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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Growl

Seventeen year old Lacey Hannigan knows that she's different from other people. Her ability to move things with her mind has made her an outcast, even in her own home. She hates the power that she has and wants nothing more than to be normal like everyone else. But when she is forced to run away from home or be sent to a hospital to be studied like some kind of science project, she has no choice but to rely on her telekinesis in order to survive on her own. She soon finds herself in more danger than she ever thought possible when she discovers that there are even stranger people than her in the world. Like Cole, a man with a deadly secret who has vowed to stop at nothing until he has her. And Jesse, who seems like the perfect man until she learns that he may not be who she thinks he is.

The unbelievable becomes reality when seemingly normal people shed their human skin for that of fur and prowl the streets at night looking for their next victim. Will Lacey's power be her saving grace or her doom?
 - Goodreads

An epic read!

Lacey's parents don't want her. Her father left them when she was four because he didn't want a freak for a daughter, and she lost her mother's love for that, instead being forced to live a young life where people were afraid of her, and the most frightened of them all was her own mother. She's been to many psychiatrists, but one married her mother, and when he said that she should go to a mental hospital, her mother agreed. They studied her, or attempted to, but she refused to show her power, even when they harassed her or put her under shock therapy. That was years before the start of this story, but an incident at school has her running from home when they try to send her back.

She's on her own now, but one night in the wrong alley gets her an infatuated werewolf who suddenly wants to know everything about her telekinesis, and Cole will stop at nothing to get her. With no money, she befriends a waitress named Cindy who takes her into her home, only to find her dead after she left the next morning to go grocery shopping. Just when she thought things were looking up for her, everything came crashing down and she ran for it. And then she met Jesse.

He helped her escape when she had to resort to stealing fruit, but after another encounter with Cole's pack, she passed out after exhausting herself with her powers. When she woke up in Jesse's warehouse, she became familiar with Cole's twin brother and his small pack, though if the pack were given the choice of them or a human, they'd protect their own. There is an unwritten rule among the Weres; if a human discovers their secret, change them or kill them. Jesse is very dedicated to his pack and saves humans when he can, but when Cole's attempt to get her back reveals their secret to her, he has no choice. Or doesn't he?

Eventually, they fall in love, and he can't kill her, despite what some members of the pack say. He decides to go with door number three and hide her from his race, but Cole manages to get Lacey away from him. Now she's with the bad twin, but the days spent with him start to show another side. Suddenly he's not so bad. She still loves Jesse and wants to be with him, but she can't deny- no matter how hard she tries -that there's something inside her that's attracted to Cole, and it's not just the fact that the brothers share the same face.

And let's not forget about the horrible nosebleeds and migraines that come with using her powers. They're getting worse, but her fear of hospitals forbid her from seeking help, and with her being a runaway and her eighteenth birthday being a few weeks away, she can't afford to alert her parents.

But when Cole's jealous psycho lover tries to kill her and stabs her in the stomach, she snaps, and she kills the woman with a power that no longer wants to be controlled. A final battle between Cole and Jesse's pack rages outside her holding room, but she's driven with the need to find Jesse, and manages to stop the war with her power before convulsing. The brothers and Jesse's pack take her to the hospital, and when she wakes up with the doctor, she finds out why she's had nosebleeds and migraines.

She's sick, and the tumor has taken up too much of her brain to attempt surgery. She only has a few days. Cole later visits her, and when she reveals that her expiration date is soon to pass, he tells her he can change her. But if he does, she will be his. She refuses to leave Jesse, but Cole laughs it off, saying his brother took a vow on their dead mother to never turn a human. She goes with Jesse anyway and doesn't tell him about the tumor because she wants him to turn her out of love and not because she's going to die soon, but when she asks him about it in the general sense, he expresses his abhorrence on the change. She's stuck. She doesn't want to die or go with Cole, but she doesn't want to be the one to hurt Jesse when he breaks a promise he holds close with the love of his pack. Heartbroken at what she knows she must decide, she leaves in the night and has Cole meet her. It isn't even a minute in his car before she's dying, and knowing that he doesn't have time, he stops after a few miles and turns her. Cole is torn with worry when she doesn't respond, and he takes her to his parents' house where no one will look for them, but on the way there, her scent begins to change.

She will survive.

Yay! I loved this book so much. :) Lacey is such a strong young woman, and the fact that she endures such physical pain every time she uses her powers makes me cringe. I don't know if I'd ever be handle to handle that. And God- Twins!!! Twins Twins Twins. :3 I don't know if it's because we got introduced to Cole first or what, but I like him (no offense, Jesse). You would think it's the whole bad boy thing, and maybe it is, but I like how domineering and fierce he is. His hatred for humans is understandable; hunters attacked him and his father. Add that with the psychological fact that hunters hunt animals all the time, tearing up other species of families, justifies the human hunts he does with his pack in his eye. I agree. :P

I recommend this! It's another NA (new adult) that wasn't so predictable or similar to some of the things I've read. Lacey goes through a lot, but the different POVs gave us a better view of the story, and it was hilarious. And serious. And dangerously mature enough to hold my attention. I loved it.

Happy Reading. :)

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