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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Dead as a Doornail (SS #5)

If being a telepath didn't qualify Sookie Stackhouse as a member of the supernatural world, her brother being a newly turned werepanther after a horrible incident certainly did.

She has enough to worry about with her brother and his new life, but now there's a sniper going around targeting supers in their area, and Jason is the first one to be suspected. She has until the next full moon to prove he's innocent before they decide to kill him, but when Sam gets shot, it brings up a whole new breed of trouble.

Now she must house Sam's substitute, find out who's been targeting the shifters to clear Jason's name, deal with Alcide's interest in a serious relationship, avoid Eric's constant questions about their time together when he'd been cursed, and... well, just stay strong where Bill's concerned.

She might be taking this new world in stride, but how on Earth do you deal with an ex?

Already, you can tell that the books and TV series are taking different roads down the Sookie Stackhouse story. In True Blood, only genetics can make you a super, but in the books, Jason becomes the Wolf Man (or would it be Wolf Cat?) and Crystal's uncle, Calvin, helps him through the transition. This story concerning a shifter and Sookie getting tagged by a hit man isn't in True Blood, so this might be where things start to majorly differ. Or maybe it's in this coming season, since Quinn, the weretiger she meets in this book, gets introduced in the season scheduled to be aired this summer. Who knows.

Throughout the story, Sookie doesn't really end up with a guy in particular, but rather gets bombarded by them all at one time. Jason's transition into the supernatural world isn't really the big issue, but rather that he's being accused of sniping down the Weres in their community. Sookie has until the next full moon to get her brother's name cleared or else his supposed new family will kill him, but while this is going on, Sam gets shot in the leg, and he asks her to go to Eric's to ask for a favor. Eric can't really pin anything on Sookie, since she's asking him to spare a bartender as a favor to Sam, and he gives her a vampire pirate Englishman named Charles.

Since this book was really just her interacting with all the men in her life, the story basically went a little like this:

Sookie gets a visit from Alcide, who asks her to attend Colonel Flood's funeral. When they get there, she later finds out that Alcide wanted her there for another reason, but he hadn't asked her of it specifically because he assumed that she kinda owed him. Why? Because she'd been the one to kill Debbie. She can't help but feel like he'd somehow blackmailed her to go with him, and it hurts that he didn't just ask her, like a regular friend would. She then finds out- as Alcide refuses to clue her in on anything, which is annoying - that the funeral's a gathering for the pack so they can see the candidates running for packmaster. After the funeral, Alcide tries to get her to believe that he doesn't care about what happened to Debbie, but you can't lie to a telepath, so she tells him to leave her alone.

Between the funeral and the trials, several things happen to Sookie. Firstly, her house is set on fire, and  although Charles is staying with her, it's Claudine (the fairy) who pops out of nowhere and saves her, as Charles had killed the arsonist outside before he could do any more damage. She's now homeless, and everyone volunteers to house her, but she crashes with Bill for the night before going over to her brother's. Here, Alcide shows up, despite her telling him to stay away, and tells her they should just be together. It wasn't the right time, though! She's dubbed herself Rebound Sookie, and RS doesn't make the same mistake twice. When the trials arrive, she realizes that she's there to make sure no one cheats. The two candidates are Alcide's father and a young guy named Patrick, who turns out to be a major cheat and jerk. He wins, though, by subduing and killing Alcide's dad, and Alcide hurts her two ways: 1) he wordlessly lets her know he only wants comfort from another Were, and 2) he blames her for his father's death. How does she know this? Telepathy. You can't ever keep anything from a telepath.

So, while Sookie's dealing with Alcide throughout the story, she's also kind of having to deal with Sam. You see a lot more of him being nice to her, and when he kisses her at one point, she doesn't shy away. And of course their kiss gets interrupted by Bill, who's pissed. He'd only come by to give her a lift because her car hadn't survived the fire, but she forgot to tell him that Tara had let her borrow one of her cars. She's touched that he showed up, and even more sad/glad when he asks her if he should bother getting groceries, because she can't tell if he's just making this up to spite her, or if he really is just watching after her.

Of course, that all goes to Hell when he decides from then on to show up at Merlotte's with a date, and she's almost everything Sookie isn't. Sam tells her he's just paying her back for what they did, but still. Sam let's her stay in one of his rentals, and it's from here that we then move on to Bill. Throughout the story, Bill's really nothing more than the supportive friend who hopes to get back with her. When she'd crashed at his place after the fire, the room she used to sleep in had never been touched. Some clothes and shoes were still in the closet, and some toiletries were still in the bathroom, as if he had been waiting for her to return. Of course, she's still in pain over what happened, so her pain tells her that he might not have just had the time to 'clean up', as he'd have no more reasons to go upstairs.

She eventually talks to Bill's date, and she admits to Bill that she's jealous (going with the whole honesty thing), with him saying he's glad, and then they end up on better, friendlier terms. He's especially there for her when she gets shot in the library parking lot, and he's in her hospital room, laying down in the bed with her. Sookie doesn't think their relationship, if it ever starts up again, will be as it once was, but she's at least glad that the air's easier to breathe around the other.

Her attendance at Colonel Flood's funeral allowed her a first glance at Quinn, the tall, large and bald weretiger who's visiting with the wolves. But as it turns out, he's a referee for the candidates, who later have to compete in three trials to determine the winner. And she has to be there. During the trials, she finds out Patrick was cheating, but the pack votes to let it all move on. He attacks her just before the third trial, but Quinn gets her away so that she's left with just a few scratches. Then things get heated up when he takes her on the side to clean the wound on her leg, and he starts a-lickin' at the blood. Wowza. They're both feeling the sexual tension, and you can just kinda tell we're gonna be seeing him in the next book. Of course, the next book's cover has a tiger on it, so that could be a telling hint, as well. lol.

Now, aside from the guys, there's a new vampire in Bon Temps named Mickey, but he's kind of a jerk. And when she tells Eric about him, he warns her to stay away from him, and that worries her. Mickey is supposedly Tara's new boyfriend, but Sookie's fear for her friend results in her finding out that Tara's old boyfriend from Jackson had passed her on to him, as a way to settle a debt. After finding this out, she calls Eric to ask for a favor, and you can imagine his face when he hears her utter those words.

Eric! My favorite part of the book. When Sookie had gone to Eric to ask for a favor on Sam's part, he gave her Charles, but he also started to question about their time together, which he, with some major frustration, still can't remember. She moves to leave, but he asks her to dance with him before she does. Aw. But then he slightly ruins the sweetness when he asks her why holding her seems so familiar to him. X) When her house is set on fire, Eric comes to her workplace to yell at Charles for not having watched her like he was supposed to. The other customers are watching warily, though always curious, and she deflates the guys by having Eric talk to her in Sam's office. But from there it quickly turns away from Charles and towards his own curiosity regarding the Cursed Days (that's what I'm gonna call his amnesia days from now on). There's something about her, he says, that he just can't understand, though the answer's right there, under his skin. She refuses to ever tell him the truth, because if she does tell him that she committed murder, he'll always have that power over her. But when he starts asking if he killed someone, she can't bare him thinking that he'd done something, so she reveals a little about the Cursed Days, how he was so sweet to her, how much of a pair of fun, gossiping buddies they were. Sam cuts in then, saving her from having to reveal anything else, but he still knows she's hiding a lot more. They've shared blood, after all.

So sometime in the book, when she realizes that she needs Eric's help to get rid of Mickey for Tara, she calls him to ask for a favor, and he shortly arrives at her rental, all smiles and looking triumphant. lol. He tells her he'll get rid of Mickey, but in return, she'll have to tell him everything that went on during the Cursed Days. And for about two minutes, she thinks it'll be fun, and tells him. She tells him they had sex in every single position she could imagine, in every single room of the house, outside the house- and he's staring at her for like thirty seconds, like she'd hit him in the face with a mallet. And then she proceeds to tell him everything; how he said he'd live with her and get a job, how he took a bullet for her. She gets uncomfortable when he asks her if he really had said he'd give everything up for her, and she briefly answers 'yes' before asking about dealing with Mickey.

It's done, but then he smells all these shifters and fairies on her and that gets him up to her neck to smell her. For a moment, he wonders if he should just bite her and end it, because he's tired of always thinking about her (it's an annoying habit, as he calls it) or if he should arouse her to find out if she really is the best sex he's ever had. We'll never know, though, because they get interrupted by a pissed off Mickey, who ends up running away because of Sookie's quick thinking. Bill shows up later to help her and Eric clean up, and for a wild minute, she thinks of all three of them in bed. Uh oh, lol!

That's one way to never have to choose, but she bids them goodbye and goes to sleep. Now, throughout all this guy-craziness, they catch the sniper who'd been targeting shifters, but on her next shift at work, she finds out that Charles is the one who shot her. See, while reading the book, you find out Sam's bullet didn't match the other victims, and when Bubba pays her a short visit to give her a message from Eric, saying "He's not what he seems, he's a hit man", Charles' lack of knowing who Bubba is clues her in about him being something he's not. Bubba had performed for the Jackson vampires, so Charles should've already met him, if he really were from Jackson. He tries to kill her, but a mouth of silver and some screaming gets Sam and a lot of the bar's male customers out running through the back door to her rescue. It's a cute little warm moment for Sookie and the people she grew up with, and half an hour later, Eric shows up, irritated that Bubba hadn't really helped in warning her about Charles, lol.

It ends with Eric telling us (Sookie and readers) that Charles was hired by Long Shadow's lover, Hot Rain, to get back at Eric for having killed him. If you don't recall Long Shadow, he was the bartender from the first book who'd been stealing from Eric. Charles heard the rumors about Eric fancying Sookie, so Charles took it to mean that killing Sookie would exact Hot Rain's revenge. That kinda hints that Sookie really is something more to him than either of their public reputations can afford, and with a hint that Sookie might have to accompany him to a royal summit (Southern kings' and queens' meeting), he asks her if he was the greatest sex she'd ever had.

"Don't you wish you knew?"

Hehe, so this book was pretty good because you got a taste of all the guys, and we got to see more of Claudine, and her twin brother, Claude. Some stuff that I didn't mention because they weren't important to me were the private investigators hired by Debbie's parents to look for their missing daughter, the fact that the sniper ended up being a cook at Merlotte's...hmm, can't remember anything else.

I recommend this book, but 'Dead to the World' still remains my favorite. XD
I read the next book's synopsis though, and guess what-


Happy Reading!

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