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(W)REC(K) A BOOK: Caged

My name is Yanna Everleigh. I used to think asking for a courtship would be enough to keep gorgeous, sexy billionaires away - well, at least the kind who didn't do love at least. But I was wrong. If anything, it only made my billionaire realize I can hurt him, too, and now we're apart.

His name is Constantijin Kastein. He blows hot and cold, wanting me by his side all the time but never hesitating to walk away when I get too close to his heart. He makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time, wondering if the next best thing to love should be good enough for me. But he's also Netherlands' #1 playboy and I'm that one woman he's asked to move in with him. I need to show him he doesn't need a cage to keep me his.

Maybe if I tell him first that I love him - maybe if I pretend that I don't see the coldness in his eyes when we talk about that word - pretend that I don't feel him putting distance between us when I ask for something he's not yet ready to give - maybe he'll finally realize that he doesn't have to seduce a woman who loves him. He just has to love her back.

Or not.
- Goodreads

It starts right where it left off in the last installment. She catches up with Constantijin and they make up, but they split up (to continue being a secret) when guests come, and while she's hiding, she overhears one of his bimbos talking shit about his mother. They get in a fight and end up in jail. Her roommate, Alyx, hilariously visits her, but then she gets other visitors. Like Marge, Constantijin's mother, and Drake. And then Constantijin, himself. They have a cute moment, and later go to a private hotel that's so exclusive, it has no name. O.o Haha. And he finally  takes her virginity. <3

Everything is finally going well. They even have this little "fight" and it worries her, in the "What's-He-Up-To" sense, because later on his voice comes over the speakers at work, announcing that he will introduce his girlfriend to them all. (Loved this scene!) It seems that everything is just so great; they're moving in together, she's sure of her feelings and finding a way to be with him, and this whole portion of the book is such a stress reliever- but all good and fuckingly cute things must come to an end. :(

On a night when she has her period, he massages her to relieve the pain. It also loosens her tongue, and when she says, "I love you", she doesn't notice the way he stiffens. He starts taking rain checks, working late. She's taking the bus again. Then weeks go by and it comes to a point when they're not even in the same room, let alone having sex! She realizes that he's pulling away, but despite the fact that she knows she might be putting pressure on him, she refuses to call back her feelings for him because that isn't how it should be between them. She's stubborn and wants him to love her back. At an event, Constantijin's mother makes it even worse for them when she starts mentioning marriage and kids. She saves him by saying it's too early for that, but his relief only hurts her more.

Then one day... she passes his office, and he's inside flirting with Arian. And when the woman asks him if he loves Yanna, he says no and that Yanna had known since day one that it was never about that. Then he says "BUT WHO KNOWS MAYBE SOMEONE LIKE YOU COULD CHANGE MY MIND!!!!!"

pissed off GIF photo: pissed off gif 94PvO.gif
"What the fuck did you say?"

Oh, you can bet his balls she came in and yelled!!!! The whole thing was so sad and ugly and he's over there saying it was a joke- but most of all, he sounded tired. Like she was a fucking burden to him now instead of something that mattered to him. He felt trapped.

So she leaves. She was packing her things when he came back, looking disheveled and a mess.
"What are you doing?" he asked hoarsely.

Oh, you idiot! What the fuck do you think she's doing?!?!?!?! She slaps him. Tries to leave. He begs her to stay and sinks to blackmailing her so she doesn't leave the fucking building. And so she goes to her own apartment, and weeks pass before they do anything. T____T

She just can't forgive him, but her friend finally points out that if she really wanted to leave him, she'd have left the building already. And Viola! She's in her apartment packing up to move back in with him and end this misery. He comes in and mistakes her for finally leaving his ass, so he starts bearing himself to her, saying  he was wrong to push her away so he wouldn't be like his dad, that he'd be the boyfriend on the side if she wanted other men. :( That breaks both our hearts and she tells him she wasn't leaving. He's a little embarrassed, but he means every word. And they allll liiivvveedd happilllyy evvveeerrr afftterrrr. <3

Good thing, too! I know I've read it before, but I was still getting ready to sharpen some pitch forks if he didn't apologize. XD And the epilogue- aww! Well, okay, it's her first anal sex, but it's cute, I swear! Because then she's like, "So can I do it to you?" and he's like "Fuck no!" XD hahhahah *sigh* I love them.

I recommend this series. It's such an emotional roller coaster about trying to find Mr. Right and not falling for a guy who doesn't do love- unless you change him. There are a few things I'm sure I didn't clear up, like what happens to Drake. Well, he was hired by her mother to guard her- haha. Other than that, I think I'm good. And if I missed a few details, then too bad because they aren't about Const and Yanna so- :P

Happy Reading!

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  1. Aaaaah. These reviews are just what I needed to have my spirits lift up a bit! :) Thank you for taking the time to re-read the books and review them one by one! :) It means a looooooooot!