Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fighting Destiny

God, I love this cover! I wish I knew where to get the poster. :P
I really liked it; the world, the people, the story, but-
there were some things that happened every once in a while that completely turned me off.
I don't know.
It's like watching your crush do something stupid every other day:
Totally enamored and then BAM! you're confused and slightly turned off, then right back to being enamored.
Synthia "Syn" was cool in general, but really stubborn.
I've read stubborn characters before, but she takes the cake.
'Watching' her wasn't cute at all.
It was really irritating at times.
The Dark Fae prince, Ryder, swears way too much for my liking when it comes to his POV,
and I'm not being unreasonable because I've read books with hardcore swearing.
The difference is that those authors made it work.
This one... Ich weiss es nicht. I don't know, it just didn't bright up my world the whole time.
In fact, it didn't make me feel very good. I don't know.
Ich verstehe nicht.
I'm kinda sad it didn't blow me away.
Most of the book was great, but then those tiny little things came up that didn't make sense, and then it'd just irritate me. Still, it wasn't that irritating, cause I'm gonna read the second book, anyway. :P
I'm telling you! It's seriously like watching your crush dig for gold or something.
So weird...
But you just can't walk away....

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