Saturday, June 1, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Dead Until Dark (SS #1)

So I'm finally reading the book that started True Blood, and it's pretty good! The writing style's different, but not hard to follow. What is hard, though, is reading it and getting flashbacks of the first season. I'm one of those people who hate it when things from a book are changed in a series/movie, but at the same time, I'm kinda happy about it, because then it leaves you guessing and having a second version of your favorite novel.

Sookie Stackhouse is a woman whose only insecurity is not being 'normal'. Otherwise, the woman knows what she's got, and expects the best the world can give her. She'll not put up with any bad manners, this Southern Girl, and she's kinda funny when she grins at inappropriate times. Doesn't really help her reputation for being crazy. XD

A lot happens in this book, like four episodes so far, I think, and I'm surprised Tara, Sookie's best friend in TB, hasn't popped up, yet.

If I wasn't already exposed to everything (thank you, Google) Sookie's first time having sex would've freaked me out a little. Well, okay, a lot. After they do the deed, he bites himself to heal her now tender area with his blood and actually sticks his bloodied finger in her nether regions. O.O Now, I like fingering as much as the next pervert, but even that took a while (like thirty seconds?) to get used to before I was in the mood again.

Have you seen True Blood yet? Sookie is the main character, and she's a waitress at a bar called Merlotte's and a mind reader. She's perky, a lady, doesn't like dirty talk, and is (well, was, up until halfway of this book) a virgin. Because of her 'disability', as she calls it, Sookie's lived a very hard life where she's mastered the art of expression and smiling someone in the face when she knows the nasty things they're thinking about her.

Bill, the vampire and first love, (he pops her cherry), is a new resident to Bon Temps, Louisiana, and meets Sookie at the very beginning of the book. She waits on him, he finds her interesting after she saves him from getting drained (as vampire blood are very profitable) and later rescues her from the very people that tried to drain him. Sookie has no quarrels with vampires because she knows what it's like to be different.

The book revolves around these murders happening to 'fang-bangers', people who like getting bit, and Sookie investigates by going to Fangtasia, a vamp bar, to ask around. There she meets Eric (EEEKK) and Pam, and then later after they leave, she and Bill kiss. He doesn't exactly advance this, though, so she leaves saying she won't call him. She goes out with Sam, her boss and owner of Merlotte's, to go see Bill talk at her grandmother's group (people who like talking about the Civil War) and later on comes home to find her Gran dead. She's devastated, and her brother-
*the town whore-*
-Jason, who gets around, yells at her for getting the whole house and all the land, before slapping her. Bill tells her he's just relieved and angry that she didn't die, and after the funeral, she moves into Gran's room and- well, that's where she and Bill do it.

See, Jason and Sookie are descendants of fairies. Says so in True Blood so everything I read that was changed in TB is the only thing surprising to me right now. I also read somewhere that Jason got the good looks and allure of a fae, which explains why he goes through girls like a fat guy goes through a buffet. Sookie got the gift. Jason is kind of an ass, but according to Sookie, he's just a little mean and self-absorbed. Oh, and not the brightest crayon in the box. I'm still getting used to this story just being from Sookie's view, but it's nice.

I honestly don't know how to review this thing because I keep thinking of True Blood. T_T But it's pretty good. Maybe the only thing that isn't awesome is how they instantly fall in love? I don't know how I feel about that yet. And some stuff make sense, like on TV, she finds him sleeping in the graveyard, which relieves her cause he hadn't died in the fire with the others, but then he climbs out of the ground all dirty and naked and immediately has sex with her.... o.o In the book, she finds him, tells him about the vampires being dead, and he gets mad. Sookie, wanting to live, decides to channel that energy into something else, and that leads to sex. Again, this is something I had to get used to. I mean, vamps are cool, but having sex with someone who comes out from the ground of a graveyard? I was okay with Anita Blake having sex with her lovers while covered in blood, because she's crazy like that, but with Sookie....

I just... hmm. I've read the Anita Blake series, but this book is kinda making me feel like a virgin or something to this type of world XD And just when I thought I couldn't get shocked anymore... Maybe it's because unlike the other women, Sookie is a virgin in every sense, save for the minds of others, who are not, that she has to hear every once in a while.

I do have a question, though. Why could she read Eric's thoughts when she'd been called by him to Fangtasia? *Sigh* Eric.... I can't wait to read more about him. Bill's cool and all, but again, I saw True Blood before reading this, sooooooo- lol.

I like True Blood because Lafayette's in it a lot more, but this book's pretty good, I'm sure I'd have loved it if I'd read it first before watching True Blood. Let's see... I still hate Sam haha, he's a jerk. Arlene is just adorable, I love her in both. I like Bill better in the books. Dunno why, just do. Andy doesn't seem as dim-witted in the book as he does in the TV series. Sookie's perverted (the bad kind) great uncle still pisses me off, I'm glad Bill killed him... And speaking of said perverted uncle, I'm irritated at Jason all over again! He treats Sookie's molestation like it was her fault or something, and that just pisses me off. He's mean, not very bright, so handsome it gets him easy lays, and kind of a jerk in situations like the uncle one. Ughhhhhhh.

Hopefully this story catches up to True Blood so I can enjoy the rest of the books without thinking back to the past 4 (5?) seasons. XD

Happy Reading

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