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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Drawn: His Secret Toy

Senior student Katerina "KC" Chariot is a good girl with a secret. She's so nice she has an impossible time swearing unless she's using pretty British cuss words. She also likes to fantasize about hot guys in her school. But it's for work. Really. Katerina is an aspiring mangaka, and she needs "inspiration" for drawing smutty scenes.

Unfortunately, one particular fantasy about the Japanese-Russian transfer student Yuki Himura gets the better of her. She ends up unconsciously moaning his name - in Yuki's presence, too. In a twist of fate, Katerina finds herself agreeing to become Yuki's secret toy, which sounds a lot worse than it actually is - especially in the eyes of her Theology-professor dad.

The whole school thinks of Yuki as the ideal guy - gorgeous, smart, and sweet. But with Katerina, he's the Devil sent to torment her, seduce her, and - worst of all - he's making her fall in love with him even though he's said it's the one thing she should never ever do.
 - Goodreads

Sorry, but despite the awesome cover, this isn't a manga. XD It'd be cool if it were turned into one, though! *hint hint* Oh! This book.... I think that of all her books I've read, this is the one that reminds me the most of anime/manga. I know, I say that a lot! But it's true. And KC is a freaking mangaka for crying out loud!

So. Sweet, innocent and extremely nice KC has a guilty pleasure: she has a huge imagination for sex that she likes to draw in her smut scenes. :3 And the cute guys at school are good enough- but there's one that is just mind-boggling: Yuki Himura. First of all, he's Japanese-Russian?! I love those races! Such a great mix of the hot manga guys with the seemingly-harsh and coldly beautiful Russians. XD But anyways... One day in class, she fantasizes about him and moans his name - when he's right there!!! And he hears it. O.O

Now he's all hot and bothered by the thought of his senpai daydreaming about them having sex- and he's got to have her. But he doesn't do girlfriends, due to bad past experiences. Instead, he plays, and he wants KC to be his secret toy to do with as he wishes. But there's a catch. (Isn't there always?) She can't fall for him.

Their time spent together is very hot. X) And Yuki-

grin GIFs photo: Grin smallsmile_zpsce70d835.gif

He's just so yummy! Calling her by her special nickname, senpai, being all cute but sweet and delicious- *cough*. The only detail I didn't like about this was the fact that he was younger. Sorry! But I just can't think of younger guys that way. It's one of my pet peeves. XD It didn't stop me from enjoying it, though! I easily overlooked that personal problem of mine.

Long story short, she does fall for him. And he falls for her, too! But when her father finds out, he starts acting weird. And then he basically tells her he can't return her feelings. :(((((( And then he does something stupid by losing the BEST THING IN HIS LIFE!!! Ugggghhhhh. And then when they split up, it's all over the school. He acts cold and distant, constantly breaking her heart. But nothing hurts her more than when she's in school and hears him and another girl fooling around. And he calls her fucking senpai.

hurt GIFs photo: hurt deancrytheend.gif

My heart. :(( KC feels so betrayed by him, and when the little shit sees her pain-filled face and realizes his fuck up, he tries to apologize, but she runs away. Time passes and it's at a school game that he approaches her. In public. And formally asks for her permission- and to return to his side. But she says no, because her pride and fear of being hurt refuses to let her forgive him. He gets embarrassed, and even I felt a little bad for him. When she told him no, for a moment I was like, "What's going on?!" lol

They end up together! :) You'll have to read it to find out how. ^_~ This is one of my favorite books, mostly because I've never read another book that gives off such anime vibes. (I'm kind of a mellowed-out anime freak...) And it's got Marian's usual flare. In the author's auto, she talks a little about also being a mangaka, so you can guess why this book comes off as such. X)

If the fact that there's sex in this didn't turn you off, more power to you- read it. Love it! Then channel all that energy into hopefully getting more like this. XD

Happy Reading!

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Nick & Lilac

20-year-old Lilac York doesn't like to talk. She doesn't like to exist outside her books, and she certainly does not like to be involved with the most notorious playboy in uni. But when the gorgeous and arrogant billionaire Nick Christakos asks her to be his friend, she finds herself saying yes, no matter what "friend" could mean to a serial bed-hopper like Nick. There's just something about him that draws her, something that makes her think he wouldn't mind if he learned just how broken she was inside.

Nick Christakos is not used to denying himself. But for the sometimes-aloof, sometime-naive Lilac he strives to make an exception, doing his best to keep his hands off her even though just one blink of her doll-like eyes has him on fire. With Lilac, he's not afraid to show the ugliness in him. When she looks at him, Nick almost believes there's still hope for him to be the man that he used to be.

When another man threatens to take Lilac away, Nick is desperate and selfish enough to pretend he's fallen in love with Lilac... even though his heart still belongs to the girl who tore him apart.
- Goodreads

Before the book: Oh my God I can't even type this synopsis without thinking of all the horrible things that could happen with that last sentence!!!!

After the book: Ah, that ending. :3 Oh my God, that bathroom scene! (Hell, every scene!) And oh my God, she's Violet's sister!!! O.O Park and Violet? Yeah, that's her sister! It's- akdjfklsdghsdhf I didn't realize- I'm such a ditz. T_T I did it again. *cries in corner* But back to the review.

I got the ARC from Marian yesterday and just finished it (ha, take that, college classes!). So I think we all know by now that Marian's stories get really frisky and emotional and dramatic. Of all her cute books, I'd say this was the most serious that I've read so far. :( So I'm just gonna go and spoil it right now: both Nick and Lilac are victims of rape. Six years prior to the story, Lilac, who at fourteen took speech classes for her stuttering, was repeatedly raped by her coach via blowjobs, forcing her to do him every day and feel demeaned, as if she were a slut to be used. Nick was attacked by a gang and raped with a bottle before the authorities could stop them. Both recovered in their own way; Lilac lost herself in books, and for Nick, it was in- with? in? -women. But the thing with Nick is, ever since that attack, his heart had only ever belonged to the one girl who was there for him. She was there when he woke up crying, when his nightmares were too much and he wet the bed- she was there for everything. However, she left him when she couldn't trust him financially (ugh what a bitch) and years later, Nick became a notorious bed-hopper.

*But mind you, that bitch Karla is horrible. No good thoughts about her just yet!*

When Lilac's friend, Jilly, introduces Nick to a girl she knows won't fall for his charms, she realizes her mistake as Nick decides to take on the challenge of making Lilac his. It's impossible, however, and he asks for friendship instead. Anything to get close to her. But as they do grow closer, they each begin to see that the other has a demon or two from their past- and that maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the demons of said other met their own. Neither love the other, yet, as they're still too wound up in the worry of getting hurt or trusting the wrong person, but eventually, one of them falls. Unfortunately, it's Lilac, because it's at a time when Nick's ex decides to break it off with her abusive ex-fiance to rekindle her love with the billionaire. T_T GGGGRRRR!!!

They're healing each other, but he just can't get past the fact that Karla was not a good person. Why? Because he really doesn't remember everything that happened that night, and until he does, he'll always think of Karla as the only girl who truly loved him. Like abusive relationships: "You're unworthy of love, blah- who would ever want you -blah, I'm the only one who will love you, blah blah." See where I'm going with this? So throughout this whole book, when Nick isn't being his sexy ass self, he's hurting deep, and struggling with the fact that he's not as ugly and weak as he's believed himself to be over the years.

But for Lilac? She's healing. She's realizing that there are people who could love her, and that the time of happiness has come; in the form of Nick. Their friendship made her smile and daydream again, and the moment she realizes she loves him, she's floored. Their physical relationship progresses in this book until the big night at Reid's (a fellow billionaire and member of their BBF group) sex party, when she gives her virginity away to Nick. FYI: BBF=Boys with Billionaire Trust Funds

Okay, at this point, I was a little shocked at how she let him make another woman cum with just his voice. I'm so used to other couples being so possessive, so it was a little surprising to see Lilac giving him permission to get another gal all hot and bothered. Though, in this case, the woman's partner had been watching Lilac and came too soon. XD Sooo I suppose we could let this one go. And they like the attention! And the thought of being watched and watching others turns them on (as long as there's no touching. That's a no-no).

But this point in the story is also where things start to go down hill. :( The next morning, Karla texts him about needing him- and just after he had sex with Lilac!!! Lilac knows what is causing this sudden coolness from him when she wakes up, and in Nick's mind, he's constantly telling himself, "Didn't make any commitments with her. I did nothing wrong. I don't do 'guilty'." It's a mess, and it doesn't help when he sees her with his twin brother, Jason, who also loves her. And in true Marian Tee form, what does he do? He thinks she's playing with him and flirts with a group of women. He asks for a fucking sample and when he grabs a boob, cheers reach Lilac, and then she's leaving with Jason. Nick realizes he'd taken it too far and calls up his brother to demand that he give her back, but then Jason reveals that Lilac loves him. Poor girl doesn't know Greek, but when she gets the phone, Nick tells her the one thing that'd keep her with him forever.

"I love you."

Lies!!! You mother- ughhhh. We all know he loves her just by the way he acts subconsciously, but it's because he doesn't consciously know that he loves her that his words don't count. This is so aggravating and sad and frustrating. A week passes and she tells him he needs to go with her to another meeting (which is really her birthday party she planned with his friends) but he tells her he can't. Because he has a 'meeting'. Immediately she knows it's Karla because she reads the tabloids. She makes him choose and expects him to be there- there's a whole fight. It gets late that night... and he still hasn't shown.

 Meanwhile in Fuckyouville, Nick's with Karla in their old hotel room. But when he gets there, all the emotions he felt with her in the past comes back- and it doesn't feel good. Suddenly every bad thing resurfaces, and it's only Lilac's name and face that keeps him floating. Ta da! This is where he realizes he loves her! Right? Wrong. He only feels like it's a huge mistake, and feels bad and realizes that something huge is about to happen if he doesn't get the hell out of there! So he makes a lame excuse to leave Karla and rushes to the meeting Lilac told him about, then gets a text message from Reid saying to be a fucking man if he's gonna break up with his girl. It prompts him to get his ass into high gear, but when he gets there, he sees all the pretty decorations. And Lilac. In Reid's arms.

The poison set in from Karla and her "No one will love you like me" finally drives him crazy and he actually thinks that Lilac's a slut! "First Jason, now Reid. You're collecting billionaires!"
*And you're breaking my heart.*
He makes a total ass of himself and Lilac knows that he's talking like this because he's hurting, but then he tells her that he never loved her in the first place, and a misunderstanding makes her think that he's mocking her stuttering, just like her rapist used to do. It's too much and she runs to the bathroom, but before Nick can follow her, Reid stops him to show the sign that she had put up for him:


Hours have passed, and while Nick's telling her he really loves her now, trying to get Lilac to open the door, Jason tells him that he found out Karla was involved in the attack on him six years ago. He passes out, and Jason tells Lilac that he went to the hospital for post-traumatic shock, telling her that his brother truly did love her to death.

Weeks have passed, and she refuses to see him. It isn't until she's at a public place that Nick appears and reveals to the crowd that he was raped, and had let that keep the people who loved him away when he should've been keeping them closest. His speech about not falling victim to being a victim was like a lesson for everyone- imaginary crowd, readers, etc. -and after a few drama, she takes that leap and tells him she loves him.

The End!

I thought this was a great book. Very different yet still similar to the rest of her work, which I just adore, because it really reminds me of the anime and Korean dramas I watch. :3 The beginning certainly came on strong for me with all the details that happened during their traumatic rape flashbacks, but I'd never read books about rape victims before, so for me this was a good start in that kind of topic. There were a lot of errors in what I got, but it quickly melted to a few throughout the book. (Don't worry, that problem was just in my ARC, not the final copy I know you'll be purchasing after this. ^_^)

Some stuff made me stop to think, like her going down on Nick. It was something that seriously connected her to her past, but she was too into Nick to freak out. I just assumed that a blowjob would be the last thing she'd do, but I am glad that she conquered that fear and turned it into something beautiful. Another thing that had me puzzled was her ignoring him for weeks on end. That wasn't unusual for Marian's other heroines, but I felt that for Nick and Lilac, they were special cases, and so I thought that her absence from his life was a tad bit harsh. I get that he lied to you- hell, I'd be pissed, too! -but if I heard that he was sent to the hospital for a post-traumatic shock, I'd have been there, because to me that's a very serious thing.

Overall, this thing will keep you entertained and guessing because things aren't all predictable. And seriously, I did it again. Just like I didn't know about Luka in Suit & Fangs, I didn't know that Lilac was the older sister of the main gal in Park and Violet until after the epilogue, when there's "Korean cursing" in the background of the sister's voicemail as she's explaining about being too busy having sex... and they're in Japan...? I mean, come on! I need to stop missing these signs, not to mention her last name.... T_T It would've helped with the minor confusions I had about Lilac's choice of actions, like bowing. I totally get it now!

So don't make the mistake I did. Realize who's related to what and who's new to the world- it saves a lot of embarrassment. If hearing about rape cases bother you, this isn't the book for you. Otherwise, pick this up so you can have the drama you know you crave for and read up on the hot sex that comes with it, like the bathtub scene. *steams* (Where do these come from???) Enjoy. :)

Happy Reading!

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Can't Wait For: When Fangirls Cry!

So I was stalking in the neighborhood of Marian Tee's FB page when I saw this beauty- eek!
When Fangirls Cry... rockstars get broken.
AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! What the hell does that mean?!
I haven't even seen the synopsis and I'm already crying inside. T_T

Read it. ^.^
Loved it!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed it. :3 And if you love spoilers as much as I do, you'll get your ass into high gear
and find it on this page.

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Tempted

When personal assistant Savannah Wood lands a dream job with up and coming rock star Nick Hart, it seems too good to be true. He's devastatingly handsome, reserved and charming... but he has a secret he's determined to keep.

Their attraction to one another is immediate and Savannah is determined to keep a professional relationship between them. She's been burned before and has no desire to reopen old wounds.

The lines between professional and personal begin to blur when Savannah finds out Nick's secret: he's a century old vampire with a painful past. He's also hesitant to open himself up to her, yet they find their temptation to one another is stronger than either can resist.

The paparazzi, a string of murders and cryptic, ominous letters threaten their budding relationship. Will their attraction and love be enough to keep them together... or will it tear them apart?
- Goodreads

Their relationship was cute and the sex was hot.

It was a great book, but personally not my favorite. It was like an elaborate-looking cake without that hidden ingredient that makes you sweat like a sinner in church, you know? Only times I felt that was when they were having sex or eye fucking each other. Tempted had it all: drama, mystery, mild suspense and detective work (for those who think too much), romance, steamy romance, and a good dose of reality despite him being a vampire.

Maybe that's why I didn't care for it too much, because it was too rockstar-reality for me with characters I didn't I'd-Kill-For-You love. Nick was a little tame for me; it was obvious, when I'd get excited at the times his control slipped. Savannah was a tough cookie but it was nice to see her let go of her fear of being hurt again and trust him. She didn't annoy me that much, and the mistakes she did make were quickly corrected- and then some. Sadly, though, I was a little more intrigued with Malcolm+Von and Ian, the bodyguard werewolf who could read minds and who rarely spoke. I'm telling you, it's always the quiet ones.

I recommend this for a nice, quick read. It's more on the romance/relationship side but the few murder mysteries that did happen made it a little exciting. And that sex tape scandal...

Happy Reading!

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Redemption

The final installment...

Cole is missing and everyone is certain that he's dead. That is, everyone but Lacey. She refuses to give up hope even after two weeks of searching. As the days pass, she becomes more depressed.
And her powers become more unstable.
The trust she had with Jesse has been broken. She knows he's hiding something from her and has vowed to find out what. But will learning the truth about what he's done send her over the edge of sanity?
Will the residents of the Black Hills Mountain pack survive her wrath when all the secrets
and lies are revealed?
Someone close to Lacey will die...

Who will it be?

Loved it. :3 This series had a nice transaction from late teen to -literally- young adult.

It's official: Jesse has lost his ever-loving mind. It's so sad to see someone change, but who'd have known that he would have such a rotten core? You can help humanity all you want like he did, but in the end, your real self eventually reveals itself. :/ Lacey no longer has any love for Jesse as she senses he's different. With the depression of not finding Cole, her powers are harder to control. She finds him eventually, when Jesse slips up and takes Mira, too, after she finds him and Cole in the hunter's cabin on the forbidden grounds. She's uber pissed at Jesse, a fight gets out when Zack (a loose tie) shows up and she takes a bullet for Luke. Jesse's forced to leave when backup comes for Mira and she tells him she's gonna spill everything.

She survives! Yay! And they finally mate, but on Maggie's ceremony day, she runs back to her cabin and Jesse knocks her out. This made me even more sad. He regrets how far he's fallen from the man he tried to be, but in the end, "If he can't have Lacey, no one can." He tries to kill themselves by flying over the cliff but Cole catches them. And even after all the shit Jesse's done, Cole still refuses to let him go. But Jesse wants to die, and he tells him he'll say hi to their mother for him before shaking loose to fall to his death. T_T

In the end Cole had always loved his brother. He'd instigate fights just to keep a brother who loathes him in his life, no matter what role either took. And that's the difference between the brothers. Jesse let the unhappiness of his mother drive him to kill a father he felt no remorse over. Then he chose a life to help save humans from his brother, who in turn had only taken to hunting humans when hunters tore his own family apart. When he found out about Jesse hiring those hunters to kill his father, he tried to kill him, but over the last twenty years since the story started, he hadn't tried killing him again when he could have. That says a lot.

All in all, I'm just glad Lacey chose Cole. XD The better man won! No, but seriously, this book- this series -was very good. My favorite part of this series was seeing how people can really change. It happens all the time, but I never really read it. Until now.

I gots to know, though... what was said in Jesse and their father's letters from the mom?? Did I miss that or something?

Happy Reading. :)

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Change

Eighteen year old Lacey Hannigan always thought her human life was hard and unfair, but now that she is no longer human, her life is about to get a whole lot harder.

Taken away from the man she loves to a remote mountain so that she can learn to adapt to her new life as a newbie werewolf, she is forced to accept changes that she's not ready for, both with her body and her heart. She soon learns that there is a lot more to Jesse and Cole than what she thought. The more she learns about them, the more confused and hurt she becomes. Added to the mix of things is the darkness in her mind that makes her think Cole might not have truly saved her after all.

Secrets will be revealed, lives will be lost and hearts will be broken. And Lacey will be in the center of it all whether she wants to be or not.
- Amazon

That. Mother. FUCKER!

Ughhh!!!!!! I swear to the moon goddess, Jesse better be the one that gets the fucking axe in Redemption!!!! How the hell is he thinking, he's gonna- I- it- adfhd hfohfg; dso fiha;sdlfhld----------

Long story short, she falls for Cole after he shows a side of himself that he thought was gone years ago after all the family shit that happened to him. We find out that Jesse had hired those hunters to kill his father, which was why he'd gone after Jesse and given him that scar.

She chooses Cole! Lacey loves Jesse, asshat was her first love, but she can't even bear to think of losing Cole, whom she's connected with on a soul level. And they were just going to their mating ceremony when Sasha (turns out she isn't dead!) and Zack attacked them! Then all this shit happens and Jesse and Scotty appear, trying to get her away from it all.

OOOOO!!! That's another thing! When Jesse was trying to get her away, she wasn't telling him straight that she chose his brother over him! Every single word out of her mouth was totally neutral and vague- she shoulda just given it to him! But no, she had to try and not break his heart, but when Cole and her pack finally catch up to them and this huge war pops up like a fricken zombie daisy, then she gets pissed at what he's doing and decides to let the power that she knows kills get out of her control! Then everyone's flying all over the place getting injured or dead!

Skip-skip-skip: Cole and Jesse fall off the cliff but with what little energy left, she catches them- but they're slipping. Jesse's telling her to call for help and yelling at her to let Cole drop, but Cole's looking up at her and saying he loves her and then he fucking lets go. UUUGGGHHHH!!! Jesse is yelling at you while dragging you down with him off the fucking cliff! Drop his ass! She passes out, then when she wakes up and goes looking for him, Jesse's off in an abandoned cabin and there. Is. A. Chained. Up. Fucking. Coleeeeee-!!!

I am so angry at Jesse the profanity doesn't even come close to what I want to do to him.

*Then write a scene with you kicking his ass.*

You know what? I'm going to do that right now.

This is book two of the Lacey Hannigan series, and you need to read this. Like, now. It's YA-NA, no profanity (like this review :P) or sexual content, but believe me when you read this, you will flip. If you don't, I'll be judging you.

Happy Reading.

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Growl

Seventeen year old Lacey Hannigan knows that she's different from other people. Her ability to move things with her mind has made her an outcast, even in her own home. She hates the power that she has and wants nothing more than to be normal like everyone else. But when she is forced to run away from home or be sent to a hospital to be studied like some kind of science project, she has no choice but to rely on her telekinesis in order to survive on her own. She soon finds herself in more danger than she ever thought possible when she discovers that there are even stranger people than her in the world. Like Cole, a man with a deadly secret who has vowed to stop at nothing until he has her. And Jesse, who seems like the perfect man until she learns that he may not be who she thinks he is.

The unbelievable becomes reality when seemingly normal people shed their human skin for that of fur and prowl the streets at night looking for their next victim. Will Lacey's power be her saving grace or her doom?
 - Goodreads

An epic read!

Lacey's parents don't want her. Her father left them when she was four because he didn't want a freak for a daughter, and she lost her mother's love for that, instead being forced to live a young life where people were afraid of her, and the most frightened of them all was her own mother. She's been to many psychiatrists, but one married her mother, and when he said that she should go to a mental hospital, her mother agreed. They studied her, or attempted to, but she refused to show her power, even when they harassed her or put her under shock therapy. That was years before the start of this story, but an incident at school has her running from home when they try to send her back.

She's on her own now, but one night in the wrong alley gets her an infatuated werewolf who suddenly wants to know everything about her telekinesis, and Cole will stop at nothing to get her. With no money, she befriends a waitress named Cindy who takes her into her home, only to find her dead after she left the next morning to go grocery shopping. Just when she thought things were looking up for her, everything came crashing down and she ran for it. And then she met Jesse.

He helped her escape when she had to resort to stealing fruit, but after another encounter with Cole's pack, she passed out after exhausting herself with her powers. When she woke up in Jesse's warehouse, she became familiar with Cole's twin brother and his small pack, though if the pack were given the choice of them or a human, they'd protect their own. There is an unwritten rule among the Weres; if a human discovers their secret, change them or kill them. Jesse is very dedicated to his pack and saves humans when he can, but when Cole's attempt to get her back reveals their secret to her, he has no choice. Or doesn't he?

Eventually, they fall in love, and he can't kill her, despite what some members of the pack say. He decides to go with door number three and hide her from his race, but Cole manages to get Lacey away from him. Now she's with the bad twin, but the days spent with him start to show another side. Suddenly he's not so bad. She still loves Jesse and wants to be with him, but she can't deny- no matter how hard she tries -that there's something inside her that's attracted to Cole, and it's not just the fact that the brothers share the same face.

And let's not forget about the horrible nosebleeds and migraines that come with using her powers. They're getting worse, but her fear of hospitals forbid her from seeking help, and with her being a runaway and her eighteenth birthday being a few weeks away, she can't afford to alert her parents.

But when Cole's jealous psycho lover tries to kill her and stabs her in the stomach, she snaps, and she kills the woman with a power that no longer wants to be controlled. A final battle between Cole and Jesse's pack rages outside her holding room, but she's driven with the need to find Jesse, and manages to stop the war with her power before convulsing. The brothers and Jesse's pack take her to the hospital, and when she wakes up with the doctor, she finds out why she's had nosebleeds and migraines.

She's sick, and the tumor has taken up too much of her brain to attempt surgery. She only has a few days. Cole later visits her, and when she reveals that her expiration date is soon to pass, he tells her he can change her. But if he does, she will be his. She refuses to leave Jesse, but Cole laughs it off, saying his brother took a vow on their dead mother to never turn a human. She goes with Jesse anyway and doesn't tell him about the tumor because she wants him to turn her out of love and not because she's going to die soon, but when she asks him about it in the general sense, he expresses his abhorrence on the change. She's stuck. She doesn't want to die or go with Cole, but she doesn't want to be the one to hurt Jesse when he breaks a promise he holds close with the love of his pack. Heartbroken at what she knows she must decide, she leaves in the night and has Cole meet her. It isn't even a minute in his car before she's dying, and knowing that he doesn't have time, he stops after a few miles and turns her. Cole is torn with worry when she doesn't respond, and he takes her to his parents' house where no one will look for them, but on the way there, her scent begins to change.

She will survive.

Yay! I loved this book so much. :) Lacey is such a strong young woman, and the fact that she endures such physical pain every time she uses her powers makes me cringe. I don't know if I'd ever be handle to handle that. And God- Twins!!! Twins Twins Twins. :3 I don't know if it's because we got introduced to Cole first or what, but I like him (no offense, Jesse). You would think it's the whole bad boy thing, and maybe it is, but I like how domineering and fierce he is. His hatred for humans is understandable; hunters attacked him and his father. Add that with the psychological fact that hunters hunt animals all the time, tearing up other species of families, justifies the human hunts he does with his pack in his eye. I agree. :P

I recommend this! It's another NA (new adult) that wasn't so predictable or similar to some of the things I've read. Lacey goes through a lot, but the different POVs gave us a better view of the story, and it was hilarious. And serious. And dangerously mature enough to hold my attention. I loved it.

Happy Reading. :)

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Incubus

Braedyn Murphy used to think nothing important ever happened in her sleepy town of Puerto Escondido. But that was before she learned she was a descendant of Lilith, the mother of all demons. Now Braedyn fights to protect humanity from the Lilitu - the beautiful, soul-stealing daughters of Lilith.

As she fights the Lilitu, Braedyn must also fight her growing love for her boyfriend Lucas - because even a simple kiss could end his life. Their only ray of hope is an angel's offer to make Braedyn human, but it's an offer she can't accept until the world is safe from the Lilitu.

Braedyn knows she's a key player in this ancient war... but she's not ready to believe she just might be humanity's best hope of surviving the final battle for Earth.

- Goodreads

This thing left me so frustrated and emotional, but that might be partially due to the fact that mother nature's monthly delivery is due any day...


It's a new school year, and Braedyn, Lucas and friends are on a field trip at a mission when she gets attacked by a woman. When they realize she's been Thralled, no one knows what to make of it. It isn't until afterwards that her dad tells her the woman was married to a husband with kids; meaning, there's an incubus in town. They go on with their lives, but Amber is still riding her fucking horse, knowing Braedyn can't hurt her without getting expelled, and you can believe that she's still adamant on her leaving 'her' school. Braedyn brushes off her threats, however, and Amber's first act of cruelness shows up in the form of Parker's sex video with Cassie being played over the school's speakers during announcement. Braedyn is livid, but she can't do shit, because the last thing she needs is to waste her humanity on Amber. So she eats it, and walks away.

*More like eats her shit*
Sigh. You're not helping Morality.

In the parking lot after school, a boy's story has them going back to the mission, wondering what the Thrall had been doing before she attacked her. When they get there, Braedyn feels watched, but brushes it off as paranoia from everything that happened last year. They realize that the Thrall had been analyzing the mission's floor, and see it for what it is: the seal Ais had been searching for to break down the Wall to Earth. They're so shocked, Lucas pulls her back, and they almost kiss. A blonde boy with glasses (rudely) interrupts them, unknowingly having saved them from breaking their promise to the others about physical stuff.

They tell her dad and the others about the seal over dinner, but Thane starts on again about Braedyn being an evil demon who has no chance of the future that her dad so clearly yearns for her. Angered at the way he's antagonizing her father, she reveals that she can be given that life, if she accepts the angel's offer of becoming human. It's quiet before happy cheers are sent around, and then Thane has to open his mouth, "Oh, so typical of a demon! Leaving all her responsibility to the Guard for selfishness!" I laughed so hard at how ridiculous he was. He hadn't changed at all. Seriously! You can't win with this guy! I just wanted to barge in on their dinner and say,
"Fuck you, too, buddy!"
Then Braedyn reveals the caveat about going past the point of no return if she doesn't watch her Lilitu self, and the night ends. When they go to school the next day, they see the blonde from the mission at the dining hall and later help him out when a few seniors are beating him up. It isn't until they get home that they meet a new member, Angela, and her son Seth, the blonde from school. Angela is like Thane, a sort of researcher for the Guard, and shares with them a story she discovered about these two Lilitu siblings and the Wall between their world and theirs. The sister was killed while attempting to reach Earth, and the brother disappeared soon after.

At school, she sees a growing crowd in the parking lot, but at the sight of Amber's smile, she runs, shoving her way through. She's too late, and is forced to watch the last of Royal's hair get buzzed off as he's being pinned to the floor.

No one touches Royal.

Again, she confronts Amber, and again, she can't do anything to her. Frustrated (ugh I know the fucking feeling) and scared, she hides from Amber after school when she sees her heading in her direction, and then freaks when Amber does nothing but stare. She's. A. Spotter. Her fear sends her running, only to have Seth see her with her wings, and she doesn't get to explain anything to him until the next day. At night, she seeks out Karayan to ask about Spotters, but that really isn't important to us- what is, is the fact that Amber can control other Lilitu's dreams, which shocks Karayan by the way her expression betrays her thoughts, though Amber is clueless about it. The next day Royal seems okay, and Seth talks to her in class, giving her some relief that he understands she is on the Guard's side.

She asks Seth about his mom's papers at the house, and she finds out about a ritual that could lock the seal, meaning she'd be able to stop the war before it started. Meaning... she could become human sooner than she thought. Braedyn is ecstatic at the news, but when she shares it with the others, they're cautious about it. This is the beginning of her faith in them diminishing. When she shares something that could give her her wish, they don't jump for joy, but tread carefully, not knowing everything about it and not wanting to jump to conclusions. It happened with the ritual, and it happened with her theory of their drama teacher, Mr. Hart, being the incubus. There was something odd about him, but without proof that he was 'other', they couldn't proceed to taking him out. It frustrated her to no end. It made her desperate, and it's because of this that Seth was able to convince her to do the ritual without them. So while they're planning to do the ritual and she's searching for the incubus, she feels watched several other times, and gets notes from the mysterious incubus saying to back off before she regrets it. And again, it doesn't help that Amber is continuing to hurt her, which she does a third time by having her friend push Seth onto a Benson burner during class. The bitch is keeping to her word in torturing her friends.

This buildup of shit and white lies and mistrust turns her even more paranoid, and in an act of desperation, she goes to the dream world and makes Lucas tell her where the final piece to the ritual is before tearing away the memory so he can never know what she did. She feels awful about it, but all of that gets washed away when Amber finally goes after Lucas. It's a feeling she has while at the school play, and when she reads Amber's mind, she sees her plot to accuse him of rape and let her brothers deal with him. She runs out of the building in time to see a car hit him, and after using the call on Amber's brothers to back the fuck off, they leave, and she finally threatens that little bitch like she should've been doing in the first fucking place-
*breath, girl.*

This makes her determined to finished what she started. She gets the final piece, she and Seth complete the ritual, and they go back home, feeling accomplished. But when she puts back the box that held the final piece, Lucas is there, and he is rubbed bare at the fact that she's messed with his mind. He isolates her.

He's ignoring her now, and it's eating her alive and making her feel guilty as hell. Now- only now -is she questioning the drive that made her do what she did. In her desperation, she had ended up pushing everyone away; the Guard, her friends, and now Lucas. She then comes to the realization that she didn't want to become human just for Lucas. Basically, despite the way Seth worshiped her 'powers' and stroked her ego, she hated that she was a monster, and she was willing to do what it took to make sure she seized the chance of getting a normal life. Having berated and rejoiced at what they'd accomplished with the ritual, she heads downstairs, only to hear her dad and the others talking with a man they'd been searching for in Canada. And what she hears freezes her in her tracks.

The ritual was not a way to lock the seal. It was a way to unlock it, and she had completely fallen for the incubus's trick. Everyone is pissed at what she's done, and when her father sends her upstairs, she finds Royal's hat with a letter saying, "One night down". The incubus has had one night with Royal, and he's only one more night from becoming Thrall. Fed up with all this bullshit of being so helpless, she rushes to the school to confront Mr. Hart, who she suspects is the incubus because of the way everyone looks at him (even Cassie) and the oddness she found in the dream world. It's not him, however, and an embarrassing position is how Cassie finds them. Her friend storms off, she goes after her, forgetting about Royal, and then stops as she remembers that the seal isn't officially open just yet. Needing to fix things, she decides to go to the mission and prevent the seal from unlocking.

She's back at home begging Lucas and Seth to help her when she gets an unexpected visit from a pissed off Cassie, but she puts off having to explain things to her friend and Seth volunteers to fill Cassie in while she goes to the mission. That, in my opinion, was handled poorly. Braedyn doesn't have to tell Cassie her whole life story, but she could've at least assured Cassie with a few words that what she saw wasn't what it looked like. By putting it off, it gave me the impression that she didn't care about Cassie that much. Yes, she's pressed for time, but she sure had enough time to drive all the way back home to ask for help, huh?

Lucas goes with her, though he's still giving her the cold shoulder. They get there, tons of shit happens, and we find out that the feelings of being watched was due to the angel who was hunting down the incubus. The angel gets killed, though, and the seal is unlocked, letting out a single Lilitu. She and Seth embrace, and Braedyn puts two and two together. He is the incubus. He tries to convince her to join them, and in the middle of a fight, she shocks his sister when she reads her mind. It's another hint of just how powerful she is, but obviously it's not that important at the moment because she's getting her ass kicked. She calls for Karayan who helps her out, and Braedyn kills the sister, though Seth escapes.

The Guard get there, but while her dad outside, Thane sees her with the angel's body, and tries to kill her. Karayan steps in and even tells Braedyn's dad not to harm him. Karayan finally joins the Guard, and the angel Sansenoy appears to let his fellow fallen pass on before basically telling everyone that he has hope for Braedyn and what she will do for all of them when the war stars. It ends with Lucas and Braedyn deciding to spend one night together so that they don't die with the regret of not doing it before the world ends.

My thoughts?


OMG Where to begin?!?!?! I was so frustrated in the middle of the st- wait, okay. In the beginning, I got excited, but it started to get a little boring. And then the middle section started, and I was so fucking frustrated. Like, the whole time I'm reading her actions I'm thinking, "What the Hell, Braedyn!?!??!!" On one hand I know that she really wants to be human and will do everything she can to be with Lucas and shit, but dayum this was annoying. The secrets. The mistrust. The fucking lies!!! When was this torture going to end???

Don't get me wrong, she's the bomb fucking diggity, but her desperation for something had me cringing. She wanted it so much, she was treating everyone like shit- speaking of shit treatment, I didn't like the way she was with Karayan. The Lilitu might've ran away, but Braedyn knows Karayan was raised among the Guard, so why did she treat her like she was just like the other Lilitu? Isn't that what the Guard had been doing to her? Treating her like she was just like the rest? Hypocrisy, I say!

Overall, she's only human. Like Lucas told her in the end, she did something he would've also done if roles had been reversed. She should've trusted them all, but her determination for something was not evil.

I recommend this, though less stuff happens when in comparison to the first book, in my opinion. This was more emotional and mentally draining. Aside from that, the pace for the storyline was good. All the characters were still great (and when I say 'all' I mean Royal) But that's just me. XD

Happy Reading.

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Thrall

Braedyn is a normal girl just trying to survive high school with her two devoted friends, Royal and Cassie. Together they're doing a pretty good job of shrugging off the slings and arrows cast their way by the popular crowd when a new boy, Lucas, moves into the house next door. Suddenly Braedyn finds herself falling in love for the first time.

But as her sixteenth birthday approaches, Braedyn discovers humankind is at war with the Lilitu, an ancient race of enticing demons that prey on human souls. Her father is a member of the Guard fighting against the Lilitu - and so are the new neighbors, including her crush, Lucas.

As her world starts to unravel at the seams, Braedyn learns the right answers aren't always clear or easy. And as for "good" and "evil" - it all depends on how we choose to act.
                                        - Goodreads

This was inspired by ancient Mesopotamian myths of Lilith and her offspring. Braedyn's age had me hesitating to get it- I just can't stand how some authors think stupidity goes with young age -but this blew me away.

Braedyn's only ever had her father, and with two of the greatest friends in the world, and enough sense on her shoulders to know when or how to brush off the antics of the popular crowd, life's pretty good.

It starts off with Braedyn and her friends, Royal and Cassie, at a school dance. Three couples, the cheerleaders and soccer jocks, are outside when the girls head in to get ready for Homecoming's crowning. Long story short, one of them named Derek smashes a cupcake in Braedyn's hair after she tries to defend her friend. They go back inside, but when she hunts for her clutch by the dessert table, she sees Derek- and watches a beautiful woman stroll right up to him. She concludes that the stranger's total confidence and awareness = not a high school student. The woman briefly mentions their fight outside, glances at her, and then steals him away. The Homecoming Court is announced, and their king is nowhere to be found.

The next morning, as Royal's picking her up for school, they notice that she has new neighbors, which is a rarity. She totally embarrasses herself in front of one of them, though, (and he's a total babe) after talking smack about the old deathtrap house. Later in school during lunch hour, the embarrassment continues when her neighbor asks to sit with them. His name is Lucas. Derek and his friends mess with her again almost immediately for his cleaner's bill, and a pull at Braedyn's waist against the slimeball jock has Lucas throwing the first punch. It's their bonding moment, and they talk again during P.E., but when he mentions his relief of knowing another like him under the age of 25, she doesn't understand. He freezes up at his mistake and continues to act odd the rest of the way. It isn't until she gets home that her dad sees them talking, and boy is he upset at Lucas's slip up!

Her dad completely bombs her. He's not her biological father, her real father was killed by a Lilitu. "What's a Lilitu?" A succubus, (generally) female demons in the form of alluring beauties who feed on the essence of those who desire them either in their dreams or during sensual contact. Sex, usually, but in this YA case, a kiss does it just fine. XD Braedyn takes the news of demons running around a little easier than some, especially when her dad and one of the neighbors, Hale, goes on to tell her that they're a part of the Guard, humanity's only real defense against the Lilitu.

With that out of the way, they force Lucas to babysit her when a Lilitu is spotted hunting, but Braedyn wants proof of this craziness, so they see for themselves. She believes it, and Lucas is once again relieved that he can talk to her about this, but they get caught in an embrace during unofficial training and the final member of the household, Lucas's sister, Gretchen, sends him upstairs and goes off on all of them.
"She's the enemy!"
Time for another bomb to drop. Braedyn's dad reveals that she's a Lilitu, and was raised in secret by him in the hopes of showing the Guard that she could be a great aspect to bringing down the enemy. Only they know of her existence, however, as the first time they tried to raise a daughter of Lilith, she ran away. Braedyn has her moments with her dad, but in the end she still trusts and loves him, and he the same. However, despite "everyone" being okay with her, no one is allowed to tell Lucas, whom they believe would kill her due to his past of losing his brother to her kind.

The Lilitu are planning something, and they need her to find out what they're doing on Winter Solstice. During that time, she's struggling to keep away form Lucas under their orders, or, when she and Lucas decide to keep seeing each other in secret, to not hurt him. It's a series of finding out about her heritage and choosing right from wrong. On her birthday she'd come into her own, causing a lot of the males at school to lust after her. So when Parker, Derek's friend, didn't take her dismissal well, and she indirectly lets it slip that Cassie likes him, he gets the perfect revenge; he sleeps with Cassie while his friends are in the bathroom, telling the whole school about it. Braedyn is devastated when Royal calls to tell her, and it's that moment that the beautiful woman from Homecoming shows up again. Karayan had been visiting her, saying she has great potential as their sister, and when she says Parker needs to be punished, Braedyn agrees. She makes him feel what everyone felt over Cassie, but the result is frightening. Her once white-rose garden in her little dream world is now stained blood red at the base, and several days later, Parker tries to kill himself.

Karayan had been trying to set Braedyn up: when she chose to turn Derek Thrall and get him killed by the Guard, she'd done it under pretense of believing he was her boyfriend. Then when Parker hurt her best friend, she coaxed her into planting a seed of self-loathing into him, knowing the trace of what she'd done would be traced back to her by the Guard. And it worked.

Gretchen was never a huge fan of hers because her husband was Lucas's brother. Thane, a member they'd brought on to help train Braedyn, believed her to be nothing but evil and a traitor just waiting to betray them. They found the trace on Parker in the hospital, and it forced her to run away. Then situations placed Lucas and Braedyn making out in his room, and Gretchen flips a bitch at this, revealing her secret to Lucas. That kills him, but the warmth leaking from his eyes and the undeniable hatred for her kind- not to mention the freaking blade he snatches up that Gretchen stops him from using -kills her, and she runs away.

And yet despite all this, she doesn't blame him. Like him, she hates what she is and understands why he would hate her, but her love for him pushes her to need to explain it to him. So while all that is happening, she finds Ais, the Lilitu everyone's been trying to hunt down in South America, and finds out that she plans to tear down the Wall into their world in their own backyard. After escaping three Thrall that Karayan sicced on her to feed on, she meets Sansenoy, one of the Three angels, who gives her an angel sword to take own Ais. Even after being treated as a demon, she calls the Guard to let them know of the Lilitu's plans, but gets caught by Gretchen's boyfriend and his team, who mistake her for another huntress and bring her to the house.

Braedyn's dad is livid when he sees how they've treated her and it's total chaos as her existence and connection to Murphy (her dad) is revealed. Lucas's house is filled with more members of the Guard, and they take the news of Braedyn very hard. It isn't until she shows them the angel's sword that they begin to kinda trust her. Lucas still refuses to look at her, but small hints show that he starts to become lenient to not hating her, like him glaring at Gretchen when it's revealed that they all knew what she was, and were to treat her as an ally, like she'd been raised to believe.

Lots of shit happens, and in the end, after she saves Lucas, he apologizes and they make up. Karayan, who turns out to be the first Lilitu the Guard raised, has a change of heart when she thinks her sisters killed Thane, whom she still loves (somewhere in her confusion) as a father. He was the reason she ran away. He treated her like a weapon and never let her forget what kind of evil demon she was. It's obvious in the end how much he regrets what he did, and when Karayan sends the rest of Ais's Thrall away, they have a small moment, where he calls out to her, but she turns invisible, looking so confused and alone, and runs away. :(

Everyone parties and has fun in the epilogue, and of course Amber, the human high school antagonist of this story, has one more threat for Braedyn. The nerve of that girl, like seriously, it scares me how high she sits on her high horse.

This was a fantastic read! I loved everything- the confident Royal, the adorable and eccentric-stylish Cassie (I totally cried inside when a darker streak was evident on her usually bright smile), the way I hated Gretchen and Thane for being so mean to her, the way her dad stayed devoted to his little girl. Lucas was a cutie and good for Braedyn, though I did have my own moment of demonic weakness (and not in the good way) when he completely iced her out during her big secret reveal. In this gal's opinion, she forgave him too quickly. If a guy ever did that to me without even letting me explain?

mad GIFs photo: mad tumblr_lpvobmKM9w1qfkzrx.gif

Beware, sons of Adam.

Happy Reading.

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Firecracker

Firecracker is a fun contemporary fantasy thriller about a young woman named Aideen Cassidy, who has to be careful with her emotions because when she explodes, things literally explode! Being a pyrokinetic - able to start fires with her mind - isn't an easy thing to live with, especially when trying to find work in the modern world.

Luck or fate lands her a job with a group of eccentric psychics who use their gifts to help local authorities with difficult cases. They can see the future, sense feelings, read minds - useful traits. All Aideen can do is blow things up. But there's something special about her that has caught the attention of the most powerful psychic in the world, and there are secrets about the organization even the psychics don't know.

Plans have been put into motion, secrets are unraveling, lives are in danger, and the group soon find themselves caught in a conspiracy of shadowy monsters, government spies, and ancient legends that date back 600 years.

All Aideen wanted was to fit in. Now the lives of all her new friends must rely on her talents for fiery destruction.
- Goodreads

The Shadows scared the shit out of me. XD

In this world, the 88 virus killed thousands of people. When the Zoe Vaccine came along, it did more than cure the virus; it birthed a new blood type, and with that, psychics.

This book started off on a hilarious note that job hunters could relate to. Cass isn't a genius, and with her pyro-problem being seen as a handicap, she's barely scraping by. The city of Detroit is sick and tired of the constant fire hazards that come with this vermillion-eyed redhead, so she goes to her only hope for a job: PsychTeam, an organization of psychics who help police officers with heady cases. She's a psychic applying to a psychic place. Surely her own kind would want her if no one else? Wrong. We're not even five pages into the book before her interviewer, Li Hung, flatly refuses her. Why? Because pyrokinetics are not only useless around a crime scene, they're dangerous. She wouldn't get hired because she was even more different than the people who were different! But Miyuki, the big boss in the form of a sickly sixteen year old, hires her right after Cass's departure. For a dark presence thought to have been gone long ago has come back, and Cass is the light that will save them all.

While Cass and Li are in Detroit, telekinetic Voss and psychic Tina, fellow PsychTeam members, are down in New Mexico trying to find the shadow monster's lair. They're a funny and very 'active' couple whom I fell for whenever their POV came up. They had enough issues from their pasts to be very interesting. If anyone can beat them down for most interesting past, though, I'd have to say Miyuki's got them beat. By six hundred years. This girl may appear young, but she's been living since the 1400's. Her father and men had gone looking for a mushroom that gave people immortality, but the natives who ate it warned them that only worthy ones could handle it. The crew ate it all, even forced Miyuki to eat it, and in the end, only she survived. The mushroom was a poison that would only work for someone with a particular blood type, body type, genomes and enzymes. She survived, and all of their current problems ironically started with the scientist who studied her.

He had found out about her immortality, and with his studies, had created a male counterpart of her. However, the boy couldn't control his powers, and shadows began to counteract the psychic waves he gave off when killing people. So it was because of this that the Zoe Vaccine was created, which birthed the psychics, and eventually started the war. The government wants Miyuki like nobody's business because of this and the fact that she has the map to the island on her back, something that'd appeared moments after eating the mushrooms.

As for the kidnapping case, it'd turned out to be a ruse. Li had been using a blood dummy, a training exercise they used on psychics, to get Cass to quit, but in the end, it turned out that a real missing girl with Zoe blood had been calling out to her. This leads them to the school the girl had found herself locked in, and it's there that they get a showdown with the shadow monsters.

There were different POVs telling this story that I thought made it even more foreboding and a big deal. A monster in the shadows has been terrorizing PsychTeam, though only a small handful know about it. Li is one of them, and because his father's death links to a burning building, he knows what the consequences are of having Cass on the team more than anyone. He's super sly and supportive of Cass, but all the while, he's been trying to make her quit: introducing her to a kidnapping case not even an hour after hiring her, putting her with Toby Brown (whom she'd set on fire earlier that day when he caught her at the wrong time) for gruesome physical training. And up until the beginning of the end, Cass believed he was the only one in her corner rooting for her, until she realized that he'd been trying to get rid of her. Though if it counts any, Li had a change of heart. He gave her the nickname, Firecracker, both for her gift and the fact that she resembled an emotional ticking bomb ready to go off into a new feeling at any given moment.

Cass met a lot of cool people in this story, like Kevin the empath with a talent on the piano. Miki was their go-to holographic operator who projects workers in their main building and also happens to run Li's restaurant. Jun was a little girl with a maturity that surpassed everyone because of the constant visions of deaths of people she came into contact with. Doctor Sheridan rarely showed up until the end, but her abilities had to do with ice, because in one scene, she let her guard down and had the whole room icing over like it was winter. She's got the particular talent of being genuinely sweet and clinically cold at the same time whenever she's around people. I suspect that's why she hangs out in her lab a lot. Neda isn't a psychic, but a British bodyguard for Miyuki. Li is a very powerful telekinetic, but doesn't use the full extent of his gifts. It isn't until everyone is dead and he gets shot that we realize his gift is being able to go back in time. He always believed his powers came with a price, though, and it gets thrown back in his face when he does use his powers, only to find out later that Toby gets viciously murdered by the shadow monsters.

Ah, Toby. I had a little endearment towards him, but when he shot Li under orders of a higher organization, I didn't like him so much. But he had family to think about, and when Li goes back in time, it showed him leaving Li to go outside and talk to his superior, demanding he be let go, only to then get attacked by the shadows as a way of being 'fired'. His poor family. :(

I recommend this. I liked it and thought it had a nice blend of the funnies, some drama, hints of romance with the drama, and lots of scary scenes. Cass is pretty funny, and she had me at her love for comic books and waving at random college professors while drawing in the park. And I don't know about you, but I can't stand the darkness, sometimes. I think reading this might've made more paranoid. XD

Happy Reading.

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Blood Warrior

When her home is attacked by murderous vampires, 17-year-old Alexa is forced to leave her mother for dead in order to save her sister. She soon learns that she is the last known member of an elite race of supernatural Warriors, and is thrust into a world full of vampires and werewolves who all seem to regard her as some sort of savior. Meanwhile, Alexa battles a monster within herself that seeks to gain control; a monster that seeks blood.

The hidden city she finds herself in appears perfect, but Alexa's instincts tell her all is not right within its walls. When she is asked to attend a school of fighters, whose exams consist of gladiator-style competitions, she must decide who she can trust among the smiling faces. And, when she meets Kayden, a vampire she feels undeniably drawn to, she must decide if she can trust herself.
                                                                                                                 - Goodreads

Okay first of all, this thing is FREE on Amazon. Right there, there should be no reason to hesitate unless you're just not into this kind of story. But back to the review.

It starts off with Alexa showing mercy to a severely injured blackbird and putting it out of its misery before being visited by a mother who only came to cover up a black eye that she gave her with makeup. When she goes to school with her younger sister- whom she loves and is very protective over -we see that Nelly is very popular while Alexa is treated like a dangerous freak. Because of this, she only has one friend, Jackson, who gets the same treatment, and enjoys his constant flirting, though at the time she doesn't take them serious. The same day, a bully of A&J's physically confronts Nelly, which sends Alexa off into protective mode. His first swing at Alexa ends with him unconscious, and when they run home, her mother shows her a route that she insists she remember should anything happen to her.

The following day, their house is under attack by the Lamia, a race of all-female vampires with condemned souls who refused to move on after death. When Alexa's forced to abandon her mother in battle and take Nelly to shelter, she runs into Jackson, who turns out to be a werewolf. Emergency packs are at the end of the route she'd remembered from the night before, and a phone call eventually leads them to New Jersey, where a city of werewolves and vampires lie in hiding. They get there, only to come across a wall and a group of men in black, who go from offensive to astonishment when they see her tattoo that announces her as a Sun Warrior, and the last of her kind. The men are still wary of them, but it's Kayden, the tall handsome blonde with a Scottish accent- *sigh* -who gets them inside. They're taken into the city and inspected by the Council. They know Nelly is a Searcher (though she hides the fact that she is half Lamia) and Jackson is a werewolf, but when they get to Alexa, they are just as shocked.

The trio are accepted into the city, but when it comes to their schooling, they're separated by race. Alexa's particular race pushes her to try out for the school catering to the Brocken Vampires, soldiers to their race and a band of skillful fighters. However, her qualifying includes a fight in their Arena against one of its students, and its from this first fight of entertainment for the city that starts the questioning of Two Rivers.

I liked how it went from a seemingly non-fiction teen tale, to a fantasy rub-some-dirt-in-it sob story, to a boarding school meets new-hidden-world. Very intriguing. Alexa's mind, as it's told in her POV, was a mix of control and bloodlust. On one hand, she's just and factual, very protective and trusting of her younger sister, but when a fight comes to calling, her mind hazes over and a monster comes out to play, one who grins at the thought of seeing someone's essence pour out of them through their eyes. Considering that she's a junior in high school and almost eighteen, I thought she was pretty mature, though it isn't surprising, as her mother's been 'conditioning' her for times similar to this.

Two Rivers seems like a perfect place, but when she runs into the forest after losing control on her anger (again), she meets Soraya, Kayden's 'imperfect' niece. Turns out, there's a whole village of ugly and 'imperfect' people who have been reduced to blood donors after outliving their usefulness in the beautiful city. Alexa and Kayden have no idea who is behind this, but you can bet your ass that Alexa isn't going to stand for it. She even goes as far as to avoid the food that's drugging its citizens into ignoring small- but powerful -details about their strange living. Like the Brocken vamps: it's wrong to have to fight one another for money or other's entertainment, so why is no one else speaking up? Little hints have been dropped to Alexa, but it isn't until a helpful librarian is resumed dead by the replacement that she decides to believe that something fishy is really going on.

While trying to figure out who's pulling everyone's strings, a Lamia from outside the wall tells her that her mother's alive, not dead like Two Rivers' queen proclaimed, and held in Dangeon, a prison for their kind that even hard criminals refuse to go to if given the choice of death. This prompts Alexa to go after her mother, but in order to do so, she'll have to leave her friend and sister behind. It could be a dangerous mission that she might not survive, but will this decision be like all the others she's made so far and backfire?

This was a pretty good quick read. The only thing that bugged me was the way the romance went down. At first she has this huge crush on Kayden and eventually says to herself that she loves him, but won't or can't do anything because he doesn't seem to love her back. I thought that she fell in love with him pretty quickly, considering she's supposed to be someone who doesn't trust anyone, but I get that it has to do with the fact that they were made to balance out the other, like soulmates. But then, when they're forced to fight for the King of kings, and he fights without question, he loses her trust. Now, I totally get it, but he explains himself. If he'd hesitated or let her win, the King would've seen her as an even bigger threat and would've kept her under more surveillance. And yet despite his apology and reasons, she denounces him and twists her mother's words of "Not trusting anyone". Not cool, girl.

And before all that, she was unintentionally leading Jackson on. Because he's her only friend, she cherishes him a lot, but when he asks her out, and then asks her to be his girlfriend, she agrees, because in her mind, Kayden hasn't made a move on her, and it's all, "Well why not?" She agrees, and uses it to try to move on from Kayden, but when situations result in her abrupt leave, she tells him she loves him during her departure. I understand that she would love him, because I love my friends, too, but it's different from the way he's thinking, and I just don't think that it was handled right. I felt that after Kayden "betrayed" her, she confused her love for a dear boy with love-love, like the kind of feelings she gets when she's around Kayden.

I recommend this book because I thought it was pretty good, and there's no swearing or sex scenes. I figure, "Why not?"

Happy Reading :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Whispering

Tharin and Lily find themselves back in Pathen in search of Julia and the key to Eirrell, but old foes and new ones are in close pursuit. Adding to their plight, all doorways to Velesi have been closed.

Forced to discover a way back to their realm, the group finds help from new friends and those who once stood against them are now allies. To make matters worse, a betrayal causes the door to the UnderRealm to open, allowing demons and monsters once imprisoned to roam the realm freely.

Time is of the essence as there are only two Ancients left while Ka grows weaker, struggling to hold the realm together. It is up to Tharin and Lily to find the doorway to Eirrell, call the Unnamed Sidhe and save Velesi.

Journey back to Velesi and join Tharin, Lily, Tolan, Julia, Alorn, Mellis, Ziri and Cessa to save the realm and maybe have a wedding... or two, but then again, it is Velesi, so... maybe not.


Another closing to a well loved series. T_T Why are endings so freakin' bittersweet?!

In this final installment, Thalin and Lily and Co. are racing to save their home- and other worlds -from being destroyed, but in all this chaos, one thing still holds Lily back: with duty and everything being thrust upon her instead of getting a real choice or say in things, how can she know for sure that what comes with the job description is what she wants?

Like it's two predecessors, a lot of stuff happens in this book. It's like a million novellas or something. Action keeps your blood pumping, sweet romance rises the pressure even more, and hilarious (sometimes cartoonish) situations balance out that blood pressure of yours. This book presses all your buttons, tempting you to wanna strangle some elves and put them on a pedestal.

I fell in lust with this series when its first book, The Binding, introduced me to a girl named Lily who was really a Halfling princess in another world, and fiance to the elf prince of Velesi, Prince Tharin. The promise was a story between a prince traveling to Earth to do his duty and a girl thrust into a new world that held answers for a mysterious past, and believe me, it was delivered, and then some. When I first met Tharin, he was an obnoxious, tall, hot ashelldfhdasdghrohfioafhdf elf with a girlfriend named Kelis back in Velesi. Yes, he knew he was gorgeous and very good at the things he did, and yes, he was falling out of love (though unbeknowst at the time) with Kelis, but his "duty" to marry Lily while flirting with her- and then her finding out that he had a girlfriend -just made me wanna--

mad GIFs photo: Mad Ikki ikkimad.gif

I mean who does that?! (Don't answer that.) Then things started to get better but then she gets kidnapped by his own relative and we have to wait for a whole century before the next book comes out- oh, what a way to kill a person! All of them made bad mistakes at some point in the books, for some, more than a hundred. But that's what we do, too: we make bad mistakes and learn from them.
*Though the whole reason why I read books are so that I can escape people like us, so it kinda defeats the purpose to some degree*
But then his falling for Lily along their time spent getting back to Velesi made me squeal and laugh out loud, and when they were together, it was just so right. Sometimes too many characters can turn a reader off, but Filloon did so well with that- I actually love every single one of them. And another thing! She's so connected with her characters and is able to deliver them so well that when Thalin and Tolan secretly switched places, I knew right off the bat what they'd done. Why? Because Thalin's mannerisms and the subconscious reactions he gets from the others is so well imprinted onto the readers that I already had an inkling of what they'd done by the first sentence with him as "Tolan". By the time Lily's wondering about his oddness, it's confirmed for me that they've switched. It's things like that, that really enamor me to an author.

Small things bothered me. One of them was the small stuff the editor missed; overall it wasn't too bad, but it'd make me go back and reread a sentence. Another thing was figuring out what the bad guys were up to. Like, in one chapter you're reading that Lily is their target, but then an attack had them all realizing it's Thalin they're after, because she'd do anything for him, and then the title gets swooshed on to Tolan, and it gives a whole explanation for that. And thennnn, when Lily sees that Julia, Tolan's significant other, is getting a visit from demons of her past, I'm thinking, "And this is where we realize that they were trying to get to Julia through Tolan, and then when that's done we'll realize again that by getting Julia, they'll be able to get Lily." We've come full circle, bitches-!
Another thing was the random information popup. I don't know if it's because it's been a while since I've read the Velesi series, but when something new and major would happen to one of the characters, a back story would randomly follow and explain why this is the way it is. Or if something contributing to the climax would happen, and it's completely new to the present situation, a back story would follow and explain... get the pattern? These things were popping up like daisies- so either the book was a field of daisies or these "popups" were really answers well-awaited for. In which case (if true), I stand corrected.

I very much recommend this series. Like, seriously, this is a dangerous book. It can make you bipolar. As a precaution, you should make sure you're hydrated and near boxes of tissues. Oh, and pad your Kindle- or use someone else's, either saves your baby from bodily harm -and make sure to remind yourself as you're reading the first book, The Binding, that there is a happy ending at the very last page. :) Of The Whispering, not the Binding.


Happy Reading!

Friday, August 2, 2013

In Memory of: Shadow Walker

Leslie Esdaile Banks, born December 11, 1959, died today two years ago in a fight against cancer. She's been writing for a long time, and was famous for the Vampire Huntress Legends series, starring an angelic vampire huntress and a high-shot vampire wanting redemption. However, I didn't know of her through them. I was lucky enough to read her spin-off, featuring the kids of all the people in the VHL.

I'd really gotten into the world she created in a YA setting, and at the time, hadn't known she'd passed months after reading it. I was waiting for the next book to come out, wondering why it was taking so long- I was both ashamed for the impatience and saddened by the news. I hadn't found out until a year later when I'd decided to look her up and see what the holdup was.

It's never easy losing a loved one to cancer, but I'm glad that people still get to enjoy all the beautiful work she's done over the years in her life.


Set in a post-apocalyptic world following the Armageddon, in Shadow Walker, the teenage children of the world's Guardians of the Light must learn to hone their extra-sensory talents to one day join in the battle with their parents.

While they are secreted away in the Temt Tchaas Academy, (aka Neteru Academy), these students must learn to fight evil as well as learn to resist the temptation of fighting with each other. Although these young people have super powers, they still struggle with the same dramas and insecurities like any other high school student - and just because their parents may be superhuman doesn't mean their parents are perfect. Far from it. That only makes life more confusing, as peer pressure, budding romances, decisions about whether or not to snitch, or whether or not to use one's supernatural gifts for personal gain must be sorted out.

In this coming of age story, Sarah Rivera and her twin brother, Alejandro, must figure out when to use their wings or fangs, how to get along with their compound siblings, how to fit in with others in a huge new school, and perhaps most importantly, how to pick their battles to always fight for what is right.
                                - Goodreads

I fell so hard for this book! I'm really into boarding schools, and Sarah was a girl who hadn't come into her own, yet. Her twin was a major pain in the ass and joined one of the highest ranks in the academy, while she got stuck in the "Blends", which is considered the lowest for a lack of any particular talent. I got embarrassed with her, I laughed with her, and I experienced school through her. It was a perfect blend of drama and hilariousness. One of my favorites was her natural gift which, at the time, was a nightmare for her. She could see little monsters in the shadows around her, and up until her realization of what she was, they haunted her, made her feel inferior to both Al and everyone else.

I'm all for diamonds in the rough, so it was great getting to see her go from the "Blends", the lowest ranks in the academy, to the highest class (even higher than Al), the Shadows. Sarah was a Shadow Walker, a person who could control the shadows around her and defeat demons that way. Eventually, she'd have grown into a fine adult and charged to control the Reapers (like her teacher in the Shadows class), she was that kind of powerful.

Not only was this almost every kid's dream in high school, it also had a great sense of family bonds. All the kids in the compound weren't related (save for Sarah and Al) but they were raised right and tight, to stick with family no matter what happened. Al might have been a jerk and a tormentor to his sisters, but he stood up for them and had their backs when Drama Time came to call.

All in all, I think this would've been a very well-loved series. It's already a novel that gets every other writing blood pumping. It sure pumped mine.

Happy Reading. :)