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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: The Demon Duke and I

Tomboy. Potty mouth. Cyber geek.

That's who 24-year-old photo blogger Georgina "George" McCartney really is. But because her father's death suddenly makes her a "ward" of her odious step-aunt, George's world is turned upside down as she's forced into leading a life of respectability in the kingdom of Chalys, where ladies dazzle in corsets and petticoats, gentlemen go a-courting with carriage rides and grand balls, and anything electrical or digital is forbidden.

Kidnapped. Hunted. Seduced.

All George wants is a stolen adventure after dark, but instead she finds herself drugged - or at least she thinks she is. How else can she explain the way she finds her beautiful, sexy, and powerful captor, Silviu, absolutely irresistible? Plus, he's crazy. He kisses George like he owns her, tells George creatures from Hell are after them, and he believes his demon half will gain a soul by making her his heartkeeper. Say what? Does he mean 'housekeeper'?

- Amazon

First of all this book is even more special to me because Marian gave me a shout out on this book's dedication page. :D Thank you!!!! That's like a dream-come-true for readers!!!!!!!! And it's so unexpected...unbelievable... and she didn't have to do that. (You didn't have to do that, Marian!)

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But on to the review!

Ohhhh mmmmmmyyyyyyy ggggggooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddd wwwwhhhyyy

I LOVE this! It was only 154 pages, but damn! I want more! T_T

crying GIF photo: Shailene Woodley crying.gif

Marian Tee went back to writing adult characters, but I seriously think this book shows her maturity in her writing. Or maybe it's because everyone's living in a Victorian-influenced era? I don't know, but gosh! Holy shit balls! O.O So George is a real potty mouth, but it's a defense mechanism for her. She's different from the usual innocently naive girls Marian writes about, which is also a refreshing experience in its own way. She's hilarious, though, and I love that her antics, foul mouth and stubbornness make Silviu smile.

George lives in Asphodel, a town in the kingdom of Chalys, but before that, she lived in the states with her parents and four other guardians. Her step-aunt, aka Lady Beyotch, has been trying to hook her up with guys she can control because of all the inheritance left to George which, by the way, can't be touched by her until she turns twenty-five. (That's months away). The opening starts off with her leaving her room via the window and telling her friend, Desire, to not say a word to her aunt. She wants to take pictures of the woods on a particularly beautiful night of the full moon. It'd have been a great idea- anywhere else.

A full moon might mean a glorious night in most parts of the world, but not here -
never in Chalys.

It switches to Silviu Draghici's POV, and we see him coming to the realization that he is about to die because he has yet to find his heartkeeper, the woman who would give his damned half a soul and thus his redemption. He is the Duke of Brimstone, the home to supernatural creatures in Chalys that hide from the humans. His Galere, his blood bonded brothers, join him that night to reluctantly wish him farewell. Mihail, the vampire; Adrijan, the half-cetus; and Ilie Marcovici, the wolf. All marquis and heirs to the territories of their own race within the kingdom. Already this is starting out awesome, and when Silviu waves goodbye and decides to have a little 'stroll' through the Woods of the Wraiths before his death, he stumbles upon a trespasser.

A very, very foul mouthed trespasser.

Their meeting is hilarious because the whole time she's cursing at her uncooperative camera, he's watching her with slight amusement that he never felt towards a human before. Still, a trespasser is a dead human, and as he prepares to kill her, she turns- and then it hits him. She is The One. The poor woman goes through a lot- even goes so far as to take her shirt off in the hopes of performing a Filipino legend about being immune to illusions set upon a person by the elementals. Silviu sees her undressing and in the end confronts her.

*Mmm, "confronts" her.*

She agrees to be his heartkeeper in order to be let go, and almost immediately, he falls weak. And then of all the luck, imps and arch demons appear, trying to kill one or both to attain the title and power of the Duke of Brimstone. She would've run for it, but the sight of all these creatures makes her reach out to her captor.

Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

She gets sent away on his horse Granite, the last of the Pegasus, and flies off. However, the thought of leaving him doesn't sit well with her, and in the end she goes back to help fight. The Galere think she's crazy, but might be the perfect stubborn match for their friend. Later on she passes out, and wakes up in an unfamiliar room. Ilie is sent to check up on her, part of their plan being to let rumors fly about him and the new human possibly being involved, and although he knows Silviu would kill him for sleeping with her, he wouldn't mind if she slept with him, because it would only then mean that she was not meant for Silviu, and thus easier to kill and be rid of. His blood brothers aren't too happy with her because of the seemingly convenient timing of her appearance ("she could be a witch!") and the Duke's almost death, but things backfire when Ilie falls for her. o.o And the worse part? He knows she'll never be his.

Lots of hilarious stuff happens, but the sex scenes! Every time they started getting closer and frisky I was like-

goal GIF photo: Camacho minicamacho.gif

That's all I'm saying. Oh. And dayum. Ok, I think I'm good. X)

Their time spent together, slowly getting used to the other, was so entertaining. And I loved that George was so... well, very rough around the edges in comparison to some other ladies I could name. XD! LOL And Silviu- whew. That is one seriously fine ass half-incubus/angel. Like, seriously... seriously...

Sex was supposed to be the thing that fully bound them together, but there was another thing they had to do if Silviu wanted her to gain immortality; he had to get her guardian's blessing. Oooo, that's another thing! :D They go undercover while heading over to her estate, and stop at a tavern. There, she has to pretend to be Ilie's human pet, and meets a lot of different creatures that totally made me smile. And hey, Silviu's a big strong, powerful duke- it shouldn't be too hard to convince her psycho aunt, right? WRONG. Because her aunt is not a normal gold digger. Oh, no. She's Delphine LaLaurie, aka the Red Witch.

UGH! So Silviu found out who her aunt was, but because she has a tendency to open her mouth, he didn't tell George, and instead had her tell her aunt that she had fallen for a marquis, and had come back home. When she asks him if his plan was to do her for the weekend and then dump her, and he doesn't say anything, she leaves him, hurt and ashamed. Weeks pass, and it takes a toll on her, despite her stubbornness to show any weakness.

A new plan is formulated, one that involves Ilie (poor thing) inviting and 'inviting' Lady Beryl and her daughters to the Duke's Ball, a welcome home party and a get-together to help the Duke choose his bride. George has no idea about the ball, only that it's a party, and after Ilie convinces her aunt that she is his human pet, she ends up with Silviu again in Brimstone.

They're together again, Silviu plans to kill her evil aunt (which means he won't need her guardian's blessing) -  it should be all good! But Lady Beryl doesn't completely trust the marquis, Ilie, and so she has a chameleon disguise himself as Ilie to take some of George's hair. Then "George" goes to Silviu and tells him that she kissed Ilie, and liked it. A lot. It's hurting Silviu, so he lashes out by dancing with the other women at the ball and ignoring George. It's when he kisses one of them (tongue included) that she makes him meet with her in the library. And then he tells her he doesn't love her. She'll be easy to replace.

"Just get out of my face tonight, milady. I never want to see your face again."

She's been such a tough chic all this time, but just when she started to lower her defenses because of him, he cuts her deep. And she gets taken- again -because of it.

Silviu and the Galere have a huge fight when the false lie is confronted, but they get to the library too late. They go after her and rescue her, but when George wakes up, she doesn't want to fight with him. It's just... Too. Much. :( After they deal with the chameleon, he apologizes to her in a very humbled position and she forgives him. :) It ends with them having breakfast with everyone two weeks later, talking about the laws she wants to change, and she and Silviu having 'breakfast' back in their room. ^.^

It was a sweet ending with an extremely sad/stressful few pages of heartbreak between Silviu and George at the ball. Loooved it! But WAIT! We got a sneak peak for Book 2, and OH MY GODDDDD. It shows four of the guardians George mentioned back in the states, her 'family': Rage, Knife, Storm and Dark. They're old, seemingly grumpy, but when they arrive in Chalys because of an invitation, something changes. The farther they venture into familiar lands, the younger they become, and then they're four strong, handsome and severely dangerous men. Apparently ready for 'revenge' and to protect their 'princess'. X))))) And then when they ask about the Duke and his engagement, their driver tells them that it was called off, and that the girl, Georgina, 'ran away or something'. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! The sky turns dark and stormy and they leave the scared driver before disappearing into the Woods of the Wraiths.

"That's dangerous territory!"
"We are home now."

excited GIF photo: Tamaki Excited gif ab3899ce.gif

I NEEDDDD to know what's going to happen! Her four "guardians" are supernatural and are sworn to protect their PRINCESS! George is a princess! And one of them wants revenge for the nymphs that were killed, but Silviu's mother became a heartkeeper because she was blackmailed to protect the nymphs. So what does that mean??? Am I reading too much into this??? o.O?!

I recommend this soooo muuuch. It's one of Marian Tee's shorter novels, but it's a great, entertaining and sizzling hot story. X))) I so cannot wait for the rest of the books. XD

PS- the whole time Lady Beryl was mentioned, I kept think of the bad guy from Sailor Moon.

No? Not the same for you? Maybe it's just me, then... lol and on that note-

Happy Reading!

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Shadowed Threads (Rylee Adamson #4)

"My name is Rylee, and I am a Tracker."

When children go missing, and the Humans have no leads, I'm the one they call. I am their last hope in bringing home the lost ones. I salvage what they cannot.

O'Shea is AWOL, and Tracking him is proving to be harder than I expected.

Not to mention the small fact that I have the Beast of Bodmin Moor chasing me across Europe, in a race against the odds, and my life as the prize.

But those things are minor compared to the secrets that finally come to light.

Secrets I wish had stayed hidden in the darkness...
                       - Goodreads

*****STARS: 5*****
*WARNING: major spoilers*

Rylee's finally found another Tracker to teach her, but the old, dying and stubborn Jack is stalling her lessons, which is stalling her rescue mission for the guy she's realized she can't live without, and nobody's got time for that. Liam O'Shea's wolf has taken over and is on a witch-killing spree with the whole community after his hide. Rylee needs to find him, but with a compelled Guardian on her own tail, this supposed-to-be easy mission is becoming a lot harder than it should be.

taylor swift shrug nod agree shrugging

So let me just tell you all of the shit she has to go through, because a lot of problems come up for her while on her man-search. Her ex-sister/best friend-who-tried-to-kill-her, Milly, calls to tell her that she's pregnant and wants her to be the godmother (you can imagine that reaction). Doran, the daywalker Shaman, and the one person to possibly help her get O'Shea back, is under orders to kill the young witch, Pamela, and is now passed out in Jack's house after their little fight. Dragons (yes, dragons) kidnap her and the others to go through a binding process that ends up disappearing into the background until she needs Blaz (her bind) to give her a ride at the end of the story. Then there's Faris, the crazy-ass powerful vampire, who finds her and tells her that her sister, the one who's been missing for ten years and was later thought to be happy and content in Europe, is going to die in the next twenty-four hours if she doesn't come with him.

Does it sound like a lot of stuff is happening? That's because it is. A lot of things, that is. The whole time I'm reading this, I kept getting a little surprised at all the new creatures that were popping up at (seemingly) random moments. I'm going to start with the prophecies.


Now, I'm not much of a fan of prophecies unless they're introduced smoothly. I didn't think this one was. It was a cool way to put the prophecies in all of the different races' textbooks, but it was so sudden. And when it mentioned a 'she', and she refused to believe it was her that they were talking about, I was a little annoyed (just a little) because it described her own situations that happened between her and every particular race. That isn't a coincidence, Rylee! She was actually really stubborn in this book, but at the same time, I can't completely blame her, because a lot of shit's happened to her. Who wouldn't get a little wobbly?

So now we know that there's a prophecy going on with her being in the center of it. The other races are coming out in this book and are either trying to kill her or aid her. Like the dragons? The one named Blaz was sent to fight her to see if they were meant to fight together or not. They share blood during the fight and end up being binded, but since neither want anything to do with the other, they part ways, and don't see each other again until she needs a ride to the Child Empress' HQ.

CBC funny comedy confused surprised

Ah, the Child Empress. This part of the story was actually pretty awesome, because of how it started in book 1 and grew up until this point. Rylee sensed her younger sister in the last book, but felt that she was happy and content in her new life, so she didn't look for her. But when Faris came to her and told her about her sister's future death, she dismissed his warning as more tricks and lies and went off to search for O'Shea, as originally planned. She found the guy- well, wolf -but then she felt her sister's confusion and death, and it almost destroyed her.

what confused rhoa huh say what

It tore me apart to see her so distraught, but at the same time... I DON'T KNOW. I was so annoyed with her when she started listening to Faris, and things just got complicated between me and her. I couldn't get why she was being lead so many times, believing things while being blatantly bitchy and cautious with others. Seeing her so sad and knowing she hadn't done anything sorta depressed me. And like --- okay, so Faris gets her to do a blood bond with him in exchange for an oath that she'll kill the Child Empress, then yells at her to not take off the veil hiding her face, and none of this clicks with her? There were like at least three sketchy hints that he was being a skeeze, how did she not see that?!

She finally finally gets curious, knocks off the veil, and then freaks out about the face behind the veil. It's Berget.

dexter coding debra morgan web development freelancing

Other than that, smaller stuff happened that still messed her up, but at least she got her family back. Everything is better now, they're all together, and it all goes back to 'normal'. Until they find Milly in Jack's library, reading the texts that hold the prophecies.

weird work looking blink chick

JESUS does this bitch ever give up??? I'm getting rather annoyed with her, but you know, I'm getting this really weird feeling when it comes to hating her. In the first book book, it was obvious that she was a bad apple and Rylee didn't want to believe it. Then she finally started to hate the bitch, but now it's like... I don't know, like she's not getting the whole picture of what's actually going on. I'm starting to think if something else is making all this Hate Milly thing possible to... *shakes head* Anyway, she manages to take one of the books, the purple one, that not even Rylee had been able to read.  And the purple book is supposed to be for The Blooded. Oooooo.

Again, I just felt like a lot of stuff happened while she searched for O'Shea. Sometimes it felt random and all over the place, but at the same time, I enjoyed it. Like the dragons. I love dragons, so they were a treat. Milly... became a background problem that couldn't just be ignored but at the same time didn't really have a part in the main story anymore. I liked Pamela, Eve and Alex, her 'pack' and family. Oh, and Jack. lol Crazy, rude old bastard... The overall feeling I got was this:

Shadowed Threads was a part two for Raising Innocence, a way to bring back what the last book scattered and left unfinished. It was also a way to introduce the prophecies, which is a major turn in the series.

It's just a lot packed all into one binding. The same kinda happened here and there in the other books, but it wasn't like this. Though I must say, the first book did hint at an epic thing, so at the same time, this whole thing seemed pretty fucking amazing. It's got this whole 'woman-just-trying-to-help-and-gets-sucked-into-major-prophecy-spotlight-while-figuring-her-own-shit-out' thing going on. It's subtle but not. I like it.

cough house scrubs medical medical school

The one thing I love about certain series is when it starts off normal and turns into a full-out fairytale. This was one of them, which is why it's a five-star rate for me instead of four. It certainly was fast-paced because of all this new information being added in. If you haven't read the series, I highly recommend you start with the beginning, or else you'll not only spoil it for yourself, but ruin the first moments of experiencing something new with the characters. Then again, if you're reading this spoiled review, then you kinda already fucked it up for yourself, you know? Oh well.

And to leave you with this quote from the book:

"The devil will tell you nine truths, so that you'll believe one lie.
Lots of supernaturals like that too."

Happy Reading =^-^=

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Origin

Daemon will do anything to get Katy back.

After the successful but disastrous raid on Mount Weather, he's facing the impossible. Katy is gone. Taken. Everything becomes about finding her. Taking out anyone who stands in his way? Done. Burning down the whole world to save her? Gladly. Exposing his alien race to the world? With pleasure.

All Katy can do is survive.

Surrounded by enemies, the only way she can come out of this is to adapt. After all, there are sides of Daedalus that don't seem entirely crazy, but the group's goals are frightening and the truths they speak even more disturbing. Who are the real bad guys? Daedalus? Mankind? Or the Luxen?

Together, they can face anything.

But the most dangerous foe has been there all along, and when the truths are exposed and the lies come crumbling down, which side will Daemon and Katy be standing on?

And will they even be together?
- Goodreads

Me to Ally: What. The. Fuck?

So the synopsis's last sentence seriously had me on edge- I mean, they're gonna get back together in this book only to be separated agan?! But I read it. And.... wow. It's a +/- wow for me.

Katy is with Daedalus, and they've transported her to Nevada. Can you guess where?

"AREA 51."

She's with the guys who took Daemon's twin brother and his girlfriend, the group who tortured other Luxen for sick experiments. And when she gets there, they make her go through tests. And stress routines. Blake, the double-triple-quadruple agent, is with Daedalus (big shocker there). They're testing her to see if she's a perfect hybrid... or an unstable one that could combust under the pressure.

Meanwhile on the other side of the country, Daemon's going apeshit after he wakes up and is blasting through rooms of onyx and other Luxen in his race's community. One of the Luxen Elders, Ethan White, warns him that the earth won't belong to the humans for long. (HINT HINT) Daemon says goodbye to his family and meets up with Luc, intending to kick his ass if he did cause Katy to get captured. This is also where Daemon meets Hunter, the Arum. :3 There's a side story for Hunter that I haven't read yet, but I'll be looking into it after this lol. Anyways, the kid hadn't been involved, and tells Daemon he'll help him get out of the government joint he's about to go into if he does one thing for him- bring him the LH-11. Later on he meets Nancy, the head of DOD, and agrees to do anything in exchange for seeing Katy. Before he sees her, though, she shows him videos of what Katy went through. And boy, does that piss him off. She's been hosed, in constant battle with other hybrids. And she killed Blake.

Katy is slowly beginning to feel the weight of every dark and negative thing that's appeared since she was introduced to the clinical Hell that is Area 51. She lives through it, though, because it means Daemon will never have to go through what his twin did, and if he can be spared, she can endure what they throw at her. And then she wakes up, and Daemon is by her bed, as beautiful as a dream could ever be. She's both relieved and horrified at his presence. How will he look at her now, with the blood of Blake on her hands? He was a part of her stress routine and had been egging her on, but was her killing blow out of anger really justified? She thinks not, but Daemon thinks the guy had it coming. And now Daemon is right in the smack of Daedalus's hands!

He helps her cope with the things that have happened, but now Daemon and Katy are together. It's what Daedalus has always wanted. D and K are the perfect couple, their hearts in perfect sync, her mutation on a cellular level: perfection. And when he heals a cut on her hand, and then later a wound on her back (looked like fucking Freddy Cru was there, ugh) the healing and transformation of other hybrids begin. Now, Dawson took it hard when he couldn't heal the humans they gave him, but this is Daemon we're talking about; he was gonna burn the whole fucking world down to find Katy. So when they constantly give him humans "who volunteered" to heal after they shank/inject them with illnesses, some go crazy, some live for days- but it always ends bad. One of the hybrids would've survived if Daedalus hadn't then injected him with a new drug they're trying out; Prometheus, aka: the new strand of LH-11.

Skipping parts... blah blah... In another building of the whole facility are a group of kids called origins. They're powerful beings and, as Daedalus stated, "The beginning of a new and better race." They're also the offspring of hybrids and Luxen who are in perfect sync. Like Daemon and Katy. (O.O) Archer, the guy who's been guarding Katy, turns out to be an origin and Luc's inside guy, and when they get the LH-11, they set the origins free as a distraction while they escape. Archer has them meet him in Ash Springs, and later on, they meet up with Luc (who they realize is an origin, too) and his pal Paris, who then take them to a house with those kryptonite rocks for Arum. But wait, the reunion isn't done, yet! Dee is there, and Dawson, Beth, Ash, Andrew and Matthew, all who were intending to rescue them.

It's a happy reunion after being gone for four months, and for a moment, everything is great. They're laughing again in this newfound haven, the families are together again. Even Daemon is returning to normal, especially when he notices how Dee is looking at Archer. XD

And then Archer and Luc find out that Matthew and their host contacted Daedalus. The host's excuse? She didn't have a choice. Matthew's? The man who was like a father to Dee them? It was a sacrifice of one (Dawson and Beth, Daemon and Katy) to spare the rest. That's a hard pill for them to swallow, especially after the host and Matthew die, and now they're on the run.

They get into the Strip but with the bad traffic, they realize it's Daedalus, searching for them. They're cornered, there's nowhere to go. So Daemon comes up with a plan, something that was said earlier by Luc. Their secret existence is their greatest advantage. If they reveal themselves, Daedalus will have the panicking public to deal with, and won't have time to go after them. After a quick debate, they decide to light up everyone's night in Vegas. Andrew is the first to shift into their real forms of six-foot awesome ligtbulbs, and at first everyone thinks it's a show. But then Archer joins him, and then Dee, and Dawson, and then Daemon. Now everyone is beginning to wary, and when one of them takes out the Treasure Island sign, people start to panic. A news copter shows up, and for a moment, it really dawns on Daemon that they've let the worms out of the can. There is no going back now.

Minutes after seeing the news crew, they see the government plane blow the news crew out of the sky! Now it's war, and soldiers are aiming at them with their new PED weapons made to kill Luxen and Arum. Paris shoves Luc out of the way and dies, leaving Luc to go crazy and use his origin powers on the soldiers. Then the Arum come, and Andrew gets sucked dry. A shot from the PED weapon would've hit Katy if Archer hadn't pulled her out of the way, and instead, it goes for Ash and Beth. Ash curls herself over Dawson's girlfriend and gets hit. She dies.

Three deaths. Three of everyone's loved ones died in Vegas, and after being forced to leave the bodies and retreat, they head over to Idaho, where Luc has one of his safe houses. Everyone is coping over the new loss, and Katy helps Daemon accept that it wasn't his fault. One night, Dawson tells Daemon that he and Beth are having a baby, and despite how shocked and happy he is for his brother, Daemon can't tell him yet that their baby is going to be a mini Luc or Archer soon. He goes over to Katy where he sees her sleeping on the couch, and sleeps with her.

Katy wakes up with Daemon glowing in his true form. He startles awake, and moments later, everyone is downstairs, reporting that the same thing happened to them, as if someone were calling to them. Then it happens again, and now Luc feels it. They head outside, and a second before Beth and Katy finally feel something, a light appears in the sky and falls down to the mountains. Then another falls. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. .........

Daemon knows what it is, but he isn't sure. And then light forms appear from out of the trees.

Dee and Dawson shift into their true forms. Katy feels Daemon stiffen behind her and turn into his true form. And then he lets her go. The triplets stand together, leaving the others on their own.

Katy can't help but think, as the others' lights swallow up Daemon's, about the sides she and her lover would be on if the Luxen ever did take over the world. Or if either one would have a choice in where they stood. And it ends. Like that.

stare GIFs photo: Snape Stare and turn 2vrvorkjpg.gif

I love this series (and Daemon Black, holy fuck, right Allycat?) and I love aliens and the fact that D&K didn't just fall all over each other as soon as they met. Not that that is bad, but it needs to be delivered a certain way, and there aren't a lot of good delivery-boys, if you know what I mean.

My favorite scene was when they revealed themselves- I always wanted to read something like that, and now I have! It makes me a happy camper. I also loved how Archer and Dee might get together, hehe. And D&K got MARRIED! :D And Dee chose their new identities- it's Anna Whitt and Kaidan Rowe. XD!!!! Sound familiar? It's one of Katy's favorite books by Wendy Higgins:

(I reviewed this baby, too. OMG *_____*)

The reveal on Daedalus was interesting in how they were kidnapping and blackmailing aliens to preform miracles for human illnesses, but it still made me feel ashamed to be a human. And they weren't just curing illnesses, they were also trying to create a new and better race. They were torturing Katy to get Daemon to give them hybrids. They were messing with nature. (Gee, that sounds familiar!) They had some good intentions while using horrible, unspeakable methods for selfish reasons. And that's not cool.

And of course I loved this book because Daemon and Katy are back together- ugh, or might be, after the ending I just read. T_T But yes, I loved this book. It's funny how everyone still kept to their own character and didn't change much (in the bad way), and it was great reading how funny everyone was, whether or not they were doing it on purpose. X) Armentrout is such a genius for making this up, I love her for it. <3 The only alien books that I've read and thoroughly enjoyed are this series and The Host (UGH THAT MOVIE TOTALLY RUINED THE STORY)- *cough*.

Overall, this is a recommendation to this awesomely awesome series. :) It's got a cocky hot alien who's head over heals (and out of his mind) in love for a hybrid girl with a book blog. There's action, romance, other YA jazz (and maybe some NA)... did I mention the hot and cocky alien? I think I did. Anywho, this just came out, so hurry up and get caught up before the next installment comes out!

Happy Reading :)

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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Deadly Sting

Red is definitely my color. Good thing, because in my line of work, I end up wearing it a lot.

Most people shy away from blood, but for an assassin like me - Gin Blanco, aka the Spider - it's just part of the job. Still, it would be nice to get a night off, especially when I'm attending the biggest gala event of the summer at Briartop, Ashland's fanciest art museum. But it's just not meant to be. For this exhibition of my late nemesis's priceless possessions is not only the place to be seen, but the place to be robbed and taken hostage at gunpoint as well. No sooner did I get my champagne than a bunch of the unluckiest thieves ever burst into the museum and started looting the place.

Unlucky why?
Because I brought along a couple of knives in addition to my killer dress.

Add these to my Ice and Stone magic, and nothing makes me happier than showing the bad guys why red really is my color.

- Goodreads

I read this a while ago, but I guess I didn't make a review for it!

Gin (like the drink) Blanco is having a shitty time not being with her guy. Ever since she killed his psycho ex, Owen's been asking for time. *rolls eyes*. Poor Gin, the psycho was going to kill them all! But he still had an ounce of hope for the bitch- and in my opinion, if he can't suck it the fuck up, then he doesn't deserve Gin. He's punishing her for choosing herself and the others over a psycho who was already at the end of her path of self-destruction. But anywaysss.....

There's an auction for Mab's things, Gin's dead nemesis, and everyone who's everyone will be there. Her brother Finn gets her to go just for the sake of getting out, but then she sees Owen. With a date. Wearing the same fucking dress as her! She goes to the bathroom and Owen's date gets killed by a troll, who'd mistaken her for Gin. From there she realizes that the trolls/giants bodyguards have turned their backs on the rich and are revolting- starting with all of Mab's pretty things.

All in all, Gin saves the day. Owen eventually gets involved, but he still acts weird sometimes. It makes me frustrated. T_T Then when she has to meet the bad guys alone? He's worried for his sister who was kidnapped by them and not sure if he wants to be worried about Gin and then it's- adhfaodhgafdkhgkdfhsf.

... And now I see why I didn't rush to make this review. Not many things happen, it's just a stick-up and the idiots having horrible luck because one of their hostages is The Spider. If anything, I think this is like an outlet for Gin. We get to see her be such a badass and show everyone that no one will keep her down. Not even Owen.

This isn't something too important, it's more of a filler. It was a good filler, though. :) I really enjoyed her kickass moments.

Happy Reading. :)

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: When Fangirls Cry

Wonderful white marlin!

Fish-loving Saffi March is no longer a boring post-grad student by day, hopeless fangirl at night. Now that Sweden's #1 Sex God Staffan Aehrenthal is in love with her, it's only a matter of time before she has her happily-ever-after... right?

Devastating daggertooth pike conger!

Staffan Aehrenthal is determined never to fall in love again. Saffi hasn't told Staffan she's pregnant - and he ends up learning about it from the tabloids. She had made him believe in happily-ever-after endings but now he knows it's an illusion... just like the Saffi he thought he knew and loved.

Optimistic Oriental loach!

With Staffan and the whole world mistakenly thinking she's carrying the baby of a desert prince, a happily-ever-after for her and Staffan doesn't seem possible any longer. But Saffi is determined not to lose hope, not even if the man she's only ever loved is the man who's hurting her the most.

- Goodreads

cry GIF photo:  edited4.gif

It starts off with Saffi at a Celsius concert with her new friend, Brittany, who's what Saffi is to Staffan in fangirl terms. (Make sense?) She lied about being somewhere else because Staffan sees Celsius as the enemy, but when the group introduces a surprise guest, they're bouncing all around trying to figure out who'd make Celsius an opening act-

Yup. It's Staffan fucking Aehrenthal, Sweden's #1 Sex God and a member of the Pussketeers.

yay gif photo: yay tumblr_lg8956ja321qdtou3.gif

She's freaking out! However, Staffan's man Bob finds her in the crowd and takes her back with a warning of how pissed off Staffan is this time. There, we briefly meet the Pussketeers and the final member, Rathe, who takes Saffi over his shoulder to get to the limo because she doesn't want their relationship to be public just yet. Staffan later takes her away and down an alleyway to give her mind-blowing sex. *__* I love sex in alleyways. So taboo and risky like 'Oh, fuck, will I get caught? I'm a naughty gir-

caught gif photo: Caught Caught.gif

In the beginning, Saffi is sick with worry about what Staffan will say when he finds out she's pregnant. All his words of loving everything she says is not enough to assure her, but when she continues to wait for the 'right time', fate fucks her over, and Staffan finds out- in the form of a pic with Saffi and her ex-betrothed coming out of a store with pregnancy tests.

Now he's ignoring her. And just in time for her father to run for office again. For fear of him losing because of the scandal and for the sake of Saffi's poor mother's health, they basically blackmail Staffan into marrying her. Saffi never wanted it that way, but now that it's happened, she refuses to give up on them just because the situation isn't at its smoothest. She tries everything to show him how much she loves him, but he just keeps firing back, refusing to hear now what he perceives as lies.

"When will the fucking lies end?"

She's always told white lies during their time together when she screwed up or had to make an excuse to keep their love a secret, but now that she's pouring her heart out, he just can't believe anything anymore. And that's sad. He thinks her baby's the foreign prince's, and so he continues to treat her like the conniving slut he thinks she is, talking to her old nemesis who ruined her life in high school, flirting with her and treating Saffi like she doesn't matter. Even when he takes her to see his family in Stockholm, he loses focus of his hatred for a moment before pulling back a thousand miles farther. But all that is washed away when the girl who broke his heart long ago shows up at his hotel, asking for money. He's finally over her and her poison, but when she tells him that she met Saffi, he freaks.

"Someone will come and that person - if he's smart - he's going to snatch Saffi away and then you'd be too fucking late."

disgust gif photo: disgust Disgust2.gif
ugh I hate her

That made him crazy, and when he gets a text that Saffi had been seen leaving for her brother's office in tears, he hauls his ass over there, not knowing the reason but feeling with everything in him that he can't let her go, even when he still hurts.

After endlessly telling him she loves him, he finally snaps and yells for the truth. But that's just it, he refuses to hear the truth! She never had sex with anyone but him, but apparently he just can't hear it. So she tells him... that she had spent a night with Jeremy, the prince, in a moment of loneliness. That does the trick, and he takes her back. From there, their first sex scene made me feel empty because he only took her back after hearing what his small self-esteem wanted to hear. :( Ugh, and it was in a cab, too! So hot. T_T I'm crying over how perfect this would've been if it hadn't been tainted by the foreshadowing of what her (soon to be revealed) lie would lead to.

Things are starting to look up, and their relationship is slowly going back to normal, though it's still tender (like she can't say 'I love you' -_-). They go to a dinner for her family's politics thing, and they have another exciting sex scene in the powder room. But then there's a commotion, and it's Jeremy the prince and a racist mayor. Saffi and Jeremy have been friends since they were children, so she knows how it affects Jeremy to be targeted just for being from a different country. She goes over to see if he's okay, but then Staffan is right there, telling her not to go. She can't just abandon her friend in the middle of such a touchy situation... but she loves Staffan... but Jeremy is a friend....

When Jeremy comes over, she asks him how he is, and Staffan is pissed. It's quiet in the car, and when they get home, he yells at her. Says horrible, horrible things to her, and when he brings up Jeremy again, she tells him that she lied about her and the prince. (Oh, Saffi!). Staffan goes crazy.


Then more horrible shit comes out of his mouth, and out of anger, he tells her that she was the biggest fucking mistake of his life. He calls her a lunatic, a major link to the past that hurt her and her family by being dubbed 'crazy', and she leaves the room. As soon as she leaves, Staffan realizes that they were really, truly over. And as harshly as he yelled at her, the thought still choked him. The phone rings and, hoping it's Saffi, he answers it.

"Sir, you need to come down quickly. Mrs. Aehrenthal had an accident."

gasp gif photo:  tumblr_lwihovaLc01qa9wmko1_r2_500.gif

There was so much blood. Saffi wasn't waking up despite his cries for her to forgive him. He didn't want to live with the thought of his Saffi and their baby being lost and alone in the darkness. But then Saffi wakes up. And...

Saffi lost the baby. 

cry gif photo: Cry . tumblr_mciiv3B8FG1rsw1yf.gif

Staffan is so relieved that she's awake but so distraught over the lost of their daughter. But he still has Saffi... until she tells him that she doesn't want to see him again. Both are hurting, believing they're being punished. Saffi for her lies, and Staffan for his mistrust in the only person who loved him so fully.  They have a funeral for the baby, and Staffan makes a speech for Lace, the name they would've given their little girl. Staffan has seen the light, but Saffi still feels the need to be punished, and with her daughter gone, staying alone without her love seems like the perfect punishment to undergo. She asks him for a divorce.

A month later, Constantijin, Staffan's friend, comes to her to tell her that Staffan will give her the divorce if she agrees to first be the PA to Celsius. She does, and two months have passed. Her boys love to torture her; her shy assistant, Bryan, is quiet but helpful. She no longer feels... lifeless. She does terribly miss her baby girl, but at least she's living again. One night in the car, Bryan, who's chubby and a redhead, accidentally drops a bottle on her foot, and he swiftly carries her away to his trailer to tend to it. Then the scene switches from Saffi's POV to Staffan's, and we realize he is in disguise. Has been, for two months. For her. But in the trailer, his disguise no longer works.

"Did you really think...this close...I wouldn't know it was you?"

happy gif photo: happy tumblr_lorld1HMPP1qgu5pho5_250.gif

He wanted to be a part of her healing process, and in a way, he felt it was a appropriate, since Saffi had first joined with him in the disguise of H. They've both had time to heal and feel good again, and she goes back to him. :3

Four moths later, they're on the Ellen DeGeneres show telling everyone she's pregnant. :) And their story ends with a hilarious sex scene in Katy Perry's room, with the pop star herself knocking on the door and laughing.

fist pump photo:  tumblr_inline_mh3nk0b69W1qc2wsy_zps1a6782bc.gif

OK first of all, Bryan? Funny story: this guy I have a crush on lives in my hall, and my roommate is loud as fuck so I told her to call him something else, like Bryan. XD And here Staffan is, going in as Bryan- sigh.

I love this so much. :) The ending had such a serious issue that a lot of parents could relate to, but it still kept up with the hilarious bits (thanks Saffi) and the steaming sex (Staffan ^_~). Seriously, I don't know how she thinks up this stuff! But they're so entertaining. XD I think I said this in another review, but Marian's girls really are such a breath of fresh air. It's really painful to be the one who's so naive and innocent, but all her girls still keep it close to their hearts; they don't let it dim low because of harsh realities. I loved Saffi's determination to keep her and Staffan's love alive, and I felt bad for Staffan and the sense of betrayal he had. I just had a feeling that she'd lose her baby or at least have a very scary accident, but I still cried when the news came that they'd lost their baby girl. :( Her other pregnancy made it all the more better, though. :)

And the ending! One week later, Rathe Wellesley is heading to Saffi's dorm room to feed her fish (he lost a bet lol) when the neighbor's door opens, and Mary, Saffi's sweet and shy friend, comes out. Another series??? LOL

I recommend this. It's entertaining and a tear-jerker, hilarious and intense (inside the bed and out). What else can I say? It's Marian Tee.

fist pump photo: Supernatural goodbyea.gif

Happy Reading :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Caged

My name is Yanna Everleigh. I used to think asking for a courtship would be enough to keep gorgeous, sexy billionaires away - well, at least the kind who didn't do love at least. But I was wrong. If anything, it only made my billionaire realize I can hurt him, too, and now we're apart.

His name is Constantijin Kastein. He blows hot and cold, wanting me by his side all the time but never hesitating to walk away when I get too close to his heart. He makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time, wondering if the next best thing to love should be good enough for me. But he's also Netherlands' #1 playboy and I'm that one woman he's asked to move in with him. I need to show him he doesn't need a cage to keep me his.

Maybe if I tell him first that I love him - maybe if I pretend that I don't see the coldness in his eyes when we talk about that word - pretend that I don't feel him putting distance between us when I ask for something he's not yet ready to give - maybe he'll finally realize that he doesn't have to seduce a woman who loves him. He just has to love her back.

Or not.
- Goodreads

It starts right where it left off in the last installment. She catches up with Constantijin and they make up, but they split up (to continue being a secret) when guests come, and while she's hiding, she overhears one of his bimbos talking shit about his mother. They get in a fight and end up in jail. Her roommate, Alyx, hilariously visits her, but then she gets other visitors. Like Marge, Constantijin's mother, and Drake. And then Constantijin, himself. They have a cute moment, and later go to a private hotel that's so exclusive, it has no name. O.o Haha. And he finally  takes her virginity. <3

Everything is finally going well. They even have this little "fight" and it worries her, in the "What's-He-Up-To" sense, because later on his voice comes over the speakers at work, announcing that he will introduce his girlfriend to them all. (Loved this scene!) It seems that everything is just so great; they're moving in together, she's sure of her feelings and finding a way to be with him, and this whole portion of the book is such a stress reliever- but all good and fuckingly cute things must come to an end. :(

On a night when she has her period, he massages her to relieve the pain. It also loosens her tongue, and when she says, "I love you", she doesn't notice the way he stiffens. He starts taking rain checks, working late. She's taking the bus again. Then weeks go by and it comes to a point when they're not even in the same room, let alone having sex! She realizes that he's pulling away, but despite the fact that she knows she might be putting pressure on him, she refuses to call back her feelings for him because that isn't how it should be between them. She's stubborn and wants him to love her back. At an event, Constantijin's mother makes it even worse for them when she starts mentioning marriage and kids. She saves him by saying it's too early for that, but his relief only hurts her more.

Then one day... she passes his office, and he's inside flirting with Arian. And when the woman asks him if he loves Yanna, he says no and that Yanna had known since day one that it was never about that. Then he says "BUT WHO KNOWS MAYBE SOMEONE LIKE YOU COULD CHANGE MY MIND!!!!!"

pissed off GIF photo: pissed off gif 94PvO.gif
"What the fuck did you say?"

Oh, you can bet his balls she came in and yelled!!!! The whole thing was so sad and ugly and he's over there saying it was a joke- but most of all, he sounded tired. Like she was a fucking burden to him now instead of something that mattered to him. He felt trapped.

So she leaves. She was packing her things when he came back, looking disheveled and a mess.
"What are you doing?" he asked hoarsely.

Oh, you idiot! What the fuck do you think she's doing?!?!?!?! She slaps him. Tries to leave. He begs her to stay and sinks to blackmailing her so she doesn't leave the fucking building. And so she goes to her own apartment, and weeks pass before they do anything. T____T

She just can't forgive him, but her friend finally points out that if she really wanted to leave him, she'd have left the building already. And Viola! She's in her apartment packing up to move back in with him and end this misery. He comes in and mistakes her for finally leaving his ass, so he starts bearing himself to her, saying  he was wrong to push her away so he wouldn't be like his dad, that he'd be the boyfriend on the side if she wanted other men. :( That breaks both our hearts and she tells him she wasn't leaving. He's a little embarrassed, but he means every word. And they allll liiivvveedd happilllyy evvveeerrr afftterrrr. <3

Good thing, too! I know I've read it before, but I was still getting ready to sharpen some pitch forks if he didn't apologize. XD And the epilogue- aww! Well, okay, it's her first anal sex, but it's cute, I swear! Because then she's like, "So can I do it to you?" and he's like "Fuck no!" XD hahhahah *sigh* I love them.

I recommend this series. It's such an emotional roller coaster about trying to find Mr. Right and not falling for a guy who doesn't do love- unless you change him. There are a few things I'm sure I didn't clear up, like what happens to Drake. Well, he was hired by her mother to guard her- haha. Other than that, I think I'm good. And if I missed a few details, then too bad because they aren't about Const and Yanna so- :P

Happy Reading!

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Courted

My name is Yanna Everleigh. I used to think playing hard to get would be enough to keep gorgeous, sexy billionaires away - well, at least the kind who didn't do love at least. But I was wrong. If anything, it just made my billionaire get even, leaving us both brokenhearted.

His name is Constantijin Kastein. He blows hot and cold, acting like he doesn't know the meaning of romance but then he sweeps me off my feet with the adorable little things he does. He makes me want to be his, even though he seems to want other women, too. But he's also Netherland's #1 playboy and I'm the only virgin he hasn't been able to bed. I have to be sure he doesn't just see me as a challenge.

Maybe if I ask him to court me - maybe if I pretend other men are also courting me - pretend that I'm like him and I can want other men, too - maybe he'll finally stop trying to seduce me.

Or not.
- Goodreads

A little more than two weeks has passed since Yanna saw Constantijin. She's miserable despite efforts to keep thoughts of him at bay, and one late night at work, as she's passing the windows of his dark office, she pauses to make herself look like the kind of bimbos he only seems to go for. She looks away, then back at her reflection- and screams. She gets in trouble with the night guard while Constantijin's trying not to laugh out loud- lol! -and after he gets her in his office, she and Constantijin share a moment of laughter at her ridiculousness. And then he tells her, she wins. He will court her. But there are conditions, like their courtship being a secret and there being no other suitors. He clears up why their courtship should be on the down low for now, but she says 'no' to the last part.
"Our courting has begun."

Their days of courting is super cute and squeal-worthy (Hell, I did it at least three times) but when he leaves for a business trip, he makes her promise him that she isn't entertaining any other suitors. She doesn't want him to think that she's something easy to conquer, and she certainly doesn't want the playboy to know how much she likes him, so she tells him it's none of his business. *Sigh*. And after a few days of his business trip  being extended, she gives in and Googles his ass. He's at functions, looking dashing in the pictures with Selena on his arm. But then she sees another photo- of the two entering Selena's hotel room at three in the morning.

Yanna feels sick with hurt, and when he does return, she let's him have it.

"I didn't peg you to be the type to ascribe to double standards."

Oh shit. She realizes what's happened, and she cries, telling him she was only ever seeing him, and when she can't talk anymore or take in his white face, she runs, crying. By this point, I feel bad for her, but at the same time, it could've been avoided if she's just been honest with him! But anyway...

She avoids his attempts at apologizing and attends a function for work with George, and eventually gets introduced to Constantijin's mother. The mom is hilarious and agrees that her son's an ass, but it's an almost endearing conversation among the women, and when she dances with Constantijin, he gets in his apology and tells her she matters to him, before walking her back to George. She's floored.

Days later, after another successful presentation, she and Constantijin do their little thing and walk out, but men are outside, and she panics at the thought of getting caught. So she walks away, and when Drake- who's among the men -offers to give her a ride, she agrees so it doesn't look like anything's going on between her and Constantijin. But that was the wrong thing to do. Constantijin is beyond jealous or mad- and when she texts him trying to make up an excuse, he doesn't answer.

She sees him everywhere in the media now with other women, and it drives her crazy. Her friends, Nik and Daria being among them, tell her that maybe she was the one to make the mistake this time. Nik tells her that Constantijin is just a man in the end, and she had chosen Drake over him, whether it was for good reasons or 'just cause'. And then, since he's rich, he tells her that she should crash the fundraiser Constantijin's going to be at. She gets his ticket and gets in, but when someone takes her hand, she looks- and it's not Constantijin. She tells Drake he has the worse timing ever, and the man she was looking for sees her with him and storms off. Drake tells her to go after him, and with a promise to herself that she'd be the one courting him, she runs. Because for better or for worse, she's in love with him.

The end. :3 Of the three, this would be at the bottom of my favorite's list because 1) this is the very patchy part of their relationship and 2) she actually is the one who makes a lot of the mistakes. :( But she loves him! She can finally say it to herself. Only now, she has a slight problem: how is she going to love someone who doesn't do love? Poor Yanna.

Happy Reading.

(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Chased

My name is Yanna Everleigh. I used to think that being an old-fashioned virgin would be enough to keep gorgeous, sexy billionaires away - well, at least the kind who didn't do love at least. But I was wrong. If anything, it simply made my billionaire want me even more.

His name is Constantijin Kastein. He blows hot and cold, arrogant and cynical one moment and then disarmingly sweet the next. He makes me forget all about waiting for true love and just go for mind-blowingly hot sex. But he's also Netherlands' #1 playboy, and I'm my own worst enemy. I must be on my guard.

Maybe if I play hard to get and pretend that my heart doesn't beat madly every time I see him - pretend that my body doesn't go weak when he's close - maybe he'll finally stop trying to seduce me.

Or not.
- Goodreads

How (Not) To Be Seduced by Billionaires' Chased was just great; the 'total package' for me. It kind of even came off as classic, but that might have been because I was just going back through it to write its review, as I'd read this a while ago. XD Some of Marian's work are more on the funny side, some on the other side of the serious line, etc. But this book had it all- especially the heart ache.

It starts off on a hilarious note with Yanna being late for an interview/meeting and sitting right next to the hot guy who also happens to be the owner of the company. Mr. Constantijin Kastein himself. XD And when she sees him, she says, 'Oh shit'!

She's the last to be interviewed by Constantijin, and he hires her! And then he says:
"Not let's get to us."

He totally ravages her, and for a minute, she surrenders to his sweet mouth and roaming hands. Her girls are getting his attention and he has her saying what he wants when his assistant walks in. Eek! And worse yet- the older woman acts like it's happened before, and when she leaves, Yanna makes a run for it with tears in her eyes, feeling like a traitor to her better sense.

Yanna returns to work as part of the new marketing team despite that embarrassing moment of weakness, and during lunch, he sits with her. She offers friendship in the hopes of deterring his interest in her (because she's only looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. FuckMeYes), and true to his lecherous ways, he fingers her under the table until she's spent and then says he enjoys this new friendship. XD!!!!
*I want that friendship.*

And enter Drake Morrison, the guy who always seems to pop up and save her not just at work, but everywhere she gets into trouble. It almost has her seriously wondering if he's Mr. Right. She has a presentation that goes very well, and Constantijin gets jealous when he sees her talking to Drake. So jealous, in fact, that he takes her to his office and eats her out until she's crazy and delirious.
"You're mine."

Yanna is starting to fall for him, but she has to keep reminding herself that he's a playboy- and playboys doesn't do the 'couple thing' or what she's looking for. After another presentation, it's seeing him with her co-worker, Arian (and allowing the gold-digger to shamelessly flirt with him) and getting complimented by Drake that prompts her to lie to Constantijin when he asks if she's going on a date. That makes him even more jealous, and he actually shows up at the shower, demanding to know who she's with. The poor thing can't even answer him before one of the strippers for the bridal shower is shouting about getting naked! XD She tells him the truth, and they end up making out-
*snort. That's putting it fucking lightly*

-but when he tells her to say that she's his, she can't, because if she does, she'll be giving in. He thinks she's playing her (though her silence doesn't help, either) and leaves, but his assistant, Glenda, talks with Yanna and eventually reveals that she's the only woman to make him celibate.

She and George go to Vegas during vacation, and who shows up? Yes. Constantijin.
"I missed you."
. . .
"You are so fucked."

(George said that to her) XD I love George! He sees how much the two are into the other, and when Yanna gets worried about people finding out that she's "seeing" the big boss, he ends the chapter with:
"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

After lunch, she and George head down to the pool. Constantijin shows up later and applies sunscreen on her, but she slaps his hand when he touches the sides of her breasts, and after a small fight she storms off- and gets pushed into the pool! LOL They're so fucking cute, and then things get really hot when he has her against him in the water. She starts getting drunk on her lust though, and, finally not giving a shit, she rubs against him.
"Don't start something you can't- won't -finish."
"Who says I won't?"

BINGO! Hahahaha A billionaire has probably never run faster, but they get to his room, and they start getting into it- whhhheeeeeennn his stupid machine goes off. And some bimbo named Selena goes, "Oh! You're in Vegas, too? I'm naked and hot-"

It's such a buzz kill. And it makes her feel even more self-conscious about being with him. He tries to change her mind, asking her what he needs to do, so she tells him. "Court me." But he can't. He refuses her right there in her face, and after walking her back to her room, he leaves. And it was the last she saw of him for the weekend.

T________T Ugggghhhh stupid- baka! -billionaire! I loved the first book, but seriously- that cliffhanger!!! You can bet your ass I rushed to get the second one. XD I really liked the book. :3 It was hilarious, heart-jerking with cute scenes between Yanna and Constantijin when he wasn't being so thick-headed... George: he's so cute. ^.^ Arian- *sigh* -unfortunately still has her own evil role in the series. :P She didn't get run over by a bus.... I know, right?

I recommend this book to those who liked this review! The book's a hundred times better. I should know, because I reread it, and it still made me cry. XD

Happy Reading!