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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Nick & Lilac

20-year-old Lilac York doesn't like to talk. She doesn't like to exist outside her books, and she certainly does not like to be involved with the most notorious playboy in uni. But when the gorgeous and arrogant billionaire Nick Christakos asks her to be his friend, she finds herself saying yes, no matter what "friend" could mean to a serial bed-hopper like Nick. There's just something about him that draws her, something that makes her think he wouldn't mind if he learned just how broken she was inside.

Nick Christakos is not used to denying himself. But for the sometimes-aloof, sometime-naive Lilac he strives to make an exception, doing his best to keep his hands off her even though just one blink of her doll-like eyes has him on fire. With Lilac, he's not afraid to show the ugliness in him. When she looks at him, Nick almost believes there's still hope for him to be the man that he used to be.

When another man threatens to take Lilac away, Nick is desperate and selfish enough to pretend he's fallen in love with Lilac... even though his heart still belongs to the girl who tore him apart.
- Goodreads

Before the book: Oh my God I can't even type this synopsis without thinking of all the horrible things that could happen with that last sentence!!!!

After the book: Ah, that ending. :3 Oh my God, that bathroom scene! (Hell, every scene!) And oh my God, she's Violet's sister!!! O.O Park and Violet? Yeah, that's her sister! It's- akdjfklsdghsdhf I didn't realize- I'm such a ditz. T_T I did it again. *cries in corner* But back to the review.

I got the ARC from Marian yesterday and just finished it (ha, take that, college classes!). So I think we all know by now that Marian's stories get really frisky and emotional and dramatic. Of all her cute books, I'd say this was the most serious that I've read so far. :( So I'm just gonna go and spoil it right now: both Nick and Lilac are victims of rape. Six years prior to the story, Lilac, who at fourteen took speech classes for her stuttering, was repeatedly raped by her coach via blowjobs, forcing her to do him every day and feel demeaned, as if she were a slut to be used. Nick was attacked by a gang and raped with a bottle before the authorities could stop them. Both recovered in their own way; Lilac lost herself in books, and for Nick, it was in- with? in? -women. But the thing with Nick is, ever since that attack, his heart had only ever belonged to the one girl who was there for him. She was there when he woke up crying, when his nightmares were too much and he wet the bed- she was there for everything. However, she left him when she couldn't trust him financially (ugh what a bitch) and years later, Nick became a notorious bed-hopper.

*But mind you, that bitch Karla is horrible. No good thoughts about her just yet!*

When Lilac's friend, Jilly, introduces Nick to a girl she knows won't fall for his charms, she realizes her mistake as Nick decides to take on the challenge of making Lilac his. It's impossible, however, and he asks for friendship instead. Anything to get close to her. But as they do grow closer, they each begin to see that the other has a demon or two from their past- and that maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the demons of said other met their own. Neither love the other, yet, as they're still too wound up in the worry of getting hurt or trusting the wrong person, but eventually, one of them falls. Unfortunately, it's Lilac, because it's at a time when Nick's ex decides to break it off with her abusive ex-fiance to rekindle her love with the billionaire. T_T GGGGRRRR!!!

They're healing each other, but he just can't get past the fact that Karla was not a good person. Why? Because he really doesn't remember everything that happened that night, and until he does, he'll always think of Karla as the only girl who truly loved him. Like abusive relationships: "You're unworthy of love, blah- who would ever want you -blah, I'm the only one who will love you, blah blah." See where I'm going with this? So throughout this whole book, when Nick isn't being his sexy ass self, he's hurting deep, and struggling with the fact that he's not as ugly and weak as he's believed himself to be over the years.

But for Lilac? She's healing. She's realizing that there are people who could love her, and that the time of happiness has come; in the form of Nick. Their friendship made her smile and daydream again, and the moment she realizes she loves him, she's floored. Their physical relationship progresses in this book until the big night at Reid's (a fellow billionaire and member of their BBF group) sex party, when she gives her virginity away to Nick. FYI: BBF=Boys with Billionaire Trust Funds

Okay, at this point, I was a little shocked at how she let him make another woman cum with just his voice. I'm so used to other couples being so possessive, so it was a little surprising to see Lilac giving him permission to get another gal all hot and bothered. Though, in this case, the woman's partner had been watching Lilac and came too soon. XD Sooo I suppose we could let this one go. And they like the attention! And the thought of being watched and watching others turns them on (as long as there's no touching. That's a no-no).

But this point in the story is also where things start to go down hill. :( The next morning, Karla texts him about needing him- and just after he had sex with Lilac!!! Lilac knows what is causing this sudden coolness from him when she wakes up, and in Nick's mind, he's constantly telling himself, "Didn't make any commitments with her. I did nothing wrong. I don't do 'guilty'." It's a mess, and it doesn't help when he sees her with his twin brother, Jason, who also loves her. And in true Marian Tee form, what does he do? He thinks she's playing with him and flirts with a group of women. He asks for a fucking sample and when he grabs a boob, cheers reach Lilac, and then she's leaving with Jason. Nick realizes he'd taken it too far and calls up his brother to demand that he give her back, but then Jason reveals that Lilac loves him. Poor girl doesn't know Greek, but when she gets the phone, Nick tells her the one thing that'd keep her with him forever.

"I love you."

Lies!!! You mother- ughhhh. We all know he loves her just by the way he acts subconsciously, but it's because he doesn't consciously know that he loves her that his words don't count. This is so aggravating and sad and frustrating. A week passes and she tells him he needs to go with her to another meeting (which is really her birthday party she planned with his friends) but he tells her he can't. Because he has a 'meeting'. Immediately she knows it's Karla because she reads the tabloids. She makes him choose and expects him to be there- there's a whole fight. It gets late that night... and he still hasn't shown.

 Meanwhile in Fuckyouville, Nick's with Karla in their old hotel room. But when he gets there, all the emotions he felt with her in the past comes back- and it doesn't feel good. Suddenly every bad thing resurfaces, and it's only Lilac's name and face that keeps him floating. Ta da! This is where he realizes he loves her! Right? Wrong. He only feels like it's a huge mistake, and feels bad and realizes that something huge is about to happen if he doesn't get the hell out of there! So he makes a lame excuse to leave Karla and rushes to the meeting Lilac told him about, then gets a text message from Reid saying to be a fucking man if he's gonna break up with his girl. It prompts him to get his ass into high gear, but when he gets there, he sees all the pretty decorations. And Lilac. In Reid's arms.

The poison set in from Karla and her "No one will love you like me" finally drives him crazy and he actually thinks that Lilac's a slut! "First Jason, now Reid. You're collecting billionaires!"
*And you're breaking my heart.*
He makes a total ass of himself and Lilac knows that he's talking like this because he's hurting, but then he tells her that he never loved her in the first place, and a misunderstanding makes her think that he's mocking her stuttering, just like her rapist used to do. It's too much and she runs to the bathroom, but before Nick can follow her, Reid stops him to show the sign that she had put up for him:


Hours have passed, and while Nick's telling her he really loves her now, trying to get Lilac to open the door, Jason tells him that he found out Karla was involved in the attack on him six years ago. He passes out, and Jason tells Lilac that he went to the hospital for post-traumatic shock, telling her that his brother truly did love her to death.

Weeks have passed, and she refuses to see him. It isn't until she's at a public place that Nick appears and reveals to the crowd that he was raped, and had let that keep the people who loved him away when he should've been keeping them closest. His speech about not falling victim to being a victim was like a lesson for everyone- imaginary crowd, readers, etc. -and after a few drama, she takes that leap and tells him she loves him.

The End!

I thought this was a great book. Very different yet still similar to the rest of her work, which I just adore, because it really reminds me of the anime and Korean dramas I watch. :3 The beginning certainly came on strong for me with all the details that happened during their traumatic rape flashbacks, but I'd never read books about rape victims before, so for me this was a good start in that kind of topic. There were a lot of errors in what I got, but it quickly melted to a few throughout the book. (Don't worry, that problem was just in my ARC, not the final copy I know you'll be purchasing after this. ^_^)

Some stuff made me stop to think, like her going down on Nick. It was something that seriously connected her to her past, but she was too into Nick to freak out. I just assumed that a blowjob would be the last thing she'd do, but I am glad that she conquered that fear and turned it into something beautiful. Another thing that had me puzzled was her ignoring him for weeks on end. That wasn't unusual for Marian's other heroines, but I felt that for Nick and Lilac, they were special cases, and so I thought that her absence from his life was a tad bit harsh. I get that he lied to you- hell, I'd be pissed, too! -but if I heard that he was sent to the hospital for a post-traumatic shock, I'd have been there, because to me that's a very serious thing.

Overall, this thing will keep you entertained and guessing because things aren't all predictable. And seriously, I did it again. Just like I didn't know about Luka in Suit & Fangs, I didn't know that Lilac was the older sister of the main gal in Park and Violet until after the epilogue, when there's "Korean cursing" in the background of the sister's voicemail as she's explaining about being too busy having sex... and they're in Japan...? I mean, come on! I need to stop missing these signs, not to mention her last name.... T_T It would've helped with the minor confusions I had about Lilac's choice of actions, like bowing. I totally get it now!

So don't make the mistake I did. Realize who's related to what and who's new to the world- it saves a lot of embarrassment. If hearing about rape cases bother you, this isn't the book for you. Otherwise, pick this up so you can have the drama you know you crave for and read up on the hot sex that comes with it, like the bathtub scene. *steams* (Where do these come from???) Enjoy. :)

Happy Reading!

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