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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Games of Fire

Canadian Sophia Valdez doesn't know whether to smack the smirk off a certain mouth or kiss it, but that's what Spencer Rowth does to her; he makes her want things that could burn her in all sorts of ways. Her new neighbor, however, is the least of her problems.

On top of trying to figure out the tension between her and Spencer, she deals with a series of things that most teenagers would have no serious issues with. Sophie gets a dead cat, shot at, and a number of creepy pranks both done to her and Spencer. Oh, and let's not forget about the stalker who really doesn't like her with the boy next door.

Her protective parents have Spencer covered, and she has the moral support down in the form of her friends, but who's looking out for her when things get too hot?

Oh, that's right. The guy who's been watching her from the shadows.

Okay, the mention of an "evil" preparing to rip Sophie and Spencer apart in the book's synopsis had me thinking this was a fantasy YA. Wrong! I don't like fiction stories in non-fiction settings, but this book made me do a 180. I loved it! I'm a total romance at heart, and the relationship that Sophie and Spencer worked hard to build for each other was so touching and captivating to me.
*And hot.*
Yeah, it was hot, too. X) Seriously hot considering it's YA! But things never went past the PG-13 line despite the steamy situations; unfortunately there was always something to douse the fire- but when things did happen, it wasn't in enough graphic detail to scar eyes who weren't mature enough for it.

Spencer's had it rough; his life-long best friend-turned-girlfriend cheated on him with his older brother and his dad cheated on his mom with the babysitter. What does he do? Pretends the entire female population doesn't exist. That doesn't work out, however, when Sophie and her mom walk into his house and she undresses him with her eyes. His reaction is not only unwanted, it's unfamiliar. He's never reacted that way with Aimee or any other girl before. From that moment on, he realizes she's trouble.

Poor girl! First she finds out her hot neighbor is only a jackass when it comes to her, but when she sneaks out to go to a party, she almost gets taken by three guys in the upstairs bathroom! Luckily Spencer's there to catch her when she runs down the stairs screaming, but when they finally get together, despite the progress she makes with him, she has to battle a whole bunch of shit that comes from her slightly unbalanced self-esteem, her family, his family, and life in general. Yes, even life. Someone gives them a bag of dead a la cat, she and Spencer get shot at, a rock is thrown at them through his living room window- the list is endless. And when that list drives both families to go into hiding, it isn't enough, and in the end, she's taken.

Yes, she gets taken. By who? Why, the most obvious character! Okay, maybe it's not that obvious, but when you find out who the antagonist is, you aren't that surprised.

This book had me laughing all through the night! Lauren and Jessie, Sophie's girlfriends, are hilarious. And supportive. And their own person. And just- just everything friends are supposed to be. If Spencer isn't holding her together, those two gals are, from start to finish. Sophie isn't an idiot, but the mistakes she makes along the way are, though it fits so well in everything that's happened that you can't fault her for it. I was making weird noises every time I got a snippet of the stalker's POV. I was like, "Who the Hell is it?!?!? I gots to know!!!" because on one hand I think it's her friend Joe, but then it seems too obvious, so then it's like, "Who else??? The creepy dude at the bar? The guys from the party?"

So Games of Fire is funny, romantic, dramatic, hectic, oh-my-Goddess-hot, suspenseful (see: creepy) and entertaining. I recommend this book! But I'm especially proud of it because it made a fantasy girl like me love something that's set in real life. ^~^

Happy Reading!

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  1. Well thank you ever so kindly!! I'm quite honored by the fact that you read my book and loved it despite it not being your normal taste. It was wonderful to see it unfold through your eyes. Thank you!

    All the best,