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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Living Dead in Dallas (SS #2)

When Sookie Stackhouse made a promise to Eric Northman for a service pertaining her special gift of telepathy, he called her up on that favor and had her leave Bon Temps with boyfriend Bill Compton to Dallas, Texas, where a few vampires required her presence in finding the whereabouts of their missing nest brother.

Sookie left Louisiana on a bad note. Her workmate, Lafayette, was found dead in the back of a car outside her workplace, and she was attacked by a maenad as a message to Eric. And then there's Texas, which shows Sookie a little more of the Vampire World, but who knew that she'd find more than the occasional bible-thumper-fang-staker in the Fellowship of the Sun Church?

And let's not forget about her cozy moments back home, when she tries to figure out who killed Lafayette, only to come across the maenad again.

Is anyone up for an orgy?

"Sookie, my little bullet-sucker."
"Eric, my big bullshitter."

lol. Gotta love this ship.

I was too impatient to figure out whether or not Tara shows up in this, so I looked it up before reading it. Google told me she does, but they're not best friends! She's not even a main character like she is in True Blood, so I'm kinda bummed about that, cause I like Tara. I'm also glad True Blood made the decision to let Lafayette live, because he's one of my favorite characters in the whole series- if anything, I don't care for Sookie as much in the TV series as I do in the books, because 1) When you're reading, you're in her mind: there's really no one else to love beyond her, and 2) Would Sookie really be on your mind when you have hubba hubbas like Eric, Bill, Alcide, and Eric on your television? Yeah, that's what I thought.

So sadly, Lafayette's dead body in the back of Andy the Cop's car is how Sookie starts her new day to the book. At first I freaked, because I didn't know he would die so quickly, but I guess that would make sense if I hadn't watched True Blood first. After answering the cops' answers, she later leaves with Bill because they're being summoned by Eric, her most favorite person in the whole wide world!
*Don't project during a review, silly*
Right. So on their way there, she and Bill have an argument and when the car stops, she gets out. Pride makes them go their separate ways (he goes to a car service, she continues to walk around) but then a woman proclaiming to be a maenad attacks her, saying she'll be the message to Eric Northman.

eric northman gifs photo: True Blood - Blood eric.gif

. . . . . . . . .


But yeah. She gets saved by the vampires who take turns draining her blood (and the poison) before getting a transfusion via human blood. She refuses vamp blood because the last time she took it (it'd be her fourth time), she started to physically change, and that was a no-no for her. She goes to Texas with Bill, and it's at this time that I realize Jessica is a made up character in True Blood! Bill never had to change anyone. But back to the book. In Texas, Eric is there under a different identity, which brings me to Stan, the head vamp. Godric is still suicidal, but Eric doesn't show any interest in it. Turns out Eric wasn't made by Godric in the books?! And instead of getting saved by the vamps at the church, Luna, a shapeshifter, gets her out of there. They have a car accident, which leads them to the hospital, before back to the hotel where Sookie's staying. Poor Bill had gone to every single one of their stops even though she's already made it to the hotel. XD And Eric's there! Yay, Eric.

He takes her up to the room and from there, comforts her when she breaks down at the sight of her messed up appearance. He leaves, and the next morning, Sookie goes to see Godric die. She cries for him, too, because here's this bad guy who's molested and killed children, and yet he saved her from being brutally raped. That plays on a person's mind. I imagine her unexpected tears made Godric happy or forgiven in some way before the BBQ started. The following night, she and Bill go to see Stan again to tell him what happened, and the Fellowship blow up the house just like in True Blood. And the part where Eric tricked Sookie into taking his blood is still just as funny, haha, though True Blood's funnier cause- well, I think you know.

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*whispers ERIC I LOVE YOU*

And he kisses her! In my opinion, their first kiss in True Blood was better, but then again, they had several sessions of that before kissing outside of their daydreams. XD But sadly, in this scene, it gets pointed out by Ours Truly that Bill hadn't even checked on her when the house got shot at. Instead, he'd gone to kill them; 'vengeance' as Sookie had called it. She leaves and doesn't talk to him for three weeks. This is where they start to really fight, like their relationship gets tested, or as some might see it, revealed to how they truly feel. I mean, she kisses Sam while she's 'in love' with Bill, so that kinda makes her think about their relationship a little. She loved him, but was she in love with him? Who knows. The vampire world also plays a part in this. But what freaked me out was when Bill dated Andy's should've-been-twin sister, to make her jealous. The woman's the total opposite of Sookie, Jason pointed out, and although she was mad, it still made her a little sad. So she goes out. And guess what? Tara finally gets introduced! But it doesn't even last long T_T and Sookie leaves the game. JB was with them, and she gave him a friendly kiss, so that's why she smells like him. Why is that important? This is why.

She went home, and she was getting out of her car when Bill popped out of nowhere and started kissing the hell out of her. And then they proceeded to the house, where he pulled her pants down and -*fans herself* He doesn't like JB's scent on her, so he's remedying that. Is it wrong to like their sex sessions more than most of their hang-outs? Maybe, but for some reason I'm just not that thrilled about Bill! I wonder why...

true blood gifs photo: Eric- smile 8x3crajpg.gif

Another thing. The plot for this book was her going to Texas to find the missing vampire, and figuring out what kind of sex party Lafayette went to so they could clear Andy's name, since the body was in his car. The main things are the same, but little details still make it completely different, you know? Then there's Sam's story with the maenad. In True Blood, she basically becomes his stalker after she has him when he's a teen, but in the books, he meets her as an adult for the first time and actually likes hanging with her because she's a 'super' like him. True Blood totally made her a bad guy, but in this book, she's just a wanderer feeding off the drunks, lustful and proud people she comes into contact with. She didn't even do any kind of psycho ritual, she just fed and left. I liked her more in this than the TV series.

Now back to my review of this book. Skipping unimportant parts....she and Bill...Bill leaving for Texas... When Sookie finally gets invited to the sex party Lafayette was going on about, Bill happens to be out of town, and Eric's the only one who can go with her, if she wants a bodyguard. At first he's like, "You want me to go with you to a human orgy where vampires are unwelcome, and leave before I can even enjoy myself?" And then she adds in the little "Please act gay, too" thing.

You can imagine what he thought of that.

true blood gifs photo:  tumblr_laopy2S09T1qazf3y.gif

*bahahaha I love these GIF's*

But he does it!!! XD Shows up to her house wearing a long coat with tight pink clothes underneath, talking about how he might not look like a queen, but that he'd at least give off mixing signals. LOL

The climax was something I didn't expect. Bill shows up shortly after Sookie and Eric get out of the orgy house, and then Andy's there, followed by Sam and the maenad. As it turns out, the orgy-people's killing of Lafayette and leaving him at the bar had been seen as a tribute to the maenad; that certainly got her attention. Now, I don't know if her presence influenced their inner nymphos to throw orgies, or if they were all really like that to begin with (which kinda freaks me out and messes with my mind because I know Tara via True Blood, not this series o.o) and Tara's there with her fiance. However, it later ends up with everyone dying except Tara and Eggs, and Tara crying that she thought Eggs was worth going to the orgy for. Their minds get erased and Sam drives them home, and then Eric leaves, as does Bill and Sookie.

Now, what freaked me out was how the book told me Bill was the great-great-grandfather of Andy and Portia o.o And then when he started talking about his family and smiling like he used to when he was human? Just about broke my heart when Sookie noticed it and saw that it was not like the man who made love to her. :( But of course she doesn't really get into that, so maybe it's just me. :P

The book ends with Sookie noticing that while she and Bill have sex, and he glows, so does she. Ooo, maybe she'll find out she's a fairy in the third book? Hope so!

Again, this was a cool book with some descriptions that made more sense than the TV series, but again, I'd have to go with True Blood. You just can't beat the characters (Eric) in real life!

I recommend this pretty cool series. Don't know if you should watch or read this world first, though, lol. Maybe you can watch the series and then read it, so you'll appreciate Sookie's sweet mind more after having seen all the characters, modified or made up.

Happy Reading!

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