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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Dead to the World (SS #4)

Sookie Stackhouse has had it with the supernatural world, so she's made it a new year's resolution to never get into that sort of trouble ever again. Right? Wrong. It hasn't even been a few hours when trouble finds her. Or rather, when she finds it, running along the road to her house in the form of a tall, blonde, shirtless man whom she knows all too well. Too bad that only makes one of them.

Eric Northman, sheriff of Louisiana, has amnesia. And if that isn't enough, her brother's missing, and it's a mighty coincidence that a coven has showed up when the people she's keeping Eric safe from are witches, and not just girls in black, either. Real witches, regardless of age or gender, who are hungry for power and money.

And wouldn't it just be Sookie's luck to stand between a now kinder Eric and the lusty witch, Hallow, who's after him?

First of all, let me just say that when I found out this was going to be Eric's turn at a chance with Sookie, I was like:

eric northman gifs photo:  ERICLafayette.gif

Okay, maybe not the most appropriate GIF to represent how I feel, but- AAAAAHHHHH!! It's finally come! I've been waiting for them to hook up for forever. It's a big thing, you know. Why? Because it's Eric. XD I think they should be together. But that's just me...

So, unfortunately you get to hear Bill's side of the story from the last book. T_T As it turns out, he went to Lorena because, as his maker, she could force him to. Which means.... sigh.... that there is absofuckinglutely nothing wrong with Bill; ergo, no reason (on his end) that he should not be with Sookie. He's freaking perfect.

true blood GIFs photo:  ERICbored.gif

Ugh. Anywho, he needs to go to Peru for two weeks per queen's orders, so he asks Sookie if they can talk about their situation then, since she's not ready to talk about it at that time. He leaves, and she carries on.

It's a new year, and Sookie is on her way home from work when she sees this tall, blonde man in jeans running for his life. She pulls up to him thinking she's gonna help this poor dude, but turns out, it's Eric! And he has no idea who he is. Now, my wishful thinking would like the full honor of assuming he was running to her house. XD I know, no proof, but hey! It's my review. So I'm gonna assume he was running towards her without even realizing it. She gets him to the house, and his underlings, Pam and Chow, reveal that witches had done this to him. Particularly, one named Hallow, whose body set off a curse when an angry Chow attacked her, and Sookie happily (secretly) blames him for everything; she doesn't like him very much.

In the books, a coven wants protection money from Eric, but then their leader, Hallow, instead strikes up a deal to just take a fifth of his business in exchange for a few nights with him. Eric refuses, (I think it's because of Sookie, or maybe self preservation) and that gets him cursed. Then, when Chow attacks her in anger, Eric goes puff! and somehow winds up on the road where Sookie finds him. Completely different from TB, where this crazy necromancer decides to kill all vampires and even goes as far as caging her now-don't-wanna-be followers to keep them cooperating in the spell casting. That is not how the coven in this book is; with the exception of three being blackmailed, all are Supers, and doped up on vampire blood. Yikes, right? Talk about a triple whammy, and just when she decides to quit the supernatural scene, too. 

So as Sookie them are discussing Eric's fate, Sookie does something really cute and covers his ears (and he covers her hands! Awwwwwww) even though they both know it won't effect his vampire hearing, so she can vent about not wanting to get beaten up again or killed because of their crazy lives. Then Jason says she should get paid to watch Eric, since no one would suspect a powerful vamp to be with a barmaid, and they actually agree, to Sookie's surprise. She gets thirty-five after Chow and Jason's debate, and then it proceeds to the wonder story of her and Eric having to stay together! Yay!

The next morning, Jason goes missing, and the only thing to show for it is a smear of blood behind his house near the pond. She decides to go to Shreveport to kill two birds (Jason's disappearance and the witches) with one stone, but on her way there, she pulls off the road to give herself a pep talk, only to then see Tara pulling up in a car with another woman. During their conversation, she asks Tara if she knows any witches, and surprisingly, she tells her that she knows a few. In fact, so does Sookie: her two coworkers at Merlotte's, Holly and Danielle. The woman with Tara is introduced as Claudine, and although their meeting is brief, I suspect she'll be seen again soon.

Sookie doesn't really know how she feels about Bill. During all the chaos in the beginning, it never crossed her mind to call Bill when she was thinking of people to contact for help until Tara herself mentioned having Bill's number if he needed to be reached. Then there's all the other things to think about, but we'll get to that later.

Sookie visits Holly, and it's here that we learn about the coven and the fact that they're just plain nasty. We get a full lesson about witches, and a little more information about drainers-


Claudine- described as a breathtaking beautiful woman, who makes Sookie and Tara smile even though they don't know why at times- she's gotta be a fucking fairy!! There's a fairy named Claudine in True Blood, so can't I assume she's a fairy looking out for Sookie or something? It'd explain why she called her a wild card out of the blue. Wow, so I wonder if Sookie will find out she's a fairy... But back to the review.

She goes to see Alcide because she needs to let him know about the were-witches pumped up on vampire blood, and somehow ends up getting engaged to him. Haha. See, when Alcide discovers they have a missing Were from a state pack, they go to her bridal shop, only to see that she's dead, and there's a few extra body parts that definitely don't belong to her, meaning someone else had died, though it's not clear who. So, when they get questioned by the cops regarding their presence at a bridal shop, they tell the cops they're engaged, lol. Possibly the only thing that makes her day is when she tells Alcide he'll have to remember to tell his dad they're getting married to solidify their story, and you can imagine his face. XD

She leaves Alcide, then goes to Fangtasia in hopes of talking to Pam and/or Chow, but instead finds Belinda, one of the human workers, in pain. Ginger, another human, is dead. The coven had broken into the bar in similar hopes of finding Pam and Chow. She can't believe her luck, but at a stop, she gets a clue about her brother's whereabouts. She has to call it a day, so she goes home, checks in on Eric, and walks in on him pulling up his jeans- and he's not wearing anything under them jeans. X) LOL. From there her libido is going wacko, and when she goes to take a shower, and he shortly joins her, she gives in to the few hours he's giving her to forget about everything, and they finally have sex.

true blood gifs photo: YAY Jessica! YAY_Jessica.gif
*Ha. How cruel that you'd use TB Bill's daughter to celebrate SS Sookie and Eric's hookup*

Her clue from yesterday about Jason leads her to Hotshot, the residence of Crystal, Jason's date from the New Years Eve party, which was the night he disappeared. And what do you know? She runs into yet another Super community: the entire neighborhood is made up of Supers. There's not much information on Jason's disappearance, and Crystal's uncle, and assumed packmaster of the whole family, offers Sookie a chance to stay with him for protection. It's nice, until he tells her she's not an ordinary woman and would be a good fresh of blood to breed into their community since they've inbred too much. Ew. That totally ruined his niceness for me, personally.

I assume the Crystal here is the same Crystal from True Blood, and the TV series reveals that Crystal is a werepanther. However, in True Blood, Crystal and her family are responsible for Jason's disappearance, who was kidnapped to be used as a- er, gene supplier for the new generation. Let's hope that this doesn't happen in the book.

Sookie goes to work, and her luck/prone to danger energy thing kicks in, cause Hallow and her brother walk into the bar. They're just wanting to put up the Wanted posters of Eric, but when Sookie's asked about Bon Temps' current vampire resident, she has no choice but to tell them he's her neighbor. So not only do they know who she is, but now they're gonna be a cemetery away from Eric, and that is just too close for her. She gets off of work early, but gets greeted by Eric with a startled grab from the back and a wondrous kiss (awwwww). She tells him she needs to protect and hide him, and guess what he does? He decides to put her on his back and go see these witches who'll most likely be breaking into Bill's house to look for Eric.

A little brawl goes down when Alcide's wolves show up to scare the witches away, but the siblings escape and hits one of the pack members, Maria-Star. Sookie takes her to the hospital, then later meets up with the Weres and vampires at Merlotte's. On her way there, she almost falls asleep when suddenly, out of nowhere, Claudine's there, right in the passenger seat. (I'm telling you, she's a fairy!!) And guess what? I'm right!

How so? Why, she says so herself. When she and Sookie get to Merlotte's, where almost every single Super Sookie has met is there, Claudine introduces herself. You can tell from here what she is, because the vampires stare at her like they're, what did Sookie say? "Chocoholics at a Hershey Factory". And it's also from here that you can assume Sookie's a fairy as well, because when someone questions why Claudine would go to the coven's hideout (they know cause she told them while smiling happily), the packmaster of the wolves, Colonel Flood, tells them that Claudine's a fairy, and fairies like to flirt with danger. Sound familiar? I'm gonna go and assume that Claudine was particularly smiley and bubbly because she was nervous, which is like Sookie, who smiles when she's nervous or tense. And, in a way, Sookie flirts with danger. I mean, look at the guys she's slept with and are interested in her.

The meeting ends with the discussion about Bon Temps' own coven possibly doing an attack on the bad witches, and then everyone goes home, though not before Debbie (ugh) shows up. What a nice cherry to top that shitty night, huh? But the shit doesn't stop there! The next morning, Sookie gets visited by Andy, another cop named Alcee, and Jason's employer, and the cops tell her two things; 1) Jason was not in the pond where the blood was, and 2) the said blood was feline. Now, right there Sookie thinks it's not a panther, but a shifter, and that made me think about Crystal, who's a werepanther in TB. Soooo I think I can safely assume Jason is in fact kidnapped by them. But we'll know soon.

The cops talk about the girl Sookie found (Maria-Star) on the side of the road, and have the gall to make crazy assumptions about Maria-Star really being Jason's secret sex slave that Sookie had tried to get rid of when Jason tried to kill her. Here, Jason's boss does us all a favor and goes off on them, and then he takes Sookie back to Jason's house, where they've rounded up a search party for her brother. This is where she gets happy, touched and a little proud about Bon Temps. It's quite nice.

In the woods during the search, Crystal, her uncle and a guy from Hotshot are with Sookie and a reverend (sounds like the beginning of a bad joke) when a big ass hog comes and attacks them. They get it, but the fresh kill forces the three from Hotshot to partially shift, and it's affirmed that they're shifters. However, when Eric smells her later that night, he tells her she smells like something more than just what she described in the woods. Curiouser and curiouser. This is also where they confess to each other that they have feelings for one another, but they don't have much time to bask in it, because Pam called earlier to tell her that everyone was going to attack the bad coven that night.

And oh, gosh... When they get to the address Pam said to be at, Eric kisses her in the car and tells her he'd take care of her, love her, provide for her.

"Sounds like a marriage," she said.
"Yes," he said.


sookie and eric GIF photo: Eric & Sookie Gif mc6ltt.gifGod, here's this guy whom she shares a mutual attraction to, practically, finally, proposing to her, and she can't say yes! She's tempted, too, obviously knowing she'd be an idiot to turn it down, but she's come full circle. If she agrees to stay with him, their relationship will be counterfeit, because she'd be loving the counterfeit Eric. I think you know her answer. :(

Now in the house with the others who are strategizing, their plan is that Sookie is to go first to scout the witches, since she's human. Alcide (with Debbie there, too, ugh) doesn't want her going by herself, and then someone volunteers. Bubba! Sookie's happy to see him again, but when he asks about Bill, she tells him he's in Peru, only to get corrected by an all too familiar voice. Bill's. He comes out from one of the rooms and she feels a jolt that was stronger than it should've been (she's unused to having an ex). But then Bill blows everyone away when he asks what Debbie's doing there, because she had participated in his getting tortured in Mississippi.

Everyone is shocked, but it's Alcide who takes it the hardest. She reveals her true colors without even realizing that she's digging herself too deep, and then Alcide abjures her. He'll never see her, hunt with her, or share flesh with her, and when she painfully tries to object, he just stares right through her, as if he truly can't see her anymore.

The fight is...well, a fight, and I won't go into detail when those words are sufficient enough. XD Though I will add that during the fight, Debbie tried for Sookie and got caught at the neck by someone. Skip, skip.... Good triumphs over evil. Hallow is kept alive so they can figure out a way to reverse Eric's curse. Sookie is beat tired, and she leaves when it's apparent that she isn't needed anymore, but Eric catches up to her, begging her to take him home with her because he doesn't know the others. :( And she's sad, because this isn't really the Eric she knows, but at the same time, she can't help but wonder if maybe this is the Eric that was real, just buried under years and years of hard lifetimes. She's also sad because after everything goes back to normal, she might never see her still-missing brother again. Exhausted, she let's him take her home, but sitting in her house is Debbie, with a gun.

She shoots Sookie, but she hadn't taken the possibility of Eric being there, and he takes the bullet in the chest. Sookie shoots Debbie with her own gun, and then helps Eric heal with a few True Bloods in the kitchen. When she starts to feel ill about having actually killed someone, he unintentionally confirms that he'd been the one to save her from Debbie earlier in the fight when he justifies her actions, saying she has nothing to feel bad about. They clean up the body, he kisses her goodnight, and she goes to bed. The next morning comes up, and she's up to a little cuddling before work when it gets around Eric's wake-up time. She goes up to his room, opens the door, and finds out he's wide awake- and back to normal. And then he asks her what he's doing in her home, asking about the clothes he's wearing and never bought. But she takes it all in with a very controlled face that she had learned to school for almost her whole life.

He doesn't remember anything.

She leaves for work when Pam comes over to fill him in on what's happened, and in the end, she finds out that the guy who'd joined Crystal them on the search for Jason was her brother's kidnapper. Crystal's uncle punishes the guy, and Sookie agrees to not call the police, as the guy had acted alone, and she knows Jason might need their help, because he was bit every night. There's a possibility that he'll become some kind of 'Wolf Man' (half man, half Were). However, they won't know until the next full moon.

In the end, Eric comes back, telling her he feels troubled about what he can't remember, but you know he suspects that something happened between them. He also suspects something happened on their last night together, because he found some brain tissue on his clothes. They get a visitor, then, one of the Weres coming to ask Sookie if she'd seen Debbie, as it's protocol to ask everyone, and it's then that Eric understands what'd happened. He doesn't vocalize it, and when the Were leaves, all he says to Sookie is to get a new coat (the one she wore when she killed Debbie, he saw it hanging on the side while the Were was questioning Sookie). It ends with her having this feeling he'll send her a new coat, and what do you know, he does.

Cranberry red, 
with a removable liner, 
a detachable hood, 
and tortoiseshell buttons.

End of Dead To The World

As of now, it's my favorite book because:

  • fairies are finally introduced
  • Sookie and Eric hook up and get to know each other better
  • Bill is rarely in it
  • For the first time, according to Pam, Weres and vampires set their differences aside to fight against the enemy
  • Jason is humbled, kinda nicer to her, though it's sad as to how that came to be

Aside from Eric and Bill, Alcide's story in this book was really just him getting back with Debbie (ugh) and making some major mistakes, like telling Sookie that he was told (by Debbie) she and Bill were back together, and she's like, "And you believed her?!" That dude is seriously hung on Debbie, and it doesn't sit well with Sookie when he abjures her only after it's revealed that Debbie had helped torture Bill and was the one who'd shoved Sookie in the trunk, which Sookie had suspected from the very beginning. That part is why she's just a little irked, because she'd told Alcide who she suspected, but he hadn't believed her, or at least believed her enough to do anything.

I recommend this book to all the fans who enjoyed watching this story being played on True Blood. It's really cute, you get to see Debbie die, and Sookie got to see a little of the real Eric, though it's still a mystery as to whether or not the real Eric is a cold person, or the one she'd been with during his curse days, and was only buried deep under all the horrible lifetimes we're sure he's been through.

Frankly, I think Sookie, Eric, Bill and Pam should just all go on a road trip in search of mystical mermaids. Or ogres. Hell, they just need to all be in one place doing something. I'd certainly watch/read that.

lol and on that note-

Happy Reading!

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