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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: A Royal Heartbreak

Misty Wall was taken in by the Fae when Domenico Moretti broke her heart, but six months after healing, she announced that she wanted a divorce.

However, the Fae are a delicate race on the verge of extinction, and they need help against the ever-hungry vampires. Help, Misty realizes, that involve the Lyccans and Caros. Before she learned her lesson, Misty would've been a wimp and terrified of what her adopted race faced, but she was stronger now. She would do what it took to help the people that took her in.

And Domenico would do anything to help her. He made the mistake of not seeing that he loved her until it was too late, but he won't make that mistake again.

But how can either escape a royal heartbreak when she pledges her allegiance to the Fae by marrying another man?

Ugh, that last line!!! I completely flipped a bitch when I saw THAT. What the hell is she doing ending up with another man??? Of course, it's just a way for her to get out of a sticky situation- she and Domenico end up together. ^_^ Marian Tee has freaking gone and done it again! I loved this book!

But seriously, my face was only ever two ways while reading this.
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OKAY- if I wasn't laughing, I was CRYING. Just how many times can a girl get hurt?!?!?! Seriously! The assumption of Domenico with another girl, the fear of him lying again, him saying he loves her only to give her a cold shoulder the next minute. It's a major stress on the heart and tear ducts, people! And when it came to Domenico's POV, how sad! He gave up everything for the chance to get her back, but every other scene (when they weren't going at it) made him doubt himself! Sooo unlike the cocky billionaire I read about in the first book! Then there's Lysander, but he's more of the comic relief... don't look at me that way! I love him, but it's about Domenico and Misty right now and L. is slowly falling for her while trying to get into her pants at the same time she's thinking he's gay, okay?!

Now for the fun parts.

Goddess, I just love Misty so much. XD She was hilarious from the very beginning, and it's more funny because she almost never means to be. And I love the scenes that are set up, like when she gasped at this sudden pain and, Daryl, her gay fairy friend sitting next to her, also gasped, just 'cause. lol. Or when she saw Lysander pop out a lace fan at his leave, she blurted out, "Is he gay?" and Daryl was like, "Oh, sure," with heavy sarcasrm. I laughed my ass off when it said she hadn't caught on, and that by the time she had, it was too late. OOOO!!! Made me wanna scream, "OMFG what'd she do??? Undress in front of him or something?!"

And Lysander! LOL Maaaaaan, he heard her say that too, and instead of getting mad, he started smiling. He actually liked the innocent way she looked at him, and then when you continue reading, it goes on about how he's actually a major Cock to be worshipped or some shick. But seriously! He's so hilarious because every time his intensity makes her question his gayness, he pops out that lace fan of his and her mind becomes at ease. And every single time, he's like, 'Yes, I have you fooled, and I will soon be able to fuck you mwahahahaha'. Seriously, this.... seriously.

*Breathes in*
*Sighs in bliss*

Don't even get me started on when she almost caught him....*giggles* This was so much fun. And heart-wrenching. And fucking funny. When I first read it, I was so worried that it was going to be really sad and emotional, and when Lysander was introduced, the damn synopsis came back to me and I was like, "NO! Don't leave Domenico!" But then I'm reading her and Lysander, and at first I think about how funny he is and all, but then at the same time, as the story progresses I'm thanking the heavens above that it's not really a love triangle where Misty's concerned. She loves and will only ever love Domenico, but because he betrayed her, she's having a hard time trusting him. Domenico, on the other hand, is doing everything he can to be as humiliated as she felt when he hurt her so that he can feel like he deserves her. For a while he's cocky, then loses that confidence, but in the end says 'screw it' and just fights for her until she says yes.

And she says yes. :) They've always loved each other, but small things always got in the way or brought up each other's doubts and insecurities.

The plot is that the Fae are learning to fight, the werewolves are being total dicks to Dom, Lysander is acting gay while at the same time trying for the sweet spot between Misty's knees, and Misty is- well, she's just trying to survive it all despite being the only human in this realm. 

Funny moments (and trust me, there were a lot of them) made it easier to get to the parts that made you cry. :( I think the only thing that actually irked me was when their "Does he-Does she" moments started to get tiring, like, "Okay, shouldn't they know by now that they love each other?" But thankfully, around that time it was ending and they were making up.

They marry three weeks after the vampires attack a Fae town (due to a Fae traitor named flippin' Ivory- ughhhhh i despise her, she's the vamp master's slave who pretended to be the one Dom was porking, which he most certainly was NOT) and on their wedding day, he clears both their doubts away by finally FINALLY mating with her. :) And the mating requires them making love for ten hours. XD

This little part is minor, but it made me laugh. Her brother-in-law and even Dom's friend were like, "War freak? You spent sixteen months with the gentlest of races, and they turned you into a war freak?" Or something along the lines of that. lol. There's a lot more funny, but this tickles me for some reason.

I recommend this book and the first one. But now that I think of The Werewolf Prince and I, I'm shocked at how the scenes changed! I was so caught up in the story including the Fae realm and his pack that I could barely remember how she was a worker for his billionaire ass before he chose her to be his 'wife' during his diabolical-plotting days! It went from 'My boss is a werewolf what the hell' to 'I'm a Fae warrior-rep for another race and we're in a war'. Wow, Tee, you go, girl!

Marian Tee, in my opinion, is another author to soon be favored. There's sex in her stories, but hey, isn't life (most of it) filled with sex in some way? I love her stories, and so far I'm going through all the books she's written. I might look into that rockstar one, but I'm fresh out of tears right now, and that looks like another tear-jerker. XD

Happy Reading! :)

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