Tuesday, July 16, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Star Kissed

Star Kissed was....
I love the whole dystopian (give or take 10,000 years) setting, 
with alien species and human-cyborgs inhabiting the now diseased planet. 
The impression I got from Mandy the model was that she won't do things (like getting up for a morning shoot) if she doesn't want to do it. At one point in the book, she thinks back to when her ex-agent called her self-absorbed. Now, everyone's different, but I'd have to agree with her agent- but just a little.
I'm just used to reading about heroines who are a little more... selfless.
And I didn't feel there was anything special about her that attracted Akkadi, other than the fact that she was beautiful, made him hot and brought out the human side of him.
*Okay, that's kinda special if you're dealing with a confused half-breed*
It was... idk.
It sucked that Mandy and Akkadi couldn't get together because he felt obligated to carry on the line and marry someone who matched his cold, emotionless Naki side, but I didn't like that he took her on as a consort so he could keep her.
He didn't man up and take her as a mate. He decided to go on with marrying the other girl while keeping her for himself. I loved the sex scenes, but I still felt bad reading it.
He doesn't want others to have her.
She's sleeping with him (and falling for the guy) in the hopes of getting him to send her back home.
Even when Akkadi tells her that the energy used to send her home could also be used to save the people in his time, she doesn't care. She visits sick kids and everything but is still adamant on going back home.
I prefer selfless gals, but I respect her determination to go after what she wants.
Mandy never really did anything other than live in the scenes, and it almost felt like Akkadi was the main character, or something, with everything that happens to him.
Overall, it was really just entertaining.

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