Saturday, August 10, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Change

Eighteen year old Lacey Hannigan always thought her human life was hard and unfair, but now that she is no longer human, her life is about to get a whole lot harder.

Taken away from the man she loves to a remote mountain so that she can learn to adapt to her new life as a newbie werewolf, she is forced to accept changes that she's not ready for, both with her body and her heart. She soon learns that there is a lot more to Jesse and Cole than what she thought. The more she learns about them, the more confused and hurt she becomes. Added to the mix of things is the darkness in her mind that makes her think Cole might not have truly saved her after all.

Secrets will be revealed, lives will be lost and hearts will be broken. And Lacey will be in the center of it all whether she wants to be or not.
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That. Mother. FUCKER!

Ughhh!!!!!! I swear to the moon goddess, Jesse better be the one that gets the fucking axe in Redemption!!!! How the hell is he thinking, he's gonna- I- it- adfhd hfohfg; dso fiha;sdlfhld----------

Long story short, she falls for Cole after he shows a side of himself that he thought was gone years ago after all the family shit that happened to him. We find out that Jesse had hired those hunters to kill his father, which was why he'd gone after Jesse and given him that scar.

She chooses Cole! Lacey loves Jesse, asshat was her first love, but she can't even bear to think of losing Cole, whom she's connected with on a soul level. And they were just going to their mating ceremony when Sasha (turns out she isn't dead!) and Zack attacked them! Then all this shit happens and Jesse and Scotty appear, trying to get her away from it all.

OOOOO!!! That's another thing! When Jesse was trying to get her away, she wasn't telling him straight that she chose his brother over him! Every single word out of her mouth was totally neutral and vague- she shoulda just given it to him! But no, she had to try and not break his heart, but when Cole and her pack finally catch up to them and this huge war pops up like a fricken zombie daisy, then she gets pissed at what he's doing and decides to let the power that she knows kills get out of her control! Then everyone's flying all over the place getting injured or dead!

Skip-skip-skip: Cole and Jesse fall off the cliff but with what little energy left, she catches them- but they're slipping. Jesse's telling her to call for help and yelling at her to let Cole drop, but Cole's looking up at her and saying he loves her and then he fucking lets go. UUUGGGHHHH!!! Jesse is yelling at you while dragging you down with him off the fucking cliff! Drop his ass! She passes out, then when she wakes up and goes looking for him, Jesse's off in an abandoned cabin and there. Is. A. Chained. Up. Fucking. Coleeeeee-!!!

I am so angry at Jesse the profanity doesn't even come close to what I want to do to him.

*Then write a scene with you kicking his ass.*

You know what? I'm going to do that right now.

This is book two of the Lacey Hannigan series, and you need to read this. Like, now. It's YA-NA, no profanity (like this review :P) or sexual content, but believe me when you read this, you will flip. If you don't, I'll be judging you.

Happy Reading.

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