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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Mile High

James and Bianca's tumultuous story continues in the sequel to In Flight.

James has initiated Bianca into a dark and drugging world of passion and pain. He taught her about her own submissive, masochistic nature, and she fell swiftly and deeply in love with the undeniably charming and impossibly beautiful Mr. Cavendish, but a painful misunderstanding and the return of the brutally violent demon of her past have combined to overwhelm Bianca, and, confused and hurt, she pushes him away.

It's been over a month since the shocking attack that hospitalized her, and since she told a distraught James that she needed space, but her feelings haven't gone away. Even she knew that it was only a matter of time before he would cast his spell on her again...
                                - Goodreads

This was soooo much easier on the heart than In Flight!

The story opens up with Bianca and her friends in Miami. More than a month's passed, and time's confirmed that Bianca still likes the kinky control freak, so when she finally texts him back, they meet up in Vegas during her flight crew's get-together on the strip. This was a great way to start it off because there is no dire drama between them, and it was hilarious. The Evil Wanna-Be-Queen Bitch Melissa is there, and after Bianca's had it with having to watch her paw all over her guy for the last time, she physically gets between them, which sets Melissa into throwing a drink at her! James obviously takes the messy hit, and when Melissa stalks off, Murphy (fellow co-pilot) goes, "She be cray cray."
*I love you, Murphy*
Trust me, it was funnier than how I just delivered it. :P Anyway, we also got to meet her other fellow crew, like these two hilarious and blunt, promiscuous women (get it, girls) who end up having a conversation (see: friendly interrogation) with her that gets Bee to admit that his sex skills are on the 'please fuck me' level, and right when Mr. Beautiful is there to hear it, too. XD Great timing, Kinkster!

There was still a lot of heartfelt drama between them, most of them having to do with his past and the women and/or actions that prompt her to ask about former lovers- oh, I'm sorry James, I meant 'fuck buddies'. According to James, Bianca's the only one he's ever made love to. :3 Awwww! He's always treated her fine (and I do mean FINE, mm mmm) but this time, he accompanies them with words that reassure his feelings. In the past, he'd never put his feelings into words. Yes, actions speak louder than words, but for our Bianca, she needs the affirmation- she needs to hear it, Mr. Beautiful!

A lot of his past had me cringing, but it always mellowed down with extremely hot sex or breaking revelations. I loved that Bianca was taking her panic attacks by the neck (like a certain kinky billionaire did to a certain Swedish gal)-

faint GIFs photo: Faint 2057.gif

.... what was I saying? Oh, right. It's great that whenever she felt a panic attack coming on about being trapped with a man like her mom had been, she took it by the neck and dealt with it. There was no lingering overkill of indecision. She counted. She took deep breaths. She didn't run, but faced it- and it always made James happy with relief. Bianca also matured a lot in this. When things no woman wants to hear played loud and clear for her, instead of taking her hurt out on James, she accepted the past for what it was. She told him her feelings and thoughts- communicated like a healthy couple should be doing -and let him know that she didn't feel like he was worthless or less deserving of her. And thank God they communicated, 'cause I don't think I would've been able to handle any more heartbreak. XD

As 'In Flight' was about their budding relationship and figuring out each other, 'Mile High' took it to the next level and had Bianca (I say only her because James already knows what he wants) figuring out how far she'd let her fears keep her from her one and only happiness. The second installment was much happier and very fulfilling, and James is just so sweet. After days of constantly asking, she finally relented to moving in with him, but it's hilarious because before she even agreed, he had clothes bought for her to put in his closet right along side his (awww) and got her shelves of manga in his library! I'm biased on the anime and manga that Bianca loves, but still, what a sweetie. :3

The only climax I can think of was either when she agreed to move in with him, or when she got assaulted in the restroom. Yup. Assaulted. By Mr. Cavendish's psycho exes. He finally asked her to attend an event with him, but Jules (ugh hate her name but I need to say it so it's easier to point out her evil ways in the future, 'cause I highly suspect this is not the last we've seen of her) is there, she's the one who caused their temp. separation in the last book, and guess what: she brought another one of James' exes with her. And God- with the way the second woman's acting, Bianca recognizes it immediately. She was one of his Subs. And then when she goes to the restroom, she gets confronted by them- and the old sub tells her that she was with James until the day before he met Bianca. O.O I flipppped!!!!! And then she goes on and says that James likes dominating two women, so if Bianca wants to be in his life, she'll have to be with the sub, too! (WHICH ARE TOTAL LIES JAMES CUTS THAT SHIT) Some serious drama right there, but Bianca made me so proud when she took in that info and didn't let it eat her up. Sure, seeing your guy's beautiful exes just makes you wanna vomit, but by that point in the book, she's already secure enough to take what they say and throw it back at them. Then James came in just as those bitches left and he and Bee went back to his place, and he tied her up (so she didn't run away again, he said, aww T_T) and they talked. And they made love. T_________T It was such a touching moment, and a really great one for James cause she wasn't mad at him and great for her because she finally got confident and- and- just- man, I wish I had a man like James right now and someone to buy me manga! NO- I have that man, but right now he doesn't even know I exist!

crying GIFs photo: Will Crying Willcrying.gif

Sorry. As I was saying, James may not have changed (thank Goodness, he's kinky and perfect) but he did show a lot of restraint and patience when Bianca needed space. ANDDD I finally met Lana! Remember the crazy-ass women from the restroom? Well Lana, James' old friend, was the one to call James when she saw what was happening to Bee, and after the drama passed, she helped fix Bianca up. Her time in the spotlight was short, but we got to learn about one of James' friends. She's an island girl (Maui) with an unrequited love who sees her as nothing but a sister. Aw. :/ She leaves several pages later, but I saw her book! And you can believe I'm going to read it after this series.

Overall, this was a great book that centered on Bianca and James' next step in their perfect relationship. They've realized that they're the only ones for each other, and have come a long way in forgiving and forgetting their pasts. And speaking of pasts, Bianca's father is still out there, and this time, shit just got real- why? Because the book ended with them finding out that he murdered his wife. A wife, I might add, that he had a son with- and the guy's just a year younger than Bianca. Do the math. And he's living in Manhattan. o.o

I recommend this book, but I should warn you, the sex is three times as kinky, and if you don't like sex near (or on) very large animals, you might not like it. But to each his own, right? Some like sex while riding a horse, others like it while being called daddy (I'll never understand that one o.O).

lol And on that note-!

Happy Reading :)

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: In Flight

When reserved flight attendant Bianca gets one look at billionaire hotel owner James Cavendish, she loses all of her hard-won composure. For a girl who can easily juggle a tray of champagne flutes at 35,000 feet in three inch heels, she finds herself shockingly weak-kneed from their first encounter. The normally unruffled Bianca can't seem to look away from his electrifying turquoise gaze. They hold a challenge, and a promise, that she finds impossible to resist, and she is a girl who is used to saying no and meaning it.

Bianca is accustomed to dealing with supermodels and movie stars in her job as a first class flight attendant, but James Cavendish puts them all to shame in the looks department. If only it were just his looks that she found so irresistible about the intimidating man, Bianca could have ignored his attention. 

But what tempts her like never before is the dominant pull he seems to have over her from the moment they meet, and the promise of pleasure, and pain, that she reads in his eyes.

This book is intended for ages 18 and up.
- Goodreads

I loved Fifty Shades of Grey and enjoy millionaire romance novels as much as the next romantic, so just like any other girl looking for a similar read, I found it, in R.K. Lilley's In Flight. The story revolved mostly around Bianca and James' growing relationship. What first seemed like a physical thing between two adults with chemistry slowly turned into a dragon (a metaphorical one, of course, but that would've been cool!) and its horde of treasure (that's Bianca).

James told Bianca that he didn't date when he pursued her, and against her usual set of rules, she relented, and began this sexual, mind-blowing session of sex with him. And it's a lot for this virgin, especially when her dragon is a Dom, and about to introduce her into a world she always found curious: BDSM.

She's able to take it because, like James, she has a troubled past. She and her parents were from Sweden (which I just adore) but her father was a cruel bastard who abused both her and her mother (which I so don't adore). During her teen years, the father went over the edge and killed her mom with a gun in the mouth- right in front of them. Later on she ran away with Stephan, her best friend with just a past as pained as hers, and together, they worked hard to get out of their homeless situation and eventually ended up working as flight attendants in first class. They were each other's havens and foundation, were roommates, and are now neighbors in this new life they've set for themselves. But then James Cavendish comes into her life.

James- oh, James! Such a horrid past. :( The death of his parents left him with an older cousin, whom he later realized was drugging him and raping him during his blackouts. He'd caught on and beat the shit out of him, but not before he'd been raped again, and this time without the drug. Karma, karma, karma, though, 'cause a year later the sick bastard got choked by a lover whom had been getting the same treatment.

SO it's because of what happened to James that he likes inflicting pain. But when he opens up to Bianca after she tells him her story and says he's a sadist, she tells him that even masochists need love, too. Aw. Abuse was a fear she always ran away from, but welcoming the BDSM world allowed her to face her fear and embrace it.

Not much action happened in this book, but their relationship was more than enough action for this romantic. Stephan was a great character and I loved that there were scenes where he had his own little thing with the bartender. The side characters were as I liked them: on the side and present enough to feel like real people without getting a whole story to deviate one from James and Bianca. Melissa, a fellow flight attendant and fortune-hunter was a huge bitch that I just wanted to slap- ughhh -but she wasn't the villain. A major pain in the ass, yes, but she was more of an extra kick to Bianca's wounds whenever she was down.

I loved how the story first had me believing that James just wanted sex or a Dom/Sub relationship with Bianca, because he told her in the beginning of his pursue that he didn't do dates, which made her assume that he didn't do relationships, since in her mind, that and dating go together. She's a natural sub, so she relents and agrees to this sex session with him, but as it continues, things start to change. He starts leaving his stuff at her place, offering her to get her clothes to keep at his. He gets overtly protective (see territorial) and even does things like fuck her in the plane's bathroom when he overhears her telling the captain that the guy she's seeing isn't anything serious (which she said because James was obviously in hearing range and didn't want him to assume that she was calling him her boyfriend after he said he didn't date). So, yes, I agree with Bianca when she thinks that he's kind of crazy, but it's a good crazy. XD He's a kinky guy.

There were funny moments, but it always got so sad when he'd do something to steer clear of them being seen together in public, because it made her feel like he was ashamed to be seen with her. And then, while reading this, I got a sick inkling that something was going to just make me cry like Fifty Shades did. And it did! T____T

During a stop in New York where he lives, he asks her to stay at his place while he goes out to an event, but she doesn't want to do that because it'll be a reminder that he doesn't want to be seen with her in public. So after they play Hiding Pedro, he begins to get ready, and she goes out to the kitchen to get something. And she stumbles upon the housekeeper and a beautiful woman who looks like she could be related to James.

Ummm, nope. So wrong. She's his fucking date to the event. And guess what? The bitch implies they're basically together, which Bianca takes without question because of the total shock she's in. It makes Bianca so ill that she throws up in the sink, and then leaves because she can't stand another moment with the awful women, and she ends up back in her hotel, where Stephan happens to be due to someone barfing on his shirt while at a bar. He comforts her, and then there's pounding on the door. She knows it's James 'cause he's practically shouting, but the aggression sends her back to her childhood days of paralyzing fear, and a whole drama smack down goes down-! It's all very emotional. :(

She promises to talk to him on Monday, but during the days before, she looks him up, and realizes she knows nothing about him and all the women he's slept with. A knock at the door has her assuming it's Stephan, but it's not- it's her father, and he beats her senseless before warning her to keep her mouth shut about her mother's death. She wakes up in the hospital three days later with James at her side, and after she tells them what happened, he says it's his fault, because (his) people had been asking around for Bianca's father, and Daddy Dearest hadn't liked that. She doesn't blame James. She does, however, refuse to forgive him when he tries to explain himself, saying his date was a childhood friend he was forced to attend the event with because of their mothers. Even Stephan starts to feel bad for James, as they'd also had days to talk while Bianca recovered, but she refuses to listen.

And then the book ends with her telling Stephan that she's ready to tell the police what she saw all those years ago.

I recommend this book to all ye who like their dragons kinky and their romances dramatic.

Happy Reading. :)

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Suit & Fangs

Caros are what vampires used to be.
We are slaves to pleasure, power turns us on, and each and every one of us has a weakness to hide.

All things sparkly and beautiful are 18-year-old Caylie Sonora's greatest source of pleasure, and no one is more irresistibly gorgeous and seductive in her eyes than the quiet and old-fashioned Luka. All the girls in school want to belong to him, craving both his body and authority. They say that behind closed doors his coldly charming manners disappear, leaving behind a guy who'd take you so hard you'd be breathless and panting for more. But if Caylie has her way, all she'd take from him is revenge, using her body to break his heart.

The most carnal of passions is the only chink in 19-year-old Luka Georgiades' armor, but his obsession has only always ever to do with Caylie, whose body he desires to possess, in every imaginable position. The half-human Luka may be his race's most cunning defender, with murderously precise skills and an even deadlier mind, but even Luka is powerless against fate, which forces him to hurt the girl who's his everything... again and again.

They are each other's weakness, and the game of love has never been so destructive.
- Goodreads

I got this beautiful little copy from Marian in exchange for an honest review, but first let me just-

fainting GIFs photo: fainting tumblr_lfskv9yFlM1qd7ez7.gif

I loved this so much. Not only was it completely sensual and its usual domineering sexiness, it's introduction had an elegant tone that matched the cover (or did the cover perfectly match the opening? o.O) and quickly turned into Marian's unique style that is especially seductively dark considering what race we're dealing with right now.

So first of all I completely flipped when I realized that Luka was the boy from 'A Royal Heartbreak'!!!! >.< Know what that means? Means we still get to mabye-kinda-a-little hear about Dom and Misty! I'd feel bad for forgetting about the three boys who are now older and total babe-magnets but hey, it's Domenico and Misty- you'd get distracted, too! But back to this story.

It really sucks that they just had to have ancestors who turn into vampires when their love isn't returned! Their situation was just so sad because they've been close for so many years, and when he realizes he loves her, she doesn't see her affections that way at the time, so what happens? He leaves her alone before his psycho-ass self can kill her (one of those genetic 'If I can't have you, no one else can' situations). He goes on and does his thing as the secret knight of his race with the Weres, but uuuggghhh when he does that it makes her think he's in love with Emilia, Domenico's sister! That is so not cool. Why? Because first of all, his betrayal had Caylie plotting her revenge against him, but now that it looks like he's getting jiggy with a Were, it's opening up old wounds.

What's worse- after her plan to get close to him and break his heart is set in motion and she gets him as a parole officer for breaking Caros rules, he completely messes her up by saying he's sorry. For everything. So now she's going back and forth between forgiving him and hating him- and every time she thinks she's got him, Emilia or his secret-service crap comes up and sends her right back to square one- and a little closer to becoming a vampire. The worse thing that could happen to a Caros is now happening to her; she's losing control, and for some reason, it only happens where Luka's concerned. And then she finally realizes: she's in love with him! But how can she tell him that when she thinks he's in love with someone else? All Luka's wanted was to be accepted, and with him running for election, the last thing she wants to do is ruin his chances of winning.

Suit & Fangs was a whole new love story of Marian's. If there were two ways to describe the difference, I'd say elegant and darkly seductive, which is exactly how the first pages introduced it. Caylie and Luka are of a race operating on a completely different level. They aren't hot-blooded Weres, they aren't free-loving fairies and they're most certainly not human. And that's why Caylie's so special, because she isn't like most Caros. She's not above begging, or breaking the rules to get what she wants, and she loves Luka, even if in the beginning she doesn't notice her feelings for what they are.

Thankfully, this didn't end like 'The Werewolf Prince and I', they actually end up together.
I think I would've just died if I had to wait for another book. T_T

The copy I got had a few minor errors and misspelling but it was totally bearable because I was either getting chest aches or blinded by tears to see any of them. lol Really though, unlike some writers, she gets a pass because English isn't her first language.

My chest hurt when Caylie's did, although it wasn't as funny for me as with the other ones because it was such a serious situation for them. I know, all of her books were serious situations, but this just felt a little too close to what I find to be the ultimate heartbreaker. :P The book still had its moments, especially with Riyu and Stefan's scenes. Caylie and Luka are eighteen and nineteen, but there are scenes when they're as young as fifteen and sixteen, and their lust at that time might throw off some people because- unfortunately -I happen to live in a country where violence is welcomed more than one's sexuality. :P Can't win them all, I suppose. The only thing that bothered me was when Luka refused to just tell her what was going on. So much drama! But it's so good... and so frustrating because he can't tell it to her straight without bringing up his secret knight work or ruining his chances of her genuinely loving him back- which brings me to Caylie, who can't help but do what she was raised to do and take his silence as a polite 'yes'.

I recommend this!
*Not to you, my dear Allycat, because I seriously think you'd combust
and come back to haunt me for it*
-but for those who love steamy scenes and men who are cool, in control and emit power and raw sexual energy whether they want to or not, go right on and read it!

Happy Reading :)

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Cover Reveal: Suit & Fangs

Release Date: July 28, 2013

Oh my God he's wearing glasses, and it's messing with my mind right now,
I don't know how to handle this...
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
See that, Allycat? New Adult. Hey! You're a new adult.
You should read this!
*incoherent whispers*
What's it about, you're wondering?
Here you go!

Caros are what vampires used to be.
We are slaves to pleasure, power turns us on, and each and every one of us has a weakness to hide.

All things sparkly and beautiful are 18-year-old Caylie Sonora's greatest source of pleasure, and no one is more irresistibly gorgeous and seductive in her eyes than the quiet and old-fashioned Luka. All the girls in school want to belong to him, craving both his body and authority. They say that behind closed doors his coldly charming manners disappear, leaving behind a guy who'd take you so hard you'd be breathless and panting for more-
*okay maybe not exactly something you'd read, Ms. Innocent, but it's still good!*
-But if Caylie has her way, all she'd take from him is revenge, using her body to break his heart.

The most carnal of passions is the only chink in 19-year-old Luka Georgiades' armor, but his obsession has only always ever to do with Caylie, whose body he desires to possess, in every imaginable position. The half-human Luka may be his race's most cunning defender, with murderously precise skills and an even deadlier mind, but even Luka is powerless against fate, which forces him to hurt the girl who's his everything... again and again.

They are each other's weakness, and the game of love has never been so destructive.

Mmm sounds delicious, I can't wait to read it. XD And it's by Marian Tee, the author I told you about!
Did you know she's from the Philippines? One of the reasons why I think she's so cool.
Oh, which brings us toooo-


Hi! I'm Marian Tee - I write sexy funny romances, emphasis on the funny because most readers tell me my books are a public hazard, often causing them to laugh out loud and get funny looks from other people.

I'm from the Philippines, half Filipino and half Chinese with a love for all things Japanese! Yes, that rhymed. I love dancing, traveling, watching horror movies and basketball, and reading Archie comics.

Of course I love reading books, too. In fact, if I'm a little too slow in releasing a new book, it's probably because I'm too busy being a reader and forgot all about being a writer. Yes, I know, MY BAD!

I am a frustrated MANGAKA, hence why I write novels like Drawn and why I have a Vampire Knight fan fic posted at (just search for Morteia Chronicles).

Wanna check her out?

You can always visit her Website
or become a fan on Goodreads
and even Like her on Facebook
or hell- follow her on Twitter!

Speaking of Facebook, she let out a little sneak peak of Suit & Fangs.
I read the first sentence and yuuuup sounds good!
I'm refraining from reading it, though. Don't want to spoil myself!
*Ha! Ironic, since your blog's all about spoiling*
*shut it*
Well it's been fun doing this cover reveal ^.^ 
Off to more reading!

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Fallen

There's something achingly familiar about Daniel Grigori.

Mysterious and aloof, he captures Luce Price's attention from the moment she sees him on her first day at the Sword & Cross boarding school in sultry Savannah. He's the one bright spot in a place where cell phones are forbidden, the other students are all screw-ups, and security cameras watch everyone.

Even Daniel wants nothing to do with Luce - he goes out of his way to make that very clear. But she can't let it go. Drawn to him like a moth to a flame, Luce has to find out what Daniel is so desperate to keep secret... even if it kills her.

                          - Goodreads

This is a YA novel about two lovers who are damned to lose each other every time they get too close in love. Daniel is an angel who never dies, but Luce gets reincarnated every seventeen years and somehow always finds him, no matter how far he travels to get away from her.

In the beginning it was fascinating and a little suspenseful for me. Luce has to go to a reform school with other troubled teens because she's suspected to have set this boy on fire when they were alone at a party. And on top of that, she has a record of being 'crazy' because of the shadows that's been haunting her for as long as she can remember. She started off as an interesting and pretty cool chick in a shitty situation, but when she met Daniel- who, by the way, smiled at her and then flipped her off -she kept going back to him. No matter how many times he shot her down or hurt her pride, she just couldn't stop thinking about him.

Now, I get it. Their souls are in love and thus will always be attracted to each other- but there's a line that Luce crossed for me. Why? Cause there's a difference between getting magnetized to a guy and not respecting yourself enough to know when to just stop. She could've loved herself enough to handle the situations with Danny Boy a little better, or at least known when she was throwing herself at him. Come on, Luce, doing the same thing over and over again doesn't mean you'll get a different reaction. It just makes it slightly annoying.

And Daniel. All your ways of shooting her down were a little childish, don't you think? I get that you're keeping her from learning the truth (which usually kills her and gets her reincarnated again) but you should've just ignored her completely or told it to her straight, like, "Stay the hell away from me." Don't kick her, and then give in and try to make her all better when something happens. Because then you just look like an indecisive asshole. Handle it better, guys.

So then there's this other side of the book, the side that's all romance and heartache. Daniel and Cam both capture her attention, so it's normal to wanna scope out both options. But if you're going to pine all over Daniel and admit that you feel this thing that always pulls you over to him, stop doing shit with Cam! If you feel weird about him giving you a necklace of a creepy-ass thing you cannot stand (see snake), tell him you don't want it. If he changes plans on you and sends a car to take you out of school, follow through with your gut and get the hell out of there. Don't go in the frickin car and then proceed to let him think you're into him! Nothing bugs me more than a girl thinking one thing while doing the other. Even insane people have better sense.

Thankfully, there were other things that made it better. Like Penn, one of Luce's friends, who's got a sensible head on her shoulders. And Arriane, my favorite gal, who tells it like it is and acts crazy but is really just a fallen angel helping out Daniel. I love that there are other fallens in the school. Arriane, Gabbe, Roland, Cam- I thought they all held their own, though they weren't a part of the plot that much, but that's how side characters should be; on the side. Not on the wall like a wallflower, but just on the side- we're given enough info about their style without getting a whole life story that deters from the main thing. Once religion entered one of Luce's lessons, I got excited and started figuring out who was on what side of The Line. It's sad that Todd died, but it made things interesting when I felt that the story was slowing down...

However, after reading this, I learned what the prologue told me: that Luce and Daniel are lovers always taken away from each other and reincarnated into the world. Sure, smaller details were mentioned, but nothing big. The shadows? They're like gossipers who keep an eye on the couple. Daniel? He's an angel, but you kinda figure that out during the religious class and when Luce has that dream of him with wings. Soooo not much is learned. :/ If anything, Daniel just gets irritating with the "All in good time, grasshopper" bull.

Do I recommend this? Not really, but the world's interesting enough if you're having one of those droughts.

Happy Reading :)

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(W)REC(K) A SERIES: The Devil Was An Angel

Book four of a very intriguing series.
It's actually got a lot of depressing stuff, but it was interesting to me
because in a way, it described life, and how no matter how much shit life throws at you,
Life Goes On.

The ending made me smile :)
I'm glad Niki finally gets some happiness.
Really recommend to those who don't mind horror books
with tough gals who are used to being numb and on their own.
This didn't disappoint me.

Allycat I don't think you should read this unless there is absolutely
else to read.

So either this series is great
I'm more messed up than I realized...

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Found

First of all, let me say that if it weren't for the fact that I'm just anal like that, I would've enjoyed the cover a lot more than I currently do. I'm sorry, it's his wings...

Oh my Goddess, I can't believe the series is over!
Noooo! I don't think I'll ever get over it....
Okay I'm over it.
You have to read this, Allycat!
It's the last book.
Not reading it is like- against the law.
It's funny.
*She has to call her ex to get him to tell her about breaking a bad bond but can't flirt because it feels too much like a betrayal to Levi, so she gets her flirty friend to do it over text. She and her friends are all reading this and she's cringing with every 'I'm missing you and your body' - 'If I wasn't alone I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing right now' message getting sent. XD And then she has to prove it's her!! She tells her friend what to put, and then her ex comes back saying something only he would know: 'You like having sex when you might get caught'. AAAHHH!!! I just about died when all her friends stopped to just stare at her in the middle of their crucial "mission". ^.^*
Everything gets fixed and the way it ended- ugh, perfect!
Makes me wanna cry again...
And it's YA so you can't say anything about the sex scenes!
I swear it won't scar you (much).
If you could read Flight and Focus, you can read their last, sweet, story before
Happily Ever After takes them away from us.
Them, the King and Queen of New Orleans.

I recommend!
Happy Reading

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Star Kissed

Star Kissed was....
I love the whole dystopian (give or take 10,000 years) setting, 
with alien species and human-cyborgs inhabiting the now diseased planet. 
The impression I got from Mandy the model was that she won't do things (like getting up for a morning shoot) if she doesn't want to do it. At one point in the book, she thinks back to when her ex-agent called her self-absorbed. Now, everyone's different, but I'd have to agree with her agent- but just a little.
I'm just used to reading about heroines who are a little more... selfless.
And I didn't feel there was anything special about her that attracted Akkadi, other than the fact that she was beautiful, made him hot and brought out the human side of him.
*Okay, that's kinda special if you're dealing with a confused half-breed*
It was... idk.
It sucked that Mandy and Akkadi couldn't get together because he felt obligated to carry on the line and marry someone who matched his cold, emotionless Naki side, but I didn't like that he took her on as a consort so he could keep her.
He didn't man up and take her as a mate. He decided to go on with marrying the other girl while keeping her for himself. I loved the sex scenes, but I still felt bad reading it.
He doesn't want others to have her.
She's sleeping with him (and falling for the guy) in the hopes of getting him to send her back home.
Even when Akkadi tells her that the energy used to send her home could also be used to save the people in his time, she doesn't care. She visits sick kids and everything but is still adamant on going back home.
I prefer selfless gals, but I respect her determination to go after what she wants.
Mandy never really did anything other than live in the scenes, and it almost felt like Akkadi was the main character, or something, with everything that happens to him.
Overall, it was really just entertaining.

Monday, July 15, 2013

I want Star Kissed!

OOOMMMMGGGG Lizzy Ford's STAR KISSED is out today.
Romance. Aliens!
Hellllllll yessssssss


Sunday, July 14, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Gerard's Beauty

Oh, another poor sob I want to just wrap in my arms!
Gerard's completely different from my Hatter.
Wait, my Hatter? I mean the Hatter.
The Hatter...
Moving on!
So this bad boy is from Beauty and the Beast, and man is his story totally different from what
Disney told me as a child.
He gets caught with his pants around his ankles-
with Cinderella and Prince Charming's daughter!
-and is sent to Missouri where his book-worm-nerd soulmate, Betty, is. I couldn't understand what this thing with Belle was until around halfway into the book.
He can't read, and Belle purposefully made him feel inferior. :(
But that's okay, it's not his fault that he was born in a time when reading was seen as vain and lazy... I mean if anything, he's like one of the feminist's wet dream with all his amazing cooking and kinda being like a housewife (whether he knows it or not) while Betty's out working at the library...
And Betty's adorable nephew with down syndrome gets him to learn how to read right along with him, completely (and secretly) melting Gerard's heart and mine.
<3 I love that boy.
And don't get the wrong idea about that thing with Cinderella's daughter.
He didn't know it was her.
He has some morals...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Her Mad Hatter

Don't be fooled by this erotica-looking cover. I swear, it's not just that. XD
Alice Hu, a cupcake baker in Hawaii (woo!) gets taken to Wonderland by Danika, a Fairy Godmother, who is determined to bring true love into her chargers' lives.
The Mad Hatter is one of her boys.
My poor Hatter! :(
I just wanted to warp your crazy ass in my arms and keep you safe from everything.
But that's what Alice is there for, so that's okay. XD
Despite the delicious cover, there's really not that many sex scenes.
Just sexual tension. lol.
Not that I'm complaining.
There's a lot of love and all that usual jazz. Alice has three days to prove that she's the Alice he's been looking for or she'll be sent back home, and the Hatter will have to be with another Alice, and then another Alice, and another one...
He refuses to sleep with any of them, much to Alice Hu's (and my) relief.
Sadly, though, he might just be too far gone in his madness.
I cried all over again towards the end when I found out she had brain cancer at thirteen and he helped her through it, but he doesn't remember til afterwards.
And then I cried more when her days were up and he couldn't leave with her, and then he admits he loves her just as she's leaving, and he realizes that it was him who needed to say the magic words, not Alice.
So. Emotional. T_T And then she gets cancer again and she's almost dying-
They get together in the end, though, so all ended well!
It only made me cry my heart out for like a minute.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fighting Destiny

God, I love this cover! I wish I knew where to get the poster. :P
I really liked it; the world, the people, the story, but-
there were some things that happened every once in a while that completely turned me off.
I don't know.
It's like watching your crush do something stupid every other day:
Totally enamored and then BAM! you're confused and slightly turned off, then right back to being enamored.
Synthia "Syn" was cool in general, but really stubborn.
I've read stubborn characters before, but she takes the cake.
'Watching' her wasn't cute at all.
It was really irritating at times.
The Dark Fae prince, Ryder, swears way too much for my liking when it comes to his POV,
and I'm not being unreasonable because I've read books with hardcore swearing.
The difference is that those authors made it work.
This one... Ich weiss es nicht. I don't know, it just didn't bright up my world the whole time.
In fact, it didn't make me feel very good. I don't know.
Ich verstehe nicht.
I'm kinda sad it didn't blow me away.
Most of the book was great, but then those tiny little things came up that didn't make sense, and then it'd just irritate me. Still, it wasn't that irritating, cause I'm gonna read the second book, anyway. :P
I'm telling you! It's seriously like watching your crush dig for gold or something.
So weird...
But you just can't walk away....

Monday, July 8, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: When Fangirls Lie

Sapphire "Saffi" March used to be known as an eccentric genius, the girl who had made a laughingstock of her illustrious family. But she's reinvented herself since then. Now a post-graduate honor student, Saffi is determined to be a dutiful daughter, with no one in her world ever supposed to know she's also the most diehard fangirl of Sweden's #1 Sex God.

It's her greatest secret, and the times she watches the sex god sing and dance are the only times she could just breathe... and be herself.

Handsome like a classical statue but earthy and sexy like a pagan god, Staffan Aehrenthal is the most wildly successful rockstar that ever came on stage. He should be celebrating being on top of his world, but a woman's betrayal had Staffan forging a path to self-destruction instead.

Life no longer meant anything- until serendipity introduced him to a beautiful and funny girl with an adorably unique fascination with fishes. 

When their worlds collide on one fateful weekend, Saffi is disguised as a
gum-chewing hardcore groupie while Staffan pretends he hasn't been trailing after her all over
 the Internet. It's a recipe for the most hilarious and heartbreaking of disasters because 
when fangirls lie,the craziest things can happen-
like a rockstar falling in love.


Saffi's curses:

      • Suffering Sardines
      • Fluttering Flounder
      • Playful Piranhas
      • Galloping Groupers
      • Bamboozling Bass
      • Catapulting Catfish
      • Hallucinating Halibut
      • Murderous Mackerel
      • Desperate Dogfish
      • Ovulating Orangespine Unicorn Fish
      • Knitting Kingfish
      • Romantic Razorfish
      • Anorexic Arrowana
      • Back-Flipping Bangus
      • Chocolate-loving Cod
      • Drunk Duckbill
      • Epileptic Eel
      • Farting Frogfish
      • Goddamn Giant Sea Bass
      • Heartbroken Haddock
      • Voluptuous Velvet-Belly Shark
      • Moon-Walking Mudskipper
      • Twisting Tonguefish
      • Yoga-ing Yellow Fin Tuna

Crazy-Humiliating Things She's Done:
      • Pretended to be a G(roupie)
      • Pretended to be an experienced G(roupie)
          • Oh God, the lies that dug her deeper...
      • Had 'sex' onstage with Staffan during his concert
      • Almost gave the guard to Staffan's backstage concert a cock knob to see him
      • During a dance-off, she did Psy's Gangnam Style ('cause she can't dance)
      • Had sex in an office (after Staffan scared the poor owner out)
      • Made a video
      • Took a kick for a gay friend by his father, saying she's his secret girlfriend
      • Told the heart of a heavily-guarded rockstar that she loved him
      • Found out she was pregnant
      • Had sex in the DJ's booth at her award ceremony

It's not much of a review since I know it'll be a millennium before you ever read the non-YA books I tell you about. XD But when you do come to your better senses, read Marian Tee's books. They're delightful for a pervert like me (especially this book. Come on, the main character's a Sex God) and a romantic at heart, with all the cute and adorable stuff the nerdy Saffi does while pretending to be a groupie. She's eccentric, which won her brownie points.

Staffan's Swedish, which endured me further because I'm a fan of those kind of fellas. ^_- He also secretly calls her min himmel, or 'my heaven', and that is so fucking sweet. All of Marian's fellas do something horrible because they think they've been betrayed or think it'll work in their favor, but I gotta say, Staffan's was probably the most heart-breaking for me. He's the only guy that I've read about so far who actually had sex with another woman to get back at his girl.

Remember the bullet about Saffi saying she's her gay friend's secret girlfriend? Well he walked in on them together and assumed that she was fooling around behind his back just like his ex-girlfriend, the one who made him go all self-destructive. To get back at her, he had his bodyguard/assistant tell her that she could talk to him if she agreed to have sex with him and this other girl that was chosen for one of those contest things. Sadly, she didn't know he'd seen her with her friend, so when she goes in the room, thinking that he's just pushing her away for her own good, she painfully watches him play with another woman, breaking her heart.

They get back together, thank Fuck, but she found out she was pregnant during their separation, and I'm dreading the next book, When Fangirls Cry. In the next book's sneak peek, she sees a picture of her and her fiance walking out of a store with a pregnancy packet in the tabloids and runs back to her room only to find Staffan gone. See, she'd wanted a weekend with her celebrity crush to keep with her forever so that she could bear getting married to another, like the dutiful daughter that she was. She hadn't told Staffan about the fiance or the baby, though, so I'm like- terrified to see what's gonna happen. He just fought to get her back after he broke her heart! He can't just go back to feeling betrayed again... can he?

Uggghhhh, the horrors of waiting for authors. T_T

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Park and Violet

18-year-old Violet York does her first year of study abroad in the wondrous and fashionable country of Japan in the hopes of escaping her life back in the States. It's a new chapter for her, a way to reinvent herself and ward off the troubles her flirting got her in, but there's just one problem.

See, there's a gigantic 20-year-old blonde gorilla with a Korean accent that goes by the name Park Jin, and he shares her building. Worse yet, he's a major pain in her ass and a complete jerk... so why can't she stay away from him?

Because: Park has just as many scars as Violet, and when neither side wants anything to do with the other, it means they're safe from love. In fact, they can do a little more than fight like cats and dogs. They can kiss. And flirt. And do 'harmless flirting'. But they can't fall for each other.

Or can they?


Oh. My. God.
Okay, Marian Tee is officially one of my favorite authors for life.


Remember that name when you decide to go into reading things beyond YA. AHHHH!!! This book was hilarious, heart-wrenching, HOT, and completely entertaining. And shit, did I mention hot??? I don't know what made me fall head-over-heels with this book. Maybe it's because it's in Japan, one of my favorite countries that I've yet to explore. Or maybe it's the blonde Nordic God whom Marian said looked like a younger version of Eric Northman from True Blood. *________*

Yeah, I think I know what did it.

And it was Fucking. Awesome! I'm a bit of an Asian freak, so it makes me giddy when things came up, like Park with a Korean accent (adopted by Koreans) or Yoon Eun-Hye, my favorite Korean actress, being mentioned (K-star from Princess Hours, Coffee Prince), or them just exploring Tokyo and Osaka together. And their chemistry! Mmmm, they can't stand each other because they're both what the other would've easily fallen for if not for the scars that guard their hearts.

Violet is a confident girl who likes fashion and flirting, but a huge, rich asshole from Florida scarred her. After he pretended to like her and she left him, he had his mama call her to beg for a second chance for her son. Violet goes over the house, only to find him and the basketball team. He'd meant to humiliate her and made her swallow everyone. Worse things could've happened, though, as Violet always says to herself, but it was enough to break her down when Lord Asshat started calling her a slut- and got everyone else in on it. So she left. She left Miami for Japan and found sanctuary in the hip fashions and dreamy Asians. But that all goes to Hell when her first day introduces her to the tallest jerk she's ever laid eyes on.

Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnddddd, enter Park!

Violet gets introduced to his life in the form of an aggravating, repetitive banging sound that wakes him up in the morning. And he's not a morning person. He investigates the problem, only to find his dream girl. Oh, found the problem! lol See, Park got his heart broken by an older girl when he poured his heart out, and she fell out of love with him a year after leaving for college. So he hates love. And girls. Like, seriously hates them. Except for Violet. Which makes him hate her more. XD LOL He helps her and her loud luggage up to her room in the hopes of getting rid of her, but the next day, after he turns her away when she asks for help, he finds her crying out of frustration because she's lost and can't find her school. From that point on, she makes it a goal to befriend him, as he's the perfect safety to flirt without worrying he'll fall for her, and despite his attempts to stay away from her, he grudgingly admits defeat, also coming to the same conclusion that she'll never fall for him. It's the beginning of World War III, however, except it's just a screaming, adorable banshee against a blonde, gorilla/Yeti. Yeah, those are their nicknames they picked for each other. Thoughtful, aren't they?

It's a series of hilarious incidents and cute fights- they're like a married couple sometimes, but then their hurt sides get their moments and they both do something stupid that makes the other either come up with a plan of revenge that backfires, or just gets them ignored entirely. And of course we can't forget the sex scenes. X) This story was such a surprise to me with how it rode out. Both can't stand the other while at the same time are physically attracted to the other, but when Violet realizes she's falling for him, the book then becomes her conquest to heal him and get him to fall in love with her. By this point, it reminded me a little of one of Marian's books, the Moretti Pack Series? But it's my favorite book so then I just got more doe-eyed. XD

I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it.

Was my message clear? Good.

Happy Reading. :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Games of Fire

Canadian Sophia Valdez doesn't know whether to smack the smirk off a certain mouth or kiss it, but that's what Spencer Rowth does to her; he makes her want things that could burn her in all sorts of ways. Her new neighbor, however, is the least of her problems.

On top of trying to figure out the tension between her and Spencer, she deals with a series of things that most teenagers would have no serious issues with. Sophie gets a dead cat, shot at, and a number of creepy pranks both done to her and Spencer. Oh, and let's not forget about the stalker who really doesn't like her with the boy next door.

Her protective parents have Spencer covered, and she has the moral support down in the form of her friends, but who's looking out for her when things get too hot?

Oh, that's right. The guy who's been watching her from the shadows.

Okay, the mention of an "evil" preparing to rip Sophie and Spencer apart in the book's synopsis had me thinking this was a fantasy YA. Wrong! I don't like fiction stories in non-fiction settings, but this book made me do a 180. I loved it! I'm a total romance at heart, and the relationship that Sophie and Spencer worked hard to build for each other was so touching and captivating to me.
*And hot.*
Yeah, it was hot, too. X) Seriously hot considering it's YA! But things never went past the PG-13 line despite the steamy situations; unfortunately there was always something to douse the fire- but when things did happen, it wasn't in enough graphic detail to scar eyes who weren't mature enough for it.

Spencer's had it rough; his life-long best friend-turned-girlfriend cheated on him with his older brother and his dad cheated on his mom with the babysitter. What does he do? Pretends the entire female population doesn't exist. That doesn't work out, however, when Sophie and her mom walk into his house and she undresses him with her eyes. His reaction is not only unwanted, it's unfamiliar. He's never reacted that way with Aimee or any other girl before. From that moment on, he realizes she's trouble.

Poor girl! First she finds out her hot neighbor is only a jackass when it comes to her, but when she sneaks out to go to a party, she almost gets taken by three guys in the upstairs bathroom! Luckily Spencer's there to catch her when she runs down the stairs screaming, but when they finally get together, despite the progress she makes with him, she has to battle a whole bunch of shit that comes from her slightly unbalanced self-esteem, her family, his family, and life in general. Yes, even life. Someone gives them a bag of dead a la cat, she and Spencer get shot at, a rock is thrown at them through his living room window- the list is endless. And when that list drives both families to go into hiding, it isn't enough, and in the end, she's taken.

Yes, she gets taken. By who? Why, the most obvious character! Okay, maybe it's not that obvious, but when you find out who the antagonist is, you aren't that surprised.

This book had me laughing all through the night! Lauren and Jessie, Sophie's girlfriends, are hilarious. And supportive. And their own person. And just- just everything friends are supposed to be. If Spencer isn't holding her together, those two gals are, from start to finish. Sophie isn't an idiot, but the mistakes she makes along the way are, though it fits so well in everything that's happened that you can't fault her for it. I was making weird noises every time I got a snippet of the stalker's POV. I was like, "Who the Hell is it?!?!? I gots to know!!!" because on one hand I think it's her friend Joe, but then it seems too obvious, so then it's like, "Who else??? The creepy dude at the bar? The guys from the party?"

So Games of Fire is funny, romantic, dramatic, hectic, oh-my-Goddess-hot, suspenseful (see: creepy) and entertaining. I recommend this book! But I'm especially proud of it because it made a fantasy girl like me love something that's set in real life. ^~^

Happy Reading!

Friday, July 5, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Saving Angel

Okay, this book was exactly like Obsidian, except it dealt with demons instead of aliens. If you know what Obsidian is, there's a reason why there's no synopsis. If you don't know what it is, this book is about Angel who moves to a small town with her mom only to find that her super-hot neighbors are different. She and Chase, a cousin to the family he lives with, fight non-stop, but it's really just sexual tension, lol. Anyway his family are half breeds and- with the exception of a few -want nothing to do with Angel because she's an innocent, but her getting tagged by Hell makes up his mind and he decides to protect her... and then some. ^_-

The only reason why I didn't get sick of reading the same thing (like, seriously, almost the whole thing had the same scenes as Obsidian) was because I love demons. I had a hard time warming up to Angel in the beginning because she was a little more shallow than I was used to with other characters, and I just couldn't help but be reminded of Obsidian until maybe the second half? No, sorry- even til the very end, it was like Daemon's. So, you were right, Allycat, it was good, but in the end Daemon reigns supreme. :P

I recommend this though if you ever feel the need to read the same thing but with different clothes on. XD

Happy Reading!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Dragon Bound

Half-human and half-Wyr, Pia Giovanni spent her life keeping a low profile among the Wyrkind and avoiding the continuing conflict between them and their Dark Fae enemies. But after being blackmailed into stealing a coin from the hoard of a dragon, Pia finds herself targeted by one of the most powerful-and passionate-of the Elder Races.

As the most feared and respected of the Wyrkind, Dragos Cuelebre cannot believe someone had the audacity to steal from him, much less succeed. And when he catches the thief, Dragos spares her life, claiming her as his own to further explore the desire they've ignited in each other.

Pia knows she must repay Dragos for her trespass, but refuses to become his slave, although she cannot deny wanting him, body and soul.

- Goodreads

Yum, this was a delectable read! So detailed and refreshing from the fast-paced YA's I've been reading. I love dragons, and Alphas, so a hidden jem hooking up with a dragon who hoards treasure was perfect for me right now.

It's modern time, and the fairytales are real. Have been for a while, with the Elves, Dark Fae, and other Wyrkind (were-kind). Dragos is the oldest (and only) dragon living a boring life, so when the ever-surprising Pia comes along, he decides to keep her with him. I kinda figured out what Pia was by the time she was glowing white and getting compared to 'unique magical creatures that can't be caught' and all that jazz, and they're so cute together. His overbearing-psycho-possessive dragon self fares well with a lonely Pia who just wants to fit in and be cherished, and what better pair than a rare treasure and a dragon who hoards them?

Lots of stuff happens in this story, and their relationship grows from Thief & Pissed-Off-Lizard to Mysterious Woman & WTF-Guy. The book's also hilarious, especially when Dragos brings Pia home, and he's not at all acting like the asshole boss he'd portrayed himself to be over the centuries. I love his sentinels, the gryphons, who take turns watching Pia. Them getting their ass kicked by a 5'10'' vegan was entertaining in itself. ^_~. It's just all so cute to me! I love it when Alpha males get toned down by their loved ones. So fun to 'watch'. :)

I recommend this, and I think it's pretty obvious that it's not YA. Yes, there is hot sex, Allycat. Still, it'd be a perfect addition to the Not-YA List! Just saying. Happy Fourth of July.

Happy Reading!

Monday, July 1, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Holders

17-year-old Becca has spent her whole life protecting her brother - from their father leaving and from the people who say the voices in his head are unnatural. When two strangers appear with apparent answers to Ryland's "problem" and details about a school in Ireland where Ryland will not only fit in, but prosper, Becca is up in arms.

She reluctantly agrees to join Ryland on his journey and what they find at St. Brigid's is a world beyond their imagination. Little by little they piece together information about their family's heritage and the legend of the Holder race that decrees Ryland is the one they've been waiting for-but, they are all, especially Becca, in for a surprise that will change what they thought they knew about themselves and their kind.    
          - Amazon, $5.38 Kindle Edition

This book was so great! It's YA with a seventeen-year-old genius who graduated high school at fifteen, so she's more mature and understanding than most kids her age. So, not only do we get a mature heroine, but we also get a very feisty and protective older sister, who cares for her ten-year-old brother, Ryland, who hears voices.

I thought it was great that they made the story and all its answers revolve around Ryland. If Becca wants to know anything, the spotlight isn't on her, which can be tiresome sometimes after burning through as many books as I have with girls who're the sole attention of everybody, so seeing the heroine take a backseat while still learning everything is a nice mix. Ryland's the youngest of the Holders race whose powers awoke earlier than most Awakenings, and because it's her brother, Becca goes with him to St. Brigid's in Ireland. However, the father who left their family happens to run the place, and is also a telepath. They believe Ryland is the one the prophecies speak of, the one who'll defeat the evil who's trying to put the humans in their respectable places.

Of course, I think we all saw it coming when the grand Iris relic revealed Becca to be the one. But aside from the fact that this was one of those 'Prophecy Child Will Save The World', it was really so much more! Within the first pages you see how much she loves her family, and she also meets Alex Bray, her Anam, or soulmate. ^_^ She's drawn to him and the person he is, but as a Holder, he immediately senses his 'other half' and it's an adorably cute story to read during the first half- she's completely clueless about his feelings and you can tell when he's embarrassed or something and she's just like, "Hmm must be something else."

It made me laugh so much, and personally, I could relate a little with Becca concerning her dad. Ryland is just like a kid, their relationship is a nice family bond. And there was enough drama to keep you satisfied without shouting, "You idiot! How the- Why the- What the Hell?" And here's a bonus: they stay together in the end, yay! No sudden cliffhangers of one of them getting shoved off or something and falling to their dooms for however long the next book takes to come out!

dance GIF photo: dance Dance_Gif_by_Miicchan.gif

I recommend this book to people who don't like their characters breaking up or having fights that make you wanna cringe because it was so frustrating. And it's in Ireland! There's not a lot of detail on it, but just them being set in Ireland made me want to read it. XD It's a boarding school with magic, a tough chic and a cute twenty-two-year-old cutie, and other hilarious characters that make you smile. Furthermore, you get a little 'School for Gifted Youngsters' vibe, but it's very vague, since the whole thing focuses mainly on Becca and her growing feelings towards Alex and her responsibility to her little brother. Might be cool, though, if we could see more of her interacting with the kids who go to the school, am I right? *hint hint*

Possibly the hottest and dirtiest this book will ever get down to are their kisses, and I'm pretty sure Becca only swears once, when she finds out who the bad guy is. It's a great read, and there aren't any sad things that happen. Nothing too shocking or predictable, except maybe the bad guy. XD I'm sure you'll be positive about him after eight chapters.

Happy Reading!