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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Incubus

Braedyn Murphy used to think nothing important ever happened in her sleepy town of Puerto Escondido. But that was before she learned she was a descendant of Lilith, the mother of all demons. Now Braedyn fights to protect humanity from the Lilitu - the beautiful, soul-stealing daughters of Lilith.

As she fights the Lilitu, Braedyn must also fight her growing love for her boyfriend Lucas - because even a simple kiss could end his life. Their only ray of hope is an angel's offer to make Braedyn human, but it's an offer she can't accept until the world is safe from the Lilitu.

Braedyn knows she's a key player in this ancient war... but she's not ready to believe she just might be humanity's best hope of surviving the final battle for Earth.

- Goodreads

This thing left me so frustrated and emotional, but that might be partially due to the fact that mother nature's monthly delivery is due any day...


It's a new school year, and Braedyn, Lucas and friends are on a field trip at a mission when she gets attacked by a woman. When they realize she's been Thralled, no one knows what to make of it. It isn't until afterwards that her dad tells her the woman was married to a husband with kids; meaning, there's an incubus in town. They go on with their lives, but Amber is still riding her fucking horse, knowing Braedyn can't hurt her without getting expelled, and you can believe that she's still adamant on her leaving 'her' school. Braedyn brushes off her threats, however, and Amber's first act of cruelness shows up in the form of Parker's sex video with Cassie being played over the school's speakers during announcement. Braedyn is livid, but she can't do shit, because the last thing she needs is to waste her humanity on Amber. So she eats it, and walks away.

*More like eats her shit*
Sigh. You're not helping Morality.

In the parking lot after school, a boy's story has them going back to the mission, wondering what the Thrall had been doing before she attacked her. When they get there, Braedyn feels watched, but brushes it off as paranoia from everything that happened last year. They realize that the Thrall had been analyzing the mission's floor, and see it for what it is: the seal Ais had been searching for to break down the Wall to Earth. They're so shocked, Lucas pulls her back, and they almost kiss. A blonde boy with glasses (rudely) interrupts them, unknowingly having saved them from breaking their promise to the others about physical stuff.

They tell her dad and the others about the seal over dinner, but Thane starts on again about Braedyn being an evil demon who has no chance of the future that her dad so clearly yearns for her. Angered at the way he's antagonizing her father, she reveals that she can be given that life, if she accepts the angel's offer of becoming human. It's quiet before happy cheers are sent around, and then Thane has to open his mouth, "Oh, so typical of a demon! Leaving all her responsibility to the Guard for selfishness!" I laughed so hard at how ridiculous he was. He hadn't changed at all. Seriously! You can't win with this guy! I just wanted to barge in on their dinner and say,
"Fuck you, too, buddy!"
Then Braedyn reveals the caveat about going past the point of no return if she doesn't watch her Lilitu self, and the night ends. When they go to school the next day, they see the blonde from the mission at the dining hall and later help him out when a few seniors are beating him up. It isn't until they get home that they meet a new member, Angela, and her son Seth, the blonde from school. Angela is like Thane, a sort of researcher for the Guard, and shares with them a story she discovered about these two Lilitu siblings and the Wall between their world and theirs. The sister was killed while attempting to reach Earth, and the brother disappeared soon after.

At school, she sees a growing crowd in the parking lot, but at the sight of Amber's smile, she runs, shoving her way through. She's too late, and is forced to watch the last of Royal's hair get buzzed off as he's being pinned to the floor.

No one touches Royal.

Again, she confronts Amber, and again, she can't do anything to her. Frustrated (ugh I know the fucking feeling) and scared, she hides from Amber after school when she sees her heading in her direction, and then freaks when Amber does nothing but stare. She's. A. Spotter. Her fear sends her running, only to have Seth see her with her wings, and she doesn't get to explain anything to him until the next day. At night, she seeks out Karayan to ask about Spotters, but that really isn't important to us- what is, is the fact that Amber can control other Lilitu's dreams, which shocks Karayan by the way her expression betrays her thoughts, though Amber is clueless about it. The next day Royal seems okay, and Seth talks to her in class, giving her some relief that he understands she is on the Guard's side.

She asks Seth about his mom's papers at the house, and she finds out about a ritual that could lock the seal, meaning she'd be able to stop the war before it started. Meaning... she could become human sooner than she thought. Braedyn is ecstatic at the news, but when she shares it with the others, they're cautious about it. This is the beginning of her faith in them diminishing. When she shares something that could give her her wish, they don't jump for joy, but tread carefully, not knowing everything about it and not wanting to jump to conclusions. It happened with the ritual, and it happened with her theory of their drama teacher, Mr. Hart, being the incubus. There was something odd about him, but without proof that he was 'other', they couldn't proceed to taking him out. It frustrated her to no end. It made her desperate, and it's because of this that Seth was able to convince her to do the ritual without them. So while they're planning to do the ritual and she's searching for the incubus, she feels watched several other times, and gets notes from the mysterious incubus saying to back off before she regrets it. And again, it doesn't help that Amber is continuing to hurt her, which she does a third time by having her friend push Seth onto a Benson burner during class. The bitch is keeping to her word in torturing her friends.

This buildup of shit and white lies and mistrust turns her even more paranoid, and in an act of desperation, she goes to the dream world and makes Lucas tell her where the final piece to the ritual is before tearing away the memory so he can never know what she did. She feels awful about it, but all of that gets washed away when Amber finally goes after Lucas. It's a feeling she has while at the school play, and when she reads Amber's mind, she sees her plot to accuse him of rape and let her brothers deal with him. She runs out of the building in time to see a car hit him, and after using the call on Amber's brothers to back the fuck off, they leave, and she finally threatens that little bitch like she should've been doing in the first fucking place-
*breath, girl.*

This makes her determined to finished what she started. She gets the final piece, she and Seth complete the ritual, and they go back home, feeling accomplished. But when she puts back the box that held the final piece, Lucas is there, and he is rubbed bare at the fact that she's messed with his mind. He isolates her.

He's ignoring her now, and it's eating her alive and making her feel guilty as hell. Now- only now -is she questioning the drive that made her do what she did. In her desperation, she had ended up pushing everyone away; the Guard, her friends, and now Lucas. She then comes to the realization that she didn't want to become human just for Lucas. Basically, despite the way Seth worshiped her 'powers' and stroked her ego, she hated that she was a monster, and she was willing to do what it took to make sure she seized the chance of getting a normal life. Having berated and rejoiced at what they'd accomplished with the ritual, she heads downstairs, only to hear her dad and the others talking with a man they'd been searching for in Canada. And what she hears freezes her in her tracks.

The ritual was not a way to lock the seal. It was a way to unlock it, and she had completely fallen for the incubus's trick. Everyone is pissed at what she's done, and when her father sends her upstairs, she finds Royal's hat with a letter saying, "One night down". The incubus has had one night with Royal, and he's only one more night from becoming Thrall. Fed up with all this bullshit of being so helpless, she rushes to the school to confront Mr. Hart, who she suspects is the incubus because of the way everyone looks at him (even Cassie) and the oddness she found in the dream world. It's not him, however, and an embarrassing position is how Cassie finds them. Her friend storms off, she goes after her, forgetting about Royal, and then stops as she remembers that the seal isn't officially open just yet. Needing to fix things, she decides to go to the mission and prevent the seal from unlocking.

She's back at home begging Lucas and Seth to help her when she gets an unexpected visit from a pissed off Cassie, but she puts off having to explain things to her friend and Seth volunteers to fill Cassie in while she goes to the mission. That, in my opinion, was handled poorly. Braedyn doesn't have to tell Cassie her whole life story, but she could've at least assured Cassie with a few words that what she saw wasn't what it looked like. By putting it off, it gave me the impression that she didn't care about Cassie that much. Yes, she's pressed for time, but she sure had enough time to drive all the way back home to ask for help, huh?

Lucas goes with her, though he's still giving her the cold shoulder. They get there, tons of shit happens, and we find out that the feelings of being watched was due to the angel who was hunting down the incubus. The angel gets killed, though, and the seal is unlocked, letting out a single Lilitu. She and Seth embrace, and Braedyn puts two and two together. He is the incubus. He tries to convince her to join them, and in the middle of a fight, she shocks his sister when she reads her mind. It's another hint of just how powerful she is, but obviously it's not that important at the moment because she's getting her ass kicked. She calls for Karayan who helps her out, and Braedyn kills the sister, though Seth escapes.

The Guard get there, but while her dad outside, Thane sees her with the angel's body, and tries to kill her. Karayan steps in and even tells Braedyn's dad not to harm him. Karayan finally joins the Guard, and the angel Sansenoy appears to let his fellow fallen pass on before basically telling everyone that he has hope for Braedyn and what she will do for all of them when the war stars. It ends with Lucas and Braedyn deciding to spend one night together so that they don't die with the regret of not doing it before the world ends.

My thoughts?


OMG Where to begin?!?!?! I was so frustrated in the middle of the st- wait, okay. In the beginning, I got excited, but it started to get a little boring. And then the middle section started, and I was so fucking frustrated. Like, the whole time I'm reading her actions I'm thinking, "What the Hell, Braedyn!?!??!!" On one hand I know that she really wants to be human and will do everything she can to be with Lucas and shit, but dayum this was annoying. The secrets. The mistrust. The fucking lies!!! When was this torture going to end???

Don't get me wrong, she's the bomb fucking diggity, but her desperation for something had me cringing. She wanted it so much, she was treating everyone like shit- speaking of shit treatment, I didn't like the way she was with Karayan. The Lilitu might've ran away, but Braedyn knows Karayan was raised among the Guard, so why did she treat her like she was just like the other Lilitu? Isn't that what the Guard had been doing to her? Treating her like she was just like the rest? Hypocrisy, I say!

Overall, she's only human. Like Lucas told her in the end, she did something he would've also done if roles had been reversed. She should've trusted them all, but her determination for something was not evil.

I recommend this, though less stuff happens when in comparison to the first book, in my opinion. This was more emotional and mentally draining. Aside from that, the pace for the storyline was good. All the characters were still great (and when I say 'all' I mean Royal) But that's just me. XD

Happy Reading.

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