Monday, July 8, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Park and Violet

18-year-old Violet York does her first year of study abroad in the wondrous and fashionable country of Japan in the hopes of escaping her life back in the States. It's a new chapter for her, a way to reinvent herself and ward off the troubles her flirting got her in, but there's just one problem.

See, there's a gigantic 20-year-old blonde gorilla with a Korean accent that goes by the name Park Jin, and he shares her building. Worse yet, he's a major pain in her ass and a complete jerk... so why can't she stay away from him?

Because: Park has just as many scars as Violet, and when neither side wants anything to do with the other, it means they're safe from love. In fact, they can do a little more than fight like cats and dogs. They can kiss. And flirt. And do 'harmless flirting'. But they can't fall for each other.

Or can they?


Oh. My. God.
Okay, Marian Tee is officially one of my favorite authors for life.


Remember that name when you decide to go into reading things beyond YA. AHHHH!!! This book was hilarious, heart-wrenching, HOT, and completely entertaining. And shit, did I mention hot??? I don't know what made me fall head-over-heels with this book. Maybe it's because it's in Japan, one of my favorite countries that I've yet to explore. Or maybe it's the blonde Nordic God whom Marian said looked like a younger version of Eric Northman from True Blood. *________*

Yeah, I think I know what did it.

And it was Fucking. Awesome! I'm a bit of an Asian freak, so it makes me giddy when things came up, like Park with a Korean accent (adopted by Koreans) or Yoon Eun-Hye, my favorite Korean actress, being mentioned (K-star from Princess Hours, Coffee Prince), or them just exploring Tokyo and Osaka together. And their chemistry! Mmmm, they can't stand each other because they're both what the other would've easily fallen for if not for the scars that guard their hearts.

Violet is a confident girl who likes fashion and flirting, but a huge, rich asshole from Florida scarred her. After he pretended to like her and she left him, he had his mama call her to beg for a second chance for her son. Violet goes over the house, only to find him and the basketball team. He'd meant to humiliate her and made her swallow everyone. Worse things could've happened, though, as Violet always says to herself, but it was enough to break her down when Lord Asshat started calling her a slut- and got everyone else in on it. So she left. She left Miami for Japan and found sanctuary in the hip fashions and dreamy Asians. But that all goes to Hell when her first day introduces her to the tallest jerk she's ever laid eyes on.

Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnddddd, enter Park!

Violet gets introduced to his life in the form of an aggravating, repetitive banging sound that wakes him up in the morning. And he's not a morning person. He investigates the problem, only to find his dream girl. Oh, found the problem! lol See, Park got his heart broken by an older girl when he poured his heart out, and she fell out of love with him a year after leaving for college. So he hates love. And girls. Like, seriously hates them. Except for Violet. Which makes him hate her more. XD LOL He helps her and her loud luggage up to her room in the hopes of getting rid of her, but the next day, after he turns her away when she asks for help, he finds her crying out of frustration because she's lost and can't find her school. From that point on, she makes it a goal to befriend him, as he's the perfect safety to flirt without worrying he'll fall for her, and despite his attempts to stay away from her, he grudgingly admits defeat, also coming to the same conclusion that she'll never fall for him. It's the beginning of World War III, however, except it's just a screaming, adorable banshee against a blonde, gorilla/Yeti. Yeah, those are their nicknames they picked for each other. Thoughtful, aren't they?

It's a series of hilarious incidents and cute fights- they're like a married couple sometimes, but then their hurt sides get their moments and they both do something stupid that makes the other either come up with a plan of revenge that backfires, or just gets them ignored entirely. And of course we can't forget the sex scenes. X) This story was such a surprise to me with how it rode out. Both can't stand the other while at the same time are physically attracted to the other, but when Violet realizes she's falling for him, the book then becomes her conquest to heal him and get him to fall in love with her. By this point, it reminded me a little of one of Marian's books, the Moretti Pack Series? But it's my favorite book so then I just got more doe-eyed. XD

I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it. I recommend it.

Was my message clear? Good.

Happy Reading. :)

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