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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Definitely Dead (SS #6)

It looks like Sookie Stackhouse has a new interest, in the form of weretiger Quinn, and things seem to be working out really well. However, when she finds out her cousin, Hadley, was murdered and had appointed her heir to her possessions, our favorite barmaid will have to put things on hold to go to New Orleans and organize Hadley's stuff.

The queen's dead messenger is discovered outside her house, and it's apparent that someone doesn't want her looking through Hadley's apartment. And when she finally does arrive in New Orleans, she finds out that there is something  huge going on in the city, and it all points back to Hadley's place.

To make matters worse, some trouble from Bon Temps has followed Sookie to New Orleans, but luckily for our telepath, she takes and makes a few allies to help her out.

Until she discovers the one secret that breaks her heart.

It's start off on a hilarious note where Sookie's doing a favor for Claude, Claudine's twin brother, by posing with him for a Mr. Romance competition, and she's having to list names of guys he could get hot over, since he's supposed to look smitten with her, and he can't even pretend to conjure up an ember, LOL.

During this day, we find out Alcide's moved on with another Were, Maria-Star, and Sookie knows she shouldn't feel anything since they never really dated, but still. He's being a jerk, blaming her for his father's death, so in my opinion, she shouldn't waste another thought on him. Bill has also moved on, and has been dating another woman for a few weeks now, though he and Sookie are still fairly nice to each other.

Two priests, a vampire and a telepath are at a bar... lol. At work, she and Bill talk about Hadley, a cousin Sookie thought was gone years ago, who was killed by a vampire around six weeks ago in New Orleans. Totally different from True Blood, where Hadley's still alive and later, on the other side of the Go Vamps line. All of her possessions now belong to Sookie, which she has to go through, and Bill offers to go with her. My red flag went up when she said she'd think about it, and he smiled triumphantly. Sookie thinks it's just his hopes of them getting back together. I think, based on what's happened on True Blood and mayhap a few reviews about this book, that he's going there to watch her, or something, on the queen's orders. The two priests at the bar call on Sookie, and one of them tells her the Pelts (Debbie's parents and sister) would like to meet her. By this time, she's fed up with constantly being questioned and bothered, so she says no.

Just before closing time, Quinn comessss. :) But he says he's there for her, both for pleasure and business, and at her house, he straight up asks her out. And she says yes. As for the business bit? The Queen of Louisiana is requesting she work for her at the summit Eric mentioned months ago. You know what that means; she has to tell Eric she can't go with him. However, he doesn't talk to her anymore, because he's confused. :( So Quinn and Sookie part ways on a good note (not good, Eric!) and at her next work shift, Pam calls, saying Eric's summoning her. She laughs out loud when Sookie says she can't because she has a date, and that makes her uneasy. I can imagine why. XD

I just gotta say, Pam is so adorable in this series. I love True Blood Pam, too, she's sarcastic and mean and- lol. But the Pam in the books is a little nicer, which is cute because she's nice to Sookie sometimes, which kind of endears her to the vampire. But anyways...

Something is stalking Sookie outside the woods, but it disappears, so she thinks nothing of it. The next day, I thought it cute that when she thought of sharing a particularly beautiful day with someone, she thought of Eric (YES), though she adds on that it was the Cursed Days' Eric, not the one now, who's ignoring her. T_T

Back at work, Sookie gets called into Sam's office, only to come face-to-face with the priest and the Pelts. She is pissed, but she can't be completely rude, and when she manages to get away from them, she goes back into the bar only to hear that Holly's kid is missing. Sookie helps them find him, and I guess that because of it, she later gets spoken kindly of by Holly and gets invited to some weddings by people who wouldn't have usually invited her.

When her date night with Quinn arrives, Eric briefly shows up looking a little jealous (yay!) before Quinn picks her up (ugh), and after their play finishes, they get attacked by bitten Weres. Quinn takes this as a sort of challenge, so he answers it by going to the Hair of the Dog, a bar, to show that an attack on her is an attack on him (I assume he's this awesome shifter with a rep) and guess what: she see Amanda, Alcide, and his new girlfriend, Maria-Star. Alcide, of course, is still weird, but he shows concern by being bossy and telling Quinn he should've taken her home instead of to a bar, blah blah. Outside the bar, they kiss, but it gets interrupted by more attacks. Damn, there's danger twice? Is it a bad omen? (Like Bill?- lol, sorry, couldn't help it.)

Back in Bon Temps at work, there's this cute scene where this vampire named Felicia comes and introduces herself as a bartender at Fangtasia, and at first Sookie's confused, until the vamp tells her Pam said she should get acquainted with Sookie, seeing as that all Fangtasia bartenders get dead because of her, and that she should beg her for mercy. LOL. Sookie's like, That Pam, and Arlene, a coworker, is like, "Dang, they need to go by you now before working or something?"

Remeber that creepy stalking thing in the woods? Turns out, it was a messenger for Sookie from the Queen of Louisiana, but the reason why she didn't get a note was because the messenger was cut in half and left for dead. Mr. Cat (his name's too long and hard to pronounce :P), who is an assistant to Sophie-Anne, the queen, comes by to pick her up, only to later find out why she wasn't packed up and ready. The dead messenger, Gladiola, was his niece, so that's kinda sad, and his other niece, Diantha, was the one to find her. :( We're told that Sophie-Anne is married to the King of Arkansas, Peter Threadgill, and when she's leaving, Bill is there to leave with her, but he looks desperate. (Why????)

Sookie meets Hadley's landlord, Amelia Broadway, in a weird way that perfectly fits Amelia, lol. The witch (literally is one) let's her know there was an attempted break-in some days ago, and although that could be normal, it's a little suspiciuos, don't you think? Someone tried to delay Sookie's arrival- what's in Hadley's apartment that's so special?

While she and Amelia talk, we hear about Warlow! But damn, he's different from True Blood, or at least introduced differently. In TB, he's introduced as some guy Sookie's promised to via an old contract written by her ancestor or something. Here, he's an old vampire who lured Hadley to a cemetery and killed her, only to be later 'dealt with' (I'm gonna assume that means killed) by the queen.

Amelia decides to do a reading for Sookie, but when she lays her cards out, she's like, "Damn.... Ok, what are you?" LOL! She's so disappointed that she didn't catch on to Sookie being something other than human. But oh, gosh, they find a dead body in a closet. Or not. Sookie finds out it's not dead about thirty seconds after it wakes up as a new vampire, and attacks them. Vampire policemen come to their rescue (though they first assume she and Amelia are the bad guys *eye roll*) and we find out the new vamp is one of Quinn's missing partners in his business.

In the hospital, Eric surprises her with a visit, though she doesn't feel like seeing him. Then Bill is there, and this sudden tension between them raises the red flag for Sookie. Then Bill tells her that the Queen and Hadley had talked about her often, and how when the Queen knew he was from Bon Temps... At this point, Sookie's holding her heart in one hand, trying to fend his words off with the other, but he doesn't stop. He was sent to Bon Temps to get close to her, to seduce her in hopes of getting her to ally with the Queen. Bill Compton, her first love, the one to make her feel wanted and worth it after years of thinking she was unloved and alone, had lied to her. Because of an order by his Queen.

crying GIFs photo: Crying stephencry2.gif

That's probably what I would've looked like if I hadn't spoiled it for myself with True Blood. T_T But it still made me cry when Sookie completely broke down and yelled at him to get out. Even Eric felt bad, and he was ashamed he'd brought it up when Bill started telling her. After they go, she walks out, needing to be alone. Always alone. :( She makes it to Hadley's and passes out on the bed, only to wake up the next morning with Claudine laying down next to her. Amelia's there, too, and a little pissed that she had to do everything to get to Sookie's bed with an injured leg, only to come in and see Claudine there, who could've helped her out a little. XD She might just be a little miffed that Sookie has a fairy godmother, though, and she doesn't, lol. But then Sookie tells them why she left the hospital, and Claudine, bless her heart, tells her she'd kill Bill for her if it didn't mean her going a lot of steps back. She's aiming to be an angel, sooooo-

At night, Sookie goes to meet the Queen, and some funny/cute stuff happens here. A Fellowship paparazzi sort of dude takes her picture, and she and the guard share a mutual dislike of him, so he promises her that the guy's camera just might have another accident. :) Then Bubba shows up, decked in similar guard wear! I love Bubba. The Queen and King are both in the room, and when Sookie asks the Queen to pay for this ecto-thing Amelia and some other witches are doing to reenact the-dead-body-in-Hadley's-closet's death, Sophie-Anne agrees, then says she wants to watch. The king, Peter, looks mad at this, and his bodyguard, a tall Thai woman with a big ass sword, looks just as mad, though her face rarely moves to show what she's thinking.

The ecto-thing shows that Hadley had been lured to her death, and that Jake, the new vamp, had been killed by someone they couldn't see. However, Hadley had changed him so that she couldn't be blamed for his death- her embarrassment is the Queen's, and she still loved her, which the Queen witnessed when they all watched the 'ghost Hadley' cry before leaving for the Queen's wedding that night. :( Afterwards, this prompts Sophie-Anne to tell Sookie her story of how she came to be. The reason why she took Hadley in was because, unlike Sookie, Hadley's uncle had succeeded in raping her, and Sophie-Anne had felt a kinship with Hadley (she and her bodyguard, Andre, were both molested during their human years). Then, Sophie-Anne says something interesting. Hadley had a bracelet she'd stolen from her, and she wanted it back. Sookie agrees, but then gets told she has two days. Hmm... And THEN- lo and behold, Andre tells Sookie she has fairy blood!!

But... huh. It didn't really feel that exciting to me. :/ It was sorta anti-climatic, but maybe it's because I already knew that. Sophie-Anne helps her out with the moving, so the next morning, a helper named Everett helps her with the boxes that need getting rid of. Quinn shows up, and after Everett leaves, they dry hump each other just before a bunch of Weres come in. They take them in a van but the two escape, and it's then that Sookie realizes that the freaking Pelts are behind the Were attacks. Eric shows up to help and she deals with the family so they won't go after her again. Eric's such a weirdo, lol, when she's struggling with Debbie's sister, she's like, "Help me!" and he goes, "This is actually kind of exciting." Sigh.... I love him. And Alexander Skarsgard.

Sookie tells him about the fairy blood she has, and he says, "That explains a lot." Oh, ERIC. That explains a lot?!?! He hurts her feelings (and mine! ughhh you seriously need to sensor what you say, dude) but Quinn fixes it by telling her he doesn't care about fairy blood. :) That kitty is growing on me. I like him.

Sookie has to show up to this event the Queen and King are hosting, but the girl is on a roll. On top of figuring out what the Pelts were up to, she also realizes what dear ole Peter is doing, and manages to find Sophie-Anne's bracelet, sneak it through security to her, and let Mr. Cat know just who was responsible for his niece's death (hint* it's Peter's guard with the giant sword). Peter had hoped to catch the queen without her bracelet, which was a gift from him, so he could accuse her of being unfaithful and get a divorce, and boy, would he get a lot out of that.

Peter goes on with his plan anyway, and vampires from both kingdoms are fighting. Sookie tries to escape the battle area, gets tackled by Eric who steals a hard kiss from her before yelling out an ancient Nordic battle cry to fight the vampires surrounding Sophie-Anne (*______*), and then when she gets caught by the messenger's killer, Bill saves her, but he gives her a long, hard look before disappearing to go back and fight. Yeesh.

Quinn and Sookie get back to Hadley's, Amelia takes one look at them and is like, "Okay, I don't know how to react" and there's this cute scene where Quinn might have to sleep on the floor because he has a tail and is too tired to shift it away, and then Bill shows up before she goes to bed. He tells her that he might have been sent there by the Queen in the beginning, but that as he grew to know her, he fell in love with her.

"Those words aren't a magical formula."

She goes back inside to slide into bed with a now wholly human Quinn, and the book ends with Amelia going back with her and Hadley's stuff to Bon Temps so she can meet Holly, who might know how to fix one of Amelia's spells-gone-wrong.

Of course I recommend all the books, and although a lot gets introduced, for some reason.... this seemed boring to me. Don't kill me! I don't know why, maybe it's because Eric isn't in it enough for my taste :P I have noticed a change in her story telling. A lot of stuff happened in the first book, and when I say a lot, I mean, like, a million things when you compare it to what goes on in Definitely Dead. Still, it's a good book because it has all the juicy details and information, not to mention that it's hilarious. XD

Happy Reading :)

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