Sunday, August 11, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Redemption

The final installment...

Cole is missing and everyone is certain that he's dead. That is, everyone but Lacey. She refuses to give up hope even after two weeks of searching. As the days pass, she becomes more depressed.
And her powers become more unstable.
The trust she had with Jesse has been broken. She knows he's hiding something from her and has vowed to find out what. But will learning the truth about what he's done send her over the edge of sanity?
Will the residents of the Black Hills Mountain pack survive her wrath when all the secrets
and lies are revealed?
Someone close to Lacey will die...

Who will it be?

Loved it. :3 This series had a nice transaction from late teen to -literally- young adult.

It's official: Jesse has lost his ever-loving mind. It's so sad to see someone change, but who'd have known that he would have such a rotten core? You can help humanity all you want like he did, but in the end, your real self eventually reveals itself. :/ Lacey no longer has any love for Jesse as she senses he's different. With the depression of not finding Cole, her powers are harder to control. She finds him eventually, when Jesse slips up and takes Mira, too, after she finds him and Cole in the hunter's cabin on the forbidden grounds. She's uber pissed at Jesse, a fight gets out when Zack (a loose tie) shows up and she takes a bullet for Luke. Jesse's forced to leave when backup comes for Mira and she tells him she's gonna spill everything.

She survives! Yay! And they finally mate, but on Maggie's ceremony day, she runs back to her cabin and Jesse knocks her out. This made me even more sad. He regrets how far he's fallen from the man he tried to be, but in the end, "If he can't have Lacey, no one can." He tries to kill themselves by flying over the cliff but Cole catches them. And even after all the shit Jesse's done, Cole still refuses to let him go. But Jesse wants to die, and he tells him he'll say hi to their mother for him before shaking loose to fall to his death. T_T

In the end Cole had always loved his brother. He'd instigate fights just to keep a brother who loathes him in his life, no matter what role either took. And that's the difference between the brothers. Jesse let the unhappiness of his mother drive him to kill a father he felt no remorse over. Then he chose a life to help save humans from his brother, who in turn had only taken to hunting humans when hunters tore his own family apart. When he found out about Jesse hiring those hunters to kill his father, he tried to kill him, but over the last twenty years since the story started, he hadn't tried killing him again when he could have. That says a lot.

All in all, I'm just glad Lacey chose Cole. XD The better man won! No, but seriously, this book- this series -was very good. My favorite part of this series was seeing how people can really change. It happens all the time, but I never really read it. Until now.

I gots to know, though... what was said in Jesse and their father's letters from the mom?? Did I miss that or something?

Happy Reading. :)

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