Saturday, July 13, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Her Mad Hatter

Don't be fooled by this erotica-looking cover. I swear, it's not just that. XD
Alice Hu, a cupcake baker in Hawaii (woo!) gets taken to Wonderland by Danika, a Fairy Godmother, who is determined to bring true love into her chargers' lives.
The Mad Hatter is one of her boys.
My poor Hatter! :(
I just wanted to warp your crazy ass in my arms and keep you safe from everything.
But that's what Alice is there for, so that's okay. XD
Despite the delicious cover, there's really not that many sex scenes.
Just sexual tension. lol.
Not that I'm complaining.
There's a lot of love and all that usual jazz. Alice has three days to prove that she's the Alice he's been looking for or she'll be sent back home, and the Hatter will have to be with another Alice, and then another Alice, and another one...
He refuses to sleep with any of them, much to Alice Hu's (and my) relief.
Sadly, though, he might just be too far gone in his madness.
I cried all over again towards the end when I found out she had brain cancer at thirteen and he helped her through it, but he doesn't remember til afterwards.
And then I cried more when her days were up and he couldn't leave with her, and then he admits he loves her just as she's leaving, and he realizes that it was him who needed to say the magic words, not Alice.
So. Emotional. T_T And then she gets cancer again and she's almost dying-
They get together in the end, though, so all ended well!
It only made me cry my heart out for like a minute.

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