbie fight, and she's got a few things to say about that. Debbie and Alcide should not be together. They may be tolerable separate, but together, they're like a set of bombs going off on each other one at a time. Their being together only hurts them. If one's not hurt, the other one is. And then... it clicks. Sookie looks at her relationship with Bill, and all the things that has happened ever sent they met. She realizes that although she loves Bill, she loves herself more, and she will not continue getting hurt and attacked and almost murdered because of the shit that goes on in Bill's life, especially when he's not even faithful to her, no matter that his devil ex turned on him for financial reasons.

She walks out of the apartment, Eric drives her home, and Bill doesn't follow.

Remember how we (yes, we) wondered whether or not Sookie was lucky or prone to danger? Well, while she and Eric stop at a gas station, it gets robbed, but the dudes are looking for Sookie. Turns out, they were sent by the werewolf gang from Mississippi. My favorite part's when one of them describes Sookie and says she has nice tits, and Eric bloodies his face telling him, "You are speaking of my future lover."

LOL. Oh, Eric. He admits that his mind was elsewhere when those idiots got the drop on him and momentarily caught him in a net (that's how the guys were able to do a stickup in the first place), but our pair make it out just fine. When she gets home, she yells at Eric because he's asking her about her relationship status with Bill, and she let's him have it. She tells him that she is done with all of them. Then she let's her money problem slip when he tells her that she should fix her driveway. She storms into her house when she sees the lights on, pissed someone's in her house. It's an ambush, though, and one of the people from the Jackson gang chases Eric away with two bullets to his body. Then they're all around Sookie, bitch slapping her and what-not, asking her where Jerry is (the body Bubba stuffed in Alcide's closet) when Eric and Bill are at the front door. They kill them all, and then they're taking care of Sookie.

Here, Bill finds out she hid a body, and says 'His Sookie' would never do such a thing. Ouch! Sooo not the right thing to say right now, dude. He emphasizes her being his when Eric laughingly corrects him about that particular pronoun, and then Sookie's like, "I wonder if I can move my arms," and realizes she can and thus proceeds to flip Bill off. With both fingers. -_^. Eric laughs, Bill's astounded. La-di-da, she passes out, wakes up, and guess what. Her driveway's fixed. By who else? Eriiiiiic. *she says in a sing-songy voice*

It's the end of the book, and night has come to Sookie's home, along with the vampires. Now, a few things confused me. Eric and Bill look at each other when they hear that Alcide came over during the day to drop off her bag, and Pam emphasizes on the shawl Alcide replaced for Sookie because her other one got ruined by Debbie, but Sookie doesn't understand what all the exchanged looks are for, which means I don't. Then Eric hisses at Billy about how he almost lost everything (does he mean Sookie???) and then snaps that he was a fool to have taken up with that she-devil (who, the dead bitch or the queen???) again. This irritates her, so she rescinds their invites, and sighs in relief at the silence. And then she starts laughing. Why, you may ask?

Why, because the secret Vampire List that started every single fucking problem in this whole book is in her house, where none of the vampires can get it.

OK- So I get what some people were saying, like how she should've forgiven Bill because he was starving (out of his mind) and his maker (Lorena) had made him do all this stuff, but this book didn't say that he was tricked to go see Lorena. Even Eric says that he shouldn't have taken up with the she-devil again, and I can only assume it's Lorena, since their queen is someone they both must obey. And even though Bill does all these nice physical things for her, he still acted... off, like in the beginning of the book. Bill even said so himself that he was regretting his madness, but what madness???? Being enamored and falling for Lorena's trap, or was he talking about the madness of doing something for the queen? I just don't know. Guess I'll have to find out in the fourth book.

I recommend this, and for once, I liked the story better than True Blood. There's just too many shit going on in that series, and the only scenes I ever liked any way were the ones where Sookie and Eric make out. Anywho, I'm falling for this series. :)

Happy Reading!

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