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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Holders

17-year-old Becca has spent her whole life protecting her brother - from their father leaving and from the people who say the voices in his head are unnatural. When two strangers appear with apparent answers to Ryland's "problem" and details about a school in Ireland where Ryland will not only fit in, but prosper, Becca is up in arms.

She reluctantly agrees to join Ryland on his journey and what they find at St. Brigid's is a world beyond their imagination. Little by little they piece together information about their family's heritage and the legend of the Holder race that decrees Ryland is the one they've been waiting for-but, they are all, especially Becca, in for a surprise that will change what they thought they knew about themselves and their kind.    
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This book was so great! It's YA with a seventeen-year-old genius who graduated high school at fifteen, so she's more mature and understanding than most kids her age. So, not only do we get a mature heroine, but we also get a very feisty and protective older sister, who cares for her ten-year-old brother, Ryland, who hears voices.

I thought it was great that they made the story and all its answers revolve around Ryland. If Becca wants to know anything, the spotlight isn't on her, which can be tiresome sometimes after burning through as many books as I have with girls who're the sole attention of everybody, so seeing the heroine take a backseat while still learning everything is a nice mix. Ryland's the youngest of the Holders race whose powers awoke earlier than most Awakenings, and because it's her brother, Becca goes with him to St. Brigid's in Ireland. However, the father who left their family happens to run the place, and is also a telepath. They believe Ryland is the one the prophecies speak of, the one who'll defeat the evil who's trying to put the humans in their respectable places.

Of course, I think we all saw it coming when the grand Iris relic revealed Becca to be the one. But aside from the fact that this was one of those 'Prophecy Child Will Save The World', it was really so much more! Within the first pages you see how much she loves her family, and she also meets Alex Bray, her Anam, or soulmate. ^_^ She's drawn to him and the person he is, but as a Holder, he immediately senses his 'other half' and it's an adorably cute story to read during the first half- she's completely clueless about his feelings and you can tell when he's embarrassed or something and she's just like, "Hmm must be something else."

It made me laugh so much, and personally, I could relate a little with Becca concerning her dad. Ryland is just like a kid, their relationship is a nice family bond. And there was enough drama to keep you satisfied without shouting, "You idiot! How the- Why the- What the Hell?" And here's a bonus: they stay together in the end, yay! No sudden cliffhangers of one of them getting shoved off or something and falling to their dooms for however long the next book takes to come out!

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I recommend this book to people who don't like their characters breaking up or having fights that make you wanna cringe because it was so frustrating. And it's in Ireland! There's not a lot of detail on it, but just them being set in Ireland made me want to read it. XD It's a boarding school with magic, a tough chic and a cute twenty-two-year-old cutie, and other hilarious characters that make you smile. Furthermore, you get a little 'School for Gifted Youngsters' vibe, but it's very vague, since the whole thing focuses mainly on Becca and her growing feelings towards Alex and her responsibility to her little brother. Might be cool, though, if we could see more of her interacting with the kids who go to the school, am I right? *hint hint*

Possibly the hottest and dirtiest this book will ever get down to are their kisses, and I'm pretty sure Becca only swears once, when she finds out who the bad guy is. It's a great read, and there aren't any sad things that happen. Nothing too shocking or predictable, except maybe the bad guy. XD I'm sure you'll be positive about him after eight chapters.

Happy Reading!

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